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Im crazy. Sounds like a good bio to me.

Really though I am a 4th year college student who because of transfering and changing majors (and the fact that NCC is stupid) is esentialy a freshman - like I said - Im crazy. I am now a history major - posibly specializing in music history (because why choose a practical major that you can get a job with, I mean really). Rabid obsessive fangirl of many things (unfortunately the vast majority of my obsessions are old dead guys and fictional characters - I really am a sad strange child.) Really though I adore Lord of the Rings and is typicaly the fandom I write in. And while I will admit to being an Orli fangirl I am not a rabid screaming drooling Orli fangirl ;-) Huzzah!

Likes:Lord of the Rings/JRR Tolkien, Master and Commander/Patrick O'Brian, Pirates of the Caribbean, M*A*S*H, Touched by an Angel (can pretty much assure you that anything I write will be in at least one of those categories) Titanic (the ship NOT the movie), Anne of Green Gables, singing in choirs (directing is fun to but I prefer to actualy be singing), Ireland, celtic music/bagpipes, History in general, tall ships, Strong Bad emails, RPGs, Shakespeare, Fruits Basket, roses, vitorian decor, 8-bit theatre, historical clothes, classical music (Boccherini, Haydn, Mozart, Chopin, Corelli, Vivaldi, Bizet, Handel, Bach and Strauss Jr. are my favorites), country music (yeah I know - its wiered to like classical and country) cats, reading, winter, tea, general geekiness

dislikes: pop/rock/metal etc etc - I suppose what you could call "normal" music, modern "art", mornings, type A people (Im insanely laid back, honestly to much so), math (as far as Im concerend there is a reason its a 4 letter word), autumn and spring (Id love them but for alergies), music theory (the bane on the existance of music majors)

outright despises: RAP!! - ugg - people Its NOT MUSIC!!!!! call it art, call it self expresion, call it briliant for all I care, just dont call it music!!!!!!; losing my voice (or any other reason that I am temporarily unable to sing)

News 10/13/04: Blarg - yeah still havent been able to get the old comp up and running, even enough to salvage files - ready to throw the blasted thing accros the room and see if that works. So no Pirates for awhile yet (Im probly just going to give up and rewrite the blasted chapter). I have gone back to work some on Emerald but I am well aware it isnt my best work - just something I scribble on when I'm feeling sappy.

News 3/13/04: Ok I have some rather bad news for those of you waiting for the next chapter of Elves and Pirates - my computer died, and with it the next 2 nearly finnished chapters. Its something wrong with the power cord conection so Im hopping I can fix it just enough to get my story files off but we shall see. So until I either get the chapters back or find out for sure that I cant the story is on temporary hold. I apologize profusely but it just cant be helped - I assure I am just as frustrated.

News 2/27/04: I have all but the last paragraph in this chapter and most of the next chapter done on Elves and Pirates but am supremely stuck on just the last bit. I wish I knew more about sailing ships (I know more about steamers) anyway, it will be updated eventualy - I promise all of you no matter how long it takes I will eventualy finnish this thing. I do have another story Im working on now though, I had planned to finnish E&P first but I just have to write this one while its in my head you know. Its a Frodo/fOC thing, Ill have the first chapter up soonish probably.

News 12/6/03: Ok now that the DVD is out I am again slowly working on the next chapter, however between the insanity that is our Christmas concert season and then Finals I somewhat doubt I will get it posted till close to Christmas. But rest assured I have not forgotten you. Thanks for sticking with me on this, you've been great! News: sorry to all of you who are waiting patiently for the next instalment of Elves and Pirates, especialy since the last chapter I gave you "inhaled profusely" (one of the professors here dosent like the word sucks so the entire school has taken to using the term inhale profusely as a bit of a joke), Im not sure when you will get another chapter though, between being sick for the past few months (I caught a cold, then my allergies kicked in, then I couldnt shake this horrid cough and we finaly find out I have reactive airways disorder, which while not asthma which is a decrease in lung function it has verry similar symptoms and that was causing the cough so they put me on an inhaler that took care of that but not befor I had coughed so hard that I tore a muscle in my chest wall, which before you ask, yes that is possible, anyway ots verry painful, makes it impossible to laugh, talk, move or breathe comfotably and completely impossible to sing at all - anyway the point being I have missed alot of school because of this), being busy with schoolwork anyway, and a really nasty case of writers block; writing just hasnt happened (and yes I do talk like this in real life, rediculously long parenthetical phrases and I often forget what the point was in the first place). I think part of the problem is that I had been watching the movie rather regularly while writing to kind of thy and think ok if Will was actualy Legolas what would he be thinking here or what does that little look mean as Legolas rather than Will, so as much as I hate to say it I may just lay off trying to continue till the DVD comes out in December so I can continue doing that. I do have a couple other fic ideas that I am kind of half working on right now to.

Current Stories:

Of Elves and Pirates: a "what if Will and Legolas were one in the same" LOTR/POTC crossover

Emerald and Sapphire: Frodo/OC romance, pure sap

The Woman Who Cried: sequel to The Man Who Cried, an unusual movie that has captured my imagination and demands resolution

Story Ideas:

Is there Love Before Death?: a Romeo and Juliet esque sequal to the TBAA episode "Is there Life Before Death?" dealing with Rose and Tommy and trying to have a relationship in a world where no one aproves of it. (may have an A/M romance to - still trying to decide on that)

Angels of Mercy: a TBAA/MASH crossover, Monica and Andrew come to the 4077 to help Margaret and Hawkeye realize their feelings for one another

Tis Better to Have Loved: a Legolas/OC based on a friend of mine and her husband, hard to explain, slightly Romeo and Julietish

Middle Earth Army Surgical Hospital: not verry likely Ill ever actualy write this one - based on a freekish dream I had where Aragorn, Legolas, Elrond, and Gandalf fell into MASH 4077. Fairly pointless but could be fun, I can see Aragorn and Legolas having fun with BJ and Hawkeye and Elrond and Charles getting along swimmingly, even Gandalf and Colenel Potter smoking together.

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