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Fan/Reviewer of the Month: quixotic-hope aka Katie.

Thanks for all your support and I'm glad you enjoy my work!

Update 9/29/05: Whoa, it's only been a month since my last update... sure, ONLY right? Well, I updated All The Things You Said a couple of days ago, and apparently it's been clicked on 94 times jumps up and down But no one has reveiwed anything, which is depressing. Just like the fact that the first chapter has been viewed near on 500 times, and only four reviews T.T You non reveiwers make me cry myself to sleep... or just not have inspiration. For all of those that review, or subcrube for alerts, thanks loves! Though, I would prefer it if you'd review rather than just add me to alerts... apparently all of you guys liked ATTYS pretty well though So, as planned, I shall continue it into it's third chapter... it's just when that's a bit hazy. Okay, love all you guys.
PS The chapter is Sevvy's view if it wasn't REALLY obvious...

Update 8/28/05 cont: Sorry that last one was so short, I was in the middle of rushing around getting ready to go out to dinner x.x Relatives are such a pain... Anyways, here's a longer one. I wanted to kind of explain why I chose the lyrics I did. See, the T.A.T.U. cd I have is a copy, and I only got it by chance from one of my friends right? Well, this song is on there three times in English, and once in Russian, I think only once. Anyways, after you listen to it long enough, and trust me, I DID listen to long enough, things start popping into your head. Well, me, I'm always looking for inspiration for a good fic, and I happen to like Snarrys. Oddly, this song would have worked for a Draco/Harry as well, but, I've reserved another T.A.T.U. song for that pairing coughs> Anyways, because of the way I am, Harry and Snape popped into my head, mainly because of the part of the song that talks about wanting to go and be free. First I was going to do one from Harry's veiwpoint, and the lyrics would reflect more of his feelings right? Well, after another couple times of listening to it without having my laptop, I realized there's a line that says 'they say it's my fault', and, well, if you read HBP you probably know what was Snape's fault. Then, not long after that it talks about the rain washing away all the shame, and Sevvy has an awful lot of shame that needs to be washed away. Therefore, the next part is going to be about our dear Severus. The part after that, where in the song the singer is asking her parents what do they see when they look at her and such, is going to be Harry again. I may stretch this into four parts if I have a few moments of particularly inspirational ramblings.

Update 8/28/05: Okay, added a new Snarry, sorry for those that saw that summary for it, with it's stupid spoilers >. x It's been edited. If it's any consolation, I typed it at like five am... the summary, not the story. Though I did type that up last night too...

Quick Update: Okay, I want to let you all know, I'm sorry if the slashes may be harder to read because it's from third person pov, but I do not, cannot, write in first person. It irks me to an extreme point of ripping my hair out. Unless it is a very experienced writer, they don't turn out so well, and they often don't have the amount of detail I need in my works. Sorry if this makes it a bit harder for you to understand them, however, I'll do my best to make them easier to understand. Thank you Katie (quixotic-hope) for letting me know you had this problem. On another note to Katie, this story was simply meant to be kind of cute and a discovery type fic. It's not romantic enough if they just get right to the business in my opinion. However, I plan to give it a different ending at a later date and post it on another site, in which there will be more slash for those of you dissapointed with the amount of it in this one. At that time I'll post the link for it up here if you guys want. Also, I plan to write another Snarry based on an rp I had with one of my friends, and so she will be listed as an author as well. Hope you look forward to it as much as I do.

Update 8/16/05: Alright peoples! I have updated my fic, and plan to actually work on it a lot more, but I need suggestions from all you people that bother to read it or whatever. Why? Because I'm not sure where the bloody thing is going o.o Well, I won't lie about it, I need some ideas and I need to know where you guys think it oughta go. Someone has requested a lemon but I didn't think we were allowed to write those for ff.net anymore. Maybe I should read the rules again since they've changed the rating system. Oh yeah, new one shot fic for you guys titled You Are Not Your Father, which is a Snarry slash fic, hope you guys like it, but if you guys are just for Draco and Harry then...tough luck, cuz it's staying.

Update for 4/9/04 Okay, I realize I very rarely update my profile and rarely update my fics. I have to say that this could be because I have three honors classes in school. I have a term paper and this stupid magazine thing to make, so I'm stressed. But, this summer I am hoping to write more stuff and add them to my story because it started in the summer...while I was on a caffeine high. O.O

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