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Hello there! *dramatically takes of sunglasses*

Well, I'm Sparrow. I dabble in writing, it's my favorite hobby. Mostly I'll post Teen Titans or Young Justice stuff because I am totally and irrevocably in love with Dick Grayson! So obviously I love Teen Titans. Sort of love hate with the idea of a sixth season. I mean, it ended with too many loose ends, but would it be as good if it continued? Would I like what they do next? I don't know... I signed the petition anyway. On another random note, my OTP is DICKxBABS! they're so cute together... XD So I am a very sarcastic person. Sadly, my dreams are dark, so my fics may be a bit... angst-ridden. But mainly I get by with wit (; I'm part of many, many fandoms as well as Teen Titans, so maybe you'll see some of that here too! I always love talking to new people and getting feedback. I want to be a writer, so any advice or constructive criticism I can get is appreciated! ... Anyway. So I think that is all I have for you. I'll turn it over to my partner in crime now...

Hiya! I’m Dawn, obviously. The second half of Sparrow, yup that’s me. Anyway, I’m like the biggest nerd you’ll ever meet. I love Teen Titans, Avatar the Last Air Bender, Harry Potter, all that stuff! It’s what I write about mainly for my fan fictions. Fair warning- some of my writing may be with odd humor. I tend to be sarcastic and witty (ha-ha) I’m not as dark as Sparrow, I’m more of the positive one. Be thankful it’s balanced out, otherwise you’d be really creeped out with just her! (: So Sparrow and Dawn: Temptations is my first fan-fiction ever so i would LOVE reviews on it! It's different pov so if you dont like stuff like that know what to do. Also i have become a giant fan girl of Young Justice. Can i say sexy characters or what? Sadly, Sparrow has eternal dibs on Robin/Nightwing (Sparrow: You know i do (; you're just jealous) *sigh* but thats okay cause i love KF! Also any Spitfire stuff is written by me! As in Spitfire: How i feel about YOU and The Lost Beach Episode is written by me, Dawn! (: But now im rambling on so i'll catch you guys on the fan-fiction flip side! ( too corny? Thought so...sigh.)

Ideas/ Fics that are in the making: (by the way this is Sparrow again. Sorry if this is totally confusing you.)

Today Is That Day: My first chaptered fic :3 It's a Robin apprentice fic (in case any of you were wondering). I'm trying to go for a pretty complex plot line, though some people are of my own thought wave and know where i'm going XD Darn. Oh, well, I hope it still impresses you XD 'Another day, Robin.' That was Slade's promise. The apprenticeship, Terra, Trigon. Those were all links to the chain, the chain to shackle Robin. The Brotherhood has been defeated, Terra has been resurrected, and the white creature is targeting someone. Slade's plan is coming to a close. Today is that day.

Teen Titans/ Young Justice Oneshots: Uhm. very broad spectrum. Most will be by me. But Dawn has one I know she's working on for Teen Titans... but as you all should know from having read our stuff, our writing is easy to differ. Mine (Sparrow) is dark, creepy, and may give you chills and Dawn's is funny, romantic, and will have you at least smiling by the end. Mine may have a different kind of smile depending on if you are as twisted as I am XD Moving on...

Sparrow & Dawn: Identity Crisis: Since Dawn has finished Temptations, we're planning a sequel. That's right. It's we this time ;) Like my catchy title? I come up with all the titles around here XD This time it's during season 2 of Young Justice (when everyone's like 18) since we assume DC timeline would have Teen Titans occur in between the 5 years. If not *shrug* what are you gonna do about it? Don't get any ideas XD but so far it's going to include a certain 'funny' criminal all Batman fans know and love (maybe not everyone loves him, but I respect that he's actually a great villian...) That's all you get for now :P

A False Hope: Super excited for this one! Probably going to be a trilogy (A False Hope, The Light Strikes Back, and Return of Justice are the pending titles) So I had this dream right? That's where it all started... meanwhile back in the Batcave, it's going to be the plot of Star Wars, but in YJ universe with YJ characters! Of course, I'll have to twist the plot a little because the Team knows each other already and they don't kill, but it'll have the basics in there. Not a crossover, technically. Did anyone else realize that the first half hour of the first movie is freaking boring until they find Han? XD Man, no wonder Return of the Jedi is my favorite (very actiony and doesn't have to introduce a new universe/ characters)

Little Quirks in Dialouge: Okay this is so vague XD But I was watching Young Justice (just bought Season 1, Vol 1-3 on DVD (: ) and in the episode 'Bereft' the army people, when they corner Robin say 'the Queen wants him alive'. Fine. But the 'Queen' being Queen Bee, and the army people obviously not caring on whether they kill Artemis, KF, or Miss Martian, I wonder why the Queen wanted Robin alive... (Superboy was kind of obvious...). The other quirk in dialouge is in Teen Titans. Setting the scene: 'Date with Destiny'. So think: what if Killer Moth hadn't been trying to get his daughter a date? What would his last demand from Robin be? These are just starting points for now, but I plan to expand!

Finished Fics:

Hypnotic Intervention by Sparrow (yes. it was a One-shot XD)

Silence by Sparrow (One-shot)

Spitfire How I Feel About You by Dawn (Short Story)

The Lost Beach Episode by Dawn (Short Story)

Your Superpower by Sparrow (One-shot)

Sparrow and Dawn Temptations by Dawn (Chapter Fic)

The Bat and The Bird by Dawn (short fic)

Late Nights by Dawn (One shot)

One last note: we put an 'S' or a 'D' at the end of the stories so you know who they're by. That being said I'm going to let you loose now! Read, Review, whatever your hearts content! PM us if you want! Always up for a chat!

"As you wish" -Wesley, The Princess Bride

Sparrow & Dawn

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'Another day, Robin.' That was Slade's promise. The apprenticeship, Terra, Trigon. Those were all links to the chain, the chain to shackle Robin. The Brotherhood has been defeated, Terra has been resurrected, and the white creature is targeting someone. Slade's plan is coming to a close. Today is that day. Rated because I'm paranoid. S
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