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Oh hey. My current name is Lime Seeds, although my old username used to be God of Lemons, and before that, Kupcake-Kun, and after that Lime Seeds. As you can see, I have this weird fascination for food, but, what're you going to do, right?

I flipping love Unicorns.

Name: Primordial Unicorns, but in real life my name is Nunya. As in Nunya Business.

Age: I'll tell you if I feel like it.

Gender: You've got Male.

Height: This may give you a bit of a hint to my age, but I'm about 6'7'' atm, or 200.66 cm for you people from other countries out there.

Build: Honestly it doesn't matter much but I want at least five of these things about myself here. I'm pretty in shape, but not to the body builder status. Mostly athletic type of stuff.

Other: I like to draw, but I'm not all too good at it, and I'm a pretty good story writer. I'm going to start on my lemon stories the day after tomorrow, get prepared for it.

People I've met that have made an incredible impression upon me. There are most likely others, but these are the only ones I can remember off of the top of my head:

• Auburn/Foxy (She's kewler than me. QQs)

• Doomie (She's cooler than me too. QQs)

• Alice in Narnia

• Akuma vs Angel

Okay, so I honestly consider myself a person who likes their Anime/Manga/Cartoons respectively. So, here's a list of the shows that I found most interesting.

• Blue Exorcist/Ao No Exorcist

• Pokemon

• Beyblade

• Naruto

• Bleach

• Soul Eater

• Dragon Ball Z

• Katekyo Hitman Reborn

• Sword Art Online

• Log Horizon

• Adventure Time

• DC/Marvel

• Regular Show

• The Legend of Korra

• Avatar: The Last Airbender

• I could go on for a while, so let me just write "etc."

If you know of any good lemons, or wish to see me write a story about an idea you have. I'm pretty much open to writing about any form of lemon, even about characters I hate, so, just PM me and I'll get to it.

This is the end of my profile to now, I will be adding to it later on. For now, Sayonara.