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Actual Bio:

Name: Cammerel Angelene

Gender: Female

Birthdate: July 14th, 1988

Height: 5 foot 5 inches

Hair Color: DARK brown

Eye Color: Green

Favorite animes:

Dragonball Z (Goku x Vegeta, Trunks x Goten, Vegeta x Yamcha)

Akira (Tetsuo x Kaneda)

Medabots (Henry x Ikki (MB))

Digimon (Tai x Davis, Matt x Davis, Tai x Matt, Ken x Takuya, Kouichi x Kouji)

Outlaw Star (Fred, Gene, Jim)

Ronin Warriors (Rowin, Sage)

Trigun (Vash, Knives)

Yu Yu Hakusho (Yusuke x Hiei, Kuwabara x Hiei, Yusuke x Hiei)

Fruits Basket (Kyo x Hatsuharu, Momiji x Shigure)

Paradise Kiss

Pokemon (Shishi)

Fake (Dee x Ryo)

Boys Over Flowers

Case Closed

Naruto (Naruto x Sasuke, Naruto x Kiba, Naruto x Rock Lee, Rock Lee x Gaara, Naruto x Gaara)

Full Metal Alchemist (Edward x Al, Armorcest)

TV Shows:

The Tribe (Mega x Jack, Jay x Ebony, Ved x Cloe, Ved x Jack, Jay x Jack, Ram x Jack)

Buffy The Vampire Slayer (Angel x Spike, Spike x Buffy, Tara x Willow, Spike x Xander, Spike x Angel)

Angel (Spike x Angel)


Heroes (Petlar, Sylaire, Sybriel, Syke, Sylar x HRG)

Dexter (Debxter, Lumex)

Battlestar Galacatica (Starbuck x Apollo)

Supernatural (Wincest, Dimpala)

The Vampire Diaries (Damon x Stefan, Damon x Elena, Stefan x Caroline, Elijah x Elena, Jeremy x Bonnie)

Star Trek (Spirk)

Glee (Kurtofsky, Furt, HummelberryFaberry, Finchel)

Teen Wolf (Sterek, Scisaac)

The Walking Dead (Daryl x Carol, Daryl x Glenn, Daryl x Rick)

Warehouse 13 (Pete x Steve, Pyka, Pete x Claudia)

Firefly (Tamcest, Sayne, Malmon)

As The World Turns (LuRe)

Movies and/or books:

Ender's Game (Pender, Palentine)

The Lord Of The Rings (Legolas x Aragorn, Merry x Pippin)

Lords Of Darkness (Azhrarn x Siveth, Drezaem x Shezael)

Harry Potter (Draco x Harry, Harry x Snape)

Pendragon (Bobby x Mark, Mark x Courtney)

Percy Jackson (Pico, Percabeth, Percuke)

Hairspray (Link x Tracy)

High School Musical (Tryan, Rypay, Rhad)

The Hunger Games (Peeniss, Prieta)

Stories currently working on:

The Hunger Games:

Part 1 - Tips of Brushes, Blades of Arrows - Complete

Part 2 - Painted Words, Piercing Paragraphs - Complete

Part 3 - Intricate Strokes, Delicate Precision - Nearly Complete

Avox - WIP


Interview Excerpts!

What were your original intentions with 'Tips of Brushes, Blades of Arrows'?

I wanted to provide the readers of Hunger Games fanfiction with insight into Peeta's mind, to give them a good (well written, in character, wise worded) story to read, and to shed some light on things that our Collins avoided; or otherwise left alone.

Not only that, but I, myself, wanted to see the back story of Peeta. Writing something like this is a test to my own writing skills as well, it shows what I can do to others, and tests my capabilities for writing situations (adding romance, violence, plot, and character detail) into a nicely wrapped story.

It's a practice that I've had going on steadily for eleven years now, and it's something that I don't plan on stopping any time soon. After all, how do you really know when your writing is as close to perfect as it's going to get?

How did you find out about 'The Hunger Games'?

Ironically enough, I didn't know it existed at all until about the time that 'Mockingjay' came out, and it wasn't 'Mockingjay' that brought me to it, either. I visit the bookstores around my apartment often enough and I was blind to it plastered on the FRONT OF THE STORE.

It took a gorgeous artist on 'DeviantArt' to shine 'Hunger Games light' on me. I had originally watched her fer her Percy Jackson/Harry Potter fan art.

And she kept drawing these pictures of this cute couple kissing in a cave, a girl with a bow and arrow. She drew them a lot, and eventually I was so interested that my curiosity got the better of me. I read her description and then Wiki'd the series and read the plot line about 'kids forced to fight to the death' and was totally interested even more.

I bought the audio books without hesitation and listened to them flat out over the course of the next week and a half.

Do you read other Hunger Games fanfiction?

I've only read a few, after that I just got too disappointed with the lack of plot and update rate, and the severe amount of out of character Peeta and Katniss-es.

Who edits the chapters for your stories?

Technically me. Me, me, and lots of me. Really, it's all me. I write it long-hand first. I know, long-hand, right? Who the hell writes long-hand these days? Me, that's who. I have notebooks and journals full of chapters fer fanfics I've never posted, chapters of fanfics I still haven't updated, and ideas fer fanfics written down everywhere in them. IN LONG-HAND.

So, after the first long-hand draft, I type it. Maybe extending a little as I type, but not much. Then I go over it once, extending as much as I can, detailing everything, changing lines. After that I convert it with a 'text to speech' program and put it on my Ipod. Listen to it at werk, make notes, find errors, or punctuation problems and improper grammar use. Fix those.

And THEN, yes, THEN I read it out loud to myself a final time. Change anything if it needs to be changed, Put 'text to speech' again, listen to it. If I like, I'm done, if not, I fix it.

That is really how I do it. I'm not even kidding. Each and every chapter is done that way. So totally serious.

How far did you originally plan to go, and how far are you going to go now?

This is an easy question, surprisingly. I planned to go through all three books from the beginning. Boom, bam. I've had a few people send me pm's asking to write all three and it's like, 'sure, just fer you' /wink. XP Nah, I was planning on doing all three from the beginning. So don't worry, that's still the plan.

How did you find a good middle for Romance/Violence/Action/Plot?

This isn't the first story I've written. In fact, you'll find that a lot of the time I keep an even middle, throw in some gore and violence, but when sweet is possible, to supply. Almost all of my stories have a good deal of violence. It wasn't until recent that I became comfertable with the gore. Mostly because of the real books I've been writing, they have quite a bit of it.

After that, it's really hard not to have it.

I've always been that strange mix of a person though, not just my writing. I'm a Trekkie, I love 'The Notebook', I've read 'The Dresden files', 'Harry Potter', 'Ender's Game', and at the same time I like things like 'Watchmen', 'The Hills Have Eyes', 'Resident Evil', 'Brain Dead', 'The Wolfman', 'Hairspray', 'PS I Love You', 'Love Actually', 'Liar Liar', and so much more.

I really like everything, and that helps me to keep a good balance with them all when I write.

What do you think of current romance in popular book series's?

Oh wow, the romance killers are very saddening, they break my heart up.

Let's see, you had Suzanne, that took romance and bludgeoned it so badly after book one that it didn't want to come back fer more. Gale was the werst thing imagined by her. Sorry to you Gale fans, but I couldn't stand him from chapter one. He wasn't even a challenge to Peeta, and fer some reason... that made no sense, Katniss kept going back, thinking of Peeta, wanting Peeta, picking Peeta in the end, and just effectively hurting Gale.

Stephanie gave you such great, beautiful romance with New Moon, even kinda Eclipse was alright, and then she sucked all of the romance out completely and imploded her series.

J. K. Rowling kept Harry stuck at an emotional impasse as far as girls were concerned, him and Draco had far more sexual tension then him and Ginny EVER had. He had a seriously retarded sense of romance. 'I love this girl that I don't know because she's exotic and has a generic name, on no, not her. I'm suddenly in love with my best friend's sister, where'd that come from? No, I can't be with her, yes, I can.'

D. J. MacHale had it going great fer the first NINE books, and then with the tenth he just fucking demolished it, nuked the entire romance section of the book and went back to Book 1, Chapter 1. You saw it building, you saw it happening. The chemistry of Mark and Courtney, the love and trust with Bobby and Loor... And then what? They all just changed their minds?

Orson Scott Card, who was prolly too close-minded to put romance in his books, shot every romance around down like a highly skilled assassin. Poor Ender, who lost his balls completely with his first relationship. Peter, falling fer a woman that he had no emotional connections too like... ever. He only redeemed himself with Children of the Mind, by destroying my old fave character, putting my new fave character and him in the same body and putting them together with the only chick I could stand. How fucked is that?

Jim Butcher, who scared you (or at least he scared me) with most of Dresden's romances and broke that poor guy in to pieces. The romance, despite Harry BEING a hopeless romantic, was just not there.

Rick Riordan had a pretty okay amount of romance going on. But it had so much more potential; he just kept Percy innocent. The end was pretty good and I don't think it could've been much different.

And then there was J. R. R. Tolkien, who prolly didn't even know what romance was because he was too obsessed writing badass folk songs. At least he got that right.

I could go on ferever about how much the romance in books these days has just really disappointed me. The only real book out of those that even had a satisfying end that I agreed with whole-heartedly was Percy Jackson. Rick left it open fer potential. The rest just disappointed me to no end.

I've got about five different series's of my own in my mind, that are all planned and plotted. With the ends set, but still able to be altered. And I promise never to disappoint myself, to write off characters fer the lack of drama, to twist people's hearts. All I want to do is make you cry when a main character dies, make you squeal in adoration at the sweet couples that you've pined for fer the past six books, anger you when shit hits the fan, and satisfy you when the main character starts finally shouting at ppl, and being bold.

That's what every writer should aspire to be. Overly satisfying.

Snagged this from MockingJayzz, thought it would be fun, I'm rly not a stalker, I promise.

1. Grab the nearest book, turn to page 81 and find line 4:

"-silence; glancing nervously over his shoulder and then turning back to stare-" - The Shadow Over Innsmouth by H. P. Lovecraft (Part of the collection of 'Werewolf and Shapshifters - Encounters with the Beast Within' which was put together by John Skipp)

2. Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, what can you touch?

My second desk.

3. What was the last thing you watched on TV?

Dexter - Season 2 - Episode 7

4.Without looking, guess what time it is:

Almost 5, maybe 4:57?

5. Now look at the clock. what is the actual time:


6. With the exception of the computer what can you hear?

My large box fan, giving me sound comfert.

7. When did you last step outside. what were you doing?

From my door? Go to werk. Rly the only thing I need to do that is outside of my house.

8. Before you stared this survey, what did you look at?

Recent reviews fer one of my fics. XP

9. What are you wearing?

Pajamas, I always change and get ready at 5:15.

10. Did you dream last night?

Yeah, something about werk I think.

11. When did you last laugh?

At my parent's house last night.

12. What is on the walls of the room your in?

A Speed Racer painting from a friend, and I don't know if you count the Heroes Action Figures that are sitting up against my book shelf. I have yet to put up my three crab things, and a HP DH poster, my WoW posters and various other ones, but I rly never will call this place home.

13. What was the last film you saw?

In theatres... Oh, I think it was HP DH Part 1 (rly don't go to see movies much), which was kinda mind-blindingly awesome and fer once... Satisfactory. But I could be wrong.

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1. One of your scars, how did you get it? The most obvious one I have is literally in the middle of my face. It's between my brows, a little lower, just on my nose. It's in the shape of a backwards 4. I got it from a dog. >>

2. What is on the walls of your bedroom? Couple pictures, posters, crab things... yeah.

3. Do you snore, grind your teeth, or talk in your sleep? I can snore sometimes. And I've been known to scream. Iuno about talking.

4. What type of music do you listen to? A little bit of everything in the world.

5. Do you know what time you were born? 9:45 am

6. What do you want more than anything? A famous Author.

7. What do you miss? Having time.

8. What is your most prized possession? My Only Skin 'notes' notebook.

9. How tall are you? 5'4"

10. Do you get claustrophobic? Hardly.

11. Do you get scared in the dark? 98% of the time.

12. The last person to make me cry? David Karofsky.

13. What is your favorite perfume for a girl? Britney Spears's Fantasy? Other than that? Anything strawberry.

14. What kind of hair/eye color do you like on the opposite sex? Looks don't matter, but if they did... Brown eyes, brown hair.

15. Where can you see yourself being proposed to? It's happened already, about three times now. And the only time that seemed right was when it was on Minecraft.

16. Coffee or energy drink? Coffee, Coffee, Coffee.

17. Favorite pizza topping? Bacon and Mushrooms.

18. If you can eat anything right now, what would it be? Lasagna.

20. Have you ever eaten a gold fish? Wtf... No.

21. What was the first meaningful gift you've ever received? My Papermate Zebra M-301.

22. Do you like anybody? Who doesn't?

23. Are you double jointed? No.

24. Favorite clothing brand? Life. Energy. Intelligence.

26. Do you have any pets? No, but I want a cat. RLY bad.

27. What kind is it? I says I doesn't have one. It's be a Maincoon tho.

28. Would you fall for someone knowing that that person was leaving? It's happened before.

29. What is the best way to tell someone how much you care about them? Words.

30. What annoys you most? Close-minded souless shells.

31. Weaknesses? Family.

32. Ever done a prank call? Oh, yes.

33. What were you doing before you filled this out? Reading readers profiles. *smirk*

34. What do you get complimented about most? My writing.

35. How many kids do yo want? 2.

36. Do you wish on stars? No.

37. Do looks matter? Never.

38. What was your favorite toy as a child? My Mun-Chichi.

39. Do you use sarcasm? No, no, definitely not. What's sarcasm?

40. What is your favorite band/singer? Band - Mumford and Sons. Singer - Avril Lavigne

41. Favorite TV show? Glee, Buffy, Firefly, Dexter, Heroes, BSG, QaF.

42. Favorite ice cream flavor? Oreo.

43. Do you have all your fingers and toes? Yes. But I don't need my pinky toes.

44. What are you listening to? 'If I could find a way to see this straight, I'd run away.'

45. Last thing you drank? Chocolate milk.

46. Favorite thought provoking song? I Will - Brandi Carlile

47. What do you notice first about the opposite sex? Opposite? Screw that. On women, I notice their boobs, can't help it, I just do. And guys... Umm... *smirk* Their shoulders.

48. What was the last thing you watched? Movie - Easy A. TV Series - Glee.

49. Republican or Democrat? Kpirate.

50. What book are you reading? Right now? Dresden 13.

What's my element?

[ ] You have a short temper
[X] You often act on your emotions without thinking first
[ ] You are very competitive
[ ] You like to play with fire
[ ] You are not a strong swimmer or you can't swim at all
[ ] You prefer warm weather over cold weather
[ ] You often lose control over yourself
[ ] You can be quite reckless
[ ] You sometimes hurt people without realizing it
[ ] People have often called you insane


[ ] You have a calm, laid-back personality
[ ] You like to go to the beach
[X] You rarely get angry
[ ] When you do get angry, you know how to control it
[X] You think before you act.
[X] You are good at breaking up fights.
[X] You are a great swimmer.
[X] You like the rain.
[X] You can stay calm in stressful situations.
[X] You are very generous.


[ ] You are physically strong.
[ ] You have a close connection with nature.
[ ] You don't mind getting dirty.
[X] You form strong opinions on issues that concern you.
[X] You could easily survive in the wild
[X] You care about the environment.
[X] You can easily focus on your work without getting distracted.
[X] You rarely get depressed.
[X] You aren't afraid of anything.
[ ] You prefer to have a strict set of rules.


[X] You have a free spirit.
[X] You hate rules.
[ ] You prefer to be out in the open rather than in small, enclosed spaces.
[X] You hate to be restrained.
[X] You are independent.
[X] You are quite intelligent.
[X] You tend to be impatient.
[ ] You are easily distracted.
[ ] You can sometimes be hyperactive and/or annoying.
[X] You wish you could fly.


Element(s): Water/Air

[ ] You’ve never done illegal drug
[ ] You have a lot of friends
[X] You get along with everyone
[ ] You haven’t made fun of someone for at least two months
[ ] You love soccer
[ ] You love baseball
[X] You’re into writing and art
[ ] Favorite music genre is pop rock
[ ] You believe in “innocent until proven guilty” theory
[ ] Abortion is wrong
[X] The war against Iraq is unneeded
[X] One of your favorite colors is red or gold
[ ] Good grades at school
[X] One of the worst things you can do is lie
[ ] You plan on going to college/university

[ ] You’re content with mostly everything in your life right now.
[X] You laugh a lot
[ ] You like to follow trends.
[X] Politics suck.
[ ] You love to swim
[ ] Water polo is awesome
[ ] Pink is one of your favorite colors
[ ] Black is morbid & depressing but you still like it though
[X] Michael Jackson is talented as a musical artist.
[ ] You’re an optimist.
[ ] You’re completely straight-edge.
[X] You’re very emotional
[ ] Rap, R&B, & hip-hop is your favorite music genre
[ ] You don’t believe in going steady at a young age
[X] You’ve made fun of at least one person this week. (How is this in ANY WAY Hufflepuff?)

[ ] You’re depressed to a certain extent.
[X] You love to read.
[X] You appreciate theatre & arts.
[X] Sports suck.
[ ] You’re shy.
[ ] Hate is completely unneeded.
[X] Loyalty is the MOST important thing in a relationship
[ ] Indie is your favorite genre of music.
[ ] Every once in awhile you have little anger outbursts.
[X] Lying is sometimes okay
[X] Blue is one of your favorite colors.
[ ] Serious is better than funny.

[X] There’s at least one person you hate.
[ ] Basketball is a good sport.
[ ] (American) Football is amazing.
[X] Black is a cool color.
[X] You’ve lied about something serious.
[X] You’re a very deep person.
[X] You have considered suicide.
[X] Very loyal.
[X] You like metal.
[X] They make school seem more important than it is.
[ ] You’re scared to grow up.
[ ] You’ve done drugs in the past month.
[X] Anger is one of your primary feelings.
[X] You have trust issues.
[X] Guilty until proven innocent.

House: Slytherin.

Put your iPod on shuffle and write the songs that come on. No cheating!

put this
(o)on ur page
if u like music

The Soundtrack To My Life

Opening credits: Requiem for a Dream by Clint Mansell

Waking Up: Lullaby by One Republic

First day of school: Because the Night by Corona

Falling in love: Again Today by Brandi Carlil

Fighting: We R Who We R by Ke$ha

Breaking up: Hummingbird Heartbeat by Katy Perry

Driving: Let the Bodies Hit the Floor by Drowning Pool

Flashback: Only Human by Human League

Getting back together: You Make Me Sick by P!nk

Prom Night: My, Myself and (I) by Darren Hayes

Wedding: Sigh No More by Mumford and Sons

Birth of a child: Painters by Jewel

Final battle: Whenever, Wherever by Shakira

Death scene: Another Way You Can Die by Trans-Siberian Orchestra (PAHAHAHAHAHAHAaaa)

Funeral: Naked by Avril Lavigne

End credits: Live and Let Die by Guns N Roses


Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

An Hour With Wilbur Robinson by Amazon-Aviator reviews
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