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I am a 18 year old girl that loves to write fanfiction and watch anime!xD LOLOL. I am the definition of a nerd and an anime/manga nerd xP LOL and if you want to talk me about anything I will =3. My writing skills are pretty bad, so please don't criticize my writing and my spelling too badly, but if you are getting angry with my skills, please tell me and I will try my best to improve.

Animes I am waiting on
Cardfight Vanguard
Legend of Korra (this is technically a cartoon..but I like watching it =3)
One Piece
Chibi Devil

Oh gosh...I don't even know half the stuff I even watch..=.=ll that is little sad xD LOL but I watch a lot of it =3

Power of Friendship INFO
If you want to know what Ryuumei Kiraro is suppose to look like..
She is suppose to have really really dark purple hair ( like animated xD LOL) that she usually curls at the end. When she wears her hair she ties them into pig tails. She also has dark green eyes and her skin is not really pale, but close like...=3=ll *thinks of the word. One day when I get the chance to take a picture and show her what she is suppose to look like I will show you!=D Sorry if that damages your imagination of her D=.

If you guys are ever confused about her deck (especially because I made it up) please tell me, because most likely many of you are very confused.

Confirmed title:
Revived Memories
It will semi-follow the 2nd season (Hopefully I will put more fights *crosses fingers*)

New OC Characters
Hana Mizuiro: A bold bishojo girl who kinda has a narcisstic personality. Has a "obsessive" crush on Kurama Hikaru. Neo Nectar deck.

Kurama Hikaru: A emotion less bishounen who cares about others, but hard to understand. Team mate of Hana Mizuiro. Dimensional Police deck.

Kiraro and the three chosens are ready for action. While trying to find a way to get to Cray she stumbles (literately) onto a young boy name Takuto while teaching him about Vanguard. She did not realize it that something will happen. Something important to her.

*Important News for Updates for readers of Power of Friendship*

Readers...I sincerely apologize for making you wait for so long...I have university, work, problems with friends...etc. and there are some days where I have writter's block (I think they call it..??xD I might be wrong..probably...*sweats*) Initially, I wanted to finish the story first around summer,but many things turned up...which I did not realize...*panics...I will try my best to finish it ASAP to move on to season 2 (which I will remain a secret for now =D)

If you want to know when it will finish soon and you are curious when it will be done by...
I will put up the second 2 information which will be helpful above. Once its there that means the story will end in two more chapters.

I really do want to thank you guys for liking my story and enjoying it!! It makes me very happy to have my story to have some enjoyable readers.


More information will come later on ;DDD
Thanks everyone!:D

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