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Author has written 4 stories for Giver, Lord of the Rings, Phantom of the Opera, and Charles Dickens.

My pen name is the girl version of William Shakespeare's the Bawdy Bard, but I probably won't be attempting Shakespeare for a while.

I will probably be deleting my old stories. I am so very very sorry that I have not updated them. I feel like such a hypocrite, always hating it when authors leave stories off, when there hasn't been one that I have finished. But the truth is, I know that I have a very short attention span when it comes to writing my stories, so I will probably settle for mostly one-shots, unless I have a very good idea that has been eating at me for a while. But honestly, my schedule has no time for 25 chapter stories, so I won't torment you all by starting them and just leaving them hanging.

Also- my selection of writings will probably be very much so influenced on what we are studying in English, almost as much as what my personal preferences are at the time. We will be studying Shakespeare soon, so I will have a chance to crosses fingers live up to my pen name, and write a bit about that. But I think that can wait, because right now, my friends and I are very much so into the Phantom of the Opera...

Angel of Writing

Guide and Guardian

Grant to me your glory,

Angel of Writing

Hide no longer,

enter at last,


Pardon the horrible misuse of the song, but I couldn't resist.

DISCLAIMER: I have read the book twice, seen the musical twice, and seen the movie three times so far. I have had a taste of all three venues of the story, and the movie is by far my favorite, so any fanfics from POTO will be movie-based. I am not some fangirl who thinks Gerard Butler and Patrick Wilson are hot but doesn't know anything about POTO- I am very well based. (Although I do think they are hot.)

One thing I love about the Phantom of the Opera is finding the Christian undertones in what seems like a Gothic (even thoughI take Gothic not in the black-makeup-fishnet-arm-thingies-sense, but rather in the Notre-dame, gargoyle sense) story. In one of the songs, All I Ask Of You, (I am gonna go real basic for people who don't know the story), I like to imagine that the girl singing it is me, and the guy is God, because it is such a wholesome love song, and you can do that sort of thing with those sort of songs. See lyrics below, at the end of my whole thing. Note, I do NOT equate the Phantom's guise of "Angel of Music" with the fact that the Devil has a reign over music. As I see it now, God has a NEW (better, may I add) Angel of Music, and Christine is singing to him. The Devil is no Angel anymore.

So I will be writing at least one one-shot about POTO, as well as MAYBE, something from a Tale of Two Cities. It would probably be about Carton- because I find the whole Carton/Lucie/Darnay love triangle fascinatingly depressing. It's so like POTO...

If you are still reading, my friend Malukelajf (who probably doesn't even know I know his pen name) has some AWESOME Christian fics. I just ask for his sake not to bash them because they are Christian. I hate that- it's like people go to the Bible section of Fanfiction just to bash Christian fics for the Good News. I mean, I understand reading a story that sounds good but then criticizing it for bad grammar or punctuation, but I have no respect for people who read a story knowing that it has Christian values, and then bashing the storyfor its Christian values. That's a pet peeve of mine- it's just not fair .

Happy Reading and God Bless!



Say you love me every waking moment

Turn my head with talk of summertime...

Say you need me with you,

Now and always...

Promise me that all you say is true-

That's all I ask of you...

All I want is freedom,

A world with no more night...

And you,

Always beside me,

To hold me and to hide me...

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