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My nickname is Sunstar or some people call me some other things. I love anime Exspecially Inuyasha!!! I also have Fushigi Yuugi, Planet Ladder, Chobits, Rurouni Kenshin, YuYu Hakusho and some others.

My favorite pairings are:
Fushigi Yuugi:
Nakago/Miaka (hey it's different)
(as ya can see i like pairings that are different then the original pairings such as miaka/tamahome.

San/Inu(Not really) -_-'


If anyone has a challenge for me for a crossover between inuyasha and Yu Yu Hakusho, Inuyasha and somethin'...or just inuyasha then email me. If you want one for a different show i will try and get it out!!
Ja Ne.

My Characters:

His name means merciless. He is a male inu-youkai. He has Silver hair with Red streaks through it. He is about Sesshoumaru's Height as well as build. He has 2 redish-silver stripes on each cheek as well as on his arm. He has Crimson/Silver eyes. He normally wears a black kimono fashioned like sesshoumaru's. It has a red sash and red outline. He is cold hearted, Emotionless and Merciless except of course to Kagome...He may be a prince in a story but it depends.

His name means Nature. He is a Kitsune. He has the same personality from kurama of yu yu hakusho. He is mellow, sweet, and kind but he can change when he gets angry.
He has Auburn hair to his lower back but keeps it in a low ponitail most of the time. He has Emerald Green eyes. He is 2 inches shorter than kashaku. He wears clothes like ruroni kenshin but the top is green and bottom white. I am planing on using him and Kashaku in my future stories.

Current Stories*

1. The Last of My Kind:
This is a Kagome/Sesshoumaru. After votes it started out as a Hiten/Kag...Anyway. It is a crossover with harry potter but not really using any of their characters. Kagome is of a lost race. Not human, youkai, hanyou, witch, wizard...She is an arias. But it took betrayal to relize what she was...She defeats her enemies, gain allies, loses loves and gains love...

2. Princess of Light:
Kagome trains..She is really not who she seems. She will help many. She and Sesshou as well as the rest of the inu gang go on a mission to retrive the kidnapped rin and Love may blossom on the way. But when Naraku teams up with sauron new friendships are formed, and a new love will arise..Sess/kag..Lotr/Iy crossover.

3. Something Worth Living For..
Kagome was beatiful and kind. Until one day when everything she loved and cared about was taken away from her..for the second time. She becomes cold and distant. She is strong and she wants revenge..She gets it along with maybe love. But will inutaichi and sesshoumaru and co. Save her from her loneliness and sorrow. Will they melt her icy heart. But is there something more to Kagome that they dont know.Sess/Kag...

4. Melting an Unwilling Heart.
Kagome's Family was killed when she was little. She is the legendary Youkai-Miko-Godess. She rules the fire and ice realm. She has an ice heart to match. Koenma and the spirit detectives need her help. Alternate Pairings. Kag/Kur. Kag/Hiei. Kag/Sess. Kag/Touya. Kag/Karasu.

5. Forbidden Love.
In a land where there is no hope for mankind. She stands up to demons. She is the Lady of the central lands. She is an ethereal beauty. A plan is setup. A plan to make Kagome fall in love with Sesshoumaru. It is suppose to be 'pretend'. To make sure that Kagome chooses demon's to rule... But what happens when Sesshoumaru really does love her. Will he decive her or will he let himself love her. Sess/Kag.

6. Loving an Enemy.
Kagome is an assasin. The spirit detectives are sent to gain her trust, have her assistance, find her weakness then kill her. But what happens when one of the
detectives fall in love with her. Hiei/Kag.

7. The Elven Princess, The Kami's Princess.
Kagome is the Elven and Kami's Princess. She is cold and uncaring. She has had a hard and rough life. She has a dark past. She keeps the pain hidden inside. Will someone learn to care for her? Will someone learn to love her..Alternate pairing..(i think)

8. Through Darkness There is Light.
Kagome and Shippo are warriors now. She (kagome) is the princess of makai and godess of elements. She only has shippo left. Who will guide her through the darkness that has clouded her heart.

9. From Friends To Lovers...
After all is lost for Kagome. Sesshoumaru saves her and returns her to her own time. There they meet Kagomes friend Yusuke...Will love bloom between a broken heart a cold youkai and or a spirit detective. Including with the change that happened to Kagome...

10. The Stolen Heart Of A Youkai...
Youko wants the Shikon. Kagome protects the Shikon.
They are the last two legendary foxes and most powerful.
Will they who have lost all learn to love eachother. They who are opposites find love in eachother...Youko/Kagome.

11. From Hate To Love.
This is about Kagome and Bankotsu's Rivalry. They claim to hate eachoter. But over time will there hate bloom to love. But what if they really did love eachoter instead of hate...Bankotsu/Kagome.

12. Demon Miko Kagome...
Kagome is a Demon Miko. She saves rin. She is the best friend of sango. She grew up in a demon exterminating village...What happens when a demon lord falls for her after a series of...ahem events...Sess/Kag.

Im sorry people but some SNITCH told about my stories and it says i violated different rules and i got 3 of my stories deleted!!!They were Forbidden Love, Loving an enemy and Melting an Unwilling heart!!! if ya wanna read it they are on!! i will post the direct link to the stories eventually!!!!


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