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Author has written 6 stories for Mass Effect.

I'm a graduate student in Physics, at the University of Buenos Aires.

Update: I'll update Symphony of grief and hope at least every other week but I cannot promise anything regarding my other stories. I SO wish to finish Control the Storm, but I really need to organize my notes for it, I'm trying to find the time.

I love Mass Effect, I can't stress this enough. I started reading fanfiction on this site only because of Mass Effect, and because I was dissatisfied with ME3 ending. That's why I started my own stories, I just can't accept that what happened is was the game showed us. It was such a perfect game until the last 10 minutes!

My feelings about the Extended Cut? Angst! I'm fine now, however. I liked the EC, if you haven't played it, do so, but be prepared to cry. A lot.

The stories I'm writing are about Commander Melody Shepard, spacer, war hero, mostly paragon with some renegade outbursts. Right now I'm focused on Symphony of grief and hope (SGH) and A soldier's heart (ASH). Both take place after the ending of ME3, before the Extended Cut was released. Because both stories are about the same character and happen at the same chronological time, they'll of course be connected, but each should expand into the other. If you want to read only one of them you should be able to understand it, I'm writing with that in mind. I decided to keep them as separated stories because they have a different mood, and they are really telling different things about Melody Shepard. SGH focuses more on her actions, and ASH, on her feelings.

I also added another story following some events in SGH but told from other characters point of view. It's called This is about survival (TIAS). Again, there is no need to read any of my other stories to understand this one. You will find action in many chapters of this story, not in all of them though. I never thought I'd actually have fun writing action scenes. I hope you like them.

Oh, and Alone on the green world is just a one shot I stumbled across inside my mind, and demanded to be written before it would let me go on with my life again. So, there.

I also have a lot of other ideas to write set on the Mass Effect universe. I don't know if I'll have the time, though.

I'll borrow a disclaimer I saw here: I own nothing, Bioware owns everything... including my soul.

Short chronological guide for readers of both Symphony of grief and hope (SGH) and A soldier's heart (ASH).

Chapter 1 and 2 of ASH happen during chapter 14 of SGH.

Chapter 3 of ASH takes place after chapter 16 of SGH.

Chapter 4 of ASH takes place after chapter 23 of SGH.

Chapter 5 of ASH takes place after chapter 30 of SGH.

Short chronological guide for readers of both Symphony of grief and hope (SGH) and This is about survival (TIAS).

Chapter 1 of TIAS starts before chapter 1 of SGH.

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