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Author has written 8 stories for Legend of Korra, Pokémon, Fate/stay night, and Puella Magi Madoka Magica/魔法少女まどか★マギカ.

I really enjoy writing, but as of late, reading doesn't do it for me. This is why there are no fics in my faves. It's not because I hate you or think I'm above everyone else, it's because writing is a release for me and reading more often than not, causes unwanted stress. I don't know why this is. I try not to question it at this point. I was an avid reader and I just lost interest somewhere along the way, I'm sure it'll come back to me eventually.

So for a while, I wrote a lot of smut. Most of which is dubious consent at best. Whelp. If that's not your thing, stay far away from my Legend of Korra work.

My favorite genre is that kind of deceptively generic premise that looks cute or bland at first and then it all just goes to shit and leaves you sobbing. Those are the kinds of shows I watch, and also the kinds of things I write. If you want fluff, happy romance, straightforward adventure or high fantasy, that's not my thing. My work tends to be very psychodrama oriented. Not soap-opera drama, but like, a shitload of bad stuff happening at once with a spattering of dark humor and mental breakdowns, because I just enjoy making characters work for their happy ending. I also have a really weird tendency to write stories from multiple PoVs and make all of them unreliable narrators. I think the biggest flaw in my work is that it can be confusing because of how much layering and nuances there are, and how much jumping around there is. If you blink twice you may miss something a character does or says that is called back three chapters later. That's just me, though. I'm one of those assholes that packs shit into even the most innocuous details. My other big flaw is how theatrical I can be, but your mileage may vary on whether or not that's an awesome or laughable thing.

Writing tip of the month:

The more flawed the character, the more difficult it is to make them likeable, the more memorable they’ll be. I’m not talking “lol evil” characters, I’m talking legitimate protagonists or antagonists that you want to make appealing on some level, but have a huge hurdle of emotional baggage to jump that makes it very, very difficult.

Some of my favorite characters from any media are the ones you just want to smack across the face sometimes and go “No. NO. GET YOURSELF TOGETHER. WHAT ARE YOU DOING?”

Don’t be afraid that people won’t like your character if they’re legitimately stupid, or easily enraged, or constantly repeat the same mistakes, or do selfish things under the guise of heroics. That’s how most people are. That’s what most people relate to. My favorite PoVs to write are the antagonists and the idiots, because their thinking is so flawed. It forces you to look outside the box and go “what can I even do to make such a shithead remotely likeable?” And when you come away with a person who is still decent under all their baggage, you feel satisfied.

Flat characters are ok sometimes! Good, decent people are ok! But they’re ultimately boring. There are only so many ways you can be conventionally ‘good,’ but endless ways for you to fuck up.

Remember, though: a flaw is only a flaw if it has negative repercussions. For example, an indecisive hero that can’t make up his mind which girl he wants so in the end he gets both, or one happily goes off with his best friend and they all coexist in happiness and sugar and the occasional threesome with no bitter feelings, is not flawed. If there are no consequences to a character’s behavior- they’re rash but they always win, they’re prideful but are never humbled- they aren’t flaws. Things like that make people resent the character, because they always get what they want. Life aint like that, honey booboo. If you fuck up and regret it for five minutes and go back to the same old shit, people will get tired of you quickly irl, so why should fiction be any different?

On the flip-side, don’t victimize an innocent character just because you can, and have them always walk away a saint. That’s some eye-roll-enducing material right there. There will always be the Saints and the good guys, but they have flaws too- for example, someone self-sacrificing, who always takes the bad things thrown at them gracefully, inadvertently ends up hurting the people that care about them, because they don’t care enough about themselves.

You don’t always have to go that deep, don’t get me wrong. But it’s worth thinking about. Writing’s all about breaking rules, but you have to understand why the rules are there in the first place.

I drew all of my covers, so if you're curious about my art or just want to get to know me in general (I can be pretty laid back but I'm a sarcastic motherfucker) send me a PM and I'll chat you up, I don't want my DA or tumblr public on here right now.

Fandoms I want to write someday: Madoka, Evangelion, Princess Tutu, Utena, Bake/Nise/whateverhaveyouMonogatari

Fandoms I want to write more of: Fate/Zero and Pokemon

I'm getting real tired of LoK. As much as I liked the premise...I am disappoint, bryke.

Stories I had ideas for:

Pokemon Fractured Platinum: Pretty much Madoka Magica mixed with a nuzlocke run, a socially inept loner discovered a dying Pokemon named Arceus. Perceiving it as his only friend, he defended it from an onslaught by Giratina, despite knowing it would kill him. Taking pity on the kid and knowing it would die anyway, Arceus transferred its remaining power to his body. 17 years later, a pathologically shy girl named Dawn begins her pokejourney with her quirky and hyperactive best friend, upon a gift from her childhood crush, Lucas. Lucas, however, is acting strange- he's become detached and withdrawn, and gets quite violent whenever Dawn is threatened, particularly to Akagi Cyrus, who claims he's never met the kid in his life. Dawn carries on to the best of her ability despite lacking confidence, but is unnerved when she starts involuntarily time-traveling after every loss...

Princess Tutu: Soliloquy

In a fit of loneliness, Fakir rewrites his ending, so that his friends are forced to come back as humans. however, he quickly learns that in order to keep them sentient, he has to keep writing the story, otherwise they will fall unconscious and eventually die. The more he writes, the more he realizes they are dependent on his dictation- not his real friends, but puppets to his imagination. "If I stop, I'll lose them forever, but if I keep writing..." Knowing the plot to your own story may convince you to write tragedies.

So now that I've ranted to you enough, it should be time for me to paste 100 questionares about myself in here, proclaim my love for jesus and twilight, and put like ten chainmails in here about undead girls coming to get you. Here goes nothing:

If you don't read my fics within ten minutes of reading this message, I will crawl out of your screen like a hellish abomination, use your toilet, leave a dead skunk in your bed, and leave. NEVER FORGET TO READ MY FICS.

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