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I'm here to write...

Some Things to Consider About Me/My Writing:

-Yaoi/Slash/Yuri: I'm not going to lie to you guys, I was never really into the "boys love" or "girls love" fads. Don't get me wrong I have seen some incredible pieces here and on other websites. But lately it seems like for every gem that I find I have to wad through thousands of pieces of trashy, cliche, redundant garbage to get to them. The entire phenomena offends me honestly. I just don't think it depicts the homosexual lifestyle in a positive way and does more damage than good. There's too much of this "rape equals love" and Uke/Seme nonsense happening in fanfiction and after a while being forced to shift through a mountain of fic's that rehashed the same ideas over and over again it struck a nerve with me and turned me completely off the topic altogether. As a result I have decided that I will probably never post a Yaoi or Yuri fic on here, and I would prefer it if nobody sent me messages trying to badger me into changing my mind. For those of you who will no doubt come flouncing out of the woodwork with cries of "UR HOMOPHOBIC" and "OMG U HATE GAYZ1!!1 UR @N EV1L COW!!" I am not, never will be, and never have been against gays or the subject of homosexuality. I am against yaoi and even more specifically the stereotypes it has brought into the LGBT community.

-Critique: I consider myself fairly thick skinned when it comes to my work. I know that I'm prone to making grammatical errors or typos. Even the best story makers do it. And if something just doesn't sound right I am more than happy to have somebody point it out to me rather than having it sit there unedited. The unfortunate thing about 'reviews' on this site is that from the looks of things most of the authors on here consider them to be a place reserved strictly for the praise and worship of their work which is NOT what a reviewing option is intended for. That being said: feel free to give me as much input as you would like. As long as you're polite and you don't resort to trolling or flaming I will try to read over what you have to say to me.

-Flames/Rude Behaviour: I think that subject of being a "flamer" has become rather twisted here on Fanfic.net. Many years ago it was a term used for people who generally trolled the reviews of stories and that's exactly what I consider them. But these days it seems like anyone who doesn't bow down and worship a story and praise the author is somehow labeled a "flamer" when it's really not the case. If you're willing to post your stuff on a site where others can look at it and then review it you are setting yourself up to be corrected. It's not avoidable, and almost every author on here experiences it. It's the best way to improve. You do NOT get better by plugging your ears whenever somebody points out a mistake or by sicking your "fans" on anyone who doesn't worship the ground you walk on. When someone points out something wrong about your story in a polite or constructive way it is NOT "flaming". Telling someone "This O.C sounds like a Mary sue to me. I think you should work on fleshing her out." or "This sentence doesn't sound right I really think you should consider correcting it." is NOT flaming. It's when the person is hateful or rude for no reason and offers nothing in terms of critique that a review becomes a flame. For example: "Ur story suxs @ss" is a flame. "Dis fic is st00p1d. Go kill urself u l0zer" is a flame. Proper critique is NOT. Please for the love of god people learn the difference between these!

-Theft/Plagiarism: I don't know why anyone would want to copy my stories but if you do like them that much why not make another story that is inspired by them? You can make a great fix by using a few ideas from the stories you have read and make it into your own creation. And best of all nobody will get angry at you because the idea might not be yours but the story certainly is.

-Review Namedropping/Fic Fishing: Please don't do it. The review sections of my work is not a personal billboard for you to namedrop some of your stuff. One of my biggest pet peeves when it comes to fanfic.net is when someone gives an author a review that essentially just advertisements for their work and nothing else. Reviews are not places to promote your fic's, no matter how tempting the idea may sound. If you want people to read your work there are much better ways to do it. I recommend finding a livejournal community for fanfiction or looking for forums that might have space for people to promote their fics. If this is a matter of you wanting me personally to see something of yours then in the very least private message me about it. I appreciate having requests for new reading material. I do not appreciate Fic fishing.

-Life Outside Fanfic.net: I'm a busy student, and I have a life that reaches beyond my computer screen. I will probably put a note up here if I will be gone for a long period of time but in general please don't expect me to update my stories on a routine schedule. Some weeks I might get three chapters done. Other weeks I might not even finish anything. That's just life.

For the record this account was created a very long time ago and was once a haven for my Final Fantasy themed fic's. As you can see I went a wee bit mad and deleted every single one of them and have decided to start all over again from scratch. I don't own any backups of my older work (I'm sorry to those of you who liked them) but I can assure you I wasn't really happy with them anyway. I hope to improve myself by starting anew. Who knows, maybe this will make me a better writer...

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