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Hello, interwebs!

It seems really silly to leave this space blank, so here goes. I used to write creatively a lot as a little kid, but with all the writing of papers I've had to do in high school and college I've found myself seriously lacking the time and the will to write even more than I already was. I started writing some fan fiction just to play around with the characters every once in a while without having to plan out a plot/overarching story, and it's helped me rediscover my love for writing. I hope you enjoy reading what I write here, and reviews and criticisms are always welcome.

May the force be with you!

Now for a little bit about my stories...

A Dawnbringer in the Dark

This is my first story, a Neverwinter Nights: HotU adventure. The first couple chapters are a little rough now that I look back on them, but I promise, it does get better, and funnier if I do say so myself! There will be PC/Valen in the future, and I recently threw some Sharwyn/Daelan in there, too (starting around Ch. 7). I am still updating it when I get the chance, as it is my main story. I'm not the kind of person who likes to juggle more than one thing at a time, but other ideas popped into my head and refused to go away! Like...

Tieflings in Space!

This truly insane little romp was inspired in equal parts by some comments on the Valen Shadowbreath BSN thread, my ignorance of the Mass Effect franchise/love of Star Wars, and a desire to procrastinate whatever paper I was actually supposed to be writing. It is incredibly silly and will probably only make complete sense to anyone who has been on the old Star Tours ride at Disneyland/Disney World, but it's also the story I had the most fun writing. Although, that may not be true any more thanks to...

The Legend of Grovel the Great

So this basically came about because Grovel is one of my favorite throw-away NPCs of all time, and I had just played through the part in HotU where you get him a job with Durnan and I was so sad to see him go. I was thinking about this while I was washing dishes, and I thought, "Wouldn't it be funny if Grovel was the protagonist instead of the PC?" How that simple question led to the creation of Tree Branch the apathetic druid, I'll never know, but I'm very glad that it did. What was supposed to be a short tale a la Tieflings has morphed into a parody epic with a life of its own (there's even a Christmas chapter! I don't really know why!), and I alternate updates for it with Dawnbringer.

Two Sisters

This one is a bit of an outlier and not the kind of thing I usually write (not because it's a Dragon Age story but because of its heavy topic). It's about the deaths of Bethany and Varania and how Hawke and Fenris help each other through these events. Romance between the two is implied, but it's not the main focus of the story. As of right now, I've only written Part I (Bethany's death), and it may be a while before I get to Part II. I really have to be in the right frame of mind to write sad fiction. That said, I hope it's still good!

That's all for now, hopefully. I'm not sure I could handle another one at the moment, but if I come back from doing a load of laundry rambling about how Neeber and Noober are actually Bhaalspawn, well...

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A Dawnbringer in the Dark reviews
Emily Emeraude, cleric of Lathander, travels to Waterdeep to aid in the town's defense, but she soon gets wrapped up in a plot much bigger than she can imagine. A Hordes of the Underdark story featuring some Sharwyn/Daelan flirtation and a kobold who keeps accidentally burning his boss's hair off. Now with 100% more Valen... err, "man with the horns."
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Two Sisters
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