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Author has written 4 stories for Aquarion, Sons of Anarchy, Durarara!!/デュラララ!!, and Death Note.

I love to wright, but i suck at spelling. Some people have a problem with that, but some people are just like that. So if you dont like it then I'm sorry to hear that, but dont be a grammer Nazi.

5/19/2012 So i have three storys going right now which is going to be hart to keep up with the demands, but i'll do my best. However i am on summer vecastion right now and do wish to engoy the nice wether as much as posibule. With that said story up dates may vary from day to night, so just keep your eyes out for them. i do atlest plain on trying to up-dat SOMETHING every day. it may not be Every story but i will be in the progres of working on all three so it should alternat. Thank you for being pashiont with me. XD

6/17/2012 Alright people i know i havent wrightn anything in a while and im vary sorry for that, but im dealing with wrighters block, im still wrighting but its taking time to finish the chapters (what to do and i will not change) as for (not always a wolf) i dont know where to go with it, so if you want to help with any of them by all means the more the marryer. if you do help i will give chredit to said person/people. again im sorry for the dealy. P.S. i do plain on having them betad but more then likely when i complet the story, lol i know its ass backwords but thats the way i am. XD

This is Shase from i will not change.She has brown eyes; her hair is shorter, black and spiked and with out the necklaces.

7/14/2012 I an soo sorry i havent up dated in so long. iv been dealing with a lot of strees latly and writers block, family issues, college issues and im so fucking lost in life right now wrighting has been the fertist thing on my mind right now.

11/11/2012 Alright i got some really bad news, my hard drive on my lap top went bad and i dont know when im going to have it up and working or if my storys can be recovered from it, so iv lost everything iv been working on. i am so sorry. i can star working on the next chapters to my storys that i have posted but its going to take a while because of my heart broken soul from the loss of my dear friend/ lap top Hiei. yes i named my computer Hiei because it runs hot and Hiei is my favorit ( COME ON HES SEXY) Yu Yu Hakusho chariter. not to menchin iv got a research paper in my eng class that i need to get done and do really good on because my eng teacher has something agenst me and i want to throw my good grade in her face.

1/10/2013 Alright i'v updated two of my stories my other one I will not change has not been updated and I am sorry for that. again things have not been going well for me. just got a job witch means less time to wright, started college back up witch means a lot of fucking homework and im planning on transferring to a University by the end of this semester. its such a grate opportunity that I cant pass up, only problem is that its such a big change, i'll be moving to Georgia and its such a hard cores that it wont even a lot time for a job in itself because in itself it is a job. um yea so it doesn't sound like its such a bad thing but there's been a lot of arguing between my parents and myself about it because of the finases of it and well iv been having a lot of panic / anxiety attacks because of how overwhelmed I am with trying to balins everything out, and I don't take meds for it because my dad doesn't believe in that and iv been dealing with a lot of back pain too to the point that im laid up on the couch with an ice pack or heating pad on and crying my eyes out. been taking some pain killers for it but I don't want to stay on this shit for the rest of my life so iv been trying to get into the docs to see what I can do to fix the problem. on the good note I have idea about the storys im working on but again iv just been really overwhelmed latly.

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