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Welcome to my profile page!

First of all, I have to warn you: this is not my native language! If I make any mistakes, that would
be the reason. Feel free to correct me, if you like. Improvement needs practice, criticism and help.
I've been reading on this site for a long time now. It was about time to try and write something myself.

For weeks I tried to avoid to show this flag on my profile, but since the question comes up frequently ... But I don't fit into the stereotype: not from Bavaria, drinks beer without alkohol, likes pretzels only without salt. XD

Here are some facts about me you might want to know:

Age: old enough to stay up all night

Gender: female, the last time I checked

Likes: complicated things and people, stories, learning new stuff, creativity, cold winter days

Doesn't like: superficiality, sucking at learning new stuff, writer's block, convenience foods

Hobbies: Hanging out with friends, reading (a lot), drawing, writing, tailoring, cooking (also a lot)

Is good at: trying to find out how things work, being impatient

Is not good at: being disciplined

Choice of music: Distance, Incubus, Sinew, ASP, Schandmaul, Subway to Sally

Goals as an writer:

For now I try to write a story at least one of you may like. That would be a good start.
Update: Mission accomplished! Already! It makes me really happy and grateful! So: Thank you so much for your feedback! :)

Next goal will be to build up a nice and interesting storyline for my big baby "Shades of Green".
Okay, it's already finished in my head, but while actually writing this, things change. I don't mind
though, as long as it works out for writer and reader. - Oh, yes, and while the story will involve romance
and I don't shy away from anything, I hope I'll write the slash as special as I have it planned.
Update: Done so far and quite satisfied with the outcome. Thank you a lot for pushing me :)

I've got some nice surprises planned and now I'm a bit afraid I'll ruin it in one way or the other.
So I do my best to prevent that and hope to write something for you you haven't expected.
Chapter 13 will be interesting when it comes to surprises. I'm so eager to write it, but also scared
as hell to blow it up.
Update: Happy it worked out so far. Really happy! =) I pulled the first strings and let the rest of the secrets stay secrets.

After I wrote an oneshot for "Thor" now, I can go back to "Shades of Green". I feel like my English is
getting better ... well, at least a bit. Hopefully it's good enough to form the delicate interactions I'm looking
forward to into words.
Update: The interactions so far worked out, but I'm not completely satisfied with the outcome. Had my best ideas whenever I had no chance to write it down somewhere. Have solved that problem now, I think.

Now comes the tricky part of the story. I hate to say that but it may be possible that it could take while until a certain chapter (probably chapter 22) will be finished, but I'll warn you, when I'm there. :) Gonna start to work on the scene I feared the most since I started thinking about that story. And by fear I mean getting scared shitless! Hopefully I've improved enough to do this ... Oh my oh my, what hit me to write this in English again?! *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm* *facepalm*
Update: 24 pages of chapter 20 are written and I am still not finished. That's depressing. But I'm not gonna split it in two chapters because all that happens there belongs together. I do my best to update as fast as I can. - The good thing is, that I already wrote the last lines of the last chapter and the whole epilogue. I think you'll like it. :) Now I just have to write everything that lies in between.
I will also post two one-shots soon. An angsty one and a fluffy smutty one. Both Frostiron, and one of them also in a german version.
Update: Chapter 20 is done and I swear I'll never write another chappie of this length! -.-
The german oneshot is finished and if I don't get flamed for it, I'll translate it into English soon.

Well, o-kay, so much for not writing another chapter of this length. But I wrote it, and that's the point after letting you wait this long. Now I can lay my hands on the wonderful ch.22 and I try my best not to disappoint you; not with the plot and not with the promised chliffhanger. ;) And the coolest thing ever is that I now have two wonderful Beta-readers, namely Sassinscreed and Mirasaurus. I couldn't ask for more!
Update: With posting chapter 22 today I can happily say that the tough part is over. Now I can get to the possibly longest chapter of them all and finish it.

Reviews are always welcome and needed! Good ones push me and bad ones force me to do it better!



You can find me on Deviantart now:



Btw, for those who are interested: gemsir is the old norse word for jester. :)

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