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Zup ya'll, and Im not from Texas I quote "Im not from Texas" lol. I don't know how many peppos out there who are a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, but hey Im a fan of Yu-Gi-Oh, cuz the show rocks bunches. Of course you might know who my best friend Acting Girl is, because she is sitting right by me when Im writting my bio haha. Well hey shes the one who got me into Yu-Gi-Oh so I should thank her alot for that. Hey I know people can't stand Tristan, but hey I love him very much for who he is, because hes just there haha. Im just there too, but I always end up scaring my friends lol. Hey Im also a fan of writting my own scripts and stuff and I hope that those of you who are interested in my writting work of art lol will love me for who Iam. Im writting the best that I can and I write to make you laugh and to make you cry and things that would embarrasse you if you were in any position, like telling the guy you love that you adore him. In my scripts there will be action, drama and dangers around. I warn you this my friendly fanfiction friends that I do write quite alot and even though you think I might be weird at some points, please talk to me for who Iam, because Iam a great friend to have on a fanfiction, well to tell you the truth, is I have never been on fanfiction before. So I hope that you enjoy my scripts and I hope that you all will have the heart to be a friend to me, because I would be proud enough to be a friend back. Thats if you give me that chance to be somewhat of a friend. I love to share ideas and I love to listen to other peoples opinions instead of my own. So please review me and those of you who do are brave enough to except a friend like me. peace out my fanfiction friends...

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YAMI CHIP- Insanity! Thy Name is Chip!

Acooma: I love Purple Penguins that say Moo!
AG: o_O
Acooma: I love Penguins that say Moo!
AG: o_O why do you even exsit?
Acooma: I don't know, I just do...Hehehehehe!
Acooma: I'm the Queen of Rhino's and Tristan is my king!
Tristan: Huh!? what do you want?
Acooma: Hehe...oh nothing Tristan, I was just telling everyone that you are the king of Rhino's.
Tristan: Why yes I'am!!!..
Joey: Hey what about me?
Acooma: Joey, your the king of mutts!
Joey: What?!
AG: Don't worry Joey, being a mutt isn't a bad thing, i don't think!?
Seto: Worthless Mutt!
Joey: Hey I heard that Pretty Rich Boy!
Seto: Joey, you are such a worthless mutt and you are too dumb to realize it.
Luraia: Seto, Seto, Seto!..
Seto: Oh great, my problems suddenly just got worse!
Luraia: Look at this picture I drew for you of the whole dueling arena, then there's you with tbe blue eye's ultimate dragon.
Seto: Nice work Luraia, but it needs something else.
Luraia: What is that?
Seto: I need you to erase the picture of yourself standing by me, I don't need you in the shot!.
Luraia: Oh Seto, you are so cold hearted!..
Seto: (disgusted by Luraia, rolls his eyes and says). come here Luraia!
Luraia: (tip toes over to Seto)...
Seto: (kisses her on the cheeks and demands her back to work)...
Luraia: (smiles proudly and runs off)...
Bakura & Serene: (background kissing hehehe)...
Tristan: (calls to Bakura)..hey Bakura, did you move that heavy boulder?
Bakura: (calls back)..No, i thought you were supposed to!.(goes back to kissing Serene)..
Tristan: Well, can you at least take 5 minutes away from kissing your girlfriend and help me move the thing!
Serene: Flu-ffey!! (disappointed)
Bakura: I'm sorry sweetheart, i will be back in a second!
Serene: (crosses her arms in disappointment)...
Acooma: (calls to Tristan)..Tristan, I will help you move the boulder!
Tristan: No baby, I don't want you to move heavy objects. I want you to relax!
Acooma: Oh Tristan, you've saved my life more than once, now stop thinking I'm weak and let me give it a try!.
Tristan: Alright baby, but if you get run over, at least I told you so!.
Bakura: (heads back to Serene).. Oh Serene!
Serene: Oh Flu-ffey! hehe...
Bakura and Serene: (both kiss)
Tristan: Baby, do you need a hand moving the boulder?
Acooma: No, I'm fine!
Tristan: Are you sure?
Acooma: Yes Tristan, I'm sure!
Tristan: (moves closer to Acooma and presses his body againest Acooma's)
Acooma: (smiles and says).. Tristan, I need to focus on moving the boulder!
Tristan: Alright baby!. (helps Acooma move the boulder)..
AG: Joey, what are you doing?
Joey: I'm trying to find my donut key chain!
AG: Why?
Joey: Because it's my lucky Key Chain, everytime I have this baby with me, a donut somehow appears. (looks at AG, but in Joey's image of AG. AG is the donut)...
AG: Joey, why are you looking at me like that?
Joey: I'm hungry AG, mind if I take a bite!
AG: Joey, you are really freaking me out!...
Joey: (moves closer to AG)..
AG: (slaps Joey and gives his key chain back to him)...
Joey: You had my key chain?!
AG: Well yeah, it was the only way I could get you to notice me!
Joey: Awww. AG.. that's sweet of ya!
AG: (smiles)...^_^
Luraia: (comes back to bother Seto)...
Joey: (kisses AG on the cheek and searches for more donuts)..
AG: (smiles and helps Joey search)...
Bakura & Serene: (Kissing)...
Tristan & Acooma: (take a walk together after moving that heavy boulder, hint hint hehe...)
Seto: (just watches Luraia, so that she doesn't cause anymore embarrassment to his reputation, but inside Seto, he loves Luraia, he's just being a stiff neck lol)...

Well I gotta run ya'll and please read and review my chapties, they are good, you just got to give me and my chapties a chance!...Peace Out!

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