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~@~ It's time to say goodbye ~@~

Well if you're reading this, that means you probably have liked my fanfics at some point or another, read them already and are looking for maybe something new despite the fact I haven't updated in forever, but I'm leaving this messge to let everyone know that nothing will ever be uploaded to this account again! No no I'm not leaving in some angsty blaze of glory, I'm merely moving on, to new fan fics, new fandoms, better things for me, and I think I feel like I left people hanging. I mean I STILL get E-mail to this day about the Legends and Myths Chronicles, even though I haven't written that in YEARS and it's nowhere NEAR my best work! So I'm writing to tell you all goodbye, thanks for the love, the reviews the memories and everything! It was a GREAT run, I'll never forget any of it! I had a lot of fun in the Pokemon fandom but my life in it has really honestly and truly come to an end and it's time to let it go. I REALLY should have done this a long LONG time ago, I need to let this go for personal reasons too, I didn't like leaving this open and not concluded, and I always sorta felt some sort of pull to it to at least explain. This account will stand as like a marker! All the fics will stay up for people to enjoy and everything!

So I bid farewell to Mystic Vaporeon and any fans I have left! Thank you all once again!

I can still be found online at deviantART under the name gaavnvalsvoyeur, and here on at Zurui Karasu! I've recently become hopelessly mired in the Naruto fandom and I'll be writing for that now, if anyone is interested in that! So to everyone along the way I loved and loved me, farewell! I'll see you around!

Mystic Vaporeon is blasting off for Good!!


Konnichiwa! And yet again welcome to my little corner of! I am your not-so-typical, subrun-of-the-mill fantasy and anime lover, who just so happens to have a passion for the surreal and writing. Doomed to be a starving writer of some sorts, I am also a die-hard true blue Rocketshipper, and will never even when faced with torture renounce those views thank you very much! Those who do not believe Jessie and James are destined to be together may leave the premises immediately thank you! Anyone left is cordially invited to my realm, where the impossible is slightly more possible and the believable is most unheard of. Normal does not exist in anyone’s vocabulary, so I suggest you leave it at the door please! Do not step on the carpet critters, any odd looking rocks, or flora and do be quiet, the dragons become quite irate if woken! ~MV

Random quotage!

“The past is nothing but a beginning of a beginning, and all that is and has been is but the twilight of the dawn.”
H.G Wells

"Tact: For those not witty enough to be sarcastic"

Fic updates and progress as of May 19, 2002:
General idea: Maaan, I hate having so many ideas for fan fics and no time to write them all! I'm thinking of writing a short comedy fic while I write Dawn Chaser, and it would be an all cast fic! o.O My gods, an MV fic with lots of twerp that isn't a fantasy one! It's just an idea! I also have another for a shorter romantic and slightly comedic TR fic, who knows! I'll get something up soon!
Dawn Chaser (Working title)(In Production): Thanks to those who read and reviewed part 3 already! It means a lot to me! ^_^ I'm still working hard on part 4! This one shouldn't take as long!
Hex of the Rosestone (Hiatus): OK, you were probably going "What the hell??" at this, lemme explain further! It's on my old computer, which can be booted up, but it requires some weird thing and its a huge bother, so I'll probably finish Dawn Chaser before this gets majorly worked on again. (It shouldn't take me years or anything, so dun worry so much!)

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