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Hello my lovelies. If you are reading this (who reads profiles anyway?) here's a quick note on Real Life:

I sorely miss writing. I would love to write more fanfics, especially the Captain America/Leviathan crossover, however I am globe trotting. For the next 14 months (until July of 2014) I will be in my home country of the USA for a grand total of 5 weeks. The rest of the time I will be in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Peru (as well as other Asian and South American countries yet to be determined).

Thus, I will have absolutely no time to write at least until next July. This makes me very sad. All you readers and commenters have been wonderful and encouraging... especially when I still get reviews on A Squick of Reading or The Last Mission even several months after the updating date. Good to know people still enjoy my works.

One last thing: as implausible as this sounds to me (but you never know), if anyone wants to adopt any of my characters, plot bunnies below, etc., feel free, just let me know.


Oh, hey there!

I'm pretty much obsessed with Leviathan by Scott Westerfeld. In fact, I didn't even know about fanfiction until I read his books.

Then, I read them again a few weeks later (because they are THAT GOOD. you should read them, if you havent. And if you have: read them again, of course!!)

Ummm, more about me, I guess

Books: I can't decide if the Ender's Game/Shadow series is my favorite book, or if the Leviathan/Behemoth/Goliath series is :/ Ender's Game is pretty much pure awesome, I think I have read it at east 5 or 6 times. Other Favorites: Artemis Fowl, Alex Rider, Maximum Ride, Eragon, Fire/Graceling, Chronicles of Narnia, River of Time, and a million more...

Cool Places I Have Been/Lived in: Australia (lived there for two years. I have pictures of me hugging Koala bears and petting Kangaroos. Alas, this does not make me Scott Westerfeld though), Japan, Israel, Switzerland, and I'm going to Canada this summer

Movies: The Blind Side, 17 Again, Up

T.V. Shows: I don't watch tv. At all. We get like 2 channels, because when we actually had cable, no one in our family watched tv. So we're like:

we're paying for cable and we don't even watch it??? Then we canceled our cable subscription

So, no T.V. i don't think I'm missing out.

Food: Ice cream. Pizza. And anything chocolate.

Hobbies: Other than read? Writing, obviously. And I run.

Age: Highschool

Education: I'm homeschooled (which also means that I will have plenty of time to update when inspiration hits me) and I'm going to college next year!!!

I live: On planet earth

I am: A girl

I write: mostly original fiction. Like I said, I only write when inspiration strikes. So, I'm not really sure how many fanfics I will do. I mostly like to write my own thing, without having to work within the bounds of someone else's characters. I might type up my other stories some day on DeviantArt or something, and put a link on here if anyone cares to read more of my work.

My stories:

In Progress:

-The Last Mission: "Capturing Aleksander of Hohenburg might prove a squick tricky for the German Captain Hartmann. But what if he uses Alek's mysterious relationship with Dylan Sharp to get to the ex-heir of the Austrian empire? Prepare for spies, action, and secrets uncovered. A pregnant Deryn finds herself wishing she hadn't taken this last mission. Three years Post-Goliath."

-A Squick of Reading: Just a Leviathan drabble series, featuring whatever pops into my head :)

Possible Future Stories (plot bunnies):

-(Untitled) Leviathan Story Featuring Alek and Deryn right after Goliath, working at the Zoological Society. Deryn studies to become a boffin, and Alek works on... something (combining Clanker/Darwinist technologies? Helping stop the war through politics?). There'll be some more fluff/drama in this one, but it will also be a mystery. THere'll be a spy within the Society (why are there always tons of spies?) and Bovril might get kidnapped... Note: I need a very involved beta reader for this one, because I'm rubbish at fluff or mystery. I will try my best though! So... any beta-reader volunteers? PM me please!

-(Untitled) Leviathan/Captain America Crossover: Alrighty I'm a little unsure about this idea. But basically I saw the movie Captain America a little while ago and I thought the girl, Peggy Carter seemed like a cool character. She reminded A LOT of Deryn... she serves in the army, she just doesnt have to cross dress! So basically the story would be about how Deryn and Alek have to move to America and change their last name for some reason (political) and they have a daughter, Peggy. The story's about how she entered the military, gained the respect of the other officers, etc. Maybe Dr. Barlow's connections helped her get involved with the more science-y part of the military? And of course the bad guys are all human fabs ;) This would be totally different from the other story because there won't be too much drama- just a lot of action scenes. I mean, SOME drama because she's a woman in the military, but definitely not a fluffy story. Note: I definitely need a co-writer/ghost-writer/super plot-involved beta read for this one, anyone interested? PM me and let me know!

If anyone has any feedback on any of these stories- if you want to be involved in the writing, beta-reading, or if you just think the idea(s) are good/terrible, please let me know! I think I will probably do the first idea for sure, but I'm relying on your guys' input for the second one.

Okay guys, thanks for reading! :D

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Leviathan series - Rated: T - English - Humor/Drama - Chapters: 6 - Words: 10,245 - Reviews: 33 - Favs: 7 - Follows: 9 - Updated: 7/28/2012 - Published: 5/14/2012 - Alek F., Deryn S.
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