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If insanity were a part of a painting, I would relish each and every piece of it. For the true beauty in life can only be described through the eye of those that behold what is most valuable to them, the reason for this being that one's 'self' is an ever shifting piece of their deeper psychological build. Or, so I think anyway, it's just my theory over this forsaken world that each and every one of us live in, and sure it's a horrible place to be if you're against corruption, greed, wars... Etc., but that doesn't mean that you must make your existence your very own personal hell, quite the opposite, you take what's given to you in life and you attempt to mold it into something valuable and completely untouched by anyone else... Or, so I think.

I'm a bit of an artist, somewhat a gamer, and I'd like to think I have a bit of knowledge over the written arts, but honestly I'm not the best at what I do in any of these things, you could call me a jack of all trades yet a master of nothing... Or I know what I'm doing at least remotely in quite a few fields, but I'm not a master at anything... Ramble ramble...

Well, the knowledge of my personal life that I choose to give up is up to me I suppose, you won't get my name, but I suppose you could get my age, 15, yeah, I'm still a young-ling physically, but I'm told that mentally I've already surpassed a couple grades, I'll only believe it when they fast forward me a couple of grades... Until then, they're just attempting to flatter. I enjoy long walks on a moon-light soaked beach on my own with a nice book placed between my palms. And... Really, that's about it, I'm quite a boring person if you get to meet me... Up until we get a subject I'm interested enough in.

Ones heart is not just an organ, it's also the way that we experience the world daily for it provides us with our blood that fuels our very mind and soul. Though sometimes a heart will also break when you may never be able to experience that which has been taken from you. In the end you'll come out one of two ways, you'll be able to come out on top with a new outlook on life or you'll just hit the ground and fall to pieces. In the end, it all falls down to how well you managed to demonstrate your worth, in my case this isn't too well at all. "The more you turn away, the more I want you to stay."

Song of June: Until the day I die by Story of the Year

Well, it's been about a month since I first started here, time sure does seem to fly at an alarming rate when you choose not to pay attention to anything, eh? So, as it seems the internet site known as has more to it than it seems. I've met quite a few interesting people in my first few days of staying here, well, my first day to be honest since I'd been searching for a place where I could better my writing. Honestly, I feel that it's gotten quite a bit better in my time there as well, the people are nice and the environment is fitting to those who are just beginning their road into roleplaying, I highly recommend heading to The Return of Jumpy's Haven if you haven't already. It's helped me get to where I am now, I'll be honest, my skills at the beginning are a bit better than some people after years, but that's because I choose not to give into 'text talk' and read quite a bit, but otherwise I'm still a noob. I hope that my fellow roleplayers will continue to teach me the ropes. - 5/28/2012

Dark Hearts, Darker Souls reviews
Ones appearance is but a minor piece of who they may be, it is the content of their soul and their actions that represent them. This is the story of an accursed Undead Knight's travels in Lordran as the Chosen Undead.
Dark Souls - Rated: T - English - Adventure - Chapters: 1 - Words: 1,289 - Reviews: 1 - Favs: 1 - Follows: 1 - Published: 6/1/2012 - Knight