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Hi there!

Name: Ariya-angels (Ariya is not my real name... She's just a character I created)

Age: 22

Gender: Female

Height: 5' 0 (I know, SHORT!!!!!!! Lol)

Music: I like a lot of different types of music, I would have to say that The Beatles are my all time favorite band. I also love One Direction and Big Time Rush. I don't really have a least favorite type of music, I even like some country! With my cultural background, I do love to listen to music from different countries because it helps me to understand them better. I am half Indian of course (India Indian, not Native American)

Favorite colors: I would have to say are: red, blue (sapphire), a cute easter green and purple, and black. I do not like pink very much, yellow just bothers me, and orange only goes good with my skin tone lol.

Favorite movies: I like all kinds of movies. Star Wars has got to be my favorite movie series. PERIOD! Lol.

Hobbies: I love to read. I do it ALL THE TIME!! I am always reading a fanfic. They make me smile :)

So, I wrote this in the 7th chapter of Will My Heart Go On? It is some of my views about Twilight, and what I disliked about it all.

1) I hate Bella. I really do. I only read Bella paired stories because she's who I'm familiar with. But I cannot write Bella paired stories because I really cannot identify with her. She's a selfish, cruel being. Her infatuation with Edward really is only because he's a vampire, not because of who he is. The whole time in Twilight when she was "getting to know him," she was just trying to figure out what he was, what vampires are like. He was a mystery to her, and she was to him. He only "loved" her because he cannot read her mind.

2) Even if there was no supernatural beings (then there is no Twilight :( ), I fully believe that Bella and Jacob would NOT be together. Why? It's simple. Bella is incapable of loving Jacob like he deserves. When I first read the series and watched up to Breaking Dawn part 1, I hated Jacob. Obviously, that's not the case now. It was only because I believed that Bella and Edward belong together. And they do. They are both extremely immature and display evidence of immense childlike behavior. Edward is always running around with her on his back, and holding her on his lap, both showing that she is even treated like a child by him. Now, I understand Jacob Black. The only reason Bella even began talking to Jacob in the first place was to get information on the Cullens. She used him there, flirting with him just to get information.

3) Bella is weak. She becomes addicted to Edward, much like he is addicted to her (remember? "Your scent, it's like a drug to me."). He even tells her that everything that makes him a vampire was designed to draw her, as a human, to him. When he leaves her in New Moon, she goes through a withdrawal, much like any other kind of addict. Except for one thing: most addicts get through that withdrawal period, if they are strong enough. Even though Edward says that they aren't coming back and "it will be as if we never existed," she holds on to them. And then she uses poor Jacob. Uses him. She leads him on by not outright telling him that she doesn't love him. She's selfish. She only tells him that once Edward comes back, and that's too late, because somehow, Jake falls for her sorry ass.

4) Bella deserves to be a vampire. If you read closely, you notice that once she becomes a vampire, Bella is vain. Agonizingly so. She is so obsessed with how beautiful Edward and the rest of the Cullens are, that it transfers over to when she's changed.

5) There shouldn't have been a Renesme. I believe that was just a cop-out by Stephanie Meyer in order to get rid of the whole Bella/Jacob pairing. It makes no sense that a wolf would imprint on something that 1: has no pulse, and 2: cannot bear children. Now, I know in my story I Won't Give Up, she imprinted on Emmett, well, I have a plan for that, so, just calm yourselves.

6) Leah shouldn't have phased. That was just cruel of Stephanie Meyer. 1: Leah loses the love of her life to imprinting, 2: she has to live in his mind and see how happy they are, 3: she cannot leave there, and 4: her dad dies seeing her phase. Not that I blame her, heart attacks are based more on the health of the person rather than the moment that it happens. She already blames herself. I mean, I don't know about the rest of you, but that was just some bitch shit. She should've been imprinted on by one of the pack, so that it would be justified. I, for one, adore the Embry/Leah pairing. Embry's sweet and caring nature can soothe her angry ways. I feel that anyone else would just amplify those tempers.

Favorite Fanfiction Shows/Video Games:

1. Twilight
2. Mighty Morphin Power Rangers
3. Teen Titans
4. Street Fighter
5. Tekken
6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

My favorite fanfic couples:

1. Jacob pairing- That's an obvious for why lol.

2. Paul pairing- Idk. I love his temper.

3. Emmett pairing- I feel that Rosalie and Edward should be together like Carlisle meant for them. I was always Team Emmett for vampires. Edward was too... feminine for my tastes. I like those manly men.

I will never write a Bella main pairing story. I just can't. I will read them, because people put their own spins on the stories and the characters change.

4. Robin and Raven- These two are soooo perfect for each other. They're both so dark, mysterious, and untrusting, yet they go to each other first when they have a problem or just want to talk. I'm sorry, I love Starfire, but the poor girl is too much for Robin to keep up with. Raven understands his need for secrecy and alone time, and she is the one to break him from an obsession. I mean, he went to HELL to save her. Starfire is better off with someone like Speedy or Aqualad.

5. Raven and Beast Boy- Okay, I know that I said she's perfect for Robin, but these two are so cute together, I cannot resist. He was there for her with the whole Malchior thing, and he was there to protect her from Adonis. He gets on her nerves, but that could be seen as a way to notice him, his immaturity of his crush. You know? The boy pulls the girl's hair because he likes her sort of thing.

6. Raven and Speedy- I know how annoying Speedy is and how he needs to be the center of attention and Raven is quiet, withdrawn and likes to be alone, but Speedy can be mature, and with his past, he knows what struggle is. He understands what pain is.

7. Raven and Red X- This just is too irresistible! It's forbidden love!!! The thief and the heroine!! They usually have to run away to be together. But the only problem is that, usually in the fanfics, she's hurting Robin who loves her. Wahhh!!! Poor Robin :(

8. Raven and Slade- Okay, this is only for stories like Just to Sleep at Night. The cute one where Slade isn't being fucking creepy. But she hurts Robin in this one too :(

9. Kimberly H. and Jason- From the original MMPR. These two are too perfect for each other, it's nuts. She makes the mistake of going out with Tommy, although they are a cute couple. Jason and Kimberly have known each other ever since they were little kids. When she starts dating Tommy, Jason backs off. In the Power Rangers Turbo movie, it seems as if Kimberly and Jason are a couple. And in the credits, I have seen photos, I have looked myself but couldn't find it, of Kimberly and Jason kissing. Aweee!! :)

10. Buffy and Angel- Just too cute... Lol. His ultimate happiness is with her.

11. Buffy and Spike- Idk... I really believe that they are good for each other in a way.


These are the websites that I used for the different pictures.

I Won't Give Up:

Her necklace:

Her anklet:

Her date outfit in the chapter She Wolf:

Happy Valentine's Day chapter:

Her dress:

Her shoes:

Her bracelet:

Will My heart go on?


Dark Side:

Ari's bonfire outfit:

Promise rings:

Her finished mark:



Well, there you have it. My interests in this world of fanfiction. I cannot even tell you how this site has helped me get away from reality. Through my apparent depression (my parents refuse to let me see a psychiatrist) caused by a death in the family, cancer in the family, familial issues and just stress. It's not fun to have your own family not accept you for who you truly are. College has put a TON of stress on me, and my father's nonstop bickering at me doesn't help. But, thank you to all who is on here writing stories. You guys are awesome :)

Well, hopefully I will be able to write some stories that you guys will like! Please, be gentle to me on here. I've seen some of the reviews that people get, and I cannot say that I'm not petrified of the ones that I will possibly get. Constructive criticism is nice, but there's a difference between that and being mean.

Love you guys!!!

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