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Yes, loves, that means that I'll be finishing up Temptation and editing a bunch of the other stuff I've written. Be on the lookout for MAJOR updates soon!

XD I'm sorry that I've been away for so long. Flute and Gwen have kept me very busy. Oh, you don't know Gwen? Well, you should. I'll give you a link to my fictionpress stuff as soon as I finish something and put it up. Gwen is my favoritest and bestestest fictional character in the world:D I :loffles: her. Yay!

General Information:

My name is Christina.

I'm a girl, and I enjoy playing the flute, writing, and many other hobbies. My best friends are Tara, Laura, Shyanne (fine, fine, Jake. . .) and Caroline.

I really, really like writing, and I love constructive criticism. I also admire people who can make really awesome stories without romance. I, unfortunately, am not one of those people. Wish I was, though.

I am very firm in most of my 'ships, and am very prejudiced about them. I really, really wish I was open minded enough to read other pairings, but I'm not. Forgive me.

Completed Fics:


Just what it's name sounds like. A cute Raven/Beast Boy thing, with a nice Rob/Star bit thrown in. I thought it'd turn out gross, but it actually turned out. . . dare I say it. . . sweet, and only a little citrus-y. Yes, Roxeant wishes to avoid the lemony goodness, as it is addictive. Special thanks to my friend Tara for putting up with me while I wrote this. And, as always, it's Raven/Beast Boy and Star/Robin, as I said two lines up. And, seriously, this is rated for its content. It's PG-13 for a reason.


Finally, Broekn is completed! I'm so proud. T_T This one took me a while to write (dunno why), but I think that it was a success. Yes, the public seemed to enjoy it. What do you think would happen if the Titans knew what was being written about them? Here's one scenario. And, by the way, I know that I've made Cyborg an idiot in this story, and in some others. . . Actually, I think he's the anchor for the team, and is extremely mature. I just love to tease him. I shall have to write a serious story for him as an apology.

Guardian Angel:

YAY! The first fic that I've actually completed without skipping an ending or an intro or something. It's a one-shot, despite protests, and is probably one of my only non-sexual-in-nature fics! Not to mention it's PG. Wow. That's a huge change for me. You know, I need to write more fics like this, and I probably will. Oh! One more thing. On the whole Terra debate: Well, it depends on the fanfiction and my mood. My best friend loves her. I can love her or hate her, doesn't matter to me. . . as long as she isn't with Beast Boy.

No Need To Mention Chess:

Hermione + Ron +a silencing charm + an empty bed = Wizards Chess? Really! No joke! Wizards chess. Too bad that Ginny and Harry don't know that when they go up to get a book from the boys' dormitory. This leads to much embarassment on the part of poor Gin! Harry/Ginny hintings, but I'm not sure if they're going out, or if the jokes are all in good fun. I hope that I'm accepted by the HP community like I was by the TT community. The TT reviewers are so nice!

Shut up, please:

Yet another HP fic, told in first person. Poor Harry has to deal with Ron and Hermione's bickering all the time, and is absolutely sick of it. NEVER bother a boy when he's working on his potions essay! My first HP one-shot! The infamous Roxeant refuses to write anything but Ron/Hermione fluff nowadays. . . Unless she's writing Raven/Beast Boy fluff, that is. But, never fear. I'm going to try to do something original very, very soon.

Tears Of Blood:

Almost completed! I have a little ending thing to post on. Laura's been bugging me to work on it for ages. . . This is my one and only (and hopefully not last) Redwall fic. As soon as I am inspired once again, I shall write more. (If you have any plots, feel free to suggest them!) I really have to re-edit this one. I hate re-reading old stuff, because I always see so many mistakes! Good writers always go back a few weeks after they've written something, and look at it with a fresh attitude. They notice more mistakes that way.

The Journal of Argus Filch And His War Against Mistletoe:

Poor Filch. He hates Christmas, and most of all, he hates Mistletoe. Not to mention the fact that Mrs. Norris is pregnant, and that the students aren't responding to his lavishly distributed detentions. Can Hermione help Filch to understand that Christmas isn't all that bad? Or, can she at least get him to stop giving detentions long enough to get in a good snog with Ron? What did you think this was, a Hermione/Filch thing? Ergh. . . That's the worst 'Mione pairing since Hermione/Harry!

Things Unsaid:

Lust. . . yadda yadda. . . Raven's mirror. . . yadda yadda. . . gets out and traps Raven. . . yadda yadda. . . Involves much fluff-ness, much embarassment, and much craziness. Decided not to add an intro. I'm too lazy. But, the first chapter of the sequel is gonna be up on Tuesday (Okay, Wednesday. So shoot me!). Everyone celebrate! I've got party hats for you. _

Started Fics:

I Love You So Collection:



Raven and Beast Boy are off for a week in the wilderness! Lust isn't ready to give up her dreams of domination just yet. . . And even if Raven and Beast Boy are able to defeat the thong-clad, seductive emotion, will they have a home to come back to? Probably not, after Cyborg's through with his tinkering. Poor Robin and Star. . . The long-awaited sequel to Things Unsaid. First chapter is now up! Originally, I put it in the comics section by accident! How embarassing. But, it's back!


Teen Titans-

Raven/Beast Boy: Oh, this pair is absolutely breathtaking. Can't you picture them together? Come on. . . They're so adorable! And such complete opposites! They fit like pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

Starfire/Robin: Honestly, if you don't support this pair, you're a nutter. They're so sweet! Not to mention blatantly obvious in their infatuation with each other. They just mesh so well!

Cyborg/Jinx: This couple isn't exactly a 'ship. I won't refuse to read a story if Cyborg is with an OC or with Bumblebee or someone else in the series. But I do think that it's cute. And rather interesting to write. . . I've only recently become a fan.

Cyborg/Bumblebee_ Bumblebee rocks muh socks. Yes, this couple also works. Right now, I'm still leaning towards Cyborg/Jinx, though.

Raven/Robin: I wish I was open-minded enough to like this couple. I just can't stand it. I'm sorry, you lot. It's just that Robin needs someone happy, someone who could comfort him and stop him from being all maniac-ish. And Raven is meant for the green changeling and for him alone. I just don't think that Robin and Raven are different enough for each other. However, I do see potential for a powerful friendship here. . . Because they both kind of have a dark side. Must look in to this.

Starfire/Raven: Actually, I once read a fic in which this pairing was featured (I didn't know until the last chapter, so I just finished it anyway, and was all 'what the heck, I only have to get through, like, three paragraphs of it'). It was pretty cute. I would support it, but. . . the girls are really meant for Robin and Beast Boy. I couldn't picture them with anyone else. Ever.

Cyborg/Raven: Though this pairing isn't nearly as bad as Robin/Raven, I still don't like it. I don't like it, in short, because I ONLY like Raven/Beast Boy. The same reason I don't like the Raven/Starfire pairing. Raven/Beast Boy all the way. _

Starfire/Beast Boy? Whoever thought of this is kinda weird. Ah well. Whatever. xDDD I don't support it.

Starfire/Cyborg: I've never seen a fic with this pairing! Weird. . . But, if I did, I wouldn't read it. Because, Starfire HAS to be with her Robin. Plain and simple.

Slade/Anyone: EEEEE! >.>

Harry Potter -

Ron/Hermione: YES! YESYESYES! This couple is SO gonna happen in the books, and I absolutely adore it. It's up there with Raven/Beast Boy, dude! They're hilarious when they fight! Absolutely love this couple, and wouldn't have either of them with anyone else.

Harry/Tonks: O.O What? I've seen these. They scare me. DUDE! HE'S LIKE, FIFTEEN! This is just a trifle too. . . weird for me.

Harry/Hermione: Ew. Ewewew. This is the HP equivilant of Raven/Robin. It's so illogical, so stupid! Hermione seriously only likes Harry as a friend, I'm sure, and vice versa. Flame me, but. . . I don't like this pairing. No, not just don't like, abhor.

Harry/Draco: xD! Go Yaoi! I like Harry/Draco once in a while. _ Fwee to the boy lovin'!

Draco/Ginny: This pairing is okay at times. I don't like it as much as Harry/Ginny, but if it's written well, Draco/Ginny stories can be KICKARSE!

Harry/Ginny: Awwwww! Of all the "Harry" pairings, this is my favorite. It's just so sweet! And I think it'll happen in the book, too. Not to mention that Ginny is such a kickarse character.

Harry/Cho: Nope. Cho's a bitch.

Hermione/Draco: Seriously, no way. Even though I think that Draco might make some derogatory sexual comments about Hermione once in a while to piss her or her friends off, I don't think they'd ever get in a relationship. They're too different, and this relationship is just kinda gross. Besides, 'Mione is meant for Ron. _

Hermione/Snape: Ew. First of all, this is just gross. Hermione would NEVER love Snape. Ever. Snape would never love Hermoine. Ever. And he's really too old for her. . . and it's just disgusting. It makes me wanna hurl.

Hermione/Lupin or Sirius: I don't like this either. She wouldn't go back in time, or date them when they were older. HERMIONE AND RON, YOU FREAKS! HERMIONE AND RON!

Sirius/Harry: Ew. This is just too wrong. They have more of a Father/Son relationship. NOT TO MENTION THE FACT THAT SIRIUS IS DEAD!

Sirius/Lupin: This can be cute on occasion. _ Especially in the MWPP era. Actually, that's the only time I've ever seen it, and I think it's rather sweet.

Lupin/Tonks: Awwww. . . this ship has become a recent favorite of mine! . . . Harry and Tonks is just gross. I enjoy this pairing a lot, even if Lupin is older than Tonks. Also, you can do a whole bunch with this pairing. You can make them sugar-coated and fluffy, or serious and dark and stuff.

Percy/Fleur: Er. . . no. I don't really like the idea. It just doesn't seem to fit, you know? It seems awkward and weird and. . . Dunno. Whatever.

Fleur/Bill: Yeah, sue me, I like this pairing. Eat your heart out Anyone-but-Bill/Fleur pairing supporters. ;P I think that Fleur and Bill are adorable, and enjoy reading fics about them. Fleur can be hilarious. Must consider writing a fic about these two. . .

Fleur/Harry: No. I just don't like it. I can't tell you why, I just don't.

Fleur/Hermione: Nope. _ 'Mione and Ron, Fleur and Bill. :P and I wouldn't have it any other way, suckers.

Fred/Angelina: This pairing doesn't have enough fics written about it, even though it's mentioned in the background of other fics loads. I think it's cute. Ever since I heard the fated line, "Oi! Angelina! Wanna go to the ball with me?" I've loved the thought of them together.

Hermione/Ginny: My friend Tara absolutely adores this pairing. I don't really like it, though, since Hermione is meant for Ickle Ronniekins. _

(This list will grow, as there are a whole buttload of HP pairings.)

Danny Phantom:

Here's a short one!

Danny/Sam: Yep. You can so tell that this is gonna happen. It's blatantly obvious.

Tucker/Sam? Er. . . . How long have you been on drugs, then?

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