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Author has written 5 stories for Final Fantasy VII.

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That weird girl who never leaves reviews and still feels the right to whine and bitch when she can find nothing good to read. Let's start by making half of the fandom hate me:

What I hate:
. Romantic relationships between more than two partners
People, there is a reason they say three is a crowd and I agree with it wholeheartedly. I have a tolerance for ménages à trois when they are written for more reasons than just plain old sex-appeal (and plain old sex), but I never read them if I can help it. As for relationships with more than three partners, they just piss me off. Especially if it's just to throw four or five hotties together because it makes you drool.

What irks me:
. Cloud being an angst muffin 24/7; I know it's way too easy and justified to write him like that, but come on, Cloud has more depth than that and I'd really rather see him kick some ass.
. Same old same old time-travel fics; I love time-travel fics, but if you are going to use the classic story of Cloud going back in time to save the day, please try to be a little original about it... and try to finish it one of these days, too (the proportion of never finished time-travel fics is incredibly high).
. Those fics where "Cloud is a cadet" or "Sephiroth is the General", because there are way too many of them when it's not canon.
Sure, I get why Cloud could be a cadet in Crisis Core (now that I did some research on what a cadet was, ha). I still don't think Shinra would waste valuable time sending cadets to class more than maybe a month to teach them the bare basics - hey, they are cannon fodders paid minimum wages, and there are still plenty where they came from. Cloud is an infantryman in CC, not a highschooler.
As for Sephiroth, where in hell was he ever called "the General", or even "General"? While I have not played Crisis Core myself for lack of a PS3, I have watched enough walkthrough videos to feel like I nearly did, and I'm still trying to figure out where this came from. I feel that Square Enix was actually very intent on not creating a military ranking system more advanced than the SOLDIER Classes.
So yes, I get that fanfiction writers get artistic license. And that's fine, I use it too. Just try to know where canon ends and where fanfiction starts, please.

And finally, what I love:
. In Character, well-written CloudxSephiroth fics. :)

Currently working on:

. Two of a kind (Final Fantasy VII): A CxS time-travel fic (yes, I know, another one) with a twist. We're getting very very close to the end...

. Priceless (The World Ends With You): "What?" you say. "A fanfiction that's not about Cloud and Sephiroth on this profile? Outrageous!" Believe me, I know... But what can I say? Neku and Joshua from TWEWY are really too addictive. T.T Like everything I'm not yet uploading online, it might never go anywhere, depending on my inspiration. (It's an Alternate Reality, by the way. I'm rewriting the entire timeframe of the Game with one major difference.)

. One (1) soulmate Final Fantasy VII fic (CloudSephiroth, obviously)

. One (1) soulmate The Unlimited Hyoubu Kyousuke fic (AndyHyoubu, obviously)

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Are you imprinting on me?" Neku asked. Again. Joshua blinked slowly, taking a deep breath. "No. Stop asking."..."Are you sure?" Joshua reached out, trying to imprint the urge to shut up, but finding Neku's Player pin blocking him, as always.
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Two of a kind reviews
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