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Sora53: Welcome, one and all, to my shiny new profile!
Fans: It's about time you changed it.
Sora53: Here's where you can find out more about me and my oh-so-faithful posse.


Sora53: That's me! I'm your average 15-year-old girl with no life living in New York (not the city).
Name: Lindsey. Call me that and my killer OC will blast you into oblivion.
Corita: -is reading a book- Huh? Did you say something?
Sora53: -sigh-
Age: 15
Hobbies: Rotting in front of the computer, playing video games and watching TV, baking, and procrastinating.
Other tidbits: I own a KH website, Thalassa Shells. You can click on the link above XD

Sora53: I'd have to say that I'm the most normal member of my group...I kinda hold it all together and keep the peace.
Fans: Tell it to the fangirls.
Sora53: O-o don't encourage them.
Riku Fangirls: -evil laughter-


Sora53: The Fans were the first member of my posse (besides me). They're slightly evil, have a terrible mean streak, and no one is quite sure if they're one person or multiple people.
Fans: -evil laughter-
Sora53: Despite their evil nature, the Fansreally like my fanfiction and have been known to be nice...sometimes...


Sora53: As previously stated, Corita is my OC, or Original Character. She's the creation of hours of boredom sitting in front of a computer writing my 'Twin Hearts' trilogy. She's Sora's twin sister and the baker of rather nasty cookies.
Corita: They aren't NASTY...they're just misunderstood! -le sob-
Sora53: I'm too lazy to describe her clothes here, so go to Bond of Promises to read about it. Her eyes are blue like Sora's, and going along with Japanese game's affinity for spiky hair, she has spiky hair kinda like Sora's, but shorter and lighter, and it's kinda wilted on her head. But it's spiky!
Corita: -pokes hair-
Sora: -pokes hair-
Corita: Why did you spend so much time talking about hair?
Sora53: What, I'm not allowed to ramble?


Sora53: Poor Joe is the most random member of my posse. He's just some random guy that was left behind by his fellow fanboys. They all died because I unplugged their DVD player. He also happens to be the -only- Corita fanboy in the world.
Joe: Hello, my darling! I loved the cookies you baked yesterday XD
Corita: -rolls eyes- You never give up, do you, Joe?
Joe: Nope.

Sora53: Now, these members of my posse kinda come and go. Sometimes they're included in the author's notes, and sometimes they're oddly absent.


Sora53: If you don't know who Sora is, I don't even know why you're here. Honestly.
Sora: XD
Sora53: You know...Keyblade Master? Spiky hair?
Corita: Again with the hair!


Sora53: Kinda self-explainatory. If you've played KH2, you know who he is. Blond hair, likes ice cream a lot?
Roxas: -eats Sea-Salt Ice Cream- WHO WANTS SOME?
Sora53: O-o -backs away slowly-

~~Sora/Riku Fangirls~~

Fans: Hmm...for some reason, Sora53 seems to have run away. So I'll get to tell you about the fangirls! They enjoy chasing and beating least the Riku Fangirls.
Riku Fangirls: RIKU!
Sora Fangirls: SORA!
Everyone: O-o
Fans: They're basically...fangirls. And since they're in love with different people, they don't get along. At all.
Riku Fangirls: ATTACK! -pelts Sora fangirls with Riku Plushies-
Sora Fangirls: -le gasp- NOOO! -attacks Riku Fangirls with mini Keyblades-

Sora53: Is it safe to come out yet?
Fans: I don't think so.
Riku Fangirls: THERE SHE IS! GET HER!
Sora53: NO! I have to do the closing statements of my profile!
Corita: There! New hairstyle! You like it?
Sora: O-o You...dyed your hair green.
Corita: You don't like it? Fine. Roxas, do you like my hair?
Roxas: Erm...
Joe: I like it, Corita...
Corita: X-x I'll go dye it back...
Sora53: So, go enjoy my stories! I'm currently in the process of writing 2, which I told myself I'd never do to myself X-x
Fans: Haha.
Sora53: Survivor: Destiny Islands is a humor fic featuring me as the host with KH characters, and Bond of Promises is the third fic in my 'Twin Hearts' trilogy. Survivor: Destiny Islands is NOT on the site any was removed, and I'm not one of those stupid people who'll try and re-add it to this site. You can find it on my website now XD Bond of Promises is, like I said, the third fic in my trilogy. I still have a long way to go X-x
Fans: -evil laughter-
Sora53: Hmm...that's pretty much it. I hope you enjoyed the randomness, and hopefully this page has helped you understand my random posse a little more. Enjoy my fics, and be sure to check out my website!

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