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Author has written 11 stories for Young Justice, Victorious, Bunheads, Tierra de lobos, Pitch Perfect, and Glee.

Hey, I know you probably don't give a damn about what's on my profile and your probably not going to watch or read any of this, but still.

First and foremost: I have two stories I'm avidly working on right now. I'm quite proud of this one so far so I'd appreciate anybody whose read my previous works and enjoyed them check it out: My Guardian Angel

Some stuff to know about me: I am 14. I'm a girl. I'm addicted to FanFiction. I'm on the verge of failing Math (eh, F-k it, who needs math anyways?) Gay/Lesbian and Smut FanFiction is SO my guilty pleasure. I am not gay (okay, so this one is under debate. I really just wish my mind would make up its mind about this one already. Darn mixed signals). I love to write and I really hope that someday I can become a writer. But if writing doesn't work out I'd become a singer, psychologist, a screenwriter, or somebody that gets paid to watch TV. I wish I could harmonize, but I can't, so the singing thing probably won't work out either. All of my free time is spent on pointless but amusing stuff. I have an obsession with supernatural books (angels, demons, reincarnation, you name it). I doubt anybody actually cares about what I have to say... I consider myself funny and I sing constantly.

I'm the kind of kid who walks down the hallway in a rainbow outfit (bright neon shoes, orange pants, a red hair clip, a purple t-shirt, a neon green sweater, and a blue necklace) as they listen to music, dancing along to the beat looking like one of those people that came out of a mental asylum as they hum along and they talk to themselves, staring at their phone because in actuality they're reading FanFiction on it and it's pissing them off. That's the most accurate description of me I can give.

Also, I thought I'd add that I am an avid atheist. I figure it's important I say this because I am writing a somewhat religious story. Everything I say next is not meant to offend anyone, sorry if it does, it's just my strong opinion. I believe that there COULD be a greater something, but a big guy up in the clouds? NO. Firstly, by now he should have his shit together and everyone believing in him only not Allah, God, and whatever Mormon's believe in. Secondly, if there was a God that was so 'amazing' and 'forgiving' he wouldn't be hating on gays, he wouldn't have had blacks as slaves, and he wouldn't have war and death. Finally, man wrote the bible and stuff. Plus, the original testament had a pretty vicious asshole God that's like, "Imma wipe out everyone but noah and his ark" and then suddenly he turned into this nice god that loves everyone (except apparently blacks and gays and everyone that isn't white and believes in him). Like, bi-polar much? You'd think that an all-powerful guy playing with our lives like we're puppets would get his shit together. Also, the moral of Adam and Eve is that he wants humans to not have knowledge and question nothing. Literally, education is the only thing democrats and republicans agree on, and God is essentially saying that education is bad. Education is an apple and a snake. Like, what even?

I LOVE LOVE LOVE when people contact me on PM to talk about my story or their story or just to talk because they think I sound like a cool person. Please do that! But if your going to ask me to read your story through a review on one of my stories, please leave your name and the title so I know. Like, there could be a million stories called, "Love" out there and if you only give me the title I don't know which one is yours. Also, side note and not a requirement to talk to me about: I love politics. Okay, correction, I like the idea of politics but I don't understand a lick of it. Anybody ever want to talk to me about that or inform me and improve my knowledge, I'm down.

The best things in life are: my friends, food, TV, Star Wars, FanFiction, my family, sleep, the right to be as perverse as I want, and music

The Worst Things in life are: Science Class, Math Class, Waking up for school, waking up to go to work, work, waiting for your favorite TV Show to come back on after either a hiatus, season finale, mid-season finale, or just next week, Serial Killers, horror films, 9/11

Okay so some authors you should check out

For Young Justice: TheCrazyRonnie & geekdad

For Pretty Little Liars: TieMeDownToYourSoul & ThereAreNoLines & Shaynezo

For Victorious: Knightales, Sammy McCallister, & AliasSpyCrazy

For Hannah Montana: And.Your.Point (she also writes Victorious) & AnnieMJ

For Glee: LateInLifeTiburon & Queen of Silence (get over the typos and it's amazing)

Best Parings:

Young Justice:

1. Spitfire (OTP): Have you not... oh my god if you don't ship them than you aren't human and you absolutely hate perfect couples and... this one doesn't even need an explanation why they are SO awesome together. In my mind, Wally never died. Wally came back from another speedster world and he returned to our land. Artemis slapped him and then they kissed and lived happily ever after.

2. Chalant: Because who else can understand Robin/Nightwing so perfectly (besides me:)

3. SuperMartian (screw this Meghan/La'Gann bull)


1. Jori (OTP): Good Girl-Bad Girl thing. I always root for opposites attract couples. They have so many hints in the show. "Playdates" and playing a couple and Jade's favorite movie is The Scissoring. And have you seen that chemistry... I can't even.

2. Cabbie: Because they are the cutest damn thing ever.

Pretty Little Liars:

2. Spanna (FanFic only): Opposites attract and they're so adorable together (read some Shaynezo and you'll fall in love)

3. Ezria (OTP): Okay, despite all the odds they have managed to stay together and they really love each other and would do anything for each other. I do not believe Ezra is A. I will stick by him no matter what.

4. Spoby: They have chemistry (and they are both hot/sexy). He genuinely cares about her when they were dating and he was like the perfect boyfriend. . And he cared for her and came back for her. My favorite Spoby kiss: The one when she was in the creepy carnival thing, comes out petrified, defies her parents, and kisses him. Yes!

5. Emaya: Because Samara really understood her and tried to know her and didn't push and she was good for Emily. Like, Paily's so cute and I know a lot of people love them together, but just... no.

6. I'm a bit of an Emily/Ali fan. I'll say it. I think it's self-destructive and horrible, but oh god they do have their moments.

South of Nowhere:

Glen and Chelsea: Because they were so cute together and she was kind of the 'game changer' for him and he really did support her and love her and he wasn't as pushy as Clay was and I liked them together.

Aiden and Kyla: Because they were supposed to happen and it was like... I don't remember who but I think it was Kyla and she was like, "I am going to be the future Mrs. Aidan Dennison," or whatever.

Aiden and Ashley (friends): I think that because they dated and everything they went through they are great for each other as best friends only and are each other's "platonic soul mates." He'll always be there for her when she messes up with Spencer and vise versa with Kyla.

Spashley (OTP): Because they were pushed from episode one and no matter how much the other one screwed up it didn't matter and they always took each other back.

Grey's Anatomy:

1. Meredith and Derek: Because they've been meant to be from day one and they have two kids together and they love each other and they are always there for each other and understand each other.

2. Calzona: Because Arizona's birthday and how Arizona is trying so hard to get Callie back and because of the way Arizona proposed and because Arizona traveled from Africa and accepted someone else's kid as her own.

3. Yowen: Because I watched an old episode where they had this slow-mo old-fashioned scene that makes every girl swoon.

4: Jo & Karev: 'Cause shit yeah. Did you see those two together?

5. Kepner and Jackson: I love Mr. Paramedic, but we all now Jackson and Kepner and so good together and that new intern is not for Jackson. Kepner was having like, a break down when she thought Jackson died. This is when her true feelings showed through.

Kyle XY:

1. Kessi (OTP): Did you not see their chemistry? The glowing necklaces? How much they were meant to be? How they brought out the best in each other? How they truly understood each other? You had to be blind to miss their chemistry. It's not that I don't support Kymanda. It's just that Kessi is WAY better

2. Leclan: Let's face it Kyle XY fans, it was going to happen. Did you not see how they could never get over each other and they were just... all of you Mark-Lori shippers I understand. Honestly, Mark was a great guy. Let's face it though, we all knew Leclan was endgame

3. Jandy: Star Trek, $0.25 rings, and G-Force. Enough said


1. Finchel: Because they are meant to be. Holy Crap. That 'I Do' episode with Finn picking the flower and him saying their endgame, swoon. They belong together. If you watch the old episodes it's just... they're so perfect together. Like, I know Cory died (R.I.P) but Finchel will live on eternally.

2. Quinntana: Holy shit, that new episode 'I Do' has just.. at first it was weird for me, like, what? But now that I think about it they could be so perfect together even on the show. Like, firstly, Dianna Agron probably won't even appear that much on the show in season 5 and Brittany's gone because Heather is pregnant. Therefore, Quinn could've kept a proper part and it would've solved the whole 'who will be Santana's new love interest' thing and they could be so cute. And, even though we never saw them kiss in the episode, I saw this thing where Diana Agron was auctioning off a kiss and she said she wasn't opposed to kissing girls, "It's kind of fun."

3. Dantana: I wouldn't say they are OTP or long-term material, but they're so adorable. I also just think I ship everyone with Santana because she's so shippable

4. Marley and Jake: I know some people are like, "don't call them the new Finchel" but I'm sorry, they are. Therefore they are meant to be.

5. Klaine: Let's face it. Freaking cutest couple ever. Kurt just forgive Blaine. He loves you, and Blaine, keep rooting for Klaine.

People I Will Never Ship on the TV Shows or on FanFiction:

1. Tandré (they're like brother and sister, not boyfriend and girlfriend)

2. Jalex (they are literally brother and sister. It's just too creepy)

3. Blaine and Tina (because he's gay idiot. Get over him!)

4. Aidan and Ashley because Ashley belongs with Spencer, nuff said

5. Bori because they are too cliché and they're not right for each other.

The Music I'm Obsessed With Right Now:

1. Anything Glee

2. Same Love by Macklemore (preach it!)

3. I'll Take You There by The Staple Singers

4. Superstition by Stevie Wonder/Glee Cast

5. Anything Taylor Swift

The shows you must see are:

1. Pretty Little Liars, Once Upon a Time, The West Wing, Doctor Who, Grey's Anatomy, Lost Girl, Scandal, Kyle XY, and Young Justice (a warning label should be put on the last two, they ended horribly, but they were worth the ride).

You should definitely read these:

"The Fire Within" Series, "The Mysterious Benedict Society", "Percy Jackson and the Olympics", "A Crooked Kind of Perfect", "House of Night" Series, and "The Awakening" Series

I try not to repost to much, i doubt anyone reads it, but I couldn't resiste-posting the full thing of "Girl's Don't Realize" and certain parts of the "best friends" thing

FRIENDS: Will sit at the side of the pool with you at that time of the month.

BEST FRIENDS: Will throw you a tampon and push you in.

FRIENDS: Would bail you out of jail.

BEST FRIENDS: Would be sitting next to you sayin "DAMN!" we messed up!"

FRIENDS: are offended when you make fun of them

BEST FRIENDS: kick your butt and all's forgiven

FRIENDS: Meet your boyfriend and say nice to meet you

BEST FRIENDS: Meet your boyfriend and scare the Hell out of him by threatening to break every bone in his body if he hurts you

FRIENDS: Will take you to buy a pregnancy test

BEST FRIENDS: Will stand outside the bathroom screaming "NAME IT AFTER ME!"

FRIENDS: Would read and ignore this

BEST FRIENDS: Would repost this crap


BEST FRIENDS: Are forever

Father: "You’re in big trouble Miss!"
Child: "I didn’t do anything!"
Father: "YOU KICKED HIM!!"
Child: "It was an accident!"
Father:"In the Face...?"
Child: "My foot slipped..."
Father: "Five times?!"
Child: ...

So, thats all folks (Cue Porky Pig)

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