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Author has written 26 stories for Yu Yu Hakusho, Gravitation, Kyo kara Maoh!/今日からマ王!, Kingdom Hearts, and Hetalia - Axis Powers.

(NOTE! Updated as of 01-13-10. Trimming this down for 2010. Happy new years, bitches.)

-Name: Solaris Moon
-Age: 21- legal to drink, finally.
-Sex: Female. Can I get a 'Na No Duh' here?
-Height: 5'3". 163 cm. Whichever you prefer.
-Current Fave songs: Spice!-Len Kagamine, Cantarella- Kaito and Miku Hatsune, and Bit Stupid- Acid Black Cherry.
-Likes: Broadway musicals, Vampire novels, well-drawn webcomics with a good plot, writing fiction and fan fiction, drawing, candles, fire, and most foods that are unhealthy.
-Dislikes: Right now, my brother's attitude, tests, math, and... well, see the pet peeves, they're more in-depth.

-"When the aliens land, they're eating all the skinny blondes first." (Sticker in Earthbound)
--"Doing insane things in the name of art." (Ditto)
-"Think. It's not illegal yet." (Shirt in Hot Topic, sticker in Earthbound... it's all over the net if you look)
-"Kiddo, you're special. You're the first person who has ever inspired a homicidal rage in me." (Me to my brother. God, how true that is.)
--"I am illiterate in Japan. Fat too, but that's not the point." (Me to my friend Noura. We were getting a kick out of how we could understand anime sometimes without watching the subtitles, but we couldn't read kanji.)
-"We're sadists, you know that? We enjoy torturing the characters too much..."
"And we love every minute of it... wow, you're right, we are sadists." (Noura and me on the phone one night, discussing our stories.)
--"I dunno why I like this song. It's infectious."
"So was the bubonic plague." (ONE SHINING MOMENT of brilliance from my brother. I had to applaud it.)

Live journal: (In use, BUT! Is friendlocked. Leave a comment on the friending post to be added!)
Writing Journal: Ecrivant_Ange

-TyPiNg LiKe ThIs! It drives me nuts! How the hell do you expect me to know what you're saying when I can't freaking read it?!
-Yaoi/Yuri haters. Look, the saying goes like this: 'Opinions are like asses, everyone's got one and most people don't think theirs stinks'. Well, that's how this goes. So far I've had positive reviews on my yaoi stuff, and I have people who support me in what I choose to write, but I know there are some who would hate because someone has no problems reading/writing/drawing a couple of guys who are into each other. So kiss off if you don't like it. I ain't tying you to a chair and forcing you to read/watch/look at it.
-Country music. I don't care if I live in the South, I hate country music with a passion. You want a freaking sob story, go look up some angst fiction. Or ask me about life with a fifteen year old who thinks you're his slave. But you turn on a country song in my car/house, and that's asking me to throw you/the radio out of the car/window. I don't want to hear anyone wailing that their cat got killed, and their dog ran away, they got fired and their lover left them all in one day. (Hey... I rhymed. Nice.)
-Look, it's nothing against people who love pink, but I Can't Stand Pink in Large Doses. It's just how I am. So, please, don't ask me about that. I can handle one pink thing at a time without going into a 'get me the hell out of this girly paradise' fit. So, yeah. Never ask me to go into Victoria's Secret (for extended amounts of time, because they have some nice-smelling lotion... expensive as hell, but nice) or Abercrombie... Limited Too... whatever the hell the name of that uber-pink store is... it's all freaking girly. My lurk is Hot Topic and Earthbound, not Claires and Gap.
Okay, sorry for the rant, but that's just some stuff I wanted off my chest.

TO THE PEOPLE I BETA FOR: I AM SORRY. I am a lousy time manager. I lose my day planner all the time. I cannot sit down and concentrate on anything for more than a half hour at the most. I have borderline ADD, seriously, and I suck. If I am taking too damn long to get your story back to you, PM ME OR SOMETHING. Things can AND DO get lost in my inbox. Nine times out of ten, if I haven't beta'd your fic yet, I have lost it. So don't be afraid to PM me and say 'Solaris, you bitch, get your ass back to work!'. I won't cry over being called a bitch. I won't bite... unless you want me to. -wink- I am not a mean person. Promise. I will apologize profusely and you will have full shooting privileges if I don't get back to you within two weeks. So don't be afraid to contact me!

TO THE LIKE... THREE? MAYBE? PEOPLE STILL READING DYBBUK AND CAT'S CRADLE: Look, I appreciate it if you're sticking with me, I know my updation is suck, especially considering that the stories are literally sitting on my external harddrive, finished for the past, what, two years? But if you're wanting to read it here, you're going to be sorely disappointed. I feel like my style has changed dramatically even in that short amount of time, and while I still love my Izumi and my Sakura, I feel like those stories didn't do justice to their characters. So I may try reworking some of the chapters. Maybe. I'm deep in my major (graduating in May of 2011, with any luck!) so I have a lot on my plate as it stands. I do want to finish posting this, but I want it to be something that people will enjoy, something they will read and keysmash about while waiting for the next chapter. In the meantime, I've been working on a new AkuRoku- BUT! It's only available on my writing journal. So go click that link. It's right under my main journal. Look for DoLL and you've got it.

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