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Author has written 2 stories for Mass Effect, and Persona Series.

Okay, i got tired of speaking in third person all the time, so I'll now revert back to how I spoke before, It'd be much less irritating for me and for all and much more easier for me type in my thoughts.

I wish i could go back in time and smack ten year old me in the head for being such a lazy ass back then, she couldn't even bother to at least pick up one book to read and finish.

lol, I would be in lament each time i'm stuck in one of those busy weeks, when I'd be busy with a whole lot of school loads and not have the time i had back then when i was a kid to read or at least please myself in some way . I mean I think back all the time about how much time I've wasted watching those damn kids shows like, I don't know, Dora the freakin' explorer or teletubbies or somethin, I mean those human bear thingies are cute but man, books, I''ve been missin' out on books!

The first book I've read was one of the novels made by the author sherrilyn Kenyon,the book was one of her dark hunter series, and me of course being new to reading then, didn't even comprehend the things that were written inside her book, so I complained to the first person i saw, of how much the book was boring the life out of me, but that person being an avid reader of the book held in my hand, persuaded me to give it a chance. and me, having nothing better to do complied with her request. At first I had a hard time understanding or viewing what the author tried to tell with her characters and scenes, but then by some miracle from god I started to understand and then slowly got involved in the story until such a time came that i finished the book, and with a toothy grin turned into a full blast smile, I told the person who persuaded me ,with pride in each word , that I finished the book (lol, It was an achievement for me back then, as I've never finished reading a book even at that age.) After that, reading a book became an obsession for me, or to put it lightly a hobby, now 2 and a half years later, I'm still thanking that person for persuading me to give book a chance:))

Okay, I'm a college freshman who just graduated from high school,ummm... what else, Besides my obsession with books, I love listening to music- well a few years back i usually only listened to songs from linking park, gorillaz, nightwish and some metal bands that i heard were good, but then as time passed, i found my self listening to some others stuffs as well, like cold play(i so love their music), or some other music that kinda talks to my heart in someway(lol, drama much?)

Anyways I think I'm one of those people who always have their heads stuck in a cloud somewhere, you know those stare-into-nothingness kind of people, lol I'd feel like someday I'm going to mix fantasy with reality, imagine that, I'd finally have a talking oven in my house or maybe a remote that could alter peoples voices.

Well, I also love nature, but not in a way that i don't bathe to save water, no,no, I take my baths seriously, as in way intense lol. I just love looking at nature, the sea in particular(ever so interesting the sea, you know always with the mood swings, one minute she's calm the next she's not.), maybe it has something to do with me being in the city and that i really don't see them much often, or may be not. But I savor each moment i get whenever I 'm in touch with nature, which is every summer or every break i get, often times in our break, Me and the family would rent a hotel on a country side, and spend our entire vacation there, we'd have a blast, wish we never have to go back, then take pictures of areas' there that caught our interest.

Anyways, that all the things I can think about myself, or just all the things I'm willing to share, It doesn't say much buuut meh- at least there's something in my profile :)

lol, I'll update this when I can think of something I can put here in my prof page.

Okay, I started writing when I felt this sudden urge of emotion that i just don't want to be imagining stories anymore, you know, just letting untold tales rot, forgotten, in the deep inner workings of my mind. Its like there was this invisible force empowering me to convey those stories into words, to beautify them, to tell all those who wish to know how i see the world.

Writing, before was only a thought for me, I wasn't even conscious then that I even wanted to write. I'd only get this mixed feelings of longing and awe when I read a book, that they spin their stories so well, it was inspiring to say the least. I wanted, too, embed what i had in mind into words.

That was when writing turned into desire, As I've read further into more books, I grew quite obsess, I didn't know what was going on with me, an unknown longing tearing at me to sate it, my hand itching to... i don't know what then, or maybe I just didn't want to acknowledge what I knew. It drove me mad, until a point came that I grew angry at books, i didn't want to read them anymore because it would only make me ache to actually write my own. But I was only afraid, 'what if it sucked?' 'what if i don't get it right?' those thoughts became a wall that separated me from what i wanted to do most. and so I was stuck and still didn't write.

But then my restriction broke, and courage welled up in me long enough for me to finish one story that I've worked hard on, but that story wasn't one of my stories here in FF, it was just an experimental one that I had later on deleted because I mocked it so much,lol. I can honestly say that, that one failure of a story gave me strength enough to write more, whether it be journals, diaries, or just the plain bored writings for the day. Then when I finally wanted someone to look at my story, I wrote here, I saw this site from a friend and said to myself 'why not?'. and so I wrote and my stories here are my out comes.

I always love seeing reviews, more so people adding my stories to their fave and to their alert lists, I love them :D They always give me motivation to write, I mean, yeah, I don't put their names when I add some of my chapters but that's only because It so hard typing Mixed letters you know? anyways, i'll find an easy way to do that, and probably thank those people who reviewed, added me to their faves and alerts list by broadcasting their names on maybe my next chapters. lolx.

What do i think of writer's block?

The f*ker's my mortal enemy, the thing's always messing with my head, always eating up my ideas thinking its Mr. Pac-f*king- man, I mean seriously, when that thing hits my head It'd take a dozen weeks or days for me to recover, and by then My writing skills would become rusty, like mann, I'm not even a professional yet! which would only mean that whenever i get rusty I would be something below even a sh*t writing its own diary, which really sucks. All I can say is if I would be given a stick for a birthday present I'll gladly accept it and if writer's block suddenly became a person, I'd shove the stick so far up his ass he'd wished he never even met me.lolx.

Date: October 23 2013

Well, it's been a long time since I last went here. I must say I miss writing, I haven't been able to write or read at all the past few months after I updated a story here on fanfiction. My writing's a little bit rusty, but I'll get on practicing it again.

Okay, so I was 18 when I wrote my profile description, and I'm still 18 at present, now the sitch is, I think I was fucking 10 when I wrote that piece about me, the piece starting just above the word Date. I mean like just wtf? why the hell am I saying 'lolx'? fuck.

Date: August 21 2014

10 mos. passed since my last update. I'm 19 years old and not getting any younger. Over the months, I gradually lost my confidence to write. Barely a year went by, but it felt as though I haven't been here for more than one summer. I decided just recently, I want to compose again. Though I'm certain my skill faded to a degree over the time I've neglected doing necessary activities that enhanced or retained what informal knowledge I had about writing, at present, I'll start on working my way back to regain what knowledge I've lost in the absence of literature.

If ever I find myself in relatively the same situation I seem to have been experiencing in a recurring manner, remember to read and compare the past versions of your biography written by different versions of you in distant time frames.

Date: September 21 2015

I was definitely better a year ago, lol, lacked a sense of humor though (not that I've gained one, and not that I'd ever know). Swear, the only thing about me (here at least) that's constant are the complaints I have about writing and rusting(constant battle with the inner critic, and all that).

So, future me, ever, if you find yourself ,still , in the same quagmire, chin up and work through shit.

Date: March 24, 2016 / 3:41am / Thursday

Why do I keep the excruciatingly long entry I did way way back the first few months I started an account here? Call me sentimental.

Jeez, I'm always ranting rust. I haven't mastered the discpline to write constantly and still suffer the crap I've been complaining about for maybe 3-4 years. Anyway, no pain no gain I suppose. Baby steps and all that. Just keep on writing.

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Minako reviews
(Title may be temporary) Starts the few months before the protagonist becomes the seal, and possibly onwards.
Persona Series - Rated: M - English - Angst/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,122 - Reviews: 1 - Updated: 10/17/2016 - Published: 10/14/2016
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She had seen the world die and be rebuilt, time and again. Lived numerous lives and seen countless more pass. She is a woman on a mission, and each step forward, every victory claimed, brings her closer to the truth.
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