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Story Progress - (As of 04/14/14) Chapters 27 is in progress, but I promise that it will be worth the wait. This is by far the biggest, most intense battle I have ever written, and I am really pleased with the way it's turning out so far.

RD Section Progress - (As of 03/05/14) Chapter 1 is done, Chapter 2 is in the works, and part of Chapter 4 is done.

About Me - I am a 21 year-old university student living somewhere in Canada. I'm a bit of a socially awkward introvert, but I do try to be friendly. I am usually polite, although I am told that I need a filter, and I have a rather dark and sarcastic sense of humor that offends people at times. Nonetheless, I am mostly a nice person. On a good day. If you're lucky.

I am a martial artist, and I have been practicing the Yoshinkan style of Aikido for over a year now. It has been the greatest and most rewarding challenge of my life, and I love it to no end. Just earned the rank of 5th kyu (not very impressive, I know, but it took a lot of work nonetheless, and the training has been helpful IRL a few times).

I am also one of the biggest Star Wars fans that I know. Not just the movies; I love the extended universe books and comics. Let's see what else... I'm good at cooking, baking, eating half my cookie dough before putting it in the oven, playing video games, playing soccer, spraining ankles while playing soccer (mine and others'), playing guitar (well, kind of), and slapping people. I'm not good at talking to new people, talking to girls, and paying attention to anything or anyone that bores me (unless I'm getting paid to do it ie. my job) EDIT: I'm not actually that good at my job, but they still made me a manager. Can you say desperate? My boss certainly can...

Description - I figured that since I'm writing a self-insert I should provide a basic self-description, so here it is:

Caucasian male, pale complexion, brown eyes, dark brown hair (cut brutally short), approx. 5'10", 150 lbs, slim build, physically fit.

Favorite Books (Currently reading Hagakure by Yamamoto Tsunetomo)

- The Hobbit. This was the first one of Tolkien's works that I read, and remains my favorite book to this day. While it was not the first fantasy book I read (I tried reading Harry Potter before, but hated the fifth book and didn't bother reading the rest), it was the first book to really make me fall in love with a story, its characters and the world it takes place in.

- The Lord of the Rings. Tolkien. Nuff said.

- A Song of Ice and Fire (Game of Thrones for those who watch the HBO series but didn't read the books... not that that's bad, but I've found that the series' name is just not very well known). Delightful plotting and shameless backstabbery, all in a medieval setting. Please write faster, George R.R. Martin; you're getting old and you've still got two whole books to go!

Favorite Games

- Fire Emblem (shocking, I know). POR and RD are my favorites, with FE7 coming in as a close second. I just felt that Tellius was a more... immersive and complete world. Distinct races and cultures, social conflict of all sorts, some good politics, and the most compelling story IMO, even if a certain silver-haired Mary Sue *cough*Micaiah*cough* tends to get a little annoying. Least favorite? Shadow dragon; What happened to supports? Skills? Story? Or heck, even characters with personalities? I mean even Marth still lacked any tangible personality by the end, let alone character development, and he's the freaking PROTAGONIST!

- Monster Hunter. I only have MH Tri, but it was amazing. I love an RPG that is all skill, and relies on good teamwork, timing and tactics rather than getting the best armor and weapons (although they do help a bit). Plus, taking down giant, badass dragons is just plain fun.

- Lord of the Rings Online. This MMO has the greatest, most helpful and friendly online community I have ever encountered (well okay, this site is a close second). Seriously, they are wonderful. Plus, the gameplay is great, and the developers do an excellent job of keeping Tolkien's world true to the books.

- Total War. The best strategy series out there, hands down. It has consumed countless hours of my study time (meh, who needs to study anyways?)

-Battlefield. Yes, I am one of those people who throws ammo boxes in front of a sniper's scope. GET SOME AMMO BRO!

Favorite Movies

- Star Wars. Well that one was obvious.

- The Last Samurai. Yes, it is not a 100% accurate historical depiction of the Satsuma rebellions or of samurai at the time, but it is such a beautiful film!

- Gladiator. Russell Crowe, nuff' said.

- Les Miserables. The best musical ever (Phantom fans, let's just agree to disagree), it is a joy in film or on stage. Plus, it is the only film ever to make me cry (although The Last Samurai came very close). Also, Russell Crowe.

Random Details - I have learned that there is a BrowncoatJedi on Twitter and another on Youtube. They are not me and I did not intentionally steal their names, I just came up with a name in my head that was a reference to both Star Wars and Firefly.

OC Template (for use in Valiant Dawn)

I saw some templates on other profiles, but none of them were quite what I was looking for, so I made my own. It's kinda really long, but I think its got everything I could possibly need... hopefully. And yes, colour is spelled like that in Canadian. Bold text means required. Others are optional, but could help me write a more accurate portrayal of the character.




Hair (colour, length):

Height (feet/inches):

Approx weight (lbs):

Distinctive feature(s):

Additional appearance details:




Reaction to stress:

Favourite/common exclamations:

Motivation (ie. do they want to get back to earth, or start a new life in Tellius?):

Additional personality details:

Origin - (ie. where was the OC when they got warped into Tellius, who were they? etc.):




Preferred weapon/equipment:

Characters your OC would get along with:

Characters your OC would not get along with:

Desired pairing (I make no promises, but if you want one I will try):

Knowledge of Fire Emblem (if any):

Are you open to the possibility of your OC's death? (Not a guarantee of character death, just affects my options for the story): Y/N

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