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Hey everyone! Well, I guess I should tell a little bit about myself:

Name: Allenby Beardsley (what? don't you belive me?)
Hometown: Neo-Sweden (=P)
Age: 17
Hobbies: Writing fic, reading fic, playing video games (esp when I can break them_), and training to become a better Gundam fighter
Friends: Domon Kasshu (my friend rps as him), Shion (AKA Keiko), Yusuke, Shishigami, Shinigami, Ayame-sama, Kouga-sama, InuYasha-san, Chib and Uriko
Favorite Writers: xBakaTulipx, Gohan's Onna, Dreaming Wolf, Chibodee Crocket, Alimoe=OD, Assassin-G, Deathsythe, and...some others I can't think of at the moment...will update on that soon!
Favorite Bishies: Domon (of course!), Chibodee, George, Gohan, Inu-Yasha, Sage (from RW), Rowen, Ryo (from RW), Vash, Cloud, Vincent, Leon, Orphen (my latest one!), and Gene
Favorite Couples: DomonxRain, DomonxAllenby (see how weird I am? I like both!), ChibodeexShirley (if it's written well), ChibodeexAllenby, GeorgexMarie-Louise, Sai SaicixCecil, ArgoxNatasha, GohanxVidel, GokuxChi-Chi, CloudxAeris, LeonxYuffie, SagexKayura, EdgarxTerra, InuYashaxKikyo, KougaxAyame, MirokuxSango, InuYashaxSango, InuYashaxAyame, RowenxKayura, LockexCeles, RyuxChun-Li, Johnny CagexSonya Blade, Liu KangxKitana, and RyoxMia

Well, I am a D/R fan, but I still like D/A. And since almost EVERYONE does D/R, I think I'll post up mostly D/A for a change, unless I get a idea for a D/R. Oh well, enjoy what I put up! Ja ne!

Why am I bothering with this? I don't think ne one reads these things anyway except for me. Now, I've posting mainly Chib/All stuff, but I have at least 3 D/A fics in the works, one Chib/Shir, and MAYBE one Sai/Cec. I understand I haven't been updating lately, it's just that one: I'm lazy, two: I'm busy with trying to do all of my homework (which they DID give me over the summer) BEFORE the day it's due, and three: seems to not want to work when I want to update. I'll try to update as much as I can. Stick with me, I'll finish all my fics, I promise!


Hey! Well, I FINALLY updated both of them! Yay! Go me! Well, maybe not, anyway... Well, enjoy these updates because now I have my final exams, my end of course tests, the US History AP exam, my scenery drama project, and my English paper all due in about...4wks. Yeah, I'm going to be busy and not have much time to work on fics. So yeah, don't really expect another update until May. I'm sorry about that, but to quote my mom, "school work comes first." Sorry. Thanks for liking my fics though. Ja ne!

Yes, it has become that time again when summer hits...and the anniv of a lot of bad things. I know I've been neglecting my work, and I'm starting back up on "The Bitter Suite" and "When Chibodee Met Allenby." When I first started these fics, I had no intention of finishing them, thinking that nobody would like them, but they have quickly become my most popular fics ever. I have to say it's a refreshing shock. Hopefully, if all pans well, I should have them updated within the next week or so. Hopefully. Until then, ja ne!

Once again I need to start updating regularly, but yeah, things have been rather rough this year. Please forgive. Please visit here to read an important note about my fics: http:///users/mystical_aerith. Thank you.

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The Man with the Blue and Pink Hair by Europa Knight reviews
Chapter 12 is up! This is a Chibodee-Allenby fic that takes place after the show. It also has other couples in there. Everything is told from Allenby's POV. Even if you don't like Allenby, please read. -On Hiatus; will be re-posted in future-
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Holding On by Kristin3 reviews
My version of a Kenshin/Kaoru get together. An AU. Kenshin is a struggling swordsman of peace, tring to hide his killer side, the Battousai. He thinks he's cursed to live as the Battousai forever, but can Kaoru change his fate? Humor is a must here! ^_^
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When Chibodee Met Allenby reviews
After the tournament, a series of events make Chibodee and Allenby cross paths many times...but does it mean anything? [CA, DR]
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He told her he loved her because she told him to. But his heart belonged to *her*...Would he ever learn to love another or live a lie the rest of his life? And will she learn to move on or rue the day she ever told him those words? (Not for D/R fans!)
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As Chibodee shows Allenby around New will that affect the two's feelings for one another?
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