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Opinions on the Warrior Cats: Characters

Ashfur—Ashfur was a good and loyal cat… until the whole Squirrelflight thing. Squirrelflight let him down gently. She never loved him, at least not in the way he 'loved' her. She never used him, either. She's usually pretty straightforward when dealing with her problems.

"Look, Ashfur." Squirrelflight's voice told Brambleclaw that she was trying hard to hold her temper. "I really care about you as a friend, but I don't want any more than that."

"But I love you!" Ashfur protested. More hesitantly, he added, "We'd be great together, Squirrelflight. I know we would."

Brambleclaw felt a stab of sympathy for the gray warrior. He remembered how he had felt when he thought he had lost Squirrelflight's affection.

"I'm sorry," Squirrelflight went on. "I never meant to hurt you, but Brambleclaw—well, I think StarClan has destined us to be together." —Sunset, pages 61-62

Like it said in both Cats of the Clans and The Ultimate Guide:

"Squirrelflight needed someone to match her fire, not contain it, and that cat was always going to be Bramblclaw."

He accused Leafpool of faking a sign from StarClan since she was Squirrelflight's sister.

“Doesn’t any cat think it’s odd that Squirrelflight is Brambleclaw’s mate, and our medicine cat is Squirrelflight’s sister? It’s very convenient that she had a sign about Brambleclaw just now, isn’t it?”—Ashfur, p. 258 of Sunset, about Leafpool's "coincidental" message from StarClan

He practically used his own nephew into luring Firestar into that fox-trap, and he tried to have three other cats, one of which was a blind medicine cat, killed. And he would have killed them had Squirrelflight not revealed the secret. He was a traitor!

"Birchpaw told me… Blackstar waiting on our territory… Had to come alone…" —Firestar truing to speak while in the fox-trap in Sunset, page 290

"Fool!" Hawkfrost rasped; the effort of trying to speak made the blood pour even faster from his terrible wound. "Do you think I did this alone? Do you think you're safe within your own Clan?" He coughed, spitting out clots of blood, and added, "Think again!"—Hawkfrost to Brambleclaw in Sunset, page 299

"Stay there! I can't believe you didn't know how much you hurt me. You are the blind one, not Jayfeather. Who do you think sent Firestar the message to go down to the lake, where the fox trap was? I wanted him to die, to take your father away so you'd know the real meaning of pain."—Ashfur to Squirrelflight inLong Shadows, page 274

“If you really want to hurt me, you’ll have to find a better way than that,” Squirrelflight snarled. “They are not my kits.”

The noise of the storm and the fire faded and the only sound Jayfeather could hear was the blood roaring in his ears. He shook his head, straining to hear what Squirrelflight and Ashfur said next, cursing the blindness that hid their expressions from him.

“You’re lying.” Ashfur’s voice was choked with disbelief.

“No, I’m not.” Squirrelflight spoke softly, but her intensity pierced through the crackle of the flames. “Did you see me give birth? Did I nurse them? Stay in the nursery until they were apprenticed? No.”

“But—I” Ashfur began, then fell silent. Jayfeather could almost hear the paws of memory racing through his mind.

“I fooled all of you, even Brambleclaw,” Squirrelflight went on scornfully. “They are not mine.”

“And no cat in the Clan knows?” Ashfur’s disbelief was changing to uncertainty.

“No. They’re all as blind as you are to the truth.”

Jayfeather sensed a shift in Ashfur’s thoughts, reaching out toward power once more. “What do you think will happen when I tell them?” he challenged. “Will your Clanmates let you stay in ThunderClan, knowing you have lied to them—to Firestar, to your sister, to Brambleclaw?”

“You’ll tell them?” Squirrelflight’s voice was sharp with pain.

“Do you really think I won’t? I can still make you lose what you love most. Brambleclaw will want nothing to do with you. You were a fool to think I would keep your secret. But you have always been a fool, Squirrelflight. I’ll let these cats—whomever they belong to—live. But your suffering has only just begun.” —Long Shadows

He tried to kill and that's what matters. True, other cats have killed, but most have killed for good reason, or at least with good intentions.

If killing Firestar had worked, then Brambleclaw would've been accused of the crime, whether he actually did it or not, and would've also been driven out like his father. ThunderClan would've been left without both a leader and deputy, and Leafpool would've probably been responsible in choosing their new leader, most likely Brackenfur.

Speaking of Leafpool, if Ashfur lived, he might've gone after her and Sandstorm as well.

And Ashfur could have talked to anyone about his problem, like Ferncloud, who was his sister. He could have even talked to Squirrelflight herself instead of ignoring her!

Also, he seemed to have a thing against kittypets, despite the fact that his foster brother was a kittypet, and the one he 'loved' was half kittypet.

"Clanborn kits would know not to do this sort of thing," Ashfur commented. "Maybe these kittypets will never settle here properly."

"What did you say?" Squirrelflight spun around to face him. "Have you forgotten that my father was a kittypet?"

Ashfur blinked. "I'm sorry. But Firestar's pretty special. Most kittypets couldn't live our sort of life. They need their Twolegs to look after them."

Squirrelflight let out a furious hiss; it took a massive effort to sheild them again and go on sorting berries. How dare Ashfur make judgments based on a cat's birth? she fumed. Did that mean he thought less of her because she was half kittypet? Couldn't he see that she and Leafpool, Cloudtail, and his kit Whitepaw were as important to the Clan as any warrior who was forestborn through and through? —Twilight, page 229

He also judged Brambleclaw, who apparently used to be his best friend.

"I don't know how you can say that!" There was a hint of a snarl in Ashfur's voice. "You said so yourself that it's impossible to trust a cat with Brambleclaw's heritage. He's a great cat, I know, but he is still Tigerstar's son."

Brambleclaw's feelings of sympathy vanished instantly. He unsheathed his long, curved claws and sank them into the ground. Would he never be judged for what he was, instead of who his father had been? Worse, would Squirrelflight be unable to trust him because Tigerstar was his father?

"I'll judge Brambleclaw by his own actions," she retorted hotly, "not by something that other cats did long before I was born."

"I'm only thinking of you, Squirrelflight," Ashfur meowed. "I can remember Tigerstar. His paws were red with the blood of innocent cats. "You know that he murdered my mother to lure a pack of dogs to our camp?"

Squirrelflight murmured something Brambleclaw couldn't catch, then went on more clearly, "But that doesn't mean Brambleclaw will turn out like his father!" —Sunset, pages 62-63

It seemed that other cats were aware of what Ashfur was feeling, like Firestar, which was why the latter gave the former Lionpaw as an apprentice instead of some other cat.

Speaking of Lionpaw, Ashfur pretty much tried to kill him during one of their training sessions.

"See?" Lionpaw challenged his mentor as he leaped to the ground. "Now will you be a bit tougher on me?"

"You want tough? There was the hint of a growl in Ashfur's voice, and his blue eyes gleamed. "Be careful what you wish for, Lionpaw."

Hollypaw felt the fur on her shoulder began to rise. Was Ashfur joking?

"I can cope with anything," Lionpaw insisted.

Ashfur leaped on Lionpaw, landing a hard blow on his ear. Lionpaw rolled to one side, raking his hind paws down Ashfur's flank. A heartbeat later he was back on his paws, leaping into the air and landing on his mentor's shoulders in the move Cloudtail had just demonstrated. Ashfur reared up on his hind paws, shaking off Lionpaw. Hollypaw winced at the thud as her brother hit the ground. Instantly his mentor jumped on top of him and the two cats wrestled together in a screeching tangle of fur, rolling closer to the other apprentices.

Poppypaw had to dodge to one side to avoid them. Thornclaw curled his tail around her shoulders and drew her to the side of the clearing. Cloudtail and Cinderpaw joined them, their training session forgotten as they stared at the furious battle.

Ashfur was fighting as if Lionpaw was a warrior—but so was Lionpaw! Hollypaw watched in amazement as he bit down on Ashfur's tail, then jerked it so hard that Ashfur was unbalanced and fell on his side. She'd seen Berrynose and his littermates practicing that move just before they were made warriors; she hadn't excepted to learn it for at least another moon.

Hollypaw stiffened as she saw flecks of scarlet on Ashfur's gray pelt. Lionpaw would get into big trouble for fighting with his claws unsheathed! Then she noticed that her brother was bleeding, too. Ashfur's blue eyes were blazing with fury, as if he'd forgotten this wasn't a real battle.

"They're hurting each other!" She turned to Brackenfur. Can't you make them stop?"

Before Brackenfur could do anything, Ashfur launched himself on top of Lionpaw and held him down with both forepaws on his chest. "Was that tough enough for you?"he panted.

But Lionpaw wouldn't give in. He went on battering at Ashfur's belly with his hind paws, twisting from side to side in an effort to throw off the heavier cat. Ashfur raised his paw, aiming a blow at Lionpaw's ear.

"That's enough." Brackenfur bounded forward, his voice sharp with shock. "Ashfur, let him up. Lionpaw, sheathe your claws. This bout is over."

Ashfur turned his head to glare at Brackenfur. The blaze in his blue eyes faded and he stepped back. Lionpaw scrambled to his paws, while Brackenfur thrust himself between them in case the fight broke out again. Lionpaw's chest heaved as he fought out for breath. The fur on one shoulder was torn and blood was welling out of the scratches. Hollypaw could see the marks off Ashfur's claws down his side. —Outcast, pages 79-81

He should have tried to move on. There were plenty of she-cats in the Clan who were still single between Sunset and Long Shadows, some don't even have mates yet or no longer have mates. These cats were:


Heck, he could've become mates with Daisy after she broke up with Spiderleg! Or maybe even Leafpool, though that I doubt. If he just kept the secret, or never tried to kill them at all, then Hollyleaf wouldn't have murdered him. If he lived, he could've become mates with Icecloud or Rosepetal, maybe even Blossomfall, or Dovewing, or Ivypool.

Point is, he deserves to go to the Dark Forest! But what is StarClan's excuse for him getting into StarClan?

"His only fault was to love too much." —Yellowfang to Jayfeather in Sign of the Moon, page 94

What a load of fox-dung! This is why I prefer Bluestar's excuse better.

He attempted murder, but so did Thistleclaw and Darkstripe. Antpelt went to the Dark Forest, but he never killed anyone, he was just ambitious. Clawface went to the Dark Forest, and though he did kill, he was also following orders, as the warrior code says. Yet only Ashfur got a free pass into paradise!

Then I hear people say that his actions were triggered due to Bramblestar being Tigerstar's son and Tigerstar was the one who killed Brindleface. While this is a possibility that Brindleface's death could've had some impact on his future, that shouldn't be an excuse for his actions. As a matter of fact, Brindleface has absolutely nothing to do with Ashfur trying to murder Squirrelflight's family.

One thing I will say about Ashfur though is that I did find him to be an interesting villain.

Blossomfall—I've never liked Blossomfall much. Even as an apprentice, she annoyed me.

Blossomfall was showed to be a spoiled, needy cat since she was an apprentice.

In Fading Echoes, she complained about Briarpaw and Bumblepaw leaving her.

“Hey!” Blossompaw’s petulant mew sounded through the trees and the tortoiseshell-and-white she-cat bounded out from the undergrowth. “I thought you were going to wait for me! Now everyone will think you caught the rabbit without me.”

“We waited for ages,” Bumblepaw objected. “We thought you’d gone back to camp without us.”

Blossompaw sat down. “Why would I do that?”

“So you can moon over Toadstep some more?” Briarpaw teased.

“I do not moon over Toadstep!” Blossompaw snapped. “Why are you being mean?”

“Why are you being grumpy?” Bumblepaw didn’t wait for an answer. “Let’s take this rabbit to the camp. Mousewhisker is expecting me back for training.” He began dragging the rabbit through the trees. Briarpaw hurried after him, her paws skidding on the leaves as she caught hold of the fresh-kill.

Blossompaw stomped after them, complaining, “You’re leaving me behind again!”

And again in FE, she complained about wanting Dovepaw for a partner, going to the point of calling Ivypaw a useless hunter.

“The assessment will be carried out in pairs this time,” Cinderheart told Ivypaw. “We need you to pair up with Blossompaw.”

“No way!” Blossompaw’s horrified mew took Ivypaw by surprise. “She’s not properly trained! Can’t I have Dovepaw? At least she can hunt.”

Ivypaw glared at the tortoiseshell-and-white cat. “I know how to hunt!” Hawkfrost had just taught her two new moves!

“You’ve hardly caught more than a mouse!” Blossompaw complained. “Dovepaw’s brilliant! She can hear prey anywhere!”

Self-conscious and disappointed, Ivypaw felt her shoulders begin to sink.

You’re just as good as your sister.

The words rang in her head. Another voice, not here, though she couldn’t place it. She straightened up and lifted her chin. “I’ll do my best,” she promised. “Besides, you’re the one being assessed, not me.”

“Well said, Ivypaw.” Hazeltail padded through the mist and stood beside her apprentice. “Ivypaw is doing you a favor,” she scolded Blossompaw. “You should be doing the work, not her.”

As soon as the assessment begins, Blossompaw continues to criticize Ivypaw, even telling her to not get in the way.

Blossompaw flicked Ivypaw’s flank with her tail-tip. “Come on.” She pelted into the trees and Ivypaw raced after her, wishing she had longer legs as the older apprentice gathered speed and leaped the ruts and gullies in easy strides.

She was panting by the time she spotted the cracked stones of the abandoned Twolegplace. Blossompaw was waiting on the wall surrounding the tumbledown nest. “You can’t even keep up,” she scoffed.

“We’re supposed to be showing them we can work together,” Ivypaw snapped.

“Like I’m going to give you the chance to hold me back.” Blossompaw jumped down from the wall and headed past the plants Jayfeather had carefully nurtured. The scent of them made Ivypaw’s mouth water, but she knew the warning given to every Clan cat: Stay away from the catmint. It was the only cure for greencough, and more precious than poppy seeds.

As she disappeared around the corner of the wall, Blossompaw called over her shoulder, “Just stay out of my way!”

Then when Ivypaw does obey, Blossompaw still gets frustrated with her.

The tall weeds beside them swished and Blossompaw came stomping out. “What’s all the noise about?” she spat. “I was stalking a rat and you scared it away!”

Dustpelt tipped his head to one side. “Weren’t you helping to catch this squirrel?”

“I thought you were working in pairs,” Thornclaw added.

Blossompaw bristled. “She was supposed to be helping me, not the other way around.”

You told me to stay out of the way! Ivypaw glared at her denmate but kept her mouth shut.

“Then why was she here while you were trawling through the undergrowth?” Dustpelt queried. “You’re supposed to be organizing a hunting pair. You should have told her where you wanted her.”

“Okay,” Blossompaw huffed. She flicked her tail at Ivypaw. “Come with me.” Turning, she pushed her way back into the jungle of weeds.

Ivypaw dropped the squirrel and flashed a rueful glance at the two warriors before following.

“What did you have to show me up for?” Blossompaw hissed as soon as they were out of earshot. “This is my assessment, remember?”

Then after the assessment… this happens:

Blossompaw trotted past Ivypaw, quickening her pace to enter camp first, and tripped on the wing of the blackbird. “Fox dung!” She cursed through her mouthful of feathers. “One wretched bird while you have to catch a squirrel!” She glared at Ivypaw. “If I fail this assessment, it’s all your fault.”

Okay, I get that her behavior was most likely due to nerves, but that still doesn't excuse her rudeness towards Ivypaw. She didn't even apologize.

In the same book, she climbed the Great Oak and pretended that she was a leader when she should have known better. The scene also shows Millie's overprotective nature, before the Briarlight incident.

“Let’s climb the big tree!” Blossompaw was already racing toward the Great Oak that loomed at the head of the clearing. In a blink Blossompaw had shot up the trunk and was sitting on the lowest branch, laying her tail regally over her front paws and puffing out her chest as though she were about to address the Clans.

“I, Blossomstar, welcome you—”

“Get down!” At Squirrelflight’s stinging yowl, Blossompaw slid off the branch and tumbled to the ground.

Dovepaw spun around, startled. The orange she-cat’s eyes blazed as Blossompaw found her paws and padded, shamefaced, back across the clearing.

“How dare you?” Squirrelflight scolded. “What must StarClan think?”

“Oops,” Briarpaw whispered, pressing close to Dovepaw.

Millie jumped out of the ferns, her eyes darting from Squirrelflight to Blossompaw.

Blossompaw was limping slightly. The gray warrior darted to her daughter’s side. “Are you okay?” She sniffed at Blossompaw’s leg.

“It’s fine,” Blossompaw assured her. “I just landed awkwardly.”

“What were you doing?”

Blossompaw hung her head. “I wanted to know what it was like to sit in the Great Oak. Squirrelflight made me jump by shouting at me and I fell out.”

Millie shot an angry glance at Squirrelflight. “There was no need to frighten her! She could have hurt herself badly.”

“She shouldn’t have been sitting in the tree in the first place,” Squirrelflight pointed out.

“She’s just a ’paw,” Millie reminded Squirrelflight.

“She’s old enough to know better!”

As harsh as Squirrelflight was, I happen to agree with her. Blossompaw had been an apprentice for moons now and should have known better. Such an act could've also been seen as disrespectful.

In Sign of the Moon, she wanted to explore the tunnels when she should've been hunting, and she even knew that they were dangerous. Ivypool tried to talk her out of exploring it three times before she finally agreed to leaving.

Blossomfall gave the woven sticks a nudge with her head, and let out a trill of surprise as the whole covering shifted to one side.

“Hey, look,” she meowed, pushing it farther. “We can see right down into the tunnel! Let’s explore!”

A weird feeling crept over Ivypool as she gazed down into the hole. She felt strangely reluctant to go near it. “What about hunting?”

“We can hunt later,” Blossomfall replied, her eyes sparkling. Fueled by excitement, she seemed to have thrown off her earlier exhaustion. “Let’s explore!”

Shadows wreathed around her, and every hair on her pelt rose. She couldn’t explain it, but she was certain that there was something terribly wrong down here. Chilly darkness loomed from the mouth of the tunnel and somehow she knew that they weren’t alone.

Blossomfall’s eyes were gleaming in the half-light. “Now we have to keep going,” she mewed delightedly.

“But it’s dangerous!” Ivypool protested.

Blossomfall snorted. “What’s the worst that can happen? We might lose the use of our legs?”

“We have to get out of here!” Ivypool whispered, expecting hostile cats to leap out at them at any moment.

“We’re only exploring,” Blossomfall pointed out, padding up to the paw prints and giving them a curious sniff. “We’re not doing any harm.”

“Well, it doesn’t feel like that,” Ivypool retorted, annoyed by Blossomfall’s nonchalance. “It feels like we’re trespassing, and I want to leave.”

Blossomfall shrugged. “Okay, let’s find a way out.”

Also in the same book, she reveals that the reason she joined the Dark Forest was because she was jealous of the attention Briarlight was getting, and that she knows that the Dark Forest is a bad place.

“I hate myself for feeling jealous of Briarlight,” Blossomfall confessed, not looking at Ivypool. “I can’t bear seeing her suffer and I know Briarlight would give anything to be better and whole again. It’s all so unfair!” Scoring her claws across the rock again, she added, “But I can’t help what I feel, and that proves I’m not a good cat.”

“Of course you are!” Ivypool exclaimed, shocked.

“No. A good cat wouldn’t be jealous of an injured littermate. So that’s why I’ve ended up in the Dark Forest.” She gave Ivypool a sidelong glance. “I’m not stupid. I know it’s where cats go if they’re not allowed into StarClan. But I guess I won’t get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured. So the Dark Forest is where I fit in, and I’m getting good training, better than anything we get here.”

Call me heartless, but I didn't feel any sympathy for Blossomfall at all. In a way, she brought this upon herself. Millie—who never stopped loving her other kits—isn't a mind reader, so how can she know what her daughter is feeling?

In fact, so many problems in this series could've been solved had the cats just talked things out. This is why I hate jealousy plots, especially when they're so petty and overused nowadays, especially in this series.

Both cats were at fault, though, not just one or the other. Blossomfall shouldn't have gone into the tunnels, and Millie shouldn't have been so harsh, especially when she compared Blossomfall to Briarlight. However, as harsh as she was—much like Squirrelflight—she did have a point in saying that Blossomfall was a warrior now and that she needed to grow up.

To be honest though, I don't really care for the Millie-Blossomfall subplot all that much. It seems as if Blossomfall was supposed to represent the stereotypical angsty teenager who felt like she was being neglected or misunderstood, and joined a bad crowd because of it. Really, all the subplot did was make Millie look bad and Blossomfall into an attention-seeker. What makes it more annoying is how this subplot was never brought up ever again after SotM.

Anyway, in The Forgotten Warrior, she accused Bumblestripe of being disloyal just because he wanted to train with Dovewing instead of her, then practically mocks Dovewing afterwards, saying that her paws were all over the place.

"Great!" Blossomfall exclaimed, bounding over towards Bumblestripe. "Come on," she urged him. "We can work on it together."

Bumblestripe looked briefly embarrassed. "Er… sorry, but I'm going to partner with Dovewing.

Blossomfall's ears shot straight up in surprise. "Excuse me, but who's your littermate?" she muttered. "You could show a little loyalty, you know."—The Forgotten Warrior, page 198

When it was her turn to demonstrate with Bumblestripe, Dovewing felt that they had both done pretty well. She was surprised to see Blossomfall looking at her with a disdainful expression.

"Bumblestripe was fine, but Dovewing, you need to do a lot more work," she meowed. "Your paws were all over the place. And you seem to have forgotten that you have a tail. It's there for balance, you know."The Forgotten Warrior, page 200

Her disapproval towards Dovewing is once again shown in Bramblestar's Storm, when she gossips to Rosepetal that Bumblestripe and Dovewing broke up.

"That's right," Blossomfall replied to Rosepetal. "But I never did think Dovewing was right for my brother. She's always been a bit… different, hasn't she?"—Bramblestar's Storm

Something about that quote just rubbed me the wrong way, and I don't even ship BumblexDove.

However, her development is certainly an interesting one, and I guess her joining the DF wasn't a total loss since she became a better cat for it and also regretted her actions.

"Joining the Dark Forest was the biggest mistake I could have made. I... I'm not sure I can forgive myself."—Dovewing's Silence, chapter 6

I like her alot more post-OotS, as she seems to be alot more mature, even defending Briarlight at one point.

Blossomfall bristled. "Briarlight has have the softest nest," she insisted. "She can't feel thorns sticking into her, remember? If she gets a wound, it could get infected before she noticed.—Dovewing's Silence, chapter 8

And according to Vicky, she believes that Millie and Blossomfall made amends a long time ago, but Blossomfall will always feel a little distant from her mother. While this may be true, at least these two finally made amends at all, which is honestly good enough for me.

So all in all, I'm actually pretty neutral on her, surprisingly enough.

Bluestar—I really like her, and I don't think she deserves the hate she gets.

People hate her for moping around whenever someone in her family died and even compare her to Crookedstar, but I find that to be really unfair. For one, she actually witnessed Moonflower and Snowfur's deaths and Crookedstar is a different cat from Bluestar. Plus, while Crookedstar was given time to grieve, Bluestar was basically told to just get over it.

Then I see people hate her for interfering with Snowfur's relationship with Thistleclaw. While it wasn't her place to decide Snowfur's future, Thistleclaw was never a really nice cat to begin with. He was arrogant literally ever since he was a kit and only got worse as he grew older.

As for Bluestar's actions after Tigerclaw's betrayal, well look at it this way—
Tigerstar was Bluestar's trusted deputy and no one knew of his treachery but Ravenpaw, Graystripe, and Firestar—or as the Clan used to see them, a scared apprentice/traitor, a joker, and a former kittypet. Bluestar was warned several times by Firestar that Tigerstar was dangerous, but she never believed him until it was already too late.

For the cats, StarClan control everything, so it's not all that far-fetched as to why she would blame them for her and her Clan's misfortune, which included: Her mother dying.
Her sister dying.
Her Clanmates dying both before and during leadership.
Having to give up her kits and Mosskit dying.
Tigerstar's attempts to murder her.
A forest fire that killed Patchpelt and Yellowfang and caused Bluestar to slowly lose faith in StarClan.
Snowkit being taken by a hawk.
Mistyfoot and Stonefur nearly killed her and later rejected her.
Brightpaw being mauled by dogs and Swiftpaw being killed by them.
Brindleface being killed by Tigerstar for dog bait.

And speaking of Brightpaw, Bluestar named her Lostface not to abuse her, but to show the Clan "what StarClan did to take her away from them".

Tigerstar was worse than his former mentor Thistleclaw, and Bluestar likely saw that when he attacked her. She must've thought that everything she had to give up was for nothing.

As I've said, almost no one suspected Tigerstar's treachery as he hid it well. Who's to say that there weren't anymore traitors within the Clan? We as the readers know that the only other traitor at the time was Darkstripe, but Bluestar didn't. Even Firestar was wary at times, like when he accused Longtail of teaming up with Tigerstar when the dogs were causing trouble.

And the only reason why Bluestar put all the responsibility on Firestar was as a form of punishment since he went behind her back to warn WindClan of an upcoming attack. After that, the only cat she trusted was her nephew Whitestorm. Before then, she did everything a leader would do for her Clan, even if she was being wary of the other cats and had lost faith in StarClan.

Besides, Bluestar made up for it later on by doing the most noble thing anyone can do—risking her own life to save Firestar.

I'm not excusing Bluestar's actions, but I do find them understandable.

Clear Sky—Clear Sky, founder and first leader of SkyClan and one of the most hated cats in the fandom, but personally my top favorite character. He has excellent development and I don't really see why there are people who still hate him after the change. And even before then, Clear Sky had a reason for his actions.

Clear Sky is shown to be a young, hot-headed tomcat when we first meet him in The Sun Trail, and it's mentioned that he and his more level-headed brother Gray Wing have just become adults.

In the last sunny season he had still been a kit, playing with his littermate, Clear Sky, around the edge of the pool outside the cave. Now that seemed like a lifetime ago. Gray Wing only had the vaguest memories of green leaves on the stubby mountain trees, and the sunshine bathing the rocks.—The Sun Tail, page 7

Why is this important? Well, it shows what age Clear Sky was when he left the Tribe. If he and Gray Wing had still been kits in the "last sunny season", then we can infer that the two were at least a year old at the start of the arc. With this in mind, in kind of makes sense as to why Clear Sky was as determined as he was in the first half of the arc.

I've seen a few people hate him for not wanting to share his food when he was still with the Tribe, but here's the thing—this sort of thing was normal among them. The stronger cats ate first, and even the Clans themselves were like this before the third code came to be. Gray Wing was just being generous, if anything. They had no warrior code.

Plus, it's not like this didn't affect him later on. After Fluttering Bird's death, Clear Sky was devastated. Just look at what he says right after he finds out that his little sister had died.

"I'm so sorry!" Clear Sky exclaimed, bending his head to touch his nose to his sister's ear. "Fluttering Bird, we'll miss you so much!" Straightening up, he looked at his mother and added, "This will never happen when we reach our new home. If you join us, I'll protect you and hunt for you for the rest of my life. Please come."—The Sun Trail, page 29

It may not look like much at first, but this is the start of Clear Sky's change. It just doesn't actually begin to affect him until later on in the storyline after Bright Stream dies. That was when he became as determined as he was to protect those around him.

His father nodded. "That was a hard time. I'll never forget when we were attacked by eagles. One of our cats…" His voice trailed off and eyes clouded. "That was when I decided that we couldn't allow ourselves to be victims.—Thunder Rising, page 154

I also don't see why people are saying that Gray Wing always got the short end of the stick when Clear Sky had suffered just as much. It's not like his life has been perfect, either.

For example, he lost Bright Stream—who was pregnant with his kits—and blamed himself for it.

Clear Sky's eyes widened and he stared at Gray Wing in astonishment. "It wasn't your fault!" he choked out. "The whole plan was my idea. I should never have let her go out to fight the eagles, not when she was carrying our kits. I killed her!"—The Sun Trail, page 194

It should also be noted that while Gray Wing got over Bright Stream's death… Clear Sky never really did.

He also lost Storm and two of their kits and once again blamed himself for it. This is also the reason why he sent Thunder away in the first place.

Clear Sky shook his head bewildered, his blue eyes filled with pain. "I can't believe this…" he breathed out. "Not Storm… not such a dreadful death." He paced away for a few paw steps, then turned back to Gray Wing and his son.

"Take him away," he meowed. "There's no place for him here."

"What?" Gray Wing couldn't believe what he was hearing. "He's your son!"

"I can't raise him." Clear Sky's voice was bleak. "It's my fault his mother died. If I'd stopped Storm from leaving, she would still be alive. What kind of life can I give her kit?"

Gray Wing began to understand. If Thunder stayed in the camp, he would be a constant reminder to Clear Sky of what he had lost.

"How can I raise a kit?" Clear Sky demanded. "I have too much to do here, protecting these cats."

"You have cats who will help you!" Gray Wing retorted. Thunder needs you."

Clear Sky shook his head decisively. "No. What he needs is a father who can take care of him—who doesn't bring bad luck to every cat he cares about." His voice was hard, filled with anger and self-loathing.—The Sun Trail, page 309

If anything, Clear Sky gave Thunder up for adoption, and for a very realistic reason, too—he felt like he wasn't able to care for him. Plus, it's not like he didn't regret it, which was why he wanted Thunder to join him in the forest.

Later Clear Sky regretted this and after a fire ripped through the forest, he reconciled with Thunder and encouraged the young tomcat to come live with him.—The Ultimate Guide, page 168

He was also saddened and regretful for driving him away twice.

Clear Sky narrowed his eyes. He could see Thunder's bright ginger pelt threading through the ferns. His son was climbing the slope to the moor with Frost.

I suppose that's what he must do, Clear Sky tried to ignore the regret gnawing in his belly. Above him, a soft breeze whispered through the leaves. Warm sunshine dappled his pelt. Behind him, the gnarled trunks of ancient trees creaked. Musty scents pooled at his paws where leaf litter lay thick on the ground. This was his territory. If Thunder didn't want to live here, then he could leave. Frost had to leave, but Thunder had chosen to. Frost was wounded—an injury that was not healing and might grow bad. An infected cat couldn't stay in the camp. His weakness would burden the forest tribe. Doesn't Thunder understand that? he thought, clawing the earth with frustration. Why did so few cats understand him? All he wanted to do was protect his cats in the forest—that was all he'd ever wanted to do, since setting up home here. But his own son had called him a monster for caring. Well, he must leave, then. I won't have my authority undermined. If Clear Sky kept telling himself this, maybe the pain in his belly would fade…—The First Battle, page 7

Grief dragged at his bones as heavy as water. I just wanted my kin near me. Jagged Peak and Gray Wing were in the pine forest. Thunder was leaving His eyes misted. I'm sorry, Fluttering Bird. I've failed you, and now I'm alone again. Somehow, I always end up alone.A Forest Divided, page 184

He even blamed himself for Fluttering Bird's death, something that haunted him for many seasons.

"But now we have kits! Have you forgotten Birch and Alder?" Clear Sky couldn't believe how shortsighted she was being. "There'll be more kits one day, and more! Do you want them to starve, like Fluttering Bird?" Grief echoed in the back of his mind as he recalled his young sister who'd died in the mountains. Guilt soared his memory. Would she have lived if I'd hunted harder? "I never want to watch a kit starve again."—The First Battle, pages 10-11

And several losses or not, should it really matter who lost more? Gray Wing was happy in the end, anyway. He was sad to leave Slate and the others behind, but now he's been reunited with all the other cats who had died before him. Shouldn't it be better that he loved and lost than never loved at all?

Now onto Clear Sky driving out Jagged Peak. Yes, it was a terrible thing to do, but think about what his mindset was like in the first half of the arc—survival of the fittest. This is a mindset practically everyone has, even humans.

Plus, it's not like he sent Jagged Peak away immediately after his injury. He even personally asked Dappled Pelt to stay since she was the only one other than Cloud Spots who knew how to heal, staying with him for a half-moon.

Moon Shadow reappeared with a mouthful of marigold, which Dappled Pelt chewed up. She trickled the juice into the gush on Jagged Peak's leg.

"He needs more of that every day," she instructed Clear Sky. "And he could do with thyme for the shock, and poppy seed to help him sleep. Do you have any of that?"

"We can find some," Clear Sky replied. "But, will you stay and look after him? He needs you."—The Sun Trail, page 274

Many people also hate him for killing Misty, but to be fair, she was warned to leave.

"This is our territory now," Petal hissed. "Get out of here, and no cat will hurt you."—Thunder Rising, page 259

In fact, Clear Sky didn't even know that she was just protecting her kits until after the deed was done. Plus, he did feel guilty about killing her.

Clear Sky hardly heard her. He was watching Birch and Alder as they stared from the yew. They weren't Petal's kits. She'd taken them in after their mother had died.

After I killed their mother.

The words rang unbidden in his head. Guilt moved like worms beneath his pelt.—The First Battle, page 13

Alder glanced at Birch, her gray-and-white fur rippling. She blinked at her brother. "Don't you remember how the group protected us after our mother died?"

Guilt pricked at Clear Sky's belly. He'd killed their mother when she'd fought to protect her nest. Petal had brought the kits into the group and raised them as her own.—Path of Stars, pages 9-10

I've seen a few people believe he killed Bumble, but here's the thing—he didn't. Everyone just jumped to conclusions and they even didn't have any proof if he killed Bumble or not other than his scent. According to Clear Sky, he heard a fox bark and he was going to help when he heard the others come.

"I wanted to give her a warning," Clear Sky went on. "Nothing too painful, just a little cuff around her kittypet ear. How was I to know she was so weak from hunger that she would faint? But I could see her paws twitching, and I knew she would come around soon. So I left her and headed back to camp." He paused, wincing. "Then I heard a fox bark, and I ran back. But I was too late. I was going to get help when I heard you all arrive."—Thunder Rising, page 281

It's even noted by Gray Wing that there was fox scent all over the clearing:

Gray Wing and the others padded across to stand beside the injured cat. The reek of fox was overwhelming now, drowning all other scents.—Thunder Rising, page 276

"Clear Sky told us that a fox must have killed Bumble. There was certainly fox scent all over the clearing."—Thunder Rising, page 282

Even Thunder himself fought the fox:

"We found a body near Clear Sky's new border," Gray Wing explained. "It was Bumble, a friend of Turtle Tail from her time with the Twolegs. Clear Sky said he'd fought with the kittypet, but told me it was a fox who'd killed her."

Thunder's gaze glistened. "Clear Sky did return to camp yesterday smelling of fox," he admitted. "And I fought a fox earlier today."

Hope soared like a bird in Gray Wing's chest. "So it could have been a fox?"—The First Battle, pages 31-32

If it was a trap just to kill Bumble—a cat Clear Sky didn't even know—why would he risk his life to set up something over a kittypet who couldn't defend herself? Bumble could've easily died from a fight with a fox without help in her condition. If there was certainly fox scent everywhere, then Clear Sky's story makes sense.

Besides, if he did actually kill Bumble, then I'm pretty sure it would've been mentioned in his PoVs, and it isn't.

Fury surged from Clear Sky's belly. "He attacked me! He accused me of murdering the kittypet Bumble!" Outrage spiked his pelt. "Me! Murder a kittypet?"—The First Battle, page 16

Agonizing emptiness opened in Clear Sky's chest. Instead he'd killed her, and now Gray Wing and the others believed he'd killed Bumble too.—The First Battle, page 106

Now onto the part where he banished Frost. This was bad, yes, but how was this any different from when Yellowfang refused to care for Littlecloud and Whitethroat?

"Frost must leave us. It's time for him to go, before he spreads disease among us. This is for the greater good."—Thunder Rising, pages 295-296
"They must leave," insisted Yellowfang in a low growl.

"Why?" Fireheart blurted out. "They're no threat to us in this state."

"They carry a disease I've seen before in ShadowClan." Yellowfang began to circle the ShadowClan cats, studying them but keeping her distance. "It killed many cats last time."—Rising Storm, page 93

The circumstances were different, but the motives were pretty much the same—get rid of the sick cats or risk spreading disease. And keep in mind that Tall Shadow's group and Clear Sky's group weren't on good terms at the time, nor were there any cats who knew of any healing tactics in Clear Sky's group.

It should also be noted that when Clear Sky did feel guilty for sending Frost away, along with indirectly causing Jagged Peak's injury and killing Misty.

"Flourish?" Jackdaw's Cry curled his lip. "You sent Frost away to die. You trained Jagged Peak until you crippled him. You have orphan kits because you killed their mother. Do you call that 'flourishing'?"

Clear Sky thrust his muzzle toward the black tom, ignoring the guilt jabbing at his belly.—The First Battle, page 101

As we learn later on in The First Battle, the reason for Clear Sky's change in behavior wasn't because he wanted power, but because he didn't want any cat to starve like Fluttering Bird had. This is referenced several times in his chapters, especially towards the end of said book.

"You've been greedy, Clear Sky," Storm murmured. "You wanted power over every cat."

"That's not true!" Clear Sky protested. "I had to make difficult decisions. That took courage."

Storm said nothing. She just stared at him.

"You must understand," Clear Sky wailed.

Slowly, Storm turned and gazed at Rainswept Flower's battered body. Blood pooled around her muzzle. "Was killing her courageous?"

Clear Sky stared desperately at Thunder and Gray Wing. They gazed back in silence, while Rainswept Flower's spirit watched him with accusing eyes. "I didn't want to see any cat starve. I was scared my heart would break if I ever had to see another cat die like Fluttering Bird."—The First Battle, page 285

Now comes the part where he's hated for most of all in the first half: killing Rainswept Flower. This has no justification at all! But… it seemed as it Clear Sky wasn't even aware of what he was doing and ended up killing Rainswept Flower in a blind rage.

A leaf drifted down and landed on Rainswept Flower's body. Did I kill you? Clear Sky's thoughts blurred as he tried to remember the battle. Rage had pulsed through him so fiercely, it felt like another cat had been fighting, not him.—The First Battle, page 274

I don't really see why people think he hasn't changed at all. He has, it's just at a slow pace. Change doesn't happen overnight, after all. It takes time and effort.

Let's not forget that it was he of all cats ended the battle that he himself started.

Clear Sky held his gaze. "Don't make me do this, brother." His voice quivered. "All I want is for every cat to be safe. To have borders to protect us and make sure we have prey."

Gray Wing staggered closer. "You want to tell every cat what to do, he wheezed. "You always have and you always will . You're so greedy for power, you'll kill your own littermate to get it."

Clear Sky let his paw drop and turned away. "I can't…" His gaze flitted over the bodies littering the clearing. Cats fought on weakly, staggering more unsteadily with every blow.

"Stop!" Clear Sky yowled. This battled is over."—The First Battle, page 270

He vowed to not put anymore guards on the borders.

"I suppose this is good-bye for now," he meowed awkwardly. "But you're all welcome to visit, anytime you want. No more guards on the borders. I promise."—The Blazing Star, page 17

He felt guilty for not stopping Tom when the latter kidnapped Turtle Tail's kits.

"Clear Sky, you've taken in the kittypet who stole Turtle Tail's kits," Gray Wing told him. "You do remember Turtle Tail, don't you?"

Guilt stabbed through Clear Sky. "Those were Turtle Tail's kits? I didn't know!" I should have stopped him from taking them!The Blazing Star, page 49

He apologized to Jagged Peak for kicking him out.

"You know," Clear Sky meowed when he had managed to control himself again, "there was a time when you wouldn't have been able to admit to feeling terrified. You'd have gotten angry and picked a fight with me, and then you'd have tried to prove yourself by doing something foolish You—" He broke off, wondering if he had gone too far.

"That's true," Jagged Peak responded in a neutral tone. "I had a lot to get my head around after I was injured."

Clear Sky nodded. "I'm sure I didn't help matters," he admitted. "I should never have made you leave my group. You deserved better from me."

Jagged Peak halted, staring at his brother full in the face. "Thank you," he mewed. "That means a lot to me. There was a time where you would never have been able to apologize."—The Blazing Star, pages 179-180

He even took in an old cat named Pink Eyes, something the old him wouldn't have done. This is even lampshaded upon in A Forest Divided.

There had been a time where Clear Sky would have driven the two strays off his border—especially Pink Eyes, whose sight was so poor he couldn't see a bird in a tree—but these cats had respected his scent line and kept their hackles soft, and Clear Sky had learned that friends were better than enemies.—A Forest Divided, page 9

He's finally realized just how terrible of a father he's been to his son, thinks about it several times—especially in Path of Stars—and apologized not once, but twice.

Pity flooded beneath Clear Sky's pelt. He thought for a heartbeat of the kits Star Flower was carrying. What if this had been them? He pushed the thought away. It was too much to bear. A fierce, protective fire surged through every muscle as he stared at the helpless kits. I've never felt like this before.

Guilt flooded him as he thought of Thunder. I should have cared about him like this.A Forest Divided, page 386

"Thunder!" Joy flooded through Clear Sky's belly. "He ignored the prick of resentment he felt at the fact that Gray Wing had persuaded his son to help him when he had failed. But how could he begrudge Gray Wing his influence? He had been more of a father to Thunder than Clear Sky ever had.—Path of Stars, page 45

Joy warmed his pelt, taking him by surprise. He'd never felt so protective about anyone before. Then he remembered the grief flashing momentarily in Thunder's gaze when he'd come to see the kits. Clear Sky shifted his paws guiltily. He'd never felt this way about his firstborn son. He realized now that Thunder had once been as helpless as Tiny Branch, and he'd had no father to protect him. His mother, Storm, had cared for him alone, hunting for her own prey. A chill swept Clear Sky's pelt. How could I have been so cruel?—Path of Stars, page 112

"We've had our differences," he admitted. "But that's been my fault. I should have been a better father to you." He waited for Thunder to meet his gaze before going on. "My new kits have made me realize how much I failed you."

"You didn't fail me," Thunder mumbled. "I guess I just wasn't the son you wanted."

"That's not true!" Clear Sky's mewed thickened. He knew now with absolute clarity that Thunder had never been the problem. I was the one who was difficult. "I was just too thick-headed to realize how special you are. I'm proud you're my son, and I'm sorry I missed the chance to be a proper father to you."

"Well, you can make up for that with your new family." There was bitterness in Thunder's mew.

"I love my new family," Clear Sky admitted. "But they have helped me realize how much I love you. I'm just sorry I couldn't show you that in the past." He leaned closer to Thunder. "But I hope you will always come to me if you need help. I hope you will share your joy and worries with me, whatever they are. It's too late for me to be the father you should have had. But I hope that one day I can become as important to you as Gray Wing."

Wariness glimmered in Thunder's gaze. For a moment, Clear Sky thought the young tom as going to say something meaningful. But Thunder just shrugged away.

"Thanks, Clear Sky, he murmured and turned away.

Clear Sky watched him head for the slope and duck into the bracken. He realized Thunder wasn't ready to confide in him. He might never be ready. Why should he be? Grief tugged at Clear Sky's heart. He'd let his firstborn son down, and no matter how hard he tried, he could never make up for the precious moons he'd wasted. He headed toward his forest. He had failed with Thunder, but he was determined he would never let his new family down. They would always know that he loved them more than he loved his own life."—Path of Stars, pages 207-208

"I said Gray Wing saved my kits. But I didn't mean just Tiny Branch, Dew Petal, and Flower Foot. I meant you, too." Emotion thickened his mew, but he forced himself to go on. "I didn't look after you when you needed me. Gray Wing did. He was more of a father to you than I ever was, and I'm grateful to him for that."

He tensed, waiting for Thunder to speak. But Thunder remained silent.

Clear Sky opened his eyes and looked at his son.

Thunder's eyes glistened with emotion. "You did the best you could," he mewed huskily.—Path of Stars, page 296

He's saved Jagged Peak's and Gray Wing's kits.

Defeated, Clear Sky turned to go. But as he took the first paw steps, his gaze lighted on the hollow tree, and Sparrow Fur peering helplessly from between the braches the imprisoned her.

I won't leave her to be tortured by One Eye, Clear Sky resolved.

Letting his head droop and tail trail along the ground, Clear Sky padded across the clearing in the direction of the hollow tree. The two strange cats nearest to it fell back to let him pass between them.

As soon as he was out of the circle of One Eye's rogues, Clear Sky sprang forward. Darting up to the hollow tree, he tore at the branches with paws given strength from desperation. A gap opened up and Sparrow Fur wriggled through it.

"Run!" Clear Sky yowled.

He thrust the kit in front of him as One Eye let out a screech of rage and the whole gang of rogues turned to pursue him. But Clear Sky knew the forest better than any newcomer. He showed Sparrow Fur the way between trees, under bushes, through bramble thickets, splashing for several fox-lengths up a narrow stream to break their scent. He was thankful that the young cat's wounds had almost healed, and her strength held out, though her chest heaved with the effort of running and her breath rasped.

At last the furious shrieks and caterwauls died away behind them. Clear Sky burst out the forest with Sparrow Fur hard on his paws. As she collapsed panting, he turned and looked back at the line of trees, where the last few leaves clung to stark, bare branches.—The Blazing Star, pages 144-145

The next branch was within reach. He reared and flung his paws around it and hauled himself up. It was easy to scrabble onto the branch beyond. Another leap took him to the kits' branch. It trembled beneath his paws as he landed.

The crow snapped its head around, fear flashing in it's gaze.

Clear Sky hissed. "Fly away unless you want to be my next meal."

The crow glanced back at the kits. With an angry shout, it unfolded its wings and soared from the branch.—A Forest Divided, pages 385-386

As he spoke, her forepaw slipped off the branch. Her chin hit the bark as she fell.

Horror scorched through his fur. As fast as lightning, he lunged forward and grabbed her scruff between his teeth. The she-kit swung down, jerking him toward the ground.

"Dew Nose!" Eagle Feather squealed behind him.

Pelt on end, Clear Sky dug his claws deep into the bark. I've got her. Forcing himself to stay calm, he straightened slowly, ignoring her terrified wails as she struggled beneath his chin. Carefully, he found his balance and lifted her, swinging her toward her brother. Weak with relief, he dropped her between them.—A Forest Divided, page 389

Bounding forward, Clear Sky moved as though invisible paws carried him.The verge blurred as he raced onto the Thunderpath. Slush splashed beneath his paws, but he hardly felt its wet chill. His gaze was fixed on Black Ear, blind to the monster thundering closer with every moment. Skimming the filthy snow, he grabbed Black Ear's scruff without stopping.

Wind slammed him like stone. It sent him tumbling toward the far edge of the Thunderpath. The monster screamed past, its paws whisking so close that grit strafed his flank. Pain shrilled through his tail and scorched his fur. Rolling onto the sludge covered grass, he felt the tug of Black Ear's scruff between his jaws. I got him. Clear Sky hardly dared opened his eyes. The kit wasn't moving. Clear Sky gently let go and curled himself around the tiny kit.—Path of Stars, page 288

And finally, he has obviously regretted every single one of his actions and has tried his best to mend his mistakes ever since, especially when it came to killing Rainswept Flower. In fact, he feels guilty every time he's so much as reminded of her. He acknowledges that it was his anger that caused so much trouble and blames himself for it all.

Clear Sky dipped his head, deep shame in his blue eyes. "I caused this," he rasped, as if he was fighting the urge to wail aloud. "It was my anger that created the chaos, my anger that brought these cats into the battle that killed them. So many of them…" he added in a whisper—The Blazing Star, page 8

At the beginning of The Blazing Star, even Gray Wing and Thunder began to understand why their kin had been so protective and hostile.

"Yes!" Clear Sky's voice was a shaken purr. "At last there are cats who will tell us what to do."

Sudden understanding flashed into Thunder's mind like the dazzle of sunlight on water.

"So that's why you've been so protective and so hostile!" Gray Wing turned to his brother, his gaze full of compassion. "All this time your responsibilities have been too much for you. You tried to do the right thing, but you asked too much of yourself."

Clear Sky turned his head away in shame. "I'm so sorry…"—The Blazing Star, page 12

Now, I've also seen many people hate Clear Sky for letting One Eye harm Sparrow Fur, but he actually tried to put a stop to it until One Eye convinced him otherwise and thought that all Sparrow Fur would get were a few scratches.

"All right," Sparrow Fur agreed. "If I have to prove to you how much I need to see my father, I will fight you!"

This is going too far, Clear Sky decided. Rising to his paws, he cleared his throat.

One Eye turned and gazed up at him, dark amusement smoldering in his eyes. "The kits who live in these groups are so sheltered," he began. "In the wild, kits learn from birth how the real world works. If you challenge a cat, you must fight him. And if you made a mistake in challenging him, you learn."

Clear Sky could understand the logic of what One Eye was saying. Sparrow Fur is a feisty little thing—maybe too feisty for her own good. But his pelt still prickled uncomfortably, and he was not sure why he felt that way. Has the forced peace of the last moon made me go soft? Or is it because she's sort of my brother's kit that I want to protect her?

At last Clear Sky decided that One Eye was right. It was just for that kind of blunt, unattractive wisdom that he had allowed the rogue to join his group. Sparrow Fur won't be forever harmed by a few scratches!The Blazing Star, page 86

After he saw that One Eye was about to kill her, he tried to put a stop to it again before Tom interfered.

Stunned by the vicious attack, Clear Sky realized that the rogue was about to kill the kit to teach her a lesson. And I am letting it happen!

At last he forced his paws to move, hurling down from the hillock and racing across the clearing. "Stop!" he yowled.—The Blazing Star, page 88

He even felt guilty about it afterwards.

A helpless kit! Clear Sky thought, guilt surging through him like storm water. What was I thinking?The Blazing Star, page 89

After this and Tom's death, he realizes he should've driven One Eye out sooner.

Clear Sky took a deep breath. One Eye has gone—and I feel like he's taken all of my honor with him. He realized that he should have driven One Eye out after he challenged his authority in front of Tall Shadow and Thunder.—The Blazing Star, page 86

Now onto Quiet Rain disowning him. I'm personally neutral on the whole situation. While I thought Quiet Rain was being rather harsh—especially when she scratched and insulted him—I can definitely see where she was coming from, too.

Personally, I like to think that when Clear Sky was begging for forgiveness from his mother, he was also begging forgiveness from himself. This was actually implied a few times in A Forest Divided, even if it is pretty subtle.

Twice now it's been mentioned that Clear Sky takes after Quiet Rain the most.

Thunder looked at the old she-cat, wondering how she'd react to Tall Shadow's bluntness. Then a purr sputtered in Quiet Rain's throat. "You have you father's temper."

"And I see where Clear Sky got his spirit."—A Forest Divided, pages 219-220

"Get up!" she snapped at him. "These two deserve better than a sniveling piece of prey."

Clear Sky straightened. Thunder felt a wave of pity for his father. He had never seen him look so defeated. Suddenly, he realized where Clear Sky must have inherited his arrogance—and his cruelty.—A Forest Divided, page 275

It's also been mentioned that he had never forgiven himself for his actions.

"It was all foretold," Quiet Rain rasped. "You could not help what you did. It had to be this way. I forgive you, Clear Sky, and now,"—she drew a shuddering breath—"you must forgive yourself."—A Forest Divided, page 302

"I'm sorry," he began.

Her eyes widened. "What for?" Her mew was rich with affection. "You have everything you want, and it pleases me to see you settled at last."

Clear Sky's throat tightened. "I just wish I'd given you happiness when I had the chance." Unwanted memories began to flit his mind: Jagged Peak's accident, his quarrels with Thunder, the battle with Gray Wing. "I have let every cat down. Even Quiet Rain." He saw again the look of disgust his mother had flashed him.

"Clear Sky." Fondness filled Storm's gaze. "Forgive yourself."

That's what Quiet Rain told me.A Forest Divided, pages 328-329

And finally, it's also mentioned that Clear Sky knew the final moments he would have with his mother would mark the rest of his life.

Clear Sky gazed at Quiet Rain, his heart breaking. If she'd never come here, I wouldn't have had to watch this.

And yet a dark knowledge, deep in his belly, told him these final moments with his mother would mark the rest of his life.—A Forest Divided, page 303

Also, notice what he says to his mother at her burial:

"Thank you for keeping Fluttering Bird close to you during her last breath."—A Forest Divided, page 313

Remember that Fluttering Bird's death was the first experience that traumatized Clear Sky, and now they were his final words to Quiet Rain, as if he were finally letting go of his old, bitter feelings towards himself. He isn't even as arrogant as he was in the previous books when compared to his behavior in Path of Stars.

Then I hear people say that he hasn't changed due to his behavior in Moth Flight's Vision. But here's the thing, Moth Flight's Vision was written way before Path of Stars was. If I recall correctly, it was written at around the same time The Blazing Star was published. Plenty of things of inconsistent in the book already, not just Clear Sky's behavior. For instance, the Clans suddenly being suspicious of each other when this has never been in issue before, not since The First Battle. With this in mind, it seems like Moth Flight's Vision is more of a sequel to The First Battle rather than the DotC arc as a whole, with a few references to the last three books hear and there if that makes sense.

And even then, Clear Sky wasn't really all that bad. He was protective of his borders, but not as much as he had once been. If anything, his personality was somewhat similar to that of, say, Leopardstar or Blackstar. Other than that, he did show signs of the cat he was in the last three DotC books.

For example, he spoke at Micah's funeral.

Clear Sky lifted his muzzle. "I had doubts about taking Micah in," he meowed. "When he cured Tiny Branch, I regretted my promise to let him stay. He was a farm cat, sleek from easy living, too sure of himself to be trusted. I didn't think he had any place in the Clan."

Nettle nodded. Quick Water murmured in agreement.

Clear Sky went on. "But I was wrong." He gazed sadly into the grave. "He devoted every thought and every moment to his Clanmates." His gaze flitted from Nettle to Quick Water. "All of us who doubted him came to respect his intelligence and value his kindness." The SkyClan cats nodded solemnly.

Star Flower moved closer to the SkyClan leader as he continued. "I respected Micah. He stood up to me. He did what he thought was right, not what would please me. He died doing what he thought was right." He looked at Moth Flight. "He had to climb that tree; he was being true to himself. He died as he lived—caring about others, bravely and without hesitation. We were lucky to have known him, even for so short a while."—Moth Flight's Vision, pages 256-257

He admitted that the fight between his Clan and WindClan was wrong.

Clear Sky's gaze lingered on her for a moment. Then he dipped his head. "It was a dumb fight," he conceded.—Moth Flight's Vision, page 398

He showed compassion toward Moth Flight when she was giving up her kits.

Skystar padded forward. He dipped his head to Honey Pelt. "Are you ready to join SkyClan?"

"Yes." Honey Pelt lifted his chin.

Skystar glanced at Moth Flight. "Are you ready?" Compassion filled his gaze.—Moth Flight's Vision, pages 469-470

And he was kind to Honey Pelt, even train him like a son.

Honey Pelt stepped forward, meeting her gaze. "We're not scared."

Skystar purred. "I can't imagine any kit of Micah's being scared."—Moth Flight's Vision, page 467

Bubbling Stream: I hear Skystar treats Honey Pelt like his own son. Always asking him for advice on hunting and fighting.—Moth Flight's Vision, manga

As for his relationship with Star Flower… believe it or not, I actually like it. It doesn't really bother me, mostly because these are cats. They don't care about age, nor relation. And quite frankly, Star Flower makes a much better match for Clear Sky than she ever would for Thunder. Even Thunder himself realized this!

Thunder blinked at Star Flower, a realization hitting him like icy water. Perhaps Star Flower would have been the wrong mate for him, in the end. She was ruthless and cunning in a way that Thunder couldn't ever be. But she was just what Clear Sky needed—a smart, no-nonsense cat who wasn't afraid to speak her mind. With Star Flower's reason to curb his temper, Clear Sky might become the strong leader he always wanted to be.—A Forest Divided, page 277

Clear Sky didn't even like or trust Star Flower at first, and it was Thunder who wanted her to join pre-SkyClan because he was still in love with her.

The yew rustled behind Thunder.

"That wasn't my son's fault." Clear Sky pushed his way through the branches. "If you want to blame any cat for One Eye's death, blame me."

Star Flower's gaze flitted thoughtfully over Clear Sky. "You're the cat who took in my father, aren't you?"

Thunder threw her a warning look—Clear Sky wouldn't want to be reminded of his mistake. He blinked in surprise as Clear Sky dipped his head.

"Yes, that was me."

How can he be so polite?

Star Flower's hackles softened. "That was kind of you." She brushed past Thunder and stopped a whisker from Clear Sky's muzzle. "Would you be kind once more and take me in?"

Thunder stared at her.

"It's hard for a loner," she went on, her mew silky. "I know you don't trust me, but you should. I was loyal to my father to the end." Her gaze flicked briefly toward Thunder. "Isn't that true loyalty?"

Thunder swallowed back anger. Is she saying I'm disloyal for leaving Clear Sky all those moons ago? He watched his father nervously. Would Star Flower's honeyed words work on his? Relief washed his pelt as Clear Sky shook his head.

"I can't let you join us," he told her. "Your father hurt a lot of my cats. They wouldn't thank me for bringing you back to camp."

Star Flower blinked slowly at Clear Sky. "And what if your cats told you they didn't mind?" she asked softly. "Would you take me in?"

Clear Sky shook his head and turned away. "I can't," he growled. "Not after what your father did."

Thunder saw anger flash in Star Flower's eyes.

"Thunder, please!" She turned toward him. He tried to avoid her bright green gaze, but it hooked it. "It's going to be a long leaf-bare." There was fear in her mew. "I don't know if I'll make it through by myself. Now that One Eye is dead, I have no cat to help me hunt."

Thunder forced himself to look away, feeling Star Flower's desperate gaze burning through his pelt. Was he wrong to punish her for her father's sins? She was alone now. Without One Eye to bully her, perhaps she could be trusted. Perhaps she'd simply been one of his victims. Thunder felt his heart twist. "Clear Sky!" He called to his father. "Maybe we should give her a chance."

Clear Sky glanced over his shoulder. "She's One Eye's daughter!"

"That's not her fault!" Thunder knew better than most that a cat didn't have to follow in their father's paw steps. Star Flower's glossy pelt brushed his flank. Energy sparked through him like lighting. Her scent was so familiar, so warm. His mind whirled. He had to persuade Clear Sky to take her in. He couldn't leave her to starve. "You wanted to bring all the cats together!" he called. "Why not Star Flower? She was one of us once."

Clear Sky's blue eyes narrowed.

"Fluttering Bird wanted us to unite so we can spread and grow." Thunder pressed. "The more cats we have, the stronger we'll be."

Clear Sky glanced at Star Flower's squirrel. "I guess she can hunt."

"I can!" Star Flower snatched up the squirrel.

Clear Sky turned away, his tail twitching. "Bring her along. You can explain it to your campmates."

Purring, Star Flower followed Clear Sky past the yew.—A Forest Divided, pages 85-88

In fact, he didn't even trust her in The Blazing Star.

"Thunder," Clear Sky began diplomatically, "these are confusing times. It's hard to know which cat to trust."

"You trusted One Eye, didn't you?" Thunder spat at him.

"Yes, and look where that got me!" Clear Sky retorted.—The Blazing Star, page 195

Nevertheless, the two cats are actually a very good match for each other. They're very similar in terms of making mistakes, but they have also been doing their best to make up for them. They understand each other. And Clear Sky's and Star Flower's old ways of thinking were very similar to what many cats would go through, especially if said cats are in a forbidden relationship.

Clear Sky chose his group over his family, while Star Flower was the opposite. It's the same mentality, just taken into a different context. These two cats show just what happens when either one is taken too far, and it's an interesting way of looking at it if you ask me.

And speaking of Star Flower, I don't really see what's so bad about her. Yes, she betrayed Thunder, but who's to say she even had a choice in the matter?

We know that One Eye was a ruthless cat who'd do anything for power and control, and Star Flower quite literally couldn't survive without him. She loved her father, especially since he was the only family she had left. To her, family was the most important thing of all. It isn't really all that farfetched as to why she would choose her father over the pre-Clans if one were to think about it this way.

And speaking of the relationship between One Eye and Star Flower, Kate has actually stated that One Eye used Star Flower just like he used every other cat he ever knew, and later said that he loved Star Flower as much as he could love any cat.

And I especially don't see why people hated that she didn't turn out to be a villain. I mean, shouldn't it have been a good thing that she ended up siding with the future Clans?

And besides, it should've been pretty obvious from her leaving in The Blazing Star and her reappearance at the beginning of A Forest Divided that Star Flower wasn't evil or in league with Slash. She was never evil to begin with.

In fact, she was usually rather calm when interacting with Thunder or any of the other cats, even when they obviously didn't trust her. Her treachery had already been revealed anyway, so what else would she have had to gain by lying to them now?

She never lashed out at Thunder for killing her father, never vowed revenge, or anything else of the sort afterwards, nor did she show any signs of it, either. She was sad that her father had died, but never did anything in retaliation.

In fact, this is literally the very first thing she does after her father's death.

Star Flower let out a moan of grief and dragged herself across the ground to touch her nose to her father's.—The Blazing Star, page 249

And here's everything else that happened between Thunder and Star Flower right after Thunder ordered for her to be driven out.

Thunder watched in silence as Star Flower padded over to him, her brilliant green gaze pleading. Thunder, he's my father," she mewed. "Please let me say good-bye."

Thunder felt as if everything in him was frozen, like the icy peaks Gray Wing told him about. "How interesting that you never mentioned that when we were together." He let out a snort of disgusted laughter. "But then, we were never 'together', were we? It was all a lie."—The Blazing Star, page 241

"Please listen to me, Thunder," Star Flower went on, taking another pace toward him, so that her sweet scent wreathed around him. "I did like you, truly. Meeting you by the four trees, and calling out to you on the moor. Taking you to the secret garden... that was all my idea."

"Like I'd believe that!" Thunder scoffed.

"It was. It was only after my father found out that I'd been spending time with you that he suggested I should use our closeness to find out what the other cats were doing." She looked down and studied her paws. "When I left you at the secret garden, One Eye was waiting for me. He'd been listening to us, and he sent me to follow you. I hid outside your camp and listened to what you were planning."

Thunder winced. I even heard paw steps; I thought some cat was following me! "So that's how One Eye came waiting for us beside the Thunderpath," he meowed. "And then you showed me a plant that was nothing like the Blazing Star. It was a trick to pump me for information."

Star Flower hung her head. "That's true. But I told you the truth when I said that the Blazing Star is a healing herb. You have to believe that."

"I believe every word you said," Thunder told her. "I was… I was…"

"What?" Star Flower asked encouragingly, looking up at him again.

"Tricked," Thunder replied, letting all the bitterness he felt seep into a single word. "And I won't let it happen again."—The Blazing Star, pages 241-242

Star Flower looked up at him, and seeing the despair in her eyes made Thunder feel as though a giant claw was piercing his heart. "Please," she whispered. "can't we at bury him? Then I'll leave you alone and never bother you again."—The Blazing Star, page 244

"I want to help, too," Star Flower mewed as Thunder led the way to the foot of the thorn tree where One Eye was lying.

With so many paws working together, it didn't take long to dig a deep enough hole to bury One Eye. Then Star Flower nudged his body into the hole and watched as the other cats covered him with earth and leaves.

When task was finished, the cats who had gathered looked at another uncertainly, murmuring together as if they weren't sure what to do now. Should one of us say something? Thunder wondered.

Then Star Flower stepped forward, raising her face to the sunshine. "To my father, a true ray of light," she mewed.—The Blazing Star, page 245-246

Star Flower stretched out a paw and laid it gently on her father's grave. For several heartbeats she remained motionless, her eyes closed. Then at last she opened her eyes again and slowly padded up to Thunder.

"Thank you," she whispered. "I won't trouble you anymore." She slipped past him and headed toward the forest.—The Blazing Star, page 246

And the very next time Star Flower meets Thunder—who found her, not the other way around—she talks to him as if he were a friend, not an enemy.

A golden she-cat was bent over a dead squirrel. From its scent it was freshly caught. Thunder unsheathed his claws. The cat's tabby markings, and her white chest and paws, were so familiar they made his heart ache.

He slid from under the yew and glared at her. "Star Flower."

Star Flower turned, gazing at him with luminous green eyes. "Hi, Thunder. What are you doing here in the forest? I thought you were a moor cat."

Thunder bristled. "What am I doing here?" Didn't she realize she was hunting on Clear Sky's territory? "How can you show your face here after—"

She cut him off. "After what?" She tipped her head, her gaze steady. "After you murdered my father?"

She was talking about the rogue cat called One Eye, who had taken over Clear Sky's territory by force, viciously attacking any cat who disobeyed him. The cats of the forest had to stop him! But Star Flower had loved her father, despite his obvious faults. Just like I loved her, he thought.

He no longer had feelings for her, though. He was nearly sure of it.

"It wasn't like that," Thunder insisted.

"Really?" Star Flower swished her thick tail and turned back to her squirrel.

Thunder stared at her, bristling with indignation. If they hadn't stopped him, One Eye would've killed every cat on the moor.

Star Flower glanced at him. "Do you want a bite?"

Heat flashed beneath Thunder's pelt. "A bite? Are we allies now? Don't you care about anything?"

Star Flower lifted her head, her eyes glimmering. "I care enough to forgive you."

"Forgive me?" Thunder snorted. "You're the one who betrayed us.

"And you're the one who helped kill my father," Star Flower replied steadily.—A Forest Divided, pages 84-85

Also, it seems like a lot people tend to really overlook this one quote from A Forest Divided from Gray Wing's PoV when he overhears Slash and Fern Leaf.

"Don't let me down, Fern. Star Flower betrayed me, and she's lucky I let her live. I won't be so soft with you."—A Forest Divided, page 63

And there's also towards the end of A Forest Divided where Star Flower was shown to be terrified of Slash and was also struggling to get away from him and his goons.

Clear Sky peered past him at Star Flower. Why wasn't she trying to escape? She stood meek as a kit between the ginger tom and his brown tabby ally. "Come to me, Star Flower. I won't let them hurt you."

She didn't move. Fear showed in her eyes.—A Forest Divided, pages 330-331

Clear Sky's anger rose, roaring in his ears. "Star Flower is coming with me." He reared, hissing, but Slash leaped back and grabbed Star Flower. Hooking his claws into her shoulders, he hauled her to the ground and pinned her there. The tabby and the ginger tom crouched on either side, their teeth bared.

Star Flower groaned, her eyes wild with terror.—A Forest Divided, page 331

Anger sparked in Star Flower's eyes. "Get off me!" She struggled, her paws slithering over the ground as Slash pushed her into the soggy leaves. "I never knew what One Eye saw in you!" she hissed. "You're not fit to say his name."

Slash's ears flattened. "Oh, really?" With a flick of his claws, he sliced her cheek. "Then why did you promise him that you would be my mate?"

"That was a long time ago!" Star Flower struggled harder.—A Forest Divided, page 332

Slash's tail flicked sharply behind him. "I will kill Star Flower." He nodded to the tabby and padded away between the trees. The tabby grabbed Star Flower's scruff between his teeth and dragged her after Slash. The ginger tom followed, snarling at Star Flower's tail as her legs kicked in a futile attempt to free herself.—A Forest Divided, page 334

Star Flower has proven that she's a good and loyal cat to the five groups after she joined pre-SkyClan, so I really don't get why she gets so much hate.

For example, she was kind to Milkweed's kits.

Star Flower's golden pelt caught his eye. She slid out from behind the oak and skirted the edge of the clearing. Stopping beside the yew, she stopped to look under the branches. "Hi, you two," There was a teasing purr in her mew as she called to Thistle and Clover. "Who wants to race me to the prey pile?"

Thistle and Clover scrambled eagerly into the light.

"There's prey?" Clover blinked.

"I told you I smelled mouse," Thistle told his sister.

"Milkweed said we shouldn't take prey unless it's offered." Clover's eyes were wide with worry.

Star Flower lifted her tail. "I'm offering."

Clear Sky snorted. Star Flower was acting as if it was her prey to give away! She'd hardly been here longer than the kits. She hadn't even been on the hunting patrol that had brought it back. She had lost none of her arrogance.

"Line up next to me," she told the kits as she crouched. "When I twitch my ear, run. The first cat to the prey pile gets the first pick of the prey."

Thistle and Clover huddled beside her, their short tails flicking with excitement.

Milkweed squeezed out beside them. "Don't pick the best prey," she warned. "The hunters should get it."

Star Flower flashed her a look. "Don't teach them to take less that they deserve. They need to grow strong—one day, they'll be the hunters."—A Forest Divided, pages 138-139

She seems to have regretted her actions and swore her loyalty to Clear Sky despite knowing that she didn't deserve it.

Star Flower lowered her voice. "I understand you, Clear Sky. You've had to make hard decisions to protect the cats in your care. And sometimes it's meant doing things you've regretted." She held his gaze. "If I could take back some of the things I've done, I would."

Clear Sky blinked. Was she sorry for her betrayal? Her eyes glimmered, as though lit by starlight. Her dark pupils looked like flower. To Clear Sky, it was almost like the five petals of the Blazing Star seemed to shine in her eyes.

"I know you don't trust me," she murmured. "I don't deserve your trust. But I will try to show you that you can count on me. Once I choose my allies, I am willing to die for them. For all my mistakes, I never betrayed my father. And if you trust me, I will never betray you."—A Forest Divided, pages 147-148

She tried to let Thunder down as gently as she could when he confronted her over her relationship with Clear Sky.

Rage urged beneath Thunder's pelt. "Stay away from my father," he hissed.

Star Flower blinked. "Why? We get along so well, and—" She paused, her gaze suddenly softening. "Oh, Thunder. I'm so sorry."

Thunder shifted his paws, his pelt burning. He looked away. "What for?"

"I didn't know you still had feelings for me," she gushed. "I thought you stopped caring for me when you found out who my father was."

Thunder stiffened, surprised to find hope pricking in his chest. Was that regret in her mew? Did she still care about him?

"We were never meant to be together, Thunder." Star Flower shook her head sadly.—A Forest Divided, pages 168-169

She comforted Clear Sky when Thunder left… in her own way, at least.

Her soft gaze met his. "It's been a tough day." She reached forward and brushed his cheek with her muzzle. "But don't be sad. A few trouble makers have left, that's all. This is your chance to build the strong, loyal group you always wanted. Let Thunder go if he wants. His only ambition is to fill his belly. He will never be the leader that you are."—A Forest Divided, page 184

She pretty much risked her own health and the hostility of the other cats by wanting to go with Thunder and Clear Sky to see Quiet Rain.

Star Flower jumped down the bank. "I'm coming with you."

Thunder stiffened. The she-cat smelled different. And there was a gentle glow in her eyes, which he'd never seen before.

"Please stay here," Clear Sky told her gently. "It's cold. You should rest. You're expecting our kits."—A Forest Divided, page 252

Suddenly the camp wall shivered. Thunder blinked in surprise as Star Flower padded through the bramble entrance.

Seeing her, Gray Wing let out a low growl and Jagged Peak arched his back in a hiss.

Thunder stepped forward. "What are you doing here?"

Star Flower brushed past Gray Wing, ignoring the hostility flashing from the tom, and stopped at the edge of the clearing. "I was worried about Clear Sky."

"He told you to stay in camp," Thunder muttered.

She narrowed her eyes. "I do as I please, not as I'm told."

Unease rippled through Thunder's pelt when he noticed Jagged Peak's fur bristling along his shoulders. Star Flower had taken a big risk coming here. The last time any of these cats had seen her, she had just betrayed them to One Eye.

He moved closer to her. "You should leave," he hissed in her ear.

"I'm staying," she snapped.—A Forest Divided, page 255

She was worried about Clear Sky while he was talking to Quiet Rain.

Outside, he could hear Star Flower's anxious mew. "Where's Clear Sky?"

"He's still talking to Quiet Rain," Gray Wing told her gently.

"What about?" Worry sharpened Star Flower's voice.—A Forest Divided, page 269

She comforted him when Quiet Rain disowned him… again, in her own way.

"There's a hollow in the brambles over here," Star Flower soothed. "We can rest there until the morning."

"I want to go home," he mumbled.

"We must stay."

Clear Sky felt her warm flank against his and let her guide him across the snow.

As they neared the brambles, she nudged him softly. "Wait here."

He stared blankly as she hollowed snow from beside the prickly camp wall, digging a den in the shelter of its stems. When she's finished, she hopped from the shallow dip and nosed him forward. "We'll be warm in here."

His paws scuffed over the snow and slid into the earthen hollow.

Star Flower slipped in beside him. "Lie down."

He dropped to his belly, his paws buckling, and she curled around him, wrapping her tail over him as though he were a kit. Her gentle purr throbbed against his trembling flank; her warmth slowly seeped through his pelt. Like snow melting, his thoughts cleared. "Am I a monster?" he whispered hoarsely.

"No." Star Flower's whisper was firm. "You're a hero and a leader. You make the tough decisions that other cats fear. There's no shame in that."

His heart ached and he pressed hard against Star Flower. He felt her tongue lapping her cheek. Closing his eyes, he let the warmth of her lull him to sleep.

I hope that she is right…A Forest Divided, pages 264-265

She encouraged Clear Sky to speak with his mother again and was also very respectful towards her.

"She doesn't want to see me again." Clear Sky's whisper sounded through the wall.

"Don't be mouse-brained," Star Flower answered him sharply. "She's your mother and she's sick. I just wish I'd had the chance to talk to One Eye before he died. But I didn't. You must make your peace with Quiet Rain before—"

"Before what?" Quiet Rain cut her off. Her old ears were as sharp as Thunder's. "Who's out there, planning my death?"

Star Flower padded through the entrance. She locked eyes with Quiet Rain, then slowly dipped her head. "I didn't mean you were going to die. I just wanted Clear Sky to understand how important the time with our kin is."

Quiet Rain's gaze slipped past her toward the entrance. "Well, come in, Clear Sky."

Thunder moved aside to let his father slide into the den.

Clear Sky crouched in front of his mother. "I thought you didn't want to see me again," he murmured miserably.

Star Flower snorted. "She won't if you whine like a kit."—A Forest Divided, pages 274-275

She stopped Clear Sky and Jagged Peak from arguing.

Clear Sky nudged between them. "If she wants food, I'll get it.

"She doesn't want food," Jagged Peak snapped. "Haven't you upset her enough already without bullying her now?"

"I wasn't bullying her!" Clear Sky bristled. "I was offering her food."

"Be quiet!" Star Flower Star Flower shouldered her way between them. "Your mother needs rest. More than that, she needs to see that her kits can get along without fighting!"—A Forest Divided, page 277

She offered to help find Jagged Peak and Holly's kits, and was even willing to work together with Thunder to find them.

"Don't blame yourself. This is no cat's fault," Clear Sky told them sharply. "But we must find them, quickly. They could freeze in this snow."

Thunder and Gray Wing stopped beside Jagged Peak.

Star Flower padded past them. "Where should we look?"—A Forest Divided, page 279

Thunder swished his tail over the snow. "I'll head for the oak forest, in case Mud Paws went that way first."

"Let me come." Star Flower stared at the orange-and-white tom. "I grew up in the Forest, and I can show you every hiding place."

"Why would they be hiding?" Thunder argued.

"When they realize how cold and hungry they are," Star Flower countered, "they'll find a sheltered spot and wait for help."


Clear Sky blinked as Thunder nodded and headed out of camp after Star Flower. They're working together!—A Forest Divided, page 280

She was seen helping Pebble Heart with herbs when Quiet Rain died.

Pebble Heart had sorted through the herbs he'd brought back from the hollow, while Star Flower stood by, helping where she could by wrapping the leaves he separated into neat bundles.—A Forest Divided, page 304

She even suggested that River Ripple be present at the burial and was also the one who offered to go get him.

Star Flower crossed the clearing and touched muzzles with Clear Sky. "River Ripple should be at her burial."

Clear Sky frowned. "Why?"

"He is a leader like you, Thunder, and Tall Shadow," she meowed. "You are all petals of the same flower, remember?"

"And Wind Runner," Gray Wing added, thinking of the camp on the moor. "Although… we are still giving her space."

Clear Sky looked thoughtful. "You are right. We should leave Wind Runner in peace. But the rest of us should be together," he mewed.

"I will get River Ripple," Star Flower told him.

Thunder felt a sudden flash of gratitude toward the she-cat, but he noticed Clear Sky's pelt pricked uneasily.

"It's too far for you to travel," he argued.

Star Flower met his gaze. "Carrying kits doesn't weaken a cat, it makes her stronger."

"I'll go with her." Tall Shadow stepped forward.

Thunder blinked in surprise at the warmth in her mew. And yet, why not? Hadn't Star Flower been trying to make up for her betrayal in everything she did? She had not left Clear Sky's side, she'd treated his mother with respect, and now she was offering to get River Ripple for the burial. Was it possible she'd earned their trust at last?—A Forest Divided, pages 306-307

At Quiet Rain's burial, Star Flower only stared at Sun Shadow with pity.

But Star Flower was oblivious to the spirit cats moving in the clearing. She was watching Sun Shadow, her eyes filled with pity.—A Forest Divided, 314-315

In Path of Stars, Star Flower—who had been starved by Slash during her time in his camp—warned Gray Wing about there being two more guards, wanted to help her rescuers fight off Slash's rogues, and even taught the five groups how to fight them off while also calling Clear Sky out on his overprotectiveness.

Star Flower's eyes seemed to spark into life as she heard it.
Suddenly, she hauled herself to her paws. "There are two guards," she warned Gray Wing.

"I know," he told her. Lightning Tail and Leaf are taking care of them.

"No." Star Flower stared at him. "Two more! Slash sent extra because of the meeting."

Gray Wing's chest tightened. "Where are they?"

"They went to hunt rats in the carrion place." Star Flower glanced fearfully at the gap in the bracken. "They'll hear the fighting!"—Path of Stars, page 60

"Run!" Gray Wing wailed. "As he spoke, the ginger tom let go and hared away, charging after Star Flower.

Gray Wing scrambled to his paws and chased after him. He felt a twinge in hi chest. It sharpened as he saw the tom reach her first. Star Flower's eyes lit with fury. She reared and met the attack with outstretched claws.—Path of Stars, page 61

"That's not enough." Star Flower's mew took Thunder by surprise.

She padded past Jagged Peak and Tall Shadow and faced the group. "You have to learn how rogues fight."

Thunder frowned. "But I thought we weren't going to fight like foxes."

Star Flower met his gaze. "If you fight a fox, you must know how it thinks."

"How?" Jagged Peak tipped his head. "We can't see their thoughts."

Star Flower flicked her gaze towards him. "I am One Eye's daughter, remember? I know how they fight—using trickery and deceit. I can show you the kind of moves they use. I can teach you what to expect."

Clear Sky hurried to her side. "You're in no condition to teach battle moves."

Star Flower halted him with an emerald stare. "I'm as fit as the rest of you. If I can give birth to three kits, I can certainly teach battle moves." She nodded to Thunder. "Attack me."

Thunder blinked at her, his gaze flicking uncertainly to Clear Sky.

Clear Sky's tail twitched nervously. "Be careful," he warned.

Star Flower glared at her mate. "I'm not made out of cherry blossom," she snapped. She turned to Thunder, holding his gaze as she backed away from the group. She came to a stop in the middle of the clearing. "Attack me!"—Path of Stars, pages 128-129

He stared up at Star Flower as she backed away, lifting her gaze to the others. "Rogues like to lame their enemies first, then attack. It's a sneaky trick, but it's effective. If I attacked Thunder now, he'd only be able to defend himself with three paws. And he'd be pretty confused about what had happened. It gives a rogue all the time they need to deliver a far more damaging blow."—Path of Stars, pages 129-130

"Hit the top first," Star Flower instructed. "A short, sharp blow. Then follow it up with a hefty swipe to the side. You need to hit the right spot. It numbs the leg instantly."—Path of Stars, page 130

Star Flower blinked at him. "You don't have to use it if you don't want to, but you'll know what to look out for." She circled Thunder. "Try it me," she ordered."

Thunder stared at her. "I can't."

Star Flower rolled her eyes. "Just try it!"—Path of Stars, page 131

Star Flower whisked her tail. "If a rogue tries to start an attack by aiming for your shoulder, that's how you counter it."—Path of Stars, page 131

She also refused to eat anything until her campmates ate first.

Clear Sky stopped pacing. He poked his head into the den once more. "Please take just a mouthful." He pushed the rabbit closer to Star Flower.

She shook her head. "I can't eat while the others go hungry."

Tiny Branch clambered onto his mother's flank. "We're not hungry."

Dew Petal and Flower Foot were wrestling beside her belly. Dew Petal struggled free of her sister's paws and grabbed her tail. "I win!" she squeaked.

Star Flower purred. "See?" She blinked at Clear Sky. "They're getting plenty of milk, and they're as strong as badgers."

Clear Sky frowned. He could see bones showing sharply through Star Flower's pelt. "But what about you?"

"I've been through worse," she assured him.—Path of Stars, pages 118-119

In Moth Flight's Vision, she was the reason why Micah was allowed to join SkyClan in the first place.

Star Flower pricked her ears. "What's catmint?"

"It's an herb that grows on the farm," Micah told her. "We use it to treat coughs."

Star Flower turned to Clear Sky, her purple gaze glittering. "He could help Tiny Branch!"—Moth Flight's Vision, page 137

She even comforted Moth Flight after Micah died.

Star Flower stepped forward, her emerald gaze round with sympathy. "You are angry," she mewed. "A cat you loved has died. But what is the point of blaming Clear Sky? Or Red Claw or Willow Tail?" The tree was rotten. Do you blame the tree?"

"Yes!" Moth Flight's pelt bristled. And Rocky's cough for sending us there! And Clear Sky! And Red Claw and Willow Tail!" Her thoughts seemed to whirl as rage flared. "And Micah for being so dumb!"

Star Flower blinked at her. "Would Micah have blamed anyone?"

I'm glad I spent this time with you. His dying words echoed in her mind. Shame washed her pelt. He could have hated me for bringing him here... but instead he was grateful. She felt the eyes of the other cats fixed on her and backed away, grief welling once more in her chest as her anger withered.—Moth Flight's Vision, page 255

So, why was everyone expecting Star Flower to be evil? Like I said, she was never evil to begin with. If anything, she was just misguided, much like her mate.

And you know who else was misguided? Hollyleaf. Now, for those who know me well enough know that I don't like to compare cats to other cats, but in this case, I'll make an exception only because all three are very similar.

So, here's what I don't get—why do so many people love Hollyleaf, but hate Clear Sky and Star Flower? As I've said, these three cats aren't all that different from each other.

Hollyleaf: Was obsessed with the warrior code.
Killed Ashfur to preserve the secret only to tell the secret herself.
Tried to kill Leafpool before running away.

Clear Sky: Was obsessed with preserving borders.
Killed Misty to preserve said borders.
Killed Rainswept Flower and tried to kill Gray Wing before calling off the battle.

Star Flower: Told her father information about the moor and forest cats.

Much like with Yellowfang and Clear Sky, Hollyleaf's, Clear Sky's and Star Flower's circumstances were different, but the motives were pretty much the same—trying to do what they thought was right. And sometimes, it's really hard to know what's right and what's wrong, even if all you have are good intentions.

Clear Sky is a good cat at heart, he just made poor choices. He's learned from his mistakes and knows not to do it again.

Am I excusing his mistakes? Pshhh! Not by a long shot! But I do find them understandable. It's like Storm said:

"Fear is what drove you." There was relief in Storm's mew. She turned back to him, her gaze softening suddenly. "Fear is a powerful instinct that only the strongest cats can resist."—The First Battle, page 285

And she's right—only the strongest of beings can resist such a powerful emotion like fear, and Clear Sky—in all his paranoia and good intentions—just couldn't handle it.

This is exactly why I love Clear Sky. He is a very complex character with questionable ideals, but he'd ultimately do anything to protect those around him. It just came at too high a price at first. Personally, I don't think he deserves the amount of hate he gets. He really isn't all that bad of a cat, nor is Star Flower.

Daisy—Why do people hate her? Is it because of the Cloudtail/Brightheart thing, or because she's a permanant queen?

Cloudtail chose Brightheart as a mate, despite her scars, and they even had kits together. Daisy shouldn't get full blame, part of it goes to all three:

Cloudtail for being a mouse-brained tom

Brightheart for not simply talking to her mate

Daisy for kinda flirting

When Daisy reacted to Brightheart, it was actually natural, especially for someone like Daisy who had always lived a very comfortable life. She never even intended on staying forever:

"I couldn't help hearing what you were saying. I didn't intend to join anyone when I left home. I only wanted to save my kits from whatever happened to Floss's litter. If it's a problem having us here, we'll leave as soon as my kits are strong enough to travel." —pg 142 Twilight

The main reason Daisy left was because she knew that Cloudtail would never love her the way he loved Brightheart.

Daisy let out a long sigh. "It can't possibly work. I've always lived close to Nofurs. I'm used to regular feeding times and a roof over my head. You warriors despise that way of life."

"We don't despise you Daisy," Cloudtail promised quietly.

"But everything in the forest is so strange!" Daisy protested. "I don't understand half of what's in that warrior code of yours. I don't feel like I could ever belong."

Her eyes, fixed on Cloudtail, were huge with sorrow. Understanding struck Brambleclaw like a flash of lightning. She was in love with the white warrior! And she must know that there would never be any cat for him but Brightheart. He let out a purr of sympathy. It must hurt to see Cloudtail every day and know he would never be more than her friend.

Cloudtail didn't seem to realize the strength of Daisy's feelings. "I still think you should come," he argued. "There'll always be a place for you. And every cat misses you. I know Brightheart does."

Daisy winced. Brambleclaw thought Cloudtail was being a little optimistic in mentioning Brightheart. "But I'm so useless out there," she meowed. "I feel like every cat in the Clan is fed up with watching me."

"That's not true," Brambleclaw tried to reassure her. "You've helped Sorreltail with her kits haven't you?" —Sunset pg 192-193

She even apologized to Brightheart for her actions:

"Brightheart, I'm glad you're here. There's something I wanted to say to you."

"What?" Brightheart sounded wary.

"The reason I left...well it was only partly because of the danger out here. I've been worried about the kits since the badger attack, but I'm their mother—I'd worry about them where ever we were. Mostly it was because I—I don't have any cat in the Clan that I'm close to. Not like you and Cloudtail."

There was a heartbeat's tense silence. Leafpool started to back away, and Brightheart's reply when it came, was too low and indistinct for her to hear it.

"No," Daisy responded more clearly. "Cloudtail is very kind to me, but he would be kind to any cat in trouble. He's a good warrior and he loves you very much."

Another pause, until at last Brightheat mewed softly, "I know." Her voice shook as she added, "Thank you, Daisy. I'm really glad you decided to come back. ThunderClan needs more young cats, and your three will be excellent warriors." —Sunset pg 206-207

Also, Princess reacted in a similar way Daisy had when she first met Brightheart. The only difference is that Princess was actually warned beforehand.

"But I worry about you, Fireheart, and Cloudtail. You haven't got a nest to—Oh!"

Princess had just caught sight of Lostface's damaged side and could not restrain a squeak of horror. Lostface heard her and crouched closer to the ground, uneasiness showing in her bristling fur.

"Come and meet Lostface," Cloudtail meowed, giving his mother a hard stare.

Nervously Princess took the few paces that brought her to where Graystripe and Lostface waited. Graystripe nodded to her in greeting, and Lostface gazed up at her with her one good eye.

"Oh my goodness, whatever happened to you?" Princess blurted out, her paws working on the ground. —A Dangerous Path pg 262

Oh, and speaking of Brightheart, I get why she was insecure about her looks when she got mauled, but Cloudtail has been with her ever since; comforting her, helping her become a warrior again, even having a kit with her. You'd think after all that time she'd build up some confidence.

She really annoyed me in TNP. I mean, she got jealous of Daisy almost literally the moment she saw Cloudtail helping her.

"And we won't make any important decisions without talking to you," Firestar added. He turned to the apprentices, who were hovering on the edge of the group with eyes like full moons.

"Birchpaw, fetch Daisy a piece of fresh-kill from the pile, please."

The young apprentice bounded off

"Come on Daisy," Cloudtail meowed. "Everything will seem better when you're not hungry and tired."

Squirrelflight saw Brightheart looking a little disconcerted as her mate touched his nose to Daisy's flank. The ginger and white she-cat watched them walk back to the nursery, then murmured to Whitepaw, "Your father's doing the right thing. Daisy's exhausted, and she must be scared out of her wits."

Brightheart hurried forward to catch up with Cloudtail and Daisy.—pg 143 Twilight

She should have known that Cloudtail would never leave her and was only helping Daisy because he knew what it was like to be an outsider. Seriously, other than him, Ferncloud, and Sorreltail, the Clan cared more about Daisy's kits than Daisy herself.

And there's one thing that I don't get; why did Brightheart feel this way now when there were plenty of other she-cats just as pretty as Daisy in the Clan, yet she only considered the former loner as a threat until she confronted her and apologized for her actions.

This all could have been avoided if she only talked to Cloudtail in the first place and told him how she felt about the situation. Instead, she decided to help Cinderpelt and become the Clan's unofficial third medicine cat when she wasn't even needed!

Also, Daisy's life has been far from easy: Smokey didn't love her enough, Berrykit got his tail mangled, Cloudtail already had a mate, and Spiderleg never even intended on having kits with her. She even called him out on it in Long Shadows.

"Our kits are worried about you, too," Daisy went on. Her voice grew sharper. "It's a wonder they remember you, because you never come to visit them.

Spiderleg shrugged. "It's not that I'm not interested… I just know you'll do great job of raising them without me."

"Why?" Daisy challenged. "Because I've raised kits on my own before? But that wasn't my choice, Spiderleg, as you know very well."

Lionblaze exchanged an embarrassed glance with Leafpool: he wished he could leave the den, but the two quarreling cats were blocking the entrance. Leafpool was listening with a strange look in her eyes that Lionblaze couldn't interpret.

"Every kit is different," Daisy went on. "And every kit deserves to know its father. You're missing out, Spiderleg, and if you're not careful it will be too late, and your own kits won't know who you are!"

Not waiting for a reply, she spun and stalked out the den.

As for her being a "waste of space", how? There have been other permanent queens in the series, even in OS.

Speckletail was listed as a queen even before Snowkit was born, which was in Rising Storm. She was never seen doing warrior duties.

Then there's Goldenflower. Like Speckletail, she was never seen doing any warrior duties, with the exception of the battle with BloodClan. She was also a permanent queen from Midnight to Starlight.

Goldenflower, the oldest ThunderClan queen and Brambleclaw's own mother, spoke from her mossy bed. She had no kits of her own to nurse, but she had decided to stay in the nursery to share the care of the new arrivals instead of taking up her warrior duties again.

And we all know about Ferncloud, who some people seem to think became a permanent queen before Daisy. She did not. Ferncloud was a regular queen, and she even went on patrols and such after Birchkit became an apprentice. She went back to the nursery to help Daisy after the former arrived and returned, and became an official permanent queen sometime between Sunrise and The Fourth Apprentice.

Daisy did learn to fight, we just saw only one training session.

"No." he [Cloudtail] meowed. "You've got to hit me. Hard."

Daisy blinked at him with limpid blue eyez. "But I don't want to hurt you."

Cloudtail's tail curled up. "Don't worry, you won't. Come on, try again."

The horseplace cat gave him a doubtful look, then ran at him, flashing out a paw as she went past. Cloudtail dodged aside and hooked out Daisy's paws from under her so that she srawled on the grass in a tangle of legs and fluffy tail.

"That's not fair!" she wailed. "You never said you were going to do that."

"Oh, right." Cloudtail couldn't keep the amusement out of his voice. "Do you think in the thick of battle an enemy warrior will come up and say 'Be careful, I'm going to push you now?'"

Daisy lashed her tail. "It's not like I'll ever need to fight."

"You might." Cloudtail's gaze was serious now. "If another Clan attacked us—or other creatures like foxes or dogs—you need to know how to defend yourself. If you don't, you could get hurt really badly."

"Oh, all right." Daisy gave her creamy chest fur a couple of licks. "Show me again what I've got to do."

She tried, but she wasn't successful at it. So she decided to help the Clan in another way. Why should she keep on trying to do something she isn't good at instead of doing something she really loves, which is taking care of kits? She'd only waste both her time and the Clan's time if she continued to try fighting.

Daisy took care of Millie's kits when the latter caught greencough.

Firestar put her in charge of watching the queens and elders when the fire happened in Fading Echoes.

In The Forgotten Warrior, Daisy swears that she'll protect Sorreltail when WindClan attacked.

"We can fight, too, if we have to. We'll guard Sorreltail and the kits."—The Forgotten Warrior, page 306

She participated in battle training and even fought in The Last Hope.

Broad-shouldered warriors surged past Sandstorm. Brambleclaw launched himself across the clearing and began hauling them away. Tigerheart struggling free and rushing to help. Daisy shot out of the brambles and began slashing wildly at a wall of jaws.—The Last Hope, page 181

A screech sounded from the nursery. Dovewing's pelt spiked as she saw Daisy slam a Dark Forest warrior onto the ground. Brightheart lunged for his throat, sinking her teeth in with a growl.—The Last Hope, page 187

Tell me again that she's useless! Ferncloud is dead now, anyway. So is Sorreltail and most of her kits. Her only friends left are Cloudtail and Brightheart, and her only remaining kits are Mousewhisker, Berrynose, and Rosepetal.

Dovewing—I really don't see what's to hate about her.

"She whined about her powers!"

Yes, but it was only for one book. Keep in mind that Dovewing was only eight moons old when she found out about her powers and she even thought that everyone had senses as strong as hers. Jayfeather and Lionblaze were also older than her when they discovered theirs, so it's unfair to compare her to them. And keep in mind that all three of them are different cats.

Besides, it's not like Jayfeather and Lionblaze never complained about their powers/destinies either.

Jayfeather wanted to be a warrior, but had to trade that for the life of a medicine cat and even hated it at first. Later on, he was forced to leave Half Moon because he still had a prophecy to complete and was even constantly thinking about her in The Forgotten Warrior.

Lionblaze hated his powers because of how the prophecy was affecting his relationship with Cinderheart. It got to the point where he nearly got himself killed just to prove to her that he could be an ordinary warrior if he wanted to.

Plus, Dovewing even came to accept her powers by the end of The Fourth Apprentice when she saw just how helpful they really were.

The drought is over! The Clans will survive! Dovepaw paused briefly, blinking in surprise. I did that, she realized. If it wasn't for my senses, the Clans would still be dying of thirst. Pride flooded over her with the force of the freed water surging down into the lake. Maybe it won't be so bad, having these powers, if I can use them to help my Clan.The Fourth Apprentice, page 294

I don't understand why people say that she always whined about her powers when it was only for that one book.

"She whined about her powers being gone even though she wanted to be a normal cat!"

Well, what'd you expect?

Dovewing has had her powers since she was a kit, so of course she'd be worried about losing them. She would've been used to them by this point and has helped out her Clan many times with them. Plus, she also had a prophecy to fulfill.

"All she did with her powers was spy on Tigerheart!"

Not true. As mentioned before, she was the one who spotted the beavers and discovered that they were the ones who were causing the drought.

She also saved many of her Clanmates by reporting that a beech tree was about fall.

She saved Icecloud when the latter fell down one of the tunnels.

She managed to hear find out where Sorreltail was when the latter was giving birth.

She managed to see and hear all the way to the Dark Forest and report what they were saying.

Using her powers, she was also one of the best hunters in ThunderClan.

Really, it was just devastating seeing her so depressed when she lost her powers for good.

Also, I don't recall her ever using her powers to actually spy on Tigerheart except when she heard him sitting vigil for Flametail.

"She was always leaving Ivypool!"

No, she wasn't, at least not intentionally. Dovewing always wanted to do everything with Ivypool, but that all changed when she discovered her powers. Whenever she tried to speak to Ivypool, she was either being called off for a meeting or Ivypool was being a jerk to her. And yes, Ivypool was being a jerk to her.

"So it's true?" Dovepaw's heart pounded.

Ivypaw's blue eyes hardened. "So what if I did? It's the only way I'm going to be a great warrior. Everyone's trying so hard to make you the best warrior in ThunderClan; they hardly bother with me. I'm just Dovepaw's dumb sister—"

Dovepaw couldn't bear to listen. "How could you be sostupid? The Dark Forest cats are evil!"

"How would you know?" Ivypaw spat back. "You've never met one!"

Dovepaw stared at her. "Of course they're evil. Why else would they be in the Dark Forest? Do you think StarClan sent Tigerstar there because he was good?"

"Have you ever met Tigerstar?"

"No! But I've heard nursery tales about him. So have you! He tried to destroy Firestar; he set BloodClan on him—"

"He's different now!" Ivypaw thrust her muzzle in Dovepaw's face. "His time in the Dark Forest has taught him the importance of loyalty." Was that a challenge in her mew?

Dovepaw didn't flinch. "You're wrong," she hissed. "He wants to destroy Firestar as much as he ever did. The only thing that matters to Tigerstar is power."

Ivypaw curled her lip. "You haven't spoken to him. I have! He told me everything. How he only became ShadowClan's leader after Bluestar forced him out of ThunderClan. How he's always stayed loyal to his birth Clan. Despite everything they've done to him!"

"Everything they've done to him?" Dovepaw couldn't believe her ears.

"Who won the battle yesterday?"

"What's the battle got to do with it?"

"It was Tigerstar's idea! He's the one who told me to persuade Firestar to fight ShadowClan. He warned me that ShadowClan was planning to steal our territory. And because of Tigerstar, we stole their territory instead. What's that, if it's not loyalty?"

"But Tigerstar is a part of the Dark Forest! You can't trust him! Don't you see that the battle caused nothing but more trouble?" Dovepaw spat. "Winning a worthless piece of land cost Firestar a life and killed Russetfur!"

Ivypaw narrowed her eyes. "Tigerstar is sill loyal to ThunderClan. You're just jealous. You're jealous that it'sme he's visiting and not you! You're scared that I might become a better warrior than you! That I might be the special one, and that Firestar might start taking notice of me instead of you!"

"Don't be mouse-brained! You're my sister." But Dovepaw found herself yowling at empty air. Ivypaw had turned and bounded into the bracken. Suddenly alone in the frozen forest, Dovepaw started shivering.—Night Whispers, pages 45-46

"I wasn't criticizing," Dovepaw mewed quickly. "I'm just worried about you." She dropped her catch in front of Ivypaw. "Here, have a bite." She didn't want to argue with her sister.

Ivypaw shook her head. "That would be against the warrior code." she pointed out.

"Just take a small bite," Dovepaw urged. "You look starving. I'll say it got damaged in the hunt."

Ivypaw narrowed her eyes. "No, thank you," she growled. "I'm not the one who likes breaking the warrior code."

"What?" Dovepaw stared at her in surprise.

"I'm not the one who disappears at night to meet a ShadowClan warrior."

Dovepaw's heart seemed to drop in her chest like a stone.Ivypaw knows about Tigerheart! "How did you find out?"

"Did you think I wouldn't smell him on you?" Ivypaw's tail lashed. "Not very loyal, is it? Spending every night with a tom from another Clan?"

Dovepaw stiffened. "At least we're not putting anyone in danger."

"What do you mean by that?"

"Every time you go to the Dark Forest, you betray your Clanmates."

"That's not true!" Ivypaw hissed "I'm learning to be a great warrior so I can help my Clan!"

"Yeah, right!" Dovepaw snapped scornfully. "Just like Tigerstar. He was a great warrior!"

"He was!"

"He became ShadowClan's leader. He tried to kill Firestar!" How could Ivypaw be so dumb?

Ivypaw glared at her, eyes cold as ice. "Aren't you going to ask how I recognized his smell?"

Dovepaw blinked, confused. "What?"

"Don't you think it's odd how easily I recognized Tigerheart's scent?"

Dovepaw froze, her blood draining into her paws. She remembered the look Ivypaw and Tigerheart had shared in the battle.

"H-How did you know?" Dovepaw cringed beneath her pelt. She didn't want to hear the answer. She didn't want to hear that Tigerheart had been seeing Ivypaw, too. That he'd lied to her. That she wasn't the only ThunderClan cat who occupied his thoughts.

"I meet him almost every night," Ivypaw crowed.

"You can't; he's with me!"

"Not all night."

Dovepaw backed away. "Don't say that! He likes me, not you. Have you been following him? Find your own mate! Leave him alone!"

Ivypaw padded closer. "Oh, I don't like him in that way. I'm not a soppy dove like you. I'm a warrior, and so is Tigerheart."

Dovepaw wished she were deaf, wished she could see Ivypaw's mouth moving without hearing the words.

"Tigerheart doesn't spend every night cooing in your ears," Ivypaw taunted. "He's one of the best warriors in the Dark Forest. That's where his loyalty lies. Not with you!"

"That's not true! You're just jealous!" Dovepaw shrieked at her sister. She couldn't believe these lies. "You're jealous that I'm a better warrior than you. I always have been and I always will be, and you can't stand it. And now you're jealous that Tigerheart loves me and not you! You want to destroy everything I've got because you're jealous. That's all!"

Ivypaw's eyes gleamed. "Really? Why not ask Tigerheart?"

"Shut up!" Dovepaw scrambled up the bank. "If you tell anyone that I'm seeing Tigerheart, then I'll tell the whole Clan you've been training in the Dark Forest with Tigerstar, and then you'll have no friends. Everyone will hate you just as much as I do!" She pelted through the trees.

"You forgot your catch," Ivypaw called after her.

"You take it!" Dovepaw yowled back. "Then your Clanmates might think you've done something right for a change!"—Night Whispers, pages 179-181

Now yes, in the quote above, Dovewing was being a jerk to Ivypool as well, but Ivypool was putting her under alot of stress and Dovewing even regretted her words afterwards. Really, both cats are at fault.

Don't be stupid! I'm one of the Three. She couldn't leave Jayfeather and Lionblaze to face the Dark Forest warriors alone. And deep down, she knew that she couldn't leave Ivypaw. Pain pierced her heart like a thorn. She shouldn't have said all those things. She'd been cruel. She'd made it sound like the Clan didn't want her sister around.

Suddenly Dovepaw felt sick. What if Ivypaw decided to stay in the Dark Forest forever? She whirled around and raced for home. She'd apologized to Ivypaw. She'd tell her sister she'd been wrong.—Night Whispers, page 182

Dovewing still loved her sister. She even defended Ivypool when Jayfeather accused her of being a traitor.

Jayfeather steered her to the side of the clearing. "Look," he breathed. "She's made her choice. Perhaps we should just keep an eye on her and see what she does. We might be able to learn something about our enemy."

"Ivypaw's not our enemy!" Dovepaw sounded desperate. "She's my littermate. I can't let this happen to her. StarClan knows what Tigerstar will do to her!"—Night Whispers, page 51

In fact, Dovewing never even knew that Ivypool was jealous until she was told.

"Jealous now?" Ivypaw sneered. "You weren't that interested when I tried to tell you before. Too busy chitchatting with Lionblaze. Why should I tell you now? Are you worried that I might be more special than you? Are you worried that the senior warriors might start taking an interest in me instead?"

Rawness edged her mew, and Dovepaw felt a wave of dismay. She hadn't realized Ivypaw felt like t his.

"I-I'm sorry," she began.

But Ivypaw was already bounding away into the trees. She glanced over her shoulder. "Clearly not sorry enough!"

I'll explain it one day! Dovepaw vowed silently to her. Then you'll understand!Night Whispers, pages 184-185

She even wanted to tell her sister about the prophecy, but Jayfeather wouldn't allow it.

"Please can I tell Ivypaw about the prophecy?"

Jayfeather sighed and went back to his sweeping. "No."

"But it's making it really hard to stay friends with her."


"She thinks I'm getting special treatment."

"She's jealous?"

"No!" Dovepaw suddenly felt defensive of her sister. Then she sighed. "Well, yes, sort of. I guess."

"Lionblaze and I never told any cat," Jayfeather pointed out.

"But you had each other!"—Fading Echoes, page 188

Dovewing never tried to avoid her sister—it was the other way around! And Ivypool was practically abusing her, so she isn't entirely innocent either!

"She told Tigerheart about the catmint!"

While this was pretty dumb of her, she isn't entirely at fault. Tigerheart lied to her, and Ivypaw was taken for ransom. She even thought that he already knew about the catmint.

No matter how good the intentions were, Dovewing shouldn't have told Tigerheart about the catmint when ThunderClan was so low on it, and Tigerheart still shouldn't have betrayed Dovewing like that.

Both cats were at fault, and it's unfair to blame just one of them!

"She was rude to Bumblestripe!"

Well, to be fair, it's not like Bumblestripe was being the nicest cat to her either in The Last Hope. He was being pretty snappy and critical towards her in that book.

"No, not like that!" Bumblestripe yowled.

Dovewing spun around to face him, gripping hard on the branch to stop herself from falling out of the tree. "You told me to climb, I'm climbing!" she snapped. Can't I do anything right?

"Not the trunk." Bumblestripe padded along the thick oak branch toward her. "In a battle, if every cat climbed the trunk, it'd be chaos." He tipped his nose up and focused on the branch two tail-lengths above his head. Crouching, he sprang and gripped it with his forepaws, then hauled himself up. "Your turn." He peered at her through the browning leaves.

Dovewing scowled. Hunkering down, she bunched her muscles, then leaped and dug her claws into the branch above. Flicking her tail, she landed nimbly beside Bumblestripe. "Is that better?" she sniffed.

Bumblestripe glanced at the leaves she'd sent fluttering to the ground. "You really need to aim for a bare bit of branch," he suggested. "The enemy's going to know you're here if you shower him with leaves every time you move."

Dovewing clamped her jaws together to stop herself from snarling at the arrogant furball. I can't believe I ever thought we might be more than just friends! Seeing Tigerheart again made her realize what a dumb choice that would have been. I only ever liked you because you're a ThunderClan cat. Tigerheart wouldn't bother about whether she climbed the trunk or rustled too many leaves. He was a warrior, not a worrier!

They'd been practicing tree-battle all morning and Dovewing was hot and tired. "Why are we doing this?" she grumbled at Brambleclaw. "What cat is going to climb a tree to fight? There is no SquirrelClan!"

Bumblestripe flashed her a warning look. "Shut up!" he hissed.

But Brambleclaw was already bounding along the narrow rowan branch. It bounced under his weight, making Toadstep cling on with his fur spiked up. Brambleclaw jumped and cleared the space between the trees easily. The sturdy oak hardly trembled as he landed. "I know some cats don't like tree training," he meowed as he padded along the branch toward them. "But it gives us a strong advantage over the other Clans. If we can move through our territory and attack from above them, it's a great surprise."

Dovewing rolled her eyes. "I know. But Bumblestripe's acting like I've never been up a tree before. Every time I do something wrong he points it out like I hadn't already noticed."

Bumblestripe stared at his paws. "I was just trying to help."

Brambleclaw flicked his tail. "It's good of Bumblestripe to be so patient with you, Dovewing."

"Patient?" Dovewing retorted. He'd criticized every move. "Can't we just move on to drop attacks and go hunting?"

"Is she ready for drop attacks?" Brambleclaw asked Bumblestripe.

"I guess." Bumblestripe's ear twitched. "Having seen her tree skills, I think she'd better practice falling out of them."—Chaper 9 of The Last Hope

She was getting annoyed with Bumblestripe being so critical and clingy towards her, and something inside her just snapped. I agree, she shouldn't have been so harsh, but she did feel guilty about it afterwards and even tried to apologize, but Bumblestripe chose to stay angry at her.

Bumblestripe scrambled to a halt beside Dovewing and Rosepetal. "You nearly ran me into a tree!"

"You should watch where you're going," Dovewing growled. "I nearly tripped over you." Muttering under her breath, she ran down the slope. "Clumsy mouse-brain."

"Why do you have to be so mean to him?" Rosepetal's whisper took Dovewing by surprise. "It's not a crime, you know!"

"What isn't?"

Rosepetal's gaze darkened meaningfully as Bumblestripe raced past them.

"What?" Dovewing repeated. Why did Rosepetal look so angry?

"It's obvious he likes you!" Rosepetal snapped. "You don't have to keep biting his head off. He's your Clanmate, not prey!"

Dovewing flattened her ears. Why should she feel bad? "Why do I have to tiptoe around him just because he likes me? It's not my fault."

Rosepetal looked sideways at her. "Do you enjoy hurting his feelings?"

"Of course not!" Guilt flashed under Dovewing's pelt.

"Then apologize."

Dovewing winced. Rosepetal was right. If Bumblestripe had feelings for her, it wasn't fair to punish him for his attention.

"Okay!" She pulled ahead, following Bumblestripe's tracks through the grass. She bounded down the short slope onto the shore, landing on the pebbles a moment after Bumblestripe. He glanced over his shoulder and kept running.

"Wait!" Dovewing panted, pebbles spraying out behind.

Bumblestripe eased his pace enough for her to catch up. "What?" he growled.

"Look." Dovewing tried to catch her breath but Bumblestripe was still running hard. "I'm sorry I snapped."

Bumblestripe turned his head to look at her, his gaze hard as ice. "I'm tired of being used as your scratching post," he hissed. "From now on sharpen your claws on someone else."

Dovewing's pelt pricked. "It's not my fault!"

"I get it, okay?" He didn't even look at her. He just kept running. "You don't like me the same way I like you. I'll get over it. I'm just disappointed you're not the cat I thought you were."—Chapter 13 of The Last Hope

Dovewing was right. She may have been wrong for snapping at him, but it's not her fault she didn't love him—you can't control who you love, after all. Bumblestripe needed to respect her space when she needed it. However, Dovewing shouldn't have taken out her emotions on Bumblestripe and needed to tell him that she wanted her own space. He's not a mind-reader. Both are at fault for the argument.

"She broke Bumblestripe's heart!"

And it was for the best.

Dovewing never loved Bumblestripe the way she loved Tigerheart. It was even mentioned that the only reason she took an interest in him was because he was in the same Clan as her. And really, the only reason she got together with him in the first place was because her Clanmates were being meddling and nosy, and it was clear that Dovewing didn't like Bumblestripe in that way. It would've never lasted, anyway.

While it was wrong of her to lead him on the way she did, she made the right choice by breaking up with him in the end. It was even confirmed that the reason Dovewing and Bumblestripe broke up was because she still had feelings for Tigerheart and she knew it was wrong to string him along.

To be frank, though, I think she should just stay single for now—especially since she's so mentally broken at the moment—and try to get over Tigerheart, unless he decides to move to ThunderClan or she to ShadowClan—which I honestly doubt will happen since her parents and sister are in ThunderClan.

"She's a Mary-Sue!"

Ay! This excuse! There are no Stus or Sues in Warriors!

Dovewing has displayed many flaws throughout the series!

1. She met up with a ShadowClan warrior. That alone should be reason enough to not make her a Sue.

2. She insulted her own sister without thinking.

3. She often blames herself for things that were out of her control.

4. She worries about her powers when they're gone.

4. She told Tigerheart about the catmint.

5. She's a bit stubborn.

6. She's very naive.

7. She's crossed borders.

8. She's sometimes oblivious to the feelings of other cats.

9. She led Bumblestripe on.

10. She's sometimes rude.

11. She's gets stressed out and falls under pressure easily.

12. She doesn't react well to criticism.

Dovewing has got to be one of the most flawed characters in the series! And quite frankly, I don't think she deserves the hate she gets. She's often very kind and compassionate, to the point where she would cross borders just to see if someone was okay, like what she did with Sedgewhisker when the latter was bitten by a dog.

In Dovewing's Silence, she even continuously defended the the Dark Forest trainees from the Clans, especially her own Clanmates.

"That's so unfair!" Dovewing protested under her breath. "All of those cats switched allegiance thanks to you."

"But Ivypool could be!" Dovewing snapped. "And my father! These cats can't be punished for believing the lies that the Dark Forest warriors told them!"

Dovewing felt a wave of impatience at their stupidity. Can't you see that these are loyal warriors who made one mistake? Are you all so perfect yourselves?

Dovewing blinked. Exile! She hadn't even thought that would be a possibility. She shifted closer to Ivypool. "You have to tell them what happened," she whispered in her sister's ear. "How Hawkfrost recruited you. You weren't being disloyal to your Clan! They have to understand that!"

"Help! Help!" piped Amberkit. "The Dark Forest is coming to get me!"

Dovewing spun around, her fur bristling. She relaxed when she saw Molepaw creeping up on the tiny kit, his front paws extended with his claws safely sheathed. Dewkit and Snowkit raced up to join their littermate "Stay back, traitor!" hissed Snowkit, fluffing up his white pelt. "You say you're a ThunderClan cat now, but we know the truth! You just want to kill us!"

Molepaw arched his back. "Aha! It seems you do not trust me, even though I swore an oath! Well, you're right! I am your most dangerous enemy!" He pounced toward the kits, his tail lashing.

Dovewing bounded over and stood in front of the brown-and-cream apprentice. "What are you doing?" she demanded.

Molepaw blinked up at her. "Playing," he answered innocently.

Dovewing hissed. "You know full well that this is more than a game. Why are you making these kits frightened of the Dark Forest? That battle has won."

Like I said, Dovewing doesn't deserve the amount of hate she gets

Firestar—Okay, so I've seen alot of hate of this character, but why?

Reason #1: "He's a Gary-Stu!"

Uh… no he isn't. He has plenty of flaws, like breaking the warrior code and being oblivious to whether a she-cat likes him or not. And he has only had three she-cats pad after him: Spottedleaf, Cinderpelt, and Sandstorm.

Plenty of cats have had more than one cat attracted to them, or at least had more than one mate:

Bright Stream—Gray Wing and Clear Sky
Clear Sky—Bright Stream, Storm, and Star Flower
Storm—Gray Wing and Clear Sky
Gray Wing—Turtle Tail and Slate
Turtle Tail—Tom and Gray Wing
Shellheart—Rainflower and Lilystem
Palebird—Sandgorse and Woollytail
Featherstorm—Hal and Blizzardwing
Toadskip—Poolcloud and Nettlespot
Raggedstar—Yellowfang and Foxheart
Robinwing—Fuzzypelt and Patchpelt
Bluestar—Thrushpelt and Oakheart
Goldenflower—Swiftpaw's father and Tigerclaw
Tigerstar—Goldenflower, Sasha, and Leopardstar
Willowpelt—Tawnyspots, Patchpelt, and Whitestorm
Patchpelt—Robinwing and Willowpelt
Sandstorm—Dustpelt and Firestar
Graystripe—Silverstream and Millie
Cloudtail—Brightheart and Daisy
Bramblestar–Squirrelflight and Jessy
Smokey—Floss, Daisy, and Coriander
Daisy—Smokey and Spiderleg
Squirrelflight—Stormfur, Bramblestar, and Ashfur
Crowfeather—Feathertail, Leafpool, and Nightcloud
Heathertail—Lionblaze and Breezepelt
Berrynose—Honeyfern and Poppyfrost
Lionblaze—Heathertail and Cinderheart
Dovewing—Tigerheart, Bumblestripe, and Foxleap (heavily implied)

Reason #2: "He's in too many prophecies!"

Again, no he isn't. He's only been in two prophecies: the fire prophecy and the fourth cat prophecy.

Brambleclaw has been involved in seven: the darkness, air, water, and sky prophecy, the fire and tiger omen, the path of stars prophecy, the bramble claws prophecy, the blood will spill blood prophecy, the blood will rise prophecy, and the blood does not always mean death prophecy.

Reason #3: "He always breaks the warrior code!"

So have plenty of other cats, and he's always done so with good intentions. He's never even broken the major ones, with the exception of choosing a deputy before moonhigh because he was waiting for Graystripe and he made Brambleclaw deputy without giving him an apprentice first, but he only chose Bramblecaw because of the sign StarClan had sent.

Other than this, everything Firestar did for the Clans, he always had help.

Did he drive Brokenstar out of ShadowClan by himself? No, he didn't. Yellowfang, Graypaw, a whole ThunderClan patrol, and the ShadowClan elders were there to help him.

Did he become a warrior by himself? No, Graystripe became one with him.

Was Firestar the only one to bring WindClan back from their home? Nope, Graystripe was there too.

Was Firestar the only one to feed RiverClan during their time of need? No. Again, Graystripe was with him.

Like I said, he was punished for breaking the warrior code many times: His punishment for feeding Yellowfang was taking care of her.

His punishment for feeding RiverClan was having to do apprentice duties.

Reason #4: "He's always wandering on other Clans' borders!"

Partially true. He did this alot in OS, but only because he either needed to go to the Moonstone or speak to Ravenpaw. And even when he needed to speak to another Clan, he always waited at the border.

Reason #5: "He's always in the Clans' buisness!"

No, he isn't. In OS, it was WindClan who came to him, not the other way around.

Cinderpelt was the one who helped the sick ShadowClan cats when Yellowfang and Fireheart told her not to.

In Dawn, a ShadowClan cat came to Firestar and asked for help when the camp was being destroyed.

In Starlight, WindClan asked ThunderClan for help when Mothwing accidentally gave the elders poisioned water, and it was Leafpaw who helped them.

In Twilight, Leafpool went to RiverClan when they were dying from posion.

In Dark River, Hollypaw was the one who went to RiverClan when Twolegs were coming into their territory and causing them to starve.

In Outcast, the Tribe cats came asking if the Clans would help the Tribe, Squirrelflight and Brambleclaw asked if they could go get the cats who went on the first journey, Tawnypelt went on her own free will, and it was Onestar who thought it would be good for Crowfeather and Breezepaw to go together.

In Long Shadows, when Sol had convinced Blackstar to turn his back on StarClan, Jaypaw, Lionpaw, Hollypaw, Dawnpaw, Flamepaw, and Tigerpaw—with the help of two real StarClan cats—helped him realize that Sol was no good.

In Fading Echoes, Dovepaw and Ivypaw went to WindClan just to make sure Sedgewhisker was okay when she was bitten by a dog, and they were even scolded for it.

Reason #6: "He takes in too many outsiders!"

Not really. Not counting Cody—who was only a temporary member—and Daisy's kits—since they were only kits at the time—Firestar has only let in five outsiders: Daisy because she needed a place to stay and it was Smokey who convinced her to go back, Stormfur and Brook because they had nowhere else to go and Brambleclaw was the one who suggested that they join ThunderClan, Millie because she was Graystripe's mate and already knew some warrior skills, and Purdy because he helped the Clans many times and it was once again Brambleclaw who suggested that he join.

He didn't let Sol join and actually sent him away.

Not counting kits, the other Clans have let in outsiders as well. RiverClan has let in Graystripe, let Stormfur rejoin, they let in Brook, and also let in Sasha, Hawk, and Moth. ShadowClan has let in Boulder and Russetfur, who later rejoined along with Blackfoot and Tangleburr after they were driven out for supporting Brokenstar. They let in Tigerclaw and Tawnypelt, as well as Jaggedtooth, Nightwhisper, and Sol. According to the app, they took in more outsiders than any other Clan.

WindClan took in Willowkit and Graykit until RiverClan took them back, and also allowed Crowfeather to rejoin. They even let a group of rogues stay with them during greenleaf.

Reason #7: "He's too soft!"

This has got to be the most ridiculous reason for hating him! He's a peaceful and diplomatic leader. He doesn't want any unnecesarry bloodshed.

Reason #8: "He showed disloyalty to his Twolegs by leaving them!"

This is the latest reason I've heard for hating him. Just because Rusty lived with his Twolegs doesn't mean he was happy with them. His favorite spot was sitting on the fence and looking out into the forest! His owners let him out without supervision, if they did miss him I'm sure it would have been mentioned that Twolegs were in the forest, Smudge never mention to Firepaw that his housefolk missed him, and the fact that they got a new cat at all proves that they didn't mind Rusty being gone.

Reason #9: "He was too young to become deputy!"

He was made deputy by an unstable leader. Plus, he wasn't the best deputy. He made mistakes.

Reason #10: "He wins every fight!"

No, he doesn't. Usually he would fight alongside someone else, someone would stop the fight, or it would end in a tie.

When he was fighting Graypaw, the latter stopped fighting.

When he was fighting Longtail, Bluestar stopped the fight after Rusty's collar broke off. Longtail was also mentioned to have only been a warrior for only a moon.

When he was fighting Yellowfang, she stopped fighting out of exhaustion.

When he was fighting Clawface, Whitestorm stopped Firepaw from killing him.

When he was fighting Clawface again, Graystripe fought alongside him and it was Graystripe who killed Clawface.

When he and a few others were being attacked by Tigerclaw, it was Graystripe and a RiverClan patrol who saved them.

When Darkstripe tried to kill him, it was once again Graystripe who saved him.

Millie—I do pity Blossomfall since she feels neglected, however you also have to look at it from Millie's PoV; there are two sides to every coin after all.

Blossomfall doesn't really need her mother anymore. And Millie was shown to be overprotective of her kits, almost to the point of spoiling them. Blossomfall was used to this kind of treatment.

By the time Briarlight got injured, she and her littermates were already at the end of their apprenticeship, ready to become warriors.

Most characters in the series don't really interact with their parents that much because they're capable of taking care of themselves. You don't see Bumblestripe craving for attention.

What about Graystripe? He doesn't spend much time with ANY of his kits! He rarely even visits Briarlight anymore; most of the time he's either seen doing warrior duties or with Millie.

Millie snapped at her, yes, but it was only that one time. And besides, Blossomfall DID waste an entire afternoon when she should've been hunting for her Clan.

"But Whitewing was worried about Ivypool!"

Well, Whitewing is her own cat and she has always been worried about cats younger than her, literally since she was a kit.

Have you ever considered why Millie said that? She nearly lost one daughter and couldn't bare the thought of losing another one. When Jayfeather told Millie, and not very subtly, that she was never going to walk again, this caused her to snap. Besides, Blossomfall wasn't that badly injured, at least not enough to make her stop doing her warrior duties like with Cinderpelt, Longtail, and Briarlight.

Millie became hysterical, kinda like how Dawnpelt was when Flametail died, or Bluestar when Tigerclaw betrayed her.

Let's not forget that before this, Briarlight nearly died twice as a kit; one to greencough and another to a snake. I can honestly understand why her faith was wavering.

Millie DOES care for her kits and wants them to live normal lives, wanting them to live the life Briarlight can never have. She doesn't want them to be like their sister, she just wants them to fulfill their warrior duties. And before you say that Millie should be doing the same, she does do other things than just focusing on Briarlight, like taking part in a patrol in The Forgotten Warrior, actually LEADING it!

And remember that the last cat who had Briarlight's condition, Wildfur, died in a matter of days. Briarlight has been very lucky to still be alive.

I do wish that Blossomfall and Briarlight would just TELL Millie how they feel about the situation. Neither one is happy how their mother has been treating them, but how is she supposed to know? She's not a mind reader! Plus, everything she's doing is with good intentions.

It's pretty pathetic how Blossomfall is jealous of her injured sister. Sure, she fees guilty about it, but that doesn't change the fact that she was still jealous! And instead of just talking to her mother, visiting her sister, and/or trying to look for a mate and settle down, she joins the Dark Forest not because she wants to be a better warrior like most of the recruits, but because she wants attention! What makes it worse is that she KNEW the Dark Forest was evil.

"No. A good cat wouldn't be jealous of an injured littermate. So that's why I've ended up in the Dark Forest. I'm not stupid. I know it's where cats go if they're not allowed into StarClan. But I guess I won't get into StarClan either, because I hate my sister for being injured. So the Dark Forest is where I fit in, and I'm getting good training, better than anything we get here."—Blossomfall explaining to Ivypool in Sign of the Moon, page 246

Honestly, Millie is doing what Rainflower SHOULD have done for Crookedstar.

However, Blossomfall did kinda redeem herself in my eyes, fighting for the Clans instead of the Dark Forest.

Now I just wish they would all make amends, putting an end to this subplot.

Another thing that I would like to point out is that Silverstream APPROVED of Graystripe's relationship with Millie, thus giving up Graystripe as a mate. If Graystripe still loved Silverstream, then he wouldn't have fallen for Millie, let alone become her mate. Like a certain actor once said, "If you love two people at the same time, choose the second. Because if you really loved the first one, you wouldn't have fallen for the second."

And the reason Millie didn't take on a kittypet name is made very clear in Dark River on page 86:

"You can rely on my loyalty until the day I join StarClan, and you must believe that I will live and die to protect ThunderClan. But I don't want to change my name. I have always been Millie, and I see no shame in it."

Millie gave up everything for Graystripe, but she still wanted to remember her old life. What's wrong with that? Plus, it's not like she's taking kittypet food like someone did in OS. *coughCloudtailcough*

Also, there is absolutely NOTHING in the warrior code that says that a cat HAS to take on a warrior name; Boulder and Brook didn't and I don't see anyone hating on them for it.

And another thing, the reason Millie looks like Silverstream is because Vicky promised one of her friends that she would include his cat in one of the books, but she had no idea that the cat looked like Silverstream until she saw it.

Question: Why is Millie's description so close to Silverstream's?

Answer: CherithBaldry: There are only so many colours of cats' pelts, etc.

VickyHolmes: Because I promised one of my co-workers, James, that his own cat could feature in the manga. I didn't know that his cat Millie looked exactly like Silverstream, but I had to keep my promise.

Erin Hunter chat 4

Raggedstar—Not only was he abusive towards Yellowfang, but I also found him to be very immature, arrogant, and selfish. It doesn't help at all that the only reason he even named Foxheart his deputy was solely to make Yellowfang jealous.

Throughout his relationship with Yellowfang, he's shown to be manipulative, always arguing with her even before she becomes Sagwhsiker's apprentice.

One such example of his abusive behavior was when he practically insulted her after she told him that she decided to become a medicine cat.

"Is it because you're a coward?" he snarled. "Did the fight with WindClan scare you too much?"—Yellowfang's Secret, page 255

While I can understand his frustration, was insulting her really necessary?

He was like this before then, too, ignoring her and was cold towards her on several occasions,

As Stonetooth named the cats they stepped out of the crowd and bunched together at one side.

Raggedpelt brushed past Yellowpaw as he joined the patrol, not even acknowledging that she was there.

He was cold towards her even when all she was trying to do was help him.

“Hey, wait!” Yellowfang bounded after him. “It’s okay. Calm down. Nothing happened.”

Raggedpelt flicked his tail as if he were brushing away her words. “Leave me alone, can’t you?” he growled, picking up his pace until he was racing across the camp to vanish into the thorns.

Yellowfang heaved a deep sigh as she stared after him.

He pretty much used Yellowfang as an excuse after Hal was killed.

As she spoke, Russetpaw spotted Hal’s body and bounded forward to stand over him, looking down at him in dismay. “What happened?” she gasped, her voice shaking.

“He tried to attack Yellowfang,” Raggedpelt replied. “I had no choice.”

Russetpaw and Boulder exchanged a horrified glance. Yellowfang opened her jaws to contradict Raggedpelt’s lie, then picked up his amber glare and knew there was nothing she could say that wouldn’t make everything worse.

He also seemed to have wholeheartedly believed that Hal really did attack Yellowfang.

“Don’t ever say that again!” Raggedpelt growled with a lash of his tail. “I have no father. Russetpaw is nothing to me.” He turned his back on her, then glanced over his shoulder to add, "You’re lucky I was there to defend you when he started to attack. You didn’t stand a chance.”

Yellowfang felt her neck fur rise in shock.That’s not how it happened!

One moment he's verbally abusing her and then the next moment he's all sweet and nice.

Raggedpelt nodded. “I want us to be mentors together.” He fixed his warm amber gaze on Yellowfang. “Wouldn’t it be great if I was leader and you were my deputy?” He paused, and Yellowfang caught a flash of uncertainty in his eyes. “That is, if you want to be with me,” he added.

Yellowfang blinked up at his handsome face and troubled eyes. She wished he could always be open to her like this, that he could curb his temper and his occasional obstinate silences.

When the Clan's bigger concern is food, Raggedpelt wanted to battle train instead and leave all the hunting to the apprentices. When Yellowfang refused, he became cold towards her. Again.

Yellowfang opened her mouth to argue. Since when has it been the job of the apprentices to feed the entire Clan? Especially now, when there’s so little prey to be found.

“Leave her, Raggedpelt.” Foxheart pushed up close to Raggedpelt’s shoulder. “I’ll get Lizardstripe to come with us.”

Raggedpelt nodded; then with a cold look at Yellowfang he turned his back on her and headed across the camp toward the tunnel.

For a couple of heartbeats Yellowfang stared after him. Okay, I understand why he behaves the way he does, but that doesn’t mean I have to like it!

When Yellowfang wanted to go back to camp when they were having one of their meetings, Raggedpelt refused, wanting to spend as much time with Yellowfang as possible. However, because his apprentice Cloudpaw couldn't find him, Cloudpaw was injured and nearly died. I'm not blaming Raggedpelt entirely, but he is partially to blame.

Yellowfang scanned the clearing. She had seen four of her Clanmates fighting, but she could only account for three. Where's the fourth cat?

Then she caught a glimpse of white fur among a clump of ferns, and raced over to see Cloudpaw, lying ominously still.

“Oh, no!” she yelped.

“What’s he doing here?” Raggedpelt gasped as he came to stand beside her and look down at his motionless apprentice.

“He… he couldn’t find you,” Rowanberry admitted. “So he asked if he could come on the border patrol to practice his scenting skills before his final assessment.” She hesitated, then added reluctantly, “I let him take the lead. He didn’t pick up the scent of the intruders until it was too late.”

He isn't any better after they officially break up, either. For example, as mentioned before, the only reason he even made Foxheart deputy in the first place was to make Yellowfang jealous.

He refuses to acknowledge any of Brokentail's (who was made a warrior before he even had his final assessment) faults, and this ultimately led to Cloudpelt's death.

Then he suddenly sees Yellowfang as Brokentail's mother only after he realizes his mistakes. Then expects her to help. Seriously? When it was him who forced her to promise never to allow Brokentail to know she was his real mother? No. Just no. It was already far too late, anyway.

"I’ve made a terrible mistake, haven’t I?” Raggedstar murmured. “Our son wants to do nothing but lead ShadowClan into battle. I should never have made him deputy! What can we do to stop him?”

A flash of rage pulsed through Yellowfang. “He’s our son now, is he?” she snarled. “I have never been allowed to be his mother! You said you would only keep my secret if I never called him my son. What can I possibly do to change him? Brokentail is your problem, Raggedstar.”

“But—” The Clan leader tried to interrupt.

Yellowfang ignored him. “You have told me too many times that I am nothing more than a medicine cat. I heal my Clan, that’s all. You are responsible for what your warriors do.”

Raggedstar blinked, shocked to silence.

Yellowfang glared at him for a heartbeat, then spun around and stormed off. How dare he expect me to have any influence over Brokentail now? There was never anything I could do.

This is why I dislike Raggedstar. He was arrogant and manipulative, and was being too focused on what he wanted that he never really thought of what Yellowfang would've wanted. He refused to listen to her several times, and when he finally does take her words to heart, he tries to drag her into the mess he created due to spoiling his son too much, but it's already far too late and this is what led to his own demise.

Spottedleaf—Seriously, no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to like her! I find her really annoying, and she just can't seem to let Firestar go, like she should have done a long time ago. As a matter of fact, after rereading Into the Wild for maybe the fourth time, I finally noticed where Firepaw's crush on her began, but I couldn't find any proof where it's stated that she liked him back. Then I reread the rest of the series, and all I could find from the Original Arc where it's implied at Firestar's nine lives ceremony:

"With this life I give you love. Use it well, for all the cats in your care—and especially for Sandstorm."

However, there were plenty of signs of this AFTER she died, and AFTER the Original Arc:

"I would do anything to protect Firestar," she [Spottedleaf] hissed. "I will protect him with all the power of StarClan." —Starlight, pg 6

"Concentrating hard, he [Jaypaw] tracked the feeling, following it like a shimmering stream: a flame-colored cat, green eyes clouded with grief… it was Firestar! This StarClan warrior was in love with the ThunderClan leader!" —The Sight, pg 251

"Sometimes I would give anything for things to be different." —Spottedleaf to Firestar in Firestar's Quest, page 402

"That was never going to happen, my love. I cannot journey with you any more. I'm so sorry."—Spottedleaf to Firestar in The Last Hope

But what really irks me is this line here from Spottedleaf's Honest Answer:

"After one of those moonless nights, Sandstorm was his mate, and I knew that the invisible river between us had grown too wide to leap across. Did you know that he came looking for me in a dream, sought me out to explain that he had to move on and that he couldn’t be in love with a memory anymore? I am not a memory! I wanted to wail, like a kit abandoned by its mother. I am here, I still love you. I will walk beside you forever."

That line showed that Firestar DID tell Spottedleaf that he no longer loved her like he used to, but Spottedleaf still loved him despite this and refused to let go, but knowing that his heart truly lied with Sandstorm. Really, it's kinda pathetic. Not to mention that it makes it seem like she is obsessed with him.

Honestly, though, I do believe that it was pointless to kill her off. I mean, it was obvious that Firestar would choose Sandstorm anyway.

And speaking of Sandstorm, I really don't blame her for feeling jealous of her own aunt since, for a while, it actually did seem that Firestar really did love Spottedleaf more than her, especially in the one scene in TLH.

However, when Firestar said that Spottedleaf promised him that she would wait for him in StarClan, it seemed like this was meant to be taken in a friendly manner, not in a romantic one since it's been stated that Spottedleaf would've never tried to pursue Firestar, even if she was still alive.

"Spottedleaf hesitated, her amber eyes warm as she gazed at the ginger she-cat. "That's not true. Firestar and I never discovered what we might have meant to each other," she mewed at last. "I was alive in the forest for such a short time after he came to ThunderClan. But I know for sure"—her voice grew more intense—"that he and I could never have been mates. I was and always will be a medicine cat. That comes first, more than any cat who walks the forest, more even than Firestar." —Firestar's Quest, page 401

Plus, he and Sandstorm had spent many moons together, had kits, and have grandkits. If he still loved Spottedleaf, then he would have left Sandstorm moons ago. Sure, it would have broken her heart, but it would have also been the honorable thing to do if you know what I mean.

SquirrelflightI don't really get the hate on her. While I can understand why some would find her annoying, I personally never did. I'll admit, she was pretty bratty at first, but I don't think she was that bad.

She was only eight moons old when we first met her, and plenty of apprentices have thought that they're the best or that they know more. And considering that she takes after both her parents, I'm not really that surprised.

She seems to mostly take after Sandstorm, though, since both were rather stubborn, rude, boastful when they were apprentices, and are both still sharp-tounged. But like her father, she has a kind heart and would for do anything for her friends and family.

I also couldn't help but notice it was implied at one point how Squirrelflight felt as if the Clan had high expectations of her because of who her father was, which may have contributed why she was so difficult when she was an apprentice.

Also, her going on the journey with the six chosen cats (and Stormfur) proved to be a good thing. Not only did help her grow as a cat and become closer to Bramblestar, but she also saved Feathertail from becoming a kittypet, saved Brambleclaw when he fell into a river, saved Tawnypelt's life (with Leafpool's help), came up with a plan to save Stormfur after he was imprisoned by the Tribe of Rushing Water, and though it didn't go as planned, she also came up with the idea on how to lure Sharptooth to his death.

She was also the one to find out where Leafpool and the other cats were (with Spottedleaf's help, of course), was the first cat to see and understand the 'dying warrior' sign, and was also the one who discovered ThunderClan's new camp at the lake.

In short, Squirrelflight has matured alot since the journey to find Midnight.

But then there's her not trusting Hawkfrost. Really, this was just lack of miscommunication on both her and Bramblestar's part. Both are to blame for the quarrel, not just one or the other. Squirrelflight should've either tried to give a better explanation or tried to understand why Bramblestar wanted to spend time with his half-brother sooner, which she eventually did, while Bramblestar should've been more cautious, even if this was his half-brother here. Both of them being as stubborn and hot-headed as they are doesn't help matters, either.

Now onto taking in Leafpool's kits. Well, she didn't really have much of a choice. It was either raise the kits as her own or Leafpool would leave the Clan one way or another. Squirrelflight didn't even want to take the kits at first since it would mean lying to her Clanmates, but agreed to do so because not only did she love Leafpool, but she also believed this would be her only chance to raise her own kits. And she did a good job at it, too.

Squirrelflight was always a good mother to Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Jayfeather. She loved them as if they were her own and even still thinks of them as if they were truly hers. She was always there for them, even after they rejected her time and again, such as comforting Lionblaze over Cinderheart, as well as Jayfeather after Dawnpelt had accused him of murder.

As for not telling Bramblestar, well I can understand this too. He was the Clan deputy at the time and had been ridiculed several times just for being Tigerstar's son. He was also criticized for being chosen as deputy without an apprentice. I have no doubt that Bramblestar would've helped his mate and her sister, but if he had, he likely would've been forced to step down in a similar way Leafpool had done, and/or the Clan would've lost their trust in him had he also been in on the secret and would've had to prove his loyalty to them all over again. Really, Squirrelflight didn't tell Bramblestar not because she didn't trust him, but because she loved him and wanted to protect him.

As for Ashfur, well first of all, Squirrelflight never used Ashfur to make Brambleclaw jealous and I don't really get why people keep on thinking this.

Not only has this been confirmed by the Erins themselves, but Squirrelflight never really saw Ashfur as anything else but a friend. Yes, she knew he liked her and she did consider being his mate once or twice, but that doesn't necessarily mean anything. She was nothing but kind to him throughout the entire time they were still friends, if not a little annoyed with him being overprotective and such. She even tried to let him down gently, but he was the one who kept on acting cold towards her afterwards.

What makes anyone think that she's that type of cat? Just because she spent time with him while she was fighting with Bramblestar doean't mean anything at all. It just meant she wanted a friend. That's like saying Sandstorm used Dustpelt to make Firestar jealous, or Dovewing used Bumblestripe to make Tigerheart jealous. No. That's not how it works at all. While Brambleclaw was clearly jealous, that's just a coincidence, really. Squirrelflight wasn't doing anything on purpose.

Besides, Squirrelflight is usually very straightforward when confronting a problem and not once did she ever have any thoughts of using him to make Brambleclaw jealous. In fact, she was more angry and annoyed and upset at Brambleclaw for trusting Hawkfrost than wanting to make him jealous, especially since she was the one who broke things off the first time.

Squirrelflight was hurt when Bramblestar broke up with her, but she dealt with it in the best way she could. She accepted both the break up and Ashfur's death as punishment that she didn't deserve to be loved and never once complained.

I think Bramblestar made a good choice in making her his deputy. He valued her generous spirit, wisdom, and impulsive desire to help others. She's great at her job and takes care of the Clan whenever Bramblestar can't, and she seems to have a very loving relationship with her kits from what we've seen so far.

Squirrelflight is a good cat who has had excellent development. She's no longer the same cat she once was and her role as the Clan deputy shows that.

Stormtail—Considering that we've seen very little of Stormtail, I'm neutral on him.

I don't really see how he's to blame for Moonflower's death. He was too busy fighting off WindClan warriors to notice that his mate was in trouble. Plus, by the time Bluepaw noticed where he was, Hawkheart had already attacked.

A screech rang from inside the den and Stonepelt hurtled out, blood pumping from a gash in his shoulder and a WindClan warrior slashing at his tail. Then came Moonflower, pursued by another warrior; her gray fur was streaked and specked with torn herbs.

Bluepaw froze.

As Moonflower exploded from the den, Hawkheart lunged at her and snatched her up with his powerful front paws, then flung her like prey across the clearing. Bluepaw saw the shock on her mother’s face as she landed hard and struggled to find her feet. But she wasn’t fast enough. Hawkheart pounced on her, ripping with his teeth and claws.

No! Stop!

Where was Stormtail? Bluepaw looked around frantically, her head whipping from side to side. Surely he’d rescue Moonflower as he had rescued Dappletail? But the gray warrior was still fighting at the younger cat’s side, beating off WindClan warrior after WindClan warrior.

And if you're going to blame him, then why not blame Dappletail as well, as she was fighting right alongside him? Or Swiftbreeze, who was much closer to the incident than Stormtail and Dappletail were and also witnessed Moonflower getting killed alongside Bluepaw?

If anyone's at fault for Moonflower's death, then it's Hawkheart, as it was him and him alone who delivered the killing blow.

And then I hear people saying that he "cheated" on Moonflower. By that logic, then Smokey cheated on Daisy with Floss and Toadskip on Poolcloud with Nettlespot. Cats aren't monogamous, so they don't care about having multiple mates. Plus, it was never actually confirmed that he and Dappletail were ever mates, only implied.

To be honest, though, I always got the feeling that Stormtail and Moonflower were either split up or were at least already in the process of doing so by the time Bluekit and Snowkit were born. They already seemed to have been growing apart by the beginning of the book.

And just because we never saw him grieving for his mate doesn't mean he wasn't. We only ever see the story through Bluestar's eyes, which is honestly pretty bias when it comes to portraying certain cats.

And sure, he wasn't the best, but compared to other parents like Rainflower or Sandgorse, he really wasn't all that bad, either.

When we first meet him, he's shown to be awkward around his kits, but does try to make some effort to get to know them.

A purr rumbled in her mother’s throat. “Stormtail.” Moonflower beckoned him toward Snowkit and Bluekit with her tail. “Come and meet your kits.”

Stormtail padded toward them and halted. “They look better with their eyes open,” he commented. His mew rumbled so deeply it sounded more like a growl.

“Do you see?” Moonflower prompted. “They both have blue eyes like you.”

Yes! Bluekit stretched her eyes wider so her father could admire them, but he hardly seemed to glance at her before he turned back to Moonflower. “They look like they’ll make good warriors.”

“Of course they will,” Moonflower purred. “They’re your kits.”

Bluekit stepped forward. “Was it hard to catch that squirrel?” She wanted Stormtail to look at her again. He might notice how much her pelt was like his.

He looked down at her and blinked. “Fat squirrels are easy to catch.”

“Will you teach us how to catch squirrels?” Snowkit asked, her tail stirring up the dust behind her.

“Your mentors will teach you,” Stormtail replied. “I hope Pinestar chooses well for you.”

Who would he choose? As Bluekit’s gaze wandered to the warriors’ den, the branches quivered and Adderfang padded out. With mews of delight, Leopardkit and Patchkit pounced on him. Leopardkit clung to her father’s tail while Patchkit landed squarely on his shoulders. Adderfang staggered and, with an exaggerated grunt of surprise, collapsed dramatically to the ground. Leopardkit and Patchkit leaped onto his belly, squeaking, but Adderfang tumbled them off with a purr and chased them away behind the den.

Stormtail glanced toward the commotion, his ears twitching. Bluekit thought perhaps he was imagining playing with his own kits like that once he got to know them better.

“Pinestar has asked me to share prey with him,” Stormtail told Moonflower.

Bluekit blinked. “Now?” Is he leaving already? “Can we come with you?”

Stormtail’s gaze flashed toward her, and she flinched when she saw the mixture of alarm and discomfort in his eyes. Doesn’t he like us?

“Kits should stay near the nursery,” he muttered.

Bluekit’s heart sunk as he turned to pad away, then swelled with hope when he paused and looked back over his shoulder. Has he changed his mind?

“Stonepelt told me you woke him up yesterday,” he growled. “Stay out of the warriors’ den.” He swung his head around and walked off.

Not the best first impression, but it does show just how awkward he was around his kits.

He was also a well-respected senior warrior, so he'd also be busy with his duties most of the time.

It's not like he was always cold towards them, either.

He praised Bluepaw after her training session with Goldenpaw.

Sunfall padded to Bluepaw’s side. “We were training for battle,” he meowed. “Sometimes accidents happen.”
“But she’ll be scarred for life!” Speckletail wailed.

“Good,” Goldenpaw mewed. “My first battle scar and I haven’t even been in a battle yet!”

Speckletail closed her eyes and lifted her face to StarClan.

Another voice rumbled, “She did well not to come back with more scars if she was fighting Bluepaw.”

Bluepaw whirled and was surprised to see Stormtail watching from beside the nettle patch, his eyes gleaming.

“She’s a natural fighter,” he went on. “Moonflower would have been proud of her.”

Bluepaw stared at her father, amazed. Was he proud of her? Had he been keeping an eye on her training after all? She longed for him to say more, but he turned his head and began washing his flank.

He cheered for them when they became warriors.

Happiness flamed like a shooting star inside Bluefur.

She looked around the Clan at the familiar faces, proud to be part of them, warmed by the kindness shining in their eyes. Stormtail stood up beside Dappletail, and lifting his chin, he called his daughters’ names loudly to the darkening sky.

He’s telling Moonflower.

He even defended Bluefur from Thistleclaw and comforted her after Snowfur died.

Thistleclaw stormed past her, forcing his way into the branches. “How could you let it happen?” he yowled at Bluefur. “What were you doing, taking her to the Thunderpath? She should have been in the nursery with Whitekit!"

“I—I’m sorry.”

“How could you even think of letting her put herself in danger when she had a kit to look after?” Thistleclaw hissed.

Bluefur stared hollow-eyed at her sister’s mate. He was right. This was all her fault.

“Leave!” Stormtail appeared behind Thistleclaw. He held a branch aside with his shoulders, leaving room to get out. “This isn’t helping any cat,” he growled.

Thistleclaw backed away, throwing a last angry glance at Bluefur.

Stormtail squeezed in beside her. His eyes shone with sorrow. “Adderfang told me.”

Bluefur stared at her paws. “I can’t lose Snowfur as well as Moonflower. Why did they both have to die?”

Stormtail shook his head. “Only StarClan knows that.”

“Then StarClan is stupid and cruel!”

“Life must go on.” Stormtail pressed against her. “You have other Clanmates.”

“Not like them. They were kin!”

“Your Clan depends on you as much as Snowfur and Moonflower did. More so.”

“I don’t care!”

Stormtail brushed his tail down her flank. “I know you do care. And I know you won’t let your Clanmates down. You must go on, hunting and fighting and living for your Clan.”

When she didn’t reply, he licked her between the ears and padded away.

As she grew older, Bluestar didn't even seem to mind her father's distance all that much, and Stormtail even grew to become warmer towards his kits as the book progressed. Could Stormtail have been a better father? Sure. But he did get better throughout the story. Like I keep on saying, Stormtail was basically the Spiderleg of his time. Both cats were awkward around their respective mate and kits, but warmed up to thme later on.

I just think he gets alot of unnecessary hate.

I didn't like how GC painted him as a bully, though. Which reminds me, Vicky has confirmed that him leading the badger to Goosefeather was an accident.

Opinions on the Warrior Cats: Pairings

GrayxSilver—I wanted to like this pairing, I really, really did. However, Silverstream thought that she and Graystripe could go on and break the warrior code just because she was Crookedstar's daughter. Even Leafpool wasn't like this when she was meeting up with Crowfeather. Granted, she's, well, Leafpool, but still…

Here's a quote from Fire and Ice.

"He's [Graystripe's] fine!" He [Fireheart] growled, his caution swept away by his anger. "But he won't be if he carries on meeting you!"

Silverstream bristled. "I won't let anything bad happen to Graystripe!"

"Oh, really?" Fireheart snorted. "And what could you do to protect him?"

"I am a Clan leader's daughter," meowed Silverstream.

"Does that give you the power to control your father's warriors? You're hardly more than an apprentice!"

Actually, Graystripe is at fault as well. He, too, thought the same thing.

Fireheart carried on pacing. Graystripe just didn't seem to understand what he was doing. "Okay. What if a RiverClan patrol catches you?"

"Silvestream won't let that happen," answered Graystripe.

Honestly, Graystripe swore loyalty to his Clan and to teach Brackenpaw everything he knew. But instead, the VERY moment he laid eyes on Silverstream, he neglected his warrior duties, as well as his own apprentice, to meet up with a cat from another Clan. He couldn't even fight against RiverClan because they were Silverstream's Clanmates, yet Silverstream could attack a ThunderClan warrior with no trouble at all. I mean, she nearly injured Fireheart in Fire and Ice.

Graystripe also did some pretty mouse-brained things, such as going to RiverClan to see if Silverstream was okay after the flood.

Sure, she saved his life, but having them fall in love wasn't really necessary.

The relationship was also kinda rushed since Graystripe apparently started to meet with Silverstream the day after she saved him.

This is why I like GrayxMillie, as it was more developed. However, I did kinda start to like Silverstream after she died; she seemed more mellow and mature. She gave Graystripe up so he can be with Millie, and even saved her life. However, the least Graystripe could do is spend time with his kits. He rarely even visits Briarlight anymore. Most of the time he's either doing warrior duties or with Millie.

However, in The Last Hope, after the battle, Silverstream tells Graystripe that she's still waiting for him, KNOWING he's still with Millie!

Really, the only good thing that came out of their relationship were Stormfur and Feathertail

BluexOak—I love this pairing so much! It was interesting since, when first reading, it's hard to believe that someone like Bluestar would betray her Clan in such a way.

I found it kinda cute how they would tease each other and it was very sweet how Oakheart was willing to leave his Clan for her, and he most likely would've had she not stopped him. It was also mentioned by Bluestar that she never stopped loving him, and he obviously never stopped loving her either.

Even though I don't really like this trope, I suppose it was kinda love at first sight since when Bluefur first met him, her gaze was locked with his and it was mentioned that she couldn't look away, though they didn't act on their feelings until later on. The same kinda goes for CrowxLeaf in a way.

Really, besides Windflight's parents, I think they're the only forbidden relationship that actually worked out in the end since they got back together in StarClan when Bluestar died, as confirmed by Kate on her Twitter.

CrowxLeaf—I liked it for kinda the same reasons I liked BluexOak, especially when it breaks not one, but two codes.

It wasn't really as 'out of the blue' as most people claim either, and just because Crowfeather was reminded of Feathertail's death when Leafpool was about to fall doesn't mean he loved her because just she reminded him of Feathertail. I don't really have a problem with CrowxFeather, I just like CrowxLeaf more.

There were plenty of hints in Dawn and Starlight that hint towards their feelings for each other even before Crowfeather saves Leafpool's life. Even Crowfeather Speaks: A Forbidden Love talks about his side of the relationship.

Feathertail understood me, and she listened to me. Her eyes were the clear blue of her river home. She died saving us all from Sharpclaw. After that, I only wanted to serve my Clan to the limits of my strength, and then to join Feathertail in StarClan.

But then I met Leafpaw, she was patient and kind. Her voice was like water flowing over pebbles, and her scent had hints of wildflowers in it.

What was happening to me? How could I fall in love with anyone—let alone a ThunderClan cat—let alone a ThunderClan medicine cat? I know the warrior code! I've always been a loyal WindClan cat. I knew that if I let myself fall for her, it could endanger my Clan. If my loyalties were divided, how could I be a true warrior? How could I defend WindClan against a ThunderClan attack, knowing that I might hurt her or someone Leafpaw loves?

And medicine cats are especially forbidden to fall in love. She cannot be thinking of me instead of her Clanmates—they depend on her too much. And StarClan might have trouble reaching her if her thoughts were all wound up in me. I knew they would be very angry with us. I wished I could fall in love with a WindClan she-cat—I wished I could feel this way without breaking the warrior code. But there is no WindClan cat like Leafpaw. I thought that when we reached the lake and went our separate ways I'd be able to forget her. But first she came to our camp to bring watermint to our sick cats, Morningflower and Darkfoot. And the way I felt when I saw her—it made me angry to realize how little I could control my feelings. Onewhisker asked me to escort her home. I went as fast as I could; if I spoke to her, my secret might come spilling out. As I left her camp, Leafpaw thanked me in this sweet, natural way, as if I hadn't been behaving like a badger with its fur clawed off. I had to get out of there before every cat could see what I was trying so hard to fight.

After Leafpaw found Moonpool, she brought me a message from Feathertail. She said I should stop greiving and open my eyes to the living. What did that mean? Could Feathertail have approved of my love for Leafpool? Wasn't she angry?

It was raining the night everything changed. Onewhisker was planning to travel to the Moonpool to receive his nine lives, I'd noticed Mudclaw's whispers and looks, but never thought he'd try anything so reckless as attack to Onewhisker—and bring other Clans to help him too!

As the battle was breaking up, Brambleclaw sent me chasing after two ShadowClan cats who made a run for it. We tore across the moors and into the ThunderClan woods. Branches whipped at my face, and rain sliced through my fur, but I ran on, determined to catch the traitors and punish them for all the wrongs done to my Clan.

I heard yowling ahead of me, and I crashed through some bushes, and there she was. The two ShadowClan warriors had fallen to their deaths, but Leafpaw was clinging desperately to the edge of a cliff, her claws scrabbling on the slick, wet rock. Her wild amber eyes met mine, and she called for help. I was frozen… All I could think of was how I had failed Feathertail, how she died because I couldn't save her.

But I could save Leafpaw. She brought me back. She helped me shake off memories as I reached forward and pulled her to safety. We lay there on the ground, gasping for breath, and I knew in that moment that I couldn't fight my feelings anymore. I loved Leafpaw, and I told her so.

From the look in her eyes I knew she felt the same way. She had everything I had been feeling—that this couldn't happen, that she was a medicine cat. But I could see her heart blazing in the depths of her eyes. I could see how much she cared for me too. I'd seen the same look in Feathertail's eyes… But this was different. This was more dangerous, more forbidden. There was a feeling like lightning prickling along my fur every time I look at Leafpaw. And now I knew she felt it too.

I decided at that moment that we would find a way to be together. The future was terrifying, but we would face it together… out pelts brushing, our tails twined. Our hearts in love forever

Crowfeather Speaks pg 120-122 Secrets of the Clans

Leafpaw gazed down at where Crowfeather sat vigil. He was sitting with his head bowed beside the low mound of rocks that marked Feathertail's grave. Was she really with the Tribe of Endless Hunting rather than StarClan? Make her welcome, whoever you are, Leafpaw begged silently. She watched Crowfeather for a moment her heart aching for his loss.—Dawn pg 317-318

Leafpaw stopped halfway up the slope and turned to watch her sister and the rest of the patrol make their way down to the lake. From the tingling of her own fur, she could tell how excited Squirrelflight was, not just the prospect of exploring the new territory but because she was with the friends she had made to the sun-drown-place once more. For a few heartbeats Leafpaw felt almost breathless with envy, wishing she could have a bond that strong, based on the depth of trust and that many shared experiences, with another cat.

Her gaze was drawn to the lean, gray-black shape of Crowfeather. Of all the others he was the hardest to understand. Leafpaw wished she knew him better. He seemed the least willing to trust cats from another Clan, yet during the long journey through the mountains she had seen him put himself in danger over and over to help cats who weren't from WindClan. Leafpaw's pelt prickled, making her shiver from nose to tail. Something told her Crowfeather had an important path laid out by StarClan, but she had no idea where it might lead—nor was there any reason for StarClan to let her know the destiny of a cat from another Clan.

She jumped as something brushed her shoulder, and turned to see Cinderpelt gazing at her with wise blue eyes.

"Do you wish you were going with them?" the medicine cat asked.

Leafpaw hesitated. She was a medicine cat, not a warrior- her duties lay with her weak and exhausted Clan. So why did she feel a tug in her paws to follow the little patrol that was padding away along the line of the shore? Her mind flooded with an image of bounding after them and to walk alongside Crowfeather, who was bringing up the rear; she drew her breath in sharply, almost able to feel his dark pelt brush against hers as they picked their way over the tufts of boggy grass. —Starlight pg 34-35

Leafpaw turned to see Sorreltail bounding over to her.

"Was that Crowfeather?" she asked. "His tongue is always sharp as a fox's teeth. Is he giving you trouble? I'll sort him out for you." Her amber eyes gleamed in anticipation.

"No he's fine." Leafpaw touched her friend's shoulder with the tip of her tail.

Glancing back to where Crowfeather had disappeared in search of fresh-kill, she knew that wasn't entirely true. But she could not think of an herb that would heal his broken heart. —Starlight pg 112-113

Much as he ruffled her fur, Leafpaw couldn't help feeling that Onewhisker had been tough on Crowfeather.

"Let's just concentrate on helping Morningflower," she mewed. "We need to get some watermint down her."

She chewed up more of the leaves, and asked Crowfreather to hold Morningflower's jaws open while she pushed pulp into her mouth, praying that the old cat wouldn't vomit it up again. She flinched as Crowfeather's flank brushed hers, making her fur tingle like the air before a storm. He leaped back too, then stepped forward again without meeting her eyes, as if he were embarrassed.—Starlight pg 197

"Can I go then?" Crowfeather asked loudly.

"Oh, yes, yes." Barkface waved him away. "I can take over now."

Leafpaw watched him go, wondering why she was feeling disappointed.—Starlight pg 198-199

As Leafpaw looked on, the hollow place inside her grew bigger. She would never feel for another cat what Squirrelflight felt for Brambleclaw, or enjoy the closeness of a mate and kits. She had never doubted her decision to give her life to StarClan and tread the medicine cat's solitary path—but suddenly she couldn't help wondering if she was missing something.—Starlight pg 206

Leafpaw glanced at Crowfeather, wondering if she'd be able to talk to him first.

Cinderpelt's gaze followed hers. "Take care where your affections fall Leafpaw," she warned quietly, "Remember that you are a medicine cat."—Starlight pg 238

Worn out from moving rocks all afternoon, she shut her eyes.

Almost at once she found herself padding along the shore of the lake with starlight washing her paws. A few tail-lengths ahead, a lean gray-black shape was standing on a rock, gazing down into the glittering water. It was Crowfeather.

"Feathertail?" Leafpaw heard him murmur as she approached. "Feathertail, where are you?"

Leafpaw jumped onto the rock beside him, gently brushing her fur against his. When he turned to look at her, his eyes were brimming with sorrow.

"Feathertail is here, among the stars," she told him gently "She is always with you, Crowfeather watching over you."—Starlight pg 256

It makes sense that they would act hostile towards each other since Leafpool was a ThunderClan medicine cat, and Crowfeather was feeling guilty for loving another cat other than Feathertail. It's pretty obvious that Crowfeather still loves her, too. The Ultimate Guide even says that his heart still ached for Leafpool… not Feathertail.

CrowxFeather—While I do find it kind of cute, I just never saw it happening, mainly because Feathertail was too old for Crowpaw/feather. No, I'm not talking about actual, physical age, I'm talking about it in a mental way.

I mean, Feathertail had to grow up rather quickly: her mother died giving birth to her and her brother, RiverClan and ThunderClan nearly went to war for them, their father was exilled and rejoined ThunderClan, they were nearly killed for being half-Clan, RiverClan never fully trusted them, and Stonefur was killed defending them.

Prior to the Journey to Midnight, Crowpaw was just a regular apprentice and wanted to become a warrior. Not once did he ever have his loyalty qustioned until he met Leafpool and attempted to run away with her.

IMO, Leafpool is a better match for him.

Opinions on the Warrior Cats: Other Topics

How Was Silverstream The Better Mate?—Okay, so just how was Silverstream a better mate to Graystripe than Millie? No, scratch that—how was she a good mate? I mean, sure she saved his life, but so did Millie, who was willing to give up her being a kittypet for him. Silverstream wouldn't have done this, as basically proven in Forest of Secrets.

Graystripe looked ready to burst out of his skin. "Fireheart," he whispered, "Silverstream is going to have my kits!"

His heart thudding, Fireheart looked from Graystripe to Silverstream. She quivered with happiness, her green eyes glowing with pride. "Your kits?" his voice echoed with alarm. "Are you both out of your minds? This is disastrous!"

Graystripe blinked and would not meet his friends eyes. "Not necessarily. I mean, these kits will join us together forever."

"But you come from different Clans!" Fireheart protested. From the uneasiness in Graystripe's expression, he guessed that his friend knew very well what difficulties the kits would cause. "You can't ever claim these kits as your own, Graystripe. And Silverstream," he added, turning toward the RiverClan cat, "you won't be able to tell anyone in your Clan who the father is."

"I don't care," Silverstream insisted, giving her chest fur a quick lick. "I'll know that's what matters."

Graystripe looked as if he wasn't to sure of that. "It's stupid that they can't know," he murmured. "We haven't done anything to be ashamed of." He pressed himself against Silverstream's flank and shot Fireheart a helpless glance.—pgs 142-143, Forest of Secrets

"It's time we were going. It must be sunhigh. They'll miss us back at camp."

Graystripe touched his nose to Silverstream's. "Fireheart's right," he murmured. "We must go. And don't worry," he added. "They'll be the most beautiful kits in the forest."

Silverstream's eyes narrowed with affection, and her voice came in a deep purr. "I know we'll find a way to get them through this."—Pg 144, Forest of Secrets

Really, if Silverstream had lived and had actually stayed in camp like she was supposed to, then she would have raised Stormkit and Featherkit herself and Graystripe wouldn't have had moved to RiverClan. Aside from his kits, he was miserable there! His loyalties still and always would lie with ThunderClan.

Also, in Fire and Ice, both Graystripe and Silverstream were under the belief that Silverstream would actually be able to protect them just because she was Crookedstar's daughter.

"Graystripe!" Fireheart hissed as he sprang from the bushes.

The two cats spun around to face him, Silverstream's ears flattened angrily. Graystripe just stared at him startled. "You followed me!"

Fireheart ignored his stunned meow. "What are you doing? Don't you know how dangerous this is?"

Silverstream spoke up. "Its okay. There won't be a patrol here until after sunset."

"You can be sure of that, can you? As if you know all of your Clan's movements!" Fireheart growled

Silverstream lifted her chin. "Actually I do. My father is Crookedstar, the leader of RiverClan."—pg 155 Fire and Ice

They seriously thought they wouldn't get discovered and hoped that none of the patrols from either of their Clans saw them. What if they met in battle and had to fight each other? Which reminds me:

A blow on the back of his head knocked Fireheart off balance. He staged and turned to see Stonefur. The RiverClan warrior was preparing to aim another swipe. Fireheart ducked out of the way and shoved Stonefur straight into Whitestom. The ThunderClan cat whipped around and grasped Stonefur by the scruff of his neck. Fireheart tried to dart forward and help the white-furred warrior, but claws held him back, digging into his haunches. He twisted to see who it was and glimpsed gray fur. It was Silverstream.

The she-cat's face was twisted with battle rage as she reared up at him. Blood was dripping into her eyes, and Fireheart could tell that she hadn't recognized him. She drew back a paw and he saw her long claws flash as he prepared to swipe him. As Fireheart screwed up his eyes, bracing himself for the blow, he heard an achingly familiar yowl. "Silverstream! No!"

Graystripe, thought Fireheart.

Silverstream hesitated, shook her head, and recognized Fireheart with a muted gasp. She dropped back down to all fours, her eyes wide with shock.

Fireheart reacted instinctively, his blood aflame with battle. Without thinking, he leaped onto the back of the RiverClan she-cat and pinned her to the ground. She didn't struggle as he drew back his head and prepared to give her a vicious bite on her shoulder.But as Fireheart raised his head he felt Graystripe's eyes boring into him. The gray warrior was watching in horror from the edge of the battle.

The look of pain and disbelief in his friend's eyes brought Fireheart back to his senses. He stopped, sheathed his claws, and loosened his grip on Silverstream. The she-cat slipped away from him and disappeared into the surrounding gorse. Fireheart stared, still in shock, as Graystripe raced after her.—pgs 305-307, Fire and Ice

"Is she [Silverstream] okay?" Fireheart asked under his breath.

"Yes," whispered Graystripe. "And thanks for letting her go."

Fireheart blinked. "I'm glad she wasn't hurt," he meowed.

Graystripe held his gaze for a moment, then meowed, "Fireheart, you were right. The battle wasn't easy. It felt like I was fighting Silverstream's Clanmates, not enemy warriors." He lowered his eyes, ashamed. "But I still can't seem to give her up."—pgs 316-317, Fire and Ice

Seriously, they couldn't even fight each other's Clanmates!

Here are a few more quotes that prove they didn't think about the consequences.

"It doesn't matter what Silverstream thinks! What about your loyalty to ThunderClan?" he [Fireheart] demanded. "Your breaking the Clan code by seeing her!"

Graystripe stopped washing. "You think I don't know that?" he hissed. "Do you doubt my loyalty to ThunderClan?"

"What else can I think? You can't see her without lying to the Clan. And what if we have a battle with RiverClan? Have you thought about that?"

"You worry too much." Graystripe snapped. "It won't come to that. Now that Brokenstar's gone and WindClan's back, the Clans will be at peace."

"RiverClan doesn't seem to be acting peacefully," Fireheart pointed out. "You know they've been hunting on Sunningrocks, in our territory."

"They've been hunting on Sunningrocks since before I was kitted," scoffed Graystripe, twisting to was the base of his tail.

Fireheart carried on pacing. Graystripe just didn't seem to understand what he was doing. " Okay what if a RiverClan Patrol catches you?"

"Silverstream won't let that happen," answered Graystripe between long licks along his bushy tail.—pg 157 Fire and Ice

Silverstream bristled "I won't let anything bad happen to Graystripe!"

"Oh really?" Fireheart snorted. "And what could you do to protect him?"

"I'm a Clan leader's daughter," meowed Silverstream

"Does that give you the power to control your father's warriors? You're hardly more than an apprentice!"

"Like you!" she hissed indignantly.

"Yes that's true," Fireheart admitted " And that's why I'm not sure I could protect Graystripe from the anger of his own Clan or yours if they find out your seeing each other."—pg 163 Fire and Ice

And then there's this:

"Whatever problems your Clan has, you still have to stop seeing Graystripe."

"No," answered Silverstream, lifting her chin. Her eyes flashed. "How can our love do any harm?"
—pg 165 Fire and Ice

Let's see… the relationship caused them to lie to their Clans, caused Fireheart and Mistyfoot to also lie to their Clans, Graystripe neglected his warrior and mentor duties, Silverstream died giving birth, their kits nearly caused a war and were also nearly killed as apprentices for being half-Clan, and Stonefur was killed defending them.

Seriously, the only good thing that came out of their relationship were Stormfur and Feathertail.

Oh, and another thing, it was NEVER confirmed who Graystripe will choose in StarClan, though Kate said on her Twitter that she only BELIEVED that he would choose Silverstream.

If Graystripe does go back to Silverstream when he gets to StarClan, then he's a huge jerk! I mean, why have kits with another cat if you're just gonna go back to your first love anyway!? And if he does go back to her without at least talking to Millie about it first, then I'll only dislike him even more.

The Three did do something—Why do people think that the Three didn't do anything during the Great Battle?

Lionblaze was an invincible fighter, so his power technically helped him fight off Dark Forest cats like Shredtail.

Dovewing also used her power, giving reports of the Dark Forest activity.

Willowshine padded to Dovewing and touched her shoulder with her muzzle. “Can you hear as far as the Dark Forest?” she whispered.

Dovewing stiffened. “I—I don’t know.”

“Will you try?”

Dovewing nodded and stretched her ears till the tips ached.

Blackstar narrowed his eyes, staring at her. “What’s she doing?”

Willowshine met his gaze. “She’s showing you your enemy.”

Dovewing’s throat tightened. What if her power failed her? She reached out from the island, letting her hearing spread in every direction at once. The murmurings of the Clans swept over her; every movement and word crashed in like waves but she kept reaching farther, past the Clans and into the darkness at the edges. Slowing her breath, she forced herself to relax, opening her senses and letting whatever lay beyond the darkness seep in.

A distant yowl sounded from far away. Tensing, Dovewing focused her hearing on the cry and rushed toward it, every sense raw. She gasped as trees blurred at the edges of her vision. The sounds of the forest formed images in her mind, which sharpened and strengthened as she hunted deeper. Spindly undergrowth grew in tangled heaps. An eerie light glowed just strong enough to make them out. She glanced up and saw only darkness. The Place of No Stars!

“I’ve reached it!”

Onestar gasped. “You can actually hear what’s going on there?”

Littlecloud meowed, “Don’t disturb her.”

“But do you really expect us to believe she can visit the Dark Forest in her thoughts?” Blackstar whispered.

Mothwing shook out her pelt, filling the air with the scent of herbs. “You believe that all the cats in StarClan can see beyond normal boundaries,” she pointed out. “Why should one living cat not be able to do the same?”

“Hush!” Mistystar quieted them, and Dovewing concentrated harder.

A deep growl sounded beside her. “Dig your claws deeper into the muscle! He must feel fire touch his bones!”

Dovewing jerked her attention toward it. A scarred warrior, torn-eared and matted, loomed from the shadow. A tortured yowl screeched through the trees. Was this where Ivypool came every night? Dovewing’s heart lurched. “They’re training for battle,” she breathed.

“They train every night,” Jayfeather put in.

Willowshine twitched beside Dovewing. “They’re as brutal as dogs.”

“They have no warrior code,” Littlecloud added.

A bloodcurdling shriek made Dovewing flinch. Instinctively she tried to s-n-a-t-c-h her thoughts away from the Dark Forest, but Willowshine pressed against her till she could feel the steady beating of her heart. “Keep going,” she whispered.

She focused on the scarred warrior again, and this time she saw another tom beside him. Two more wrestled on the slimy ground ahead of them.

“We need to shred every Clan cat who ever lived.”

Dovewing stared at the dark tabby who spoke. His shoulders were massive and his claws were longer than she’d ever seen.

“She’s found Brokenstar,” Jayfeather reported.

“How do you know?” Onestar gasped.

“I can see into her thoughts.” Jayfeather’s breath touched Dovewing’s cheek. “He’s talking to his Clanmates.”

“What’s he saying?” Blackstar demanded.

Dovewing began to quote Brokenstar’s words. “Destroying the puny warriors who huddle like mice around the lake will be fun, but when we kill StarClan… that will be the final revenge.” The growl in his throat suddenly turned into a wild purr, so loud it hurt Dovewing’s ears. She shrank away, turning her ears to another part of the forest.

A white she-cat was slinking through the trees, complaining.

“Why do we have to train in this stinking forest?” Dovewing repeated the warrior’s words. “Why can’t we train on our own land?”

“Is that a Clan cat?” Mistystar exclaimed.

“Why would a Clan cat be in the Dark Forest?” Onestar snapped.

Dovewing focused harder, until she recognized the snowy pelt. Icewing! It was a RiverClan warrior. I can’t betray her!

Dovewing shut off the sound, and pressed closer to Willowshine.

“Thank you, Dovewing.” Firestar’s gentle mew sounded in her ear. She opened her eyes, relieved to see the island clearing.

They’ll have to save themselves now.

Jayfeather’s words turned Dovewing cold with fear. She tasted the air, searching for Ivypool, then darted to the apprentices’ den.

Ivypool was curled in her nest, eyes tight shut, ears twitching. She’s trying to dream herself into the Dark Forest to find Blossomfall, Birchfall, and Mousewhisker.

Dovewing padded closer. But they know she’s a spy! What if they’ve already betrayed her to Tigerstar? Suddenly, a voice sounded at the edge of her hearing.

“The time has come.”

It was Brokenstar’s rasping mew, ringing from the Dark Forest.

Cats crowed their approval, their yowls echoing through leafless branches. Dovewing closed her eyes and searched out the sound. She cast her senses between shadowy trees and heard the sluggish wash of water over slimy banks. A little farther along the river, a legion of cats jostled for position around a blackened tree stump.

“This is the last night you’ll spend in this stinking forest!” Brokenstar declared from the stump. His amber eyes gleamed as he surveyed the sea of bristling pelts.

“What does he mean, the last night?”

Dovewing recognized Blossomfall’s whisper. The tortoiseshell crouched at the edge of the crowd with Mousewhisker and Birchfall huddled beside her.

Tigerstar leaped onto the tree stump and nudged Brokenstar aside. “Tonight we will sweep away the warrior code that has robbed the Clans of true honor for so long. For too many moons, the Clans have nurtured the weak and rejected the strong.” He swung his broad head around to take in all the cats below him. “But tonight we will rage through the Clans like a storm until only the strong remain. We will build a new Clan where strength and victory are prized above weakness and failure!”

“No more warrior code!” yowled a battered tabby.

“The Dark Forest will rule the Clans!” Cries rose from the crowd.
“Follow me tonight!” Tigerstar lifted his voice. “And I promise you more power and freedom than you have ever known.”

The Dark Forest warriors’ cheers rang in Dovewing’s ears. With a gasp, she spotted Sunstrike of WindClan and Minnowtail from RiverClan. They were staring at Tigerstar, their eyes wide with shock. Not far away from them, Mousewhisker was backing toward the trees.

“The Clans have been flawed for too long.” Hollowflight stretched up among the Dark Forest warriors. The RiverClan tom’s eyes shone. “We have to show them that only the strongest will survive.”

Dovewing felt sick. How can a Clan cat believe in such cruelty?

Icewing’s white pelt flashed at the corner of her vision. The RiverClan she-cat nudged Mousewhisker back toward Blossomfall and Birchfall. With a flick of her tail, she beckoned Furzepelt and Harespring of WindClan closer. “Don’t let Tigerstar see you’re afraid,” she hissed. “Keep quiet and do exactly what he says or you’ll never see your home again.”

Birchfall started to object but a ragged tortoiseshell turned to face him, eyes narrow. “I don’t hear you cheering for our leader,” she growled.

Icewing met her gaze. “We’re planning our strategy, Mapleshade,” she meowed. “Don’t forget we have the edge when it comes to fighting the Clans. Our Clanmates trust us.”

“Really?” Mapleshade sounded unconvinced. “Let’s hope you’re prepared for the battle of your lives.” She leaned closer to Icewing. “Because fighting alongside us is the only way you’ll survive.”

A thin, black tabby tom pushed his way from the crowd and stopped beside Mapleshade. “How are our recruits doing?” he sneered.

“Darkstripe.” Mapleshade greeted him with a curt nod. “They’re scared as kits.”

Darkstripe’s gaze swept over the Clan cats. “Don’t be,” he snapped. “You’re on my patrol and I’ll make sure you fight like heroes.” His eyes narrowed suddenly. “Where’s Ivypool?”

“She’s coming,” meowed Blossomfall.

Darkstripe flexed his claws. “She should be here already.” He glanced at Mapleshade. “I never trusted her,” he growled. “Always trying too hard to please Tigerstar. Sly as a Twoleg’s dog.”

Birchfall lashed his tail. “That’s not true!”

Hawkfrost summoned them from the tree stump. He’d jumped up beside Tigerstar and Brokenstar, his pelt glossy in the eerie half-light. “Our warriors are ready,” he yowled. “Death to the Clans!”

As the Dark Forest warriors picked up the chant, wind surged through the trees. It dragged at the branches, splintering bark and stripping shriveled, dead leaves. Lightning split the sky as thunder burst in Dovewing’s ears.

She flinched, but kept watching as Tigerstar jumped down from the stump. The crowd parted to let him through and he raced for the trees, Brokenstar and Hawkfrost at his tail. The Dark Forest army surged after them.

“Death to the Clans!”

“Death to the Clans!”

The storm lit up the forest and tore at the trees. Battle cries ripped the air. Dovewing’s breath caught in her throat as she heard countless paws thundering closer. Oh, StarClan, help us! They’re coming!

Dovewing waited for Firestar to give the order to charge, surprised when he summoned her forward with a jerk of his muzzle.

“Are they everywhere?” he hissed as she reached him.

She stretched her ears. A shriek rang out from beyond the ShadowClan border. On the moor, heather creaked as warriors pushed through and, beyond the lake, reeds snapped beneath paws. Her breath quickened. “Yes. They’re attacking all the territories at once.”

And Jayfeather united StarClan with the help of the other medicine cats.

What the Three did for the Clans is also mentioned in Bramblestar's Storm when Bramblestar is comforting Dovewing over the loss of her powers.

"You knew where the Dark Forest warriors were attacking. Lionblaze fought like a whole Clan of warriors without shedding a drop of blodd, and Jayfeather united StarClan."

Another thing I don't get is why people thought that the Three would be the ones to defeat the Dark Forest. Neither of the prophecies that involved the Power of Three spoke of them being the ones to do this.

Kin of Your Kin

"There will be three, kin of your kin, who hold the power of the stars in their paws."

That prophecy just says that there will be three kin of Firestar's who will hold more power than StarClan… and there were.

Three Must Become Four

"The end of the stars draws near. Three must become four to battle the darkness that lasts forever."

This prophecy only spoke of finding the Fourth cat because the Fourth cat would defeat the Dark Forest... again which is what Firestar did when he finally killed Tigerstar.

Just because they had their powers didn't mean they would necessarily be needed to deal with the Dark Forest.

Mistystar and Mothwing—Okay, so I've noticed that Mistystar's been getting quite a bit of hate ever since Mistystar's Omen. I completely understand why, especially if the book itself came to be offensive to certain people. Now, I like both Mistystar and Mothwing, and I wasn't really on either side when reading. Both sides were in the wrong: Mistystar for not understanding Mothwing, and Mothwing for lying for so long, even though she didn't have much of a choice but to do so.

While I don't agree with Mistystar demoting Mothwing, I understand why she did it. Mothwing was RiverClan's head medicine cat and an excellent one at that when it comes to the healing side of it, but medicine cats are more than just healers. I hate to bring religion into this, but medicine cats are the Warriors equivalent to priests—they are not just doctors! That's like hiring someone to be an actual priest, then finding out that he doesn't even believe in the things he's supposed to be preaching!

Literally anyone can learn about herbs, but it takes a special kind of cat to actually interpret the signs sent to them by their ancestors. If medicine cats really were just the cat equivalent to doctors, then it wouldn't be such a big deal since you don't necessarily have to have religious faith to become a doctor.

Doesn't anyone remember how the other Clans reacted to her wanting to become a medicine cat?

At last Leopardstar meowed "Some of you have met or apprentices Hawkpaw and Mothpaw. They are now warriors , and will be known as Hawkfrost and Mothwing."

The cats around Leafpaw craned their necks to see the warriors the RiverClan leader had named; Leafpaw turned to look too, but she could not distinguish them among the throng. The traditional welcoming murmur for all new warriors broke out at the announcement, but to Leafpaw's surprise it mingled with a few disconcerting growls, which she realized were coming from RiverClan cats.

Leopardstar glared down from the rock and stilled the noise with a flick of her tail. "Do I hear protest?" she spat out angrily. "Very well, I will tell you everything to stop rumors flying once and for all.

"Six moons ago, at the beginning of newleaf, A rogue cat came to RiverClan, with her two surviving kits. Her name was Sasha, and the birth of her kits had weakened her so much that she need help with hunting and caring for them. For a time she thought of joining the Clan, and we would have welcomed her as a warrior, but in the end she decided the warrior code was not the way of life for her. She left us, but her kits chose to stay."

A flood of protest surged up from the cats around the rock. One voice rose clear above the yowling. "Rogue cats? Taken into a Clan? Has RiverClan gone mad?"

Graystripe shot a questioning glance at Mistyfoot, who shrugged.

"They are good warriors," she murmured defensively.

Leopardstar made no attempt to quiet the clamor, Only staring stonily down until it died away. "They are strong young cats and have learned their warrior skills well," she meowed when she could make herself heard. "They have sworn to defend their Clan at the cost of their lives, just as all of you have sworn." With a glance at Blackstar, she added, "Were not some of ShadowClan's warriors rogues once?" Before he could reply, her gaze swiveled to Firestar. "And if a kittypet can become Clan leader, why should rogues not be welcome as warriors?"

"She has a point there," Graystripe admitted.

Firestar dipped his head toward Leopardstar. "True," he mewed. "I will be glad to see these cats fufill their promise as loyal members of their Clan."

Leopardstar nodded in reply; his words had clearly appeased her

"Is that what was worrying you, Mistyfoot?" Graystripe asked "It's no big deal, if they've settled down well."

"I know" Mistyfoot sighed. "And I know I'm the last cat to criticize any warrior for being born outside the Clan, but..."

"You do know that Mistystar's mother was your old leader, Bluestar?" Feathertail whispered to Leafpaw.

Leafpaw nodded.

"But Leopardstar, hasn't told you everything," Mistyfoot went on. The blue-gray warrior broke off as Leopardstar began to speak again.

"Mothwing has chosen a special place within our Clan," she explained. "Mudfur, our medicine cat, is growing old, and the time has come for him to take an apprentice."

This time her voice was completely drowned by howls of protest. The three other leaders on top of the Great Rock drew together for an anxious conference. Tallstar was clearly unwilling to speak out after Leopardstar had agreed to give him acess to the river, and in the end it was Blackstar who replied. I'm ready to admit that a rogue could learn enough of our code to become a warrior" he rasped. "But a medicine cat? What do rogues know of StarClan? Will StarClan even accept her?"

"That's what's bothering me," Mistyfoot murmured to Graystripe.

Leafpaw felt a tingle spread through her fur. She remembered her own conviction, back when she had been little more than a kit, that it was right for her to heal and comfort her Clanmates, and to interpret the signs of StarClan for them. Had Mothwing felt the same? Leafpaw wondered. Could she have felt the same, if she was not Clan-born? Even Yellowfang, the medicine cat before Cinderpelt, had been forest-born, though ThunderClan had not been the Clan of her birth.

Voices all around the clearing echoed Blackstar's questions. At the base of the rock an old brown tom heaved himself to his paws and waited for quiet; it was Mudfur, the RiverClan medicine cat.

As the noise died down he raised his voice. "Mothwing is a talented young cat," he meowed, "But she was born a rogue. I am waiting for a sign from StarClan that she is the right medicine cat for RiverClan. Once I have received that sign, I will take her to Mothermouth at the half-moon time. If I act without the blessing of StarClan then you can all complain-but not until then." He flopped back down again, his whiskers twitching irritably.—Midnight, pgs 48-51

They were worried that she didn't believe in StarClan—even Leafpool—, which later turned out to be true after Hawkfrost faked the moth's wing sign.

And speaking of the moth's wing sign, two of the three Erins have actually said that had Hawkfrost not placed the moth wing outside Mudfur's den, then Mudfur wouldn't have chosen Mothwing to be his apprentice.

Question: Would StarClan have sent a sign saying that Mothwing should be a medicine cat if Hawkfrost hadn't put the moth's wing outside Mudfur's den? Or did they just know that Hawkfrost would do it?

Answer: KateCary: Interesting! I think StarClan had nothing to do with Hawkfrost's evil plotting, they just have to deal with the consequences - which aren't that bad. Even though Mothwing doesn't believe in StarClan she's a very conscientious and dedicated medicine cat.

VickyHolmes: That's an excellent question! And I think the answer is no, StarClan would never have chosen a medicine cat that didn't believe in them (gulp). But they know Mothwing has a good heart and is committed to healing her Clanmates, which is why they're willing to accommodate her lack of connection with them.

CherithBaldry: Who knows? Probably they would, since she is a very good medicine cat, and would have been even better if Hawkfrost hadn't destroyed her faith.

Mothwing was RiverClan's sole medicine cat after Mudfur died, and had to ask for Leafpool's help many times. She couldn't interpret signs or receive any prophecies. Leafpool had to teach Willowshine about StarClan.

She had been living a lie for so long, and was being blackmailed by Hawkfrost into creating fake signs before he died, like when she was forced to make up that dream about the two strange pebbles, referring to Stormfur and Brook so that RiverClan would get rid of the two cats.

Now, some of you may say that Mistystar didn't have to demote Mothwing because the Clan still had Willowshine. But here's the thing—what if Willowshine died? After all, it wouldn't be the first time that a medicine cat apprentice had died before its mentor. And if that happened, then what if StarClan was trying to send a very important sign to RiverClan, but Mothwing couldn't interpret it due to her lack of faith? Of course, they could always just send signs to Mistystar, or Leafpool, or Jayfeather, but they rarely send signs to leaders, and wouldn't it seem a bit odd that a sign that was meant for RiverClan be sent to ThunderClan?

Now, others may say how Mistystar could've just had Mothwing be a warrior again. But why would she? Medicine cats rarely give up their positions to become warriors, and had Mistystar had Mothwing become a warrior, there would have been questioning, especially after Mothwing has been a medicine cat for so long now. Having her become an elder would've been more believable, especially considering her age.

Like I said, I'm not saying Mistystar is innocent either. She should've been more understanding towards Mothwing from the start instead of freaking out. But at least she realized her mistake in the end and made amends with her.

I greatly apologize if I've offended anyone due to this rant, as that wasn't the intention. These are just my two cents on what I thought of the whole Mistystar-Mothwing situation.

Leafstar and SkyClan—So, why the hate? Is it because Leafstar's 'bad at names'? Because names like Bouncefire, Rockshade, Tinycloud, Plumwillow, Nettlesplash, Rabbitleap, Creekfeather, Mintfur, Waspwhisker, Fallowfern, Lichenfur, Shrewtooth, and Ebonyclaw are all names that would fit in with the other Clans. Even Snookthorn would fit since a snook is a type of fish and also a type of bush.

Echosong was the one who gave Frecklewish her full medicine cat name, Harrykit was named after Harry—who helped Leafstar get back to her Clan—before he revealed himself to be named Sol, and how would Leafstar even know whether to use 'moon' in a name or not?

The names of the daylight warriors are bad kinda intentionally. It shows that SkyClan is still very much improving and it will take time for them to become a real Clan again, especially since the last time we saw them was in the SkyClan and the Stranger arc.

Is it because Leafstar had kits? It's not like it's against the warrior code, and it can happen, it's just really uncommon and makes leading difficult, as stated by Vicky herself.

Question: Can a female leader have kits?
Answer: VickyHolmes: She could, but it would make leading the Clan even more difficult, and I can imagine some of the more traditional cats would make a bit of a fuss. —Erin Hunter Chat 4

Speaking of which, is it because SkyClan have broken the warrior code? Because last time I checked, so have the other Clans! Why is this an issue now?

1. Many cats have broken this one, even if they were only meeting each other as friends or never became mates at all:

Appledusk and Mapleshade
Windflight's Parents
Reedfeather and Fallowtail
Oakheart and Bluestar
Graystripe and Silverstream
Crowpaw and Feathertail
Crowfeather and Leafpaw/pool
Lionpaw and Heatherpaw
Tigerheart and Dovepaw/wing

It's also been broken by pretty much every cat in the Dark Forest (and Ashfur).

2. ShadowClan trespassed on WindClan land, WindClan trespassed on both RiverClan land in Midnight and stole prey from them, and also from ThunderClan land in Dark River and Eclipse.

3. Longtail and Darkstripe broke this one, resulting in Poppydawn's death, and Firepaw also broke this one by feeding a weakened Yellowfang. He also did this with Graystripe when they hunted for RiverClan.

4. Tigerstar broke this by bulding the Bone Hill.

5. Brokenstar broke this one by sending kits into battle and training them early. Bluestar also broke this one when she apprenticed Brackenpaw and Cinderpaw one or two moons earlier than usual.

6. Squirrelflight didn't sit vigil when she was made a warrior, though this one is actually understandable since they had no camp then.

7. This was broken when Brambleclaw was named deputy even if StarClan did send a sign, and by Leopardstar when Hawkfrost was named deputy when Mistyfoot disappeared.

8. Tallstar named Onewhisker deputy without a proper ceremony.

9. Bluestar waited too long to appoint a new deputy after Tigerclaw's banishment, as did Firestar when Graystripe disappeared.

10. This was broken many times by the Clans when they fought at Gatherings.

11. This was broken by ShadowClan when they stopped patrolling their borders.

12. Russetfur and her patrol broke this one when they refused to helped Berrykit out of that fox trap, and by Tigerpaw when he attacked Tiny.

13. Fireheart refused to let Bluestar attack WindClan and told them about it.

14. Brokenstar, Tigerstar, Hawkheart, Hollyleaf, Lionblaze, and Clawface all killed to fight their own battles.

15. Cloudpaw broke this one by taking kittypet food, and it was also broken by Hollowpaw and Rushpaw when they were looking for kittypet food in Mistystar's Omen.

The medicine cat code was broken by both Yellowfang and Leafpool.

The daylight warriors have only broken Code 15, which is one of the youngest ones since it's only been around since Bluestar herself was a young warrior, meaning that the Clans have survived countless moons without it. And it was made because a leader stepped down to become a kittypet, NOT because a kittypet wanted to join a Clan, even though this was actually SUGGESTED but DENIED as being a part of the code.

Of course they would have to make tweaks to the code considering that they are the ONLY Clan in the area and they mostly just have to worry about rogues, loners, and the occasional flooding.

Is it because the daylight warriors refuse to become full-time members of the Clan? It actually makes sense that they wouldn't, at least not right away since most of them have no reason to do so right away, like with Daisy and Millie, and have been with their Twolegs for quite some time, unlike with Rusty, but it looks like they're finally beginning to realize what it really means to be a warrior; Billystorm is now a full-time member, Harveymoon will most likely be next because of his crush on Mintfur, Ebonyclaw seems to really be enjoying the life of a warrior and seems to be the most dedicated, and once she realizes the true importance of becoming a medicine cat, Frecklewish will more than likely join SkyClan permanently. I'm not sure about Macgyver, though.

Even Leafstar herself said that the reason she has allowed for this to happen is because since their Clan is so small, giving the daylight-warriors a chance to experience the life of a warrior may just increase their numbers, which has already started to happen.

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Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug & Cat Noir - Rated: T - English - Drama/Angst - Chapters: 4 - Words: 10,362 - Reviews: 108 - Favs: 336 - Follows: 505 - Updated: 3/23 - Published: 2/12 - Marinette Dupain-Cheng/Ladybug, Adrien/ Chat Noir, Alya, Chloe
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Hamilton - Rated: K+ - English - Friendship/Romance - Chapters: 2 - Words: 2,654 - Reviews: 13 - Favs: 16 - Follows: 31 - Updated: 3/11 - Published: 3/4 - A. Hamilton, A. Burr, Phillip H., Theodosia B.
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