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Updated by C~chan on 3/07/05

Wow...it's been awhile, everyone! This is C-chan, exactly onbe year later. HI! It seems that B-chan has gone missing (I haven't seen or talked to her in over a year...) As for me, I've started a new account, with stories that are MUCH improved than the ones I have here...My account is Rubber Shuriken. I currently have a few Inuyasha fics, Gundam Wing ones, and a Trigun one-shot. Come check it! Wow...looking back t how crappy some of my stories were is a bit nostalgic...Man, they suck! I've sort of abandoned 'Losing Grip', so if anyone wants to salvage it, please email me at limey_cricket@yahoo.com

Ehhhh...Besides this, I'll leave everything as is...it's nice to look back on a large part of my final middle school year. (Yes,I'm a high schooler now! YAY!)

C-chan (Rubber Shuriken) out.

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Q: In "Seeing You Again?", there are two chapters that featured Inuyasha. I'm confused, when did he come back?

A: Okay, apparently the person who asked this didn't read my author's notes. He didn't come back, those two chapters weren't part of the story. They were a side story, a songfic if you will. The first part was to help me get over my writer's block, and the second one was to continue that, and give the readers something more interesting than an author's note to read in the last chapter.

C-chan: I thought it seemed more like flashback...

B-chan: No... Not really... Because if it were, the song would remind Kagome of Inuyasha... and she would become sad...

Well, that's all for now... Ja!


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