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Author has written 1 story for ManHua/Chinese Comics/漫画.

Gender: Female

Age: 14

Ethnicity: Hetalian (ROFL, no, I'm actually Korean American)

Interests: Drawing, Manhua/Manwha/Manga, Yu Wo, Writing, Reading, SIU (he's a troll, I swear!)

Currently Interested in: Magi, Fairy Tail, Trump, Dice, Divine Bells, SNK, Free!,

Forever a fangirl: 96Neko, Vocaloid, Tower of God, Half Prince, Legend of Sun Knight, Kubera, Maplestory, HETALIA LOL, AND THE JESUS FANDOM EVEN IF I DON'T ACT LIKE IT (blasphemy O-o)

Again, anything related to any copyrighted material belongs to their respective owners (Yu Wo, the Fabulous Folks at PR!, Rick Riordan, God, etc...) I just come up with stories based off what they write/translate/create.

True Facts:

Shipping people like FedEx from 2010.

Please stay away from me; your brand of stupidity is contagious.

I've never met someone who shares the same fandom as me in real life. The only people I have met are the ones who freaking introduced me to it!

Viole is smexier than Baam, but Baam is cuter.

Shipping wars are stupid, but I'm just putting this out there: I kinda hate shota-pairings (COUGH COUGH BOKU NO PICO (not that I've ever watched it tbh))


Tower of God

"I've got a bigger chest than you! You stinking male ape!"

-Yeon Yiwha

"You told me that being like I am is strange. But, to me, you're just a person that can't find a single thing that is precious within that huge pile of garbage. I don't care what others say, I will climb the tower. And if you all aren't a bunch of liars, then you better prepare what I want up there."


Quant: "It seems you're mistaken about something. I have no problem eliminating you even without using shinsoo.There is only one reason why I am avoiding you with my shinsoo. It's because I don't want to kill regulars with my own hands. Remember that."
A-Team Regulars: “...”
Test Administrators: “...”
Lero-ro: “Kuhahahahahahaha! That’s a really awesome script!! The best! Quant! You’re the bomb!”
Yu Han-sung: “Kukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukuku...”
Ship Leesoo: “Master, how old are you to be using such childish lines...”
Quant: “Wh...what?! Stop...stop laughing!! Lero-ro!”
Lero-ro: “Director, what’s the reason you don’t use shinsoo?”
Yu Hansung: “It’s because I don’t want to kill you with my own hands. Remember that.”
Lero-ro and Yu Han-sung: “Kukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukukuku...”

“Throwing away what's precious, giving in to their selfish desires to even betray their own, but the one God has chosen, is a child who cries over the death of a competitor... no, a friend.”

“The world is indifferent when something is taken from you. But when you try to get it back, it will do everything to prevent you from doing so.”
-Serena Rinnen

"Do you know what the most important factor of climbing the tower is? Luck. Luck that allowed you to be born with a strong body. Luck that gave you a smart brain. Luck that brings wealth. Luck that avoids death. Luck that gives you a team. The reason you have made it so far is because of your luck."

"Aaaaaaaaargh!!! What are you thinking, Yeon?! He's a member of FUG!!! Bad person!! Yes, a bad person! Bad person indeed! Good looking guy, but a bad person!!"
-Yeon Yihwa

And just because I can:

"I've got a bigger chest than you! You stinking male ape!"

-Yeon Yiwha

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