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Hey people!!!


Some of you may have known me as CupcakeSweetie12!

I love writing stories, drawing, reading manga, writing my own mangas,and of course, watching anime!

(Anyone have any suggestions for cute romantic animes?)

Enjoy my stories! I update as soon as I can! Mostly on the weekends, so keep checking : D

Disclaimer : (Just thought I should do this..) I'm using a picture for my profile by an artist named "Clavies." Her drawings are adorable XD

I mostly write Kamichama Karin fanfics. I've tried to write fanfics for other stories but I really can't see it working out quite yet, but few of my stories are for different shows...

My goal is to complete all of my stories!

And if you're wondering, I'm having the worst writer's block for my story "A Heart as big as The Ocean."

It seems to be a favorite for most of you, even thought it's updated slowly... I'm pretty sure I'll figure out what's supposed to happen later on, lol.

Sorry if it seems like I've abandoned my stories... writers block.. too much going on.

I'm trying really hard to bring my stories to a close, but of course that'll be hard because a lot of them are in the starting state. Except for My Shooting Star. That's like middle.

Anyway, that means some stories may be delete d for now because it is extremely hard trying to update because I can't see what an end will be or how muh further I will take things in it.

But it will be stories no one reads, so...


My Favorite Animes:

Haruhi Suzamiya

Ouran High School Host Club

Pretty Cure Series

Full Metal Panic series

Kamichama Karin

Digi*Charat NYO!

Moon Phase

Sugar Sugar Rune

My Bride is a Mermaid

Excel Saga

School Rumble

Lucky Star


Sergeant Frog


Rosario Vampire

Wedding Peach

Steel Angel Kurumi


Galaxy Angel Series



Shugo Chara!

Princess Jellyfish

Save Me! Lollipop!

Haiyore! Nyarko-san!


( And many more that I'm not thinking of)


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