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Name: Christy
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Hobbies: I love to write My stories are about Inuyasha (for now). It's one of my favorite Animes, but I like Gundam Wing, Gravitation, Yami no Matsuei, and Fushigi Yuugi as well. I do have some stories in mind for those series too, but for now, I'm sticking with Inuyasha (unless I get a request for something else). If you have a request for me to write something, just email me, or leave a review. Of course, I can only write about what I know and that would be the series I've listed above. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE leave a Review for what you read! I really like feedback and it encourages me to write faster.

To Those Who Plagiarize: I will find out who you are if you plagiarize my things. I have published my works across the web and it will be found out if you steal my work. Plagiarism is as bad as copyright infringement. In case you don't know, plagiarism is copying someone else's hard work and claiming it as your own. I will press charges against anyone that is caught doing this. I take pride in my work and it offends me greatly that some people are too lazy and too unimaginative that they have to steal someone else's work and name it as their own. I don't understand what would compulse someone to do this. Don't do it.

UPDATE: Dammit! I just found out I was plagiarized. This little theif stole my story, "My Mate" and thought that they were clever and going to get away with it by placing the title, "The Beginning of Darkness" (Another story of mine) on it instead. And the worst part? SHE BUTCHERED THE HELL OUT OF MY STORY~! I hate plagiarizers. Do you? Send an email to this evil little twit:

Fair warning. You plagiarize me, your email gets splashed all over the net telling everyone what a little theif you are. Dirty Bastards.

Review Review Review Please, please, please review my stories! Y.Y I don't know how you like it if you don't tell me! And it also helps me to decide which stories to continue. I'm thinking of trimming my stories. Not all are even close to what I want and others don't have any spark for me. So, please, review if you want me to continue a story.

- Story Popularity -

1. Falling
2. The Secret Guardian
3. Shared Hearts

T.T Makes me sad that my favorite story didn't even make it onto the list. ( The Beginning of Darkness )

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4/12/08 - I understand that it has been a long time since I've posted anything. Thank you for all the kind reviews!! Truly, it's what inspires me to want to write. And I am. The passion I have for my story still burns, and I am currently working on Falling Part 5. It's almost done, so please be patient.

07/22/06 - I did it. I updated. Yay! Falling Part 4 is up.

07/06/06 - OMG OMG OMG I am SO sorry! Life has been one huge headache after another. And No Muse Help. And just plain laziness. >.

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