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WITHIN MOTION WILL NEVER BE FINISHED. I've been thinking about this for a long long time. And I sincerely think that my story, Afterimage, is much better on it's own than it is deserving of a sequel. I broke my promise I made to you guys from last year, I know.

I will keep it up, and if by chance someone wants to adopt and finish it, please contact me at Put the term "Adopting Fanfiction" in your subject line so I don't think it's spam.

-March 30th, 2016

I know it should be fairly obvious guys, but Within Motion is currently on a hiatus. A lot happened in 2013, namely writers block. But I was also involved as a passenger in a wreck that gave me a horrible concussion and a dislocated elbow. Then in 2014 I became pregnant and gave birth to my son in January of this year. With juggling a baby and trying to find time to just sleep, I don't think I'll be on here for a long, long time.

For those who continue to follow and read Afterimage and Within Motion, I thank you. Your support means a lot, even if its supporting barely anything. I promise one day I will come back and finish Within Motion...Afterimage was one of my greatest moments in fanfiction. I swear you will have your sequel, even if it takes another three years!

As for A Vacation to Remember...argh, I totally forgot about that thing. That's a definite WIP that will probably never be finished...sorry!

The sequel to Afterimage is now up! Within Motion will have more chapters soon. It's currently unbeta'd.

Afterimage is now being beta'd by arunaway.girl!


F*CKYOU:Ur story is icky...just plain sick...all of them guessing ur
a wh*re, sl*t, c*ck sucker... something nasty...

SO BECAUSE SOMEBODY HAS DECIDED THAT THEY DON'T LIKE ROSE/SCORPIUS, THEY THOUGHT IT WOULD BE A WONDERFUL IDEA TO POST THAT ON MY STORY. I've had absolutely enough bull from this site. So, anonymous reviews are off, and I'm sorry that you anonymous people who actually liked my stories enough to review can no longer do that.

I'm honestly not mad about the review, I just wish there was a way that I could report them, but alas, they are anonymous.


As for A Vacation to Remember, I honestly don't know when that will get updated. I'm kinda hoping I'll want to finish that up once Afterimage is finished, but I kinda suspect that it won't be. I've already imagined the shenanigans and life lessons Lily will be getting herself into in a sequel to Afterimage.

Hey you lovely people! I recently put in a request for a beta on and here in the beta forums! I requested one for Afterimage, because I actually love what I've written so much that I just want it to be better. If someone answers my request I will keep the story as is on here and post the edited chapters as they come. Thanks so much for reviewing my stories guys! I love you all!

21 years old. Just coming back from a long LONG bout with Writers Block. First story after that fight is Shotwand Wedding, followed by The After.

Rose/Scorpius is the most realistic Next Gen HP couple out there.

Reviews and reviewers are loved.

I figured you guys would want to know a little more about me, so I've decided to put some of my favorite things and not so favorite things up here.

I love Harry Potter, Star Trek (old 60's version and every series and movie-aside from Enterprise; that show is a joke), Firefly, Big Bang, South Park and The Golden Girls. I love playing video games and must say Journey is a spectacular game. I also like playing Street Fighter with my boyfriend and his friends. Halo2 and 3 were awesome. COD is too realistic for me. Fallout New Vegas is amazing.

I love food-cooking it, eating it, watching it be made, reading about it. My ultimate goal is to get my GED and go to Culinary Arts School so I can become a Master Chef. I want my own restaurant. I want to try making sushi, but it looks pretty hard if you don't know what you're doing.

Love anime-Hayao Miyazaki's films are gorgeous-Ponyo is one of my favorites from him, followed by My Neighbor Tottoro, and Howls Moving Castle. Also liked School Days, Golden Boy, Inuyasha, Cowboy Bebop, AzuMangaDaiOh, Ghost in the Shell (SAC), Witch Hunter Robin, Dragon Ball Z and Sailor Moon-those last two shows were my shit back in the day!

I hate hate HATE the Twilight series. Kristen Stewart is one of the worst actresses on the planet. The storyline of Twilgiht is absolutely ridiculous and stupid and makes vampires looks silly and sexy when vampires are supposed to be creatures of death and disgust. They also make the werewolves look stupid and pussyish. The best part about that series is that Bella's character is prolly going to die when she gives birth to a half vamp baby-which isn't even possbile, btw, since vampires are DEAD.Thus, they don't produce sperm. On top of that, Bella is engaging in Necrophilia-sex with dead people.

And the church was scared of Harry Potter corrupting our children? Really?

I don't really like other girls my age-they're mostly stupid and immature.

I can't stand to watch the UFC-if I wanted to see some men hugging in just a speedo, I'd watch gay porn.

Johnny Depp is not the best actor there ever was. Looks cannot get you everywhere.

I hate shopping for clothes.

Once upon a time I was BasketCase14-that profile is still up, but I wrote all those when I was very young. A lot of those pairings, genres and fandoms I wrote for I no longer support. I'm not sure how to take that page down, but if it's at all possible-and if staff happens to read this-CAN YOU PLEASE KEEP IT UP? Most of those stories I no longer have available to me, and while I could just add them to this profile, I'd like to keep my amateur writing skills from my younger days separate from the stories I'm now writing.

If anyone would like to view my old works, feel free. But they weren't really anything special-I was 14 at the time.

Someone recently reviewed my story, The Before, and commented on the fact that I used something from the movies, and not the books. They said I wasn't a true fan. I would just like to clarify a couple things:

I read all the Harry Potter books before I EVER saw the movies. I waited in line to get my Half Blood Prince book-3 hours, btw. I'm the one people go to when they ask about Harry Potter information. I was pissed when they didn't put Peeves in the movies. Especially the POA one, because it was PEEVES who saw Sirius Black and told Dumbledore-not the Fat Lady herself. I was also one of the few who was pissed when they showed Hermiones dress-it was pink, when it was supposed to be blue!

Let me tell you all something else-I chose the scene that Rose describes BECAUSE it was so traumatizing. And I just kept thinking-what if Rose accidentally stumbled upon a bowl of memories, memories she shouldn't have seen? What if she got to witness her mother being tortured, saw how helpless her own father was? The death of Dobby? The death of her uncle, Fred?

I also chose this because to me, a witch or wizard choosing to harm another person by HAND is far more terrifying than choosing the distant, unattached act of casting a curse or spell on a person. To go out of the way by using a KNIFE? That's far more realistic for Bellatrix than casting the Cruciatus repeatedly-she's done that before and put them in a hospital. Bellatrix doesn't seem like the type of person to torture the same way twice.

One more thing-if I have to go through reading another rude and arrogant comment posted on any of my stories, I'm going to turn anonymous reviews OFF. I'm choosing to keep them on because I know there are way more people out there that would enjoy reading and reviewing my stories anonymously. So PLEASE-do not ruin it for the other fans who actually respect my work.

As for the people who were kind and actually want me to continue-thank you. Your support and encouragement has been wonderful. I will be writing more, don't worry!

OKAY GUYS. Here's the thing: The Before, The After, nor Shotwand Wedding are being continued with more chapters. They are followed up by other stories I have written! So please stop asking me to continue it-it's not happening.

The way to read the series is as follows:

The Before (optional, as I wrote Shotwand Wedding first)

Shotwand Wedding

The After


Four Times Rose Sent Her Children to Hogwarts (And The One Time She Didn't)

A Vacation to Remember

Only Four Times and A Vacation to Remember are multi-chaptered. I honestly think that giving you guys to much information about those between years of The Before, Shotwand Wedding and The After takes away from the relationship that Rose and Scorpius have. This is also why I'm writing A Vacation to Remember-so you guys can get some more insight into their love/hate relationship.

I don't want to sound rude, or an inconsiderate author, but for the love of god-please stop asking me to continue stories that I have already said no to. There's a reason I did it in follow ups and not chaptered. Trust me. The story would suck otherwise.

Now. Please enjoy my series-which I have yet to title!

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