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Geonah-"Hey everyone! My names Geonah as you've probably already figured out. I'm 15 years old, in my freshman year of highschool."

Carl- "Yawn, yawn. Your boring!"

Geonah- "Well excuuuuuuuse me! Sorry everyone, that's Carl, he's the little blue elf on my sholder. I also have a demon, Geordge, that stands on a puff of black smoke on my right sholder, and Catrina, my fairy (the angels gave up years ago) that flies by my left sholder. Geordge and Catrina were assigned to me and I own Carl."

Carl- "No you don't!"

Geonah- "According to the Elves addoption plan i do! *holds up a peice of paper* I addopted you from the North Pole 2 years ago!"

Carl- Hmph!"

Geonah- "Okay, well i don't really feel like taling about myself, if you really want to know me, well then IM me sometime, i love to talk!!! Well, I've decided just to put updates, and "comming soon" stuff up here, so that's what I'm going t do."

Coming soon:

"Reikai Tantei Babysitting 2"

Well, since i'm not done w/RTB 1 then well i'm not going to really tell you what that's about.

Um...i'm going to put some stuff up on soon as i figure out HOW too! lol

Okay, I'm going to put up some of my favorite quotes off of shows, yes you know wht I'm talking about okay here goes:

YYH (Yu Yu Hakusho):

Yusuke- (wile beeting the crap out of someone) "This is for the three lives you stole! This is for their Master! This is for the guy that got his buttkicked for them! And this is just for pissing me off! (i loooove that quote! [betta when u watch it])

Kuwabara- "What if we lose and dont get to the island?"
Hiei- "Simple, we kill everyone on the ship. Then they have to let us on."
Kuwabara- "You diden't have much of a childhood, did you?"

Kurama- "And to think, soon they might be inlaws."(about Hiei & Kubara)

Hiei (to Yusuke, about Puu)- "What is that ridiculous appendage growing out of your head?"

Hiei (to Kuwabara)- "Well I'm sure your minty-fresh breath was well worth it."

Hiei (To Kuwabara)- "So tell me, what's it like living in a constant haze of stupidity?"

Yusuke (to, Kuwabara!!!)- "You souldn't talk. It makes you sound stupid."

Hiei (to Kuwabara)- "'Eligible' and 'able' are two different words."

Atsuko Urameshi (Yusuke's mother)- "No one gave you permission to die!"

SOT (Sword of Truth)

Holly (about Zedd)- "He yells a lot, and says a lot of bad words, and waves his arms around like he's going to call a storm around us, but I think he's nice.

Zedd- "bags!"

Richard (to Kahlan)- "I can't beleive we're together at last. If only we could be alone."
Cara- "Is that a hint Lord Rahl?"
Richard-"No, it's an order."

That's all i have for now!!!

Well, if you have any really good humor stories (i'm not that pickie) just drop me an e-mail and i'll read it. Well, feel free to chat anytime ^_^


IM: Kougaslilwolfy
Yahoo: The_Ice_Flower07 or TheIceFlower07 (can't remember)

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