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Author has written 5 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, Inuyasha, Avatar: Last Airbender, and Fairy Tales.

Greetings. I've mellowed out over the years but I think my writing has improved for it. Still going to peck at P&P to clean up the finished story. I'm slowing coming with finishing things but I'll get there. With the Avatar fic coming along, I'm thinking of putting up a Kingdom Hearts story I've been working on. Might skip over to my fictionpress account and see what I can put up there that's original.

I'm still pretty heavy into RP online but not in forums. If you want you can catch me on AIM (bluemarchhare) or at (email is, one user is Ahmanishakhete) I'm on nearly every day.

Everything else is still on hold

Desert Flower: On hold

Black and Blues: Is on hold as well.

What it is!

Predator and Prey: New Beginnings FINISHED!

Main Character(s): Shadow, Kyleena (mine)

The Basics: Yes it is yet another Shadow fell to earth fic but there's more to it he actually has to try and fit in...sorta. When you're a raver you pretty much take in anyone with a good sense of rhythm. Each char not known does in fact have a dark past and almost each one Shadow encounters starting with his new found girlfriend and her ex boyfriend. It's very intense but kinda up beat with all the parties and what not. Anyone who loves to dance will love this. Latin love, fast cars, ravers, and violence. Ask nicely and I might just add a lemon ;)

Black and Blues

Main Char(s): Shadow, Isis (mine), Rouge, (Oh no, spoiler, can't tell you who else!)

The Basics: AU Shadow fic. Shadow is a special agent devoted to protecting the city he's stationed in. He's the youngest on the force and takes his work...well not too seriously. No matter how many times he succeeds Rouge manages to find a way to chew him out about it. His love for the blues ropes him into a relationship with a Cafe waitress and things begin to get complicated from then on. His head is virtually wanted on a platter but there are bigger fish in the sea that want him alive.

It's always the color red

Scrapped. It gave me too big of a mary sue vibe so it's out.

Desert Flower

Main Char(s): Sesshomaru, Lord Inutaisho, Inuyasha, Kagome and Isis(Other characters thrown in)

The Basics: It's been years since the Taisho family has been back in the "old country" so to speak. They're return to Japan ruffles many a demons feathers and fur. One of the most powerful and ancient demons alive isn't doing much to claim his lands again while an unknown disease strikes down many of their kind. The two sons of this great lord, Sesshomaru and Inuyasha, have turned they're backs on the world that has only brought them pain and aggravation. While moving through their new high school the eldest seeks respect and the youngest seeks a heart.

Breath life into fire

Main Char(s): Zuko, an OC, the whole gAang, and more.

The Basics: Love is really difficult, even more so when you're young and in the middle of a war. Just playing into Zuko being a bit of a player. He runs into alot of girls during the series and I wanted to see what would happen if one side relationship got really serious and ultimately collided with his life with Mai. Originally a one shot that I was prodded to keep writing. The first part is not as dark as the rest.

All original characters and plot lines copy-written by me Jalisa Jackson. Please don't steal.

All characters, stories and places used belong to their respected owners whom we love and wish we could have their fame.

Hazurdis/Oblivious Productions

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