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Author has written 11 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog, and Higurashi/Umineko series.

Hello awesome peeps! I feel compelled to say this, because this has happened a lot to me. Most of you don't do this, but others have.

A lot of people on this site feel the need to totally derail me for some reason. Look, I'm just trying to get feedback on my stories, because practically all of my friends have no idea what Sonic is or anything, so they wouldn't understand my stories if they read them. If you decide to review my stories, please don't be too rude. It's not that I can't take criticicsm. I can, and that's why I put these stories up on my site. But if you're totally rude about it and try to bestow your wisdom upon me, then we got a problem.

I also have ADD, so if you want me to read your story, I'm sorry, but I have trouble just watching a 5 minute video. This is also why I sometimes take a while to upload my stories. And it's also why I break my stories into so many chapters. It's easier for me to read smaller chapters rather than big huge ones. Unless I am really going off of an idea and I'm really into it, then it takes me a while to write a chapter. I also have a slight bit of depression, so I can't get into the mood of stories very easily.

It's you guys, the lovely readers of this site, that keep me writing. I love your feedback, and I really hope more people read my stories, so if you can, spread the word! Thanks so much!

Stereotypes said about me:

You're German, so you must be a Nazi.

Your voice is deeper than most girls, so you must be part male somewhere.

You wear moccasins and a feather in your hair, so you must be some Native American freak.

You're a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, so must only be attracted to animals.

You watch anime, so you must be a total loser with no friends.

You don't wear Aeropostale, so you must not be popular.

You don't wear makeup, so you can't be pretty.

You watch an anime about witches, so you must be a witch yourself.

You have a cosplay outfit, so you must REALLY have no friends.

You play Assassin's Creed, so you can't be a girl.

You don't have a boyfriend, so obviously nobody likes you.

You're a republican, so you must never have problems.

Some facts about me:

Youtube account: SonicKnuxMiku25096

Deviantart account: SonicKnuxMiku25096

Heritage: German

Gender: Female

Favorire anime: Umineko No Naku Koro Ni

Favorite TV Show: The Walking Dead

Favorite Sonic the Hedgehog game: Sonic Unleashed

Favorite Anime Game: BlazBlue Calamity Trigger

Favorite Sonic Character: Knuckles the Echidna

Favorite Sonic Character that is only featured in the comics: Dr. Finitevus

Favorite Vocaloid Song: I am Circus Monster by: Megurine Luka

Fanfiction stories in progress: Til Fate Do Us Part

Fanfictions pending: Vocaloid: The Story of 4 Cybernetics, Locke and Lara-Le: The Final Confrontation, Bioshock: How-To Survive Let me know if I should make any of the pending stories above, and I will!

Please subscribe to me on Youtube and watch me on Deviantart!

Character Profiles from my stories:

Knuckles the Echidna: Age: 16 In all of my stories, Knuckles is the same as he is in the Sonic the Hedgehog comics, character and plotline wise. He obviously knows different people in my stories.

Sonic the Hedgehog: Age: 15 In all of my stories, Sonic is the same as he is in the videogames. In his werehog form, he's obviously the same as he is in Sonic Unleashed.

Dr. Finitevus: Age: 27 Obviously, Finitevus is the same as he is in the comics. But I made one difference: When I look at Finitevus, I kind of see him as a bit of a pervert, so in my stories, he kind of resembles that.

Thunder: Age: 15 Thunder is a character from the book The Legend of Thunderfoot. He's featured in the first three books of my Sonic Chronicles series. Thunder is about the same as he is in the book, but because of his travel from a different world, his brain is a little scrambled. He often sticks close to Sonic and is known to have a huge temper pretty similar to Knuckles'. He is also like the comic relief character.

Rachel: Age: 13 Rachel is an OC featured in my Sonic Chronicles series and in Deep Within the Shadows. She is kind and respectful to those she doesn't know. But if she knows that someone is trouble, then she is usually a bit hostile towards them. She keeps her friends close and cherishes them, and believes that anyone can be good deep inside.

Tara: Age: 14 Tara is an OC featured in Last Chance Cling. She's a tomboy who likes to relax, but gets nervous when talking to people she doesn't know. She gets a little frantic when going out with a guy, and often changes her personality to please them. She cares about her friends, but sometimes makes choices that have bad consequences.

Phoebe: Age: 14 Phoebe is an OC character in Sweetly Dark Love. She's a prostitute at the Espenil Brothel. She hates expsoing herself to men, despite her job. She believes she should only sell her love to a man she truly loves. She often gets teased by the other prostitutes and has no friends. She is always shy when addressing guests and always finds a way to stay a virgin until she finds the one.

Story Ideas that I put in all of my stories:

The Process of Ceasing to Age: In all of my stories, I have this thing where if a character has a moment when they are perfectly happy and they feel no other feeling other than pure enjoyment, they stop aging completely. I got this idea when I saw that Sonic characters stay pretty much the same age.

Half Earth Half Mobius: In all of my stories, the world is kind of like half Earth half Mobius. I know that Mobius is the planet made after Earth was destroyed, so you could say that the humans expanded more in my stories, if you would prefer.

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Dr. Finitevus' plans have been put on hold due to his encounters with Knuckles. But when he is brought to a brothel, he finds an extremely young prostitute named Phoebe who finds her way deep into his dark heart. But should he kill her so that she won't get in his way, or bring her onto his side for his own purposes?
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Knuckles decided to move out of Angel Island to begin a temporary life. He wants to hang out with Sonic more and meet new people. He makes a new best friend, Tara, who he rooms with in his apartment. But there's a reason why Knux is getting out more. A reason that he will tell no one.
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