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Name: Sarah (obviously :P)
gender: Female! M/ M/
Interests: I love to write and spend a lot of my time writing... I also love reading and currently, the best TV show is X-men Evolution... Rogue and Jean are my favorite characters. (Great mix aye?) Rogue's currently my utmost fav, but Jean used to be. It's an on and off thing I guess. But I definatly don't really like Evo Jean... *shrugs* I'm rambling now... sorry. I'll try and shut up.

Can't do it! Sorry... Anyway... hope you read me stuff, if not, fiiiiiiine... BE THAT WAY! :P

Just a little interesting fact before I tell you about all my stories. I have another account at, I'm Sarah Crysala of course. That's my penname, and if you like my writing you can check out some poems I've written. Though have no fear! My fics are my frist priorety!!!

Fics: So far I X-men Harry Potter Crossover, The Fifth Acolyte, Secrets Revealed, Original Reality Check, Storm Lovers, and Breaking the Habit.

X-men Harry Potter Crossover: Rogue, Kitty, Kurt, Pietro, and Lance are accepted to Hogwarts. All of their powers have appeared at the same time, why? How is Rogue so special about their gaining of powers? What allies and enemies will they make at their new school? How will they adjust in general? MAIN CHARACTERS IN ORDER: Rogue -- Kurt -- Pietro -- Kitty -- Lance -- Harry -- Hermione -- Ron

The Fifth Acolyte: Rogue has never joined nor met the X-men. She's lived with Mystique and/or Irene for the past years and trained specifically by Mystique. Now she is approached by none other then Magneto, and he offers her to join his men the acolytes. Will she accept? MAIN CHARACTERS IN ORDER: Rogue -- Remy -- Piotr -- St. John

Secrets Revealed: Scott's friends point out that Scott has never had a relationship with Rogue, not even a friendship. Scott is troubled by this and asks Rogue about it only to have her confirm it. After further interrogation he finds out that all this time she's had a crush on him and he finds himself confused about his own feelings. What will he do when Rogue doesn't come home from school one day? MAIN CHARACTERS: Rogue -- Scott

Original Reality Check: When Trying to recruit a powerful new mutant, the mutant sends the X-men into an alternate reality. During the transition they are seperated and are thrown into a world of renisance and magic. Each character is suppose to be a main character for each will have a story. They will all come together but that might be a bit. I'm finding it difficult to get through this story just for the fact that I'm not to passionate about writing some of these people and I am so... bear with me. lol.

Storm Lovers: If you like storm's and one shot stories, read it. I can't explain this story, it would give too much away.

Breaking the Habit: This is a songfic. The older students tried to get Rogue to open up and to talk to them. In the end, she speaks of things they would all rather her not and she takes off. It's a one-shot and better then it sounds. Just r&r MAIN CHARACTERS: Rogue

Saint Paul
Saint Paul is a Harry Potter writer. He's only written one H/P fic but it's Really good. READ IT! lol. If you like Harry Potter at least. lol.


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Nothing is Black and White by BlackTom reviews
AU. Rogue has been living with her foster mother, Mystique, for sometime and is finally allowed to join the Brotherhood. There will be lots of Romy in later chapters
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Songfic. After a mission ends in near disaster for the Acolytes, John delves into his own mind to recognize what lies behind his blue eyes.
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XMen Harry Potter Crossover3rd book reviews
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Another one shot song fic. It's a lot differant then anything else I've read here and I think that's the main reason why I did it. I think it give things a differant persepctive buuut, many of you will probably hate it. Thats alright though, this is a Bir
X-Men: Evolution - Rated: K+ - English - Chapters: 1 - Words: 2,540 - Reviews: 4 - Favs: 1 - Published: 5/8/2004 - Complete
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It's a one shot songfic. Rogue did something she'd been fearing she'd do; something subtle, yet she had still feared. Now that she's done it, she wants to run away. She's at the train station, ready to leave, contemplating what she should do or where she
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One shot fic. Very weird, not like most my other work. Or maybe it is. Doesn't seem like it to me though. lol. Annyway... if you like storms READ! REVIEW! lol. Can't say much about the actual story without giving it away. But yeah... this is all there is
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A cute lil' short story for ScottRogue fans. Scott gets Rogue to tell him that she likes him, he then gets confused about his feelings for her and Jean, while after school, Rogue gets captured. What's going on?FINISHED!
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