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Author has written 15 stories for Deus Ex, Half-Life, and Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles.

Howdy. I'm a guy. 20 years old. I watch TV, play video games, and go to college. I try to be politically active. And I'm gay. I think that about covers it. If you took the time to read this short, uninformative blurb, I'll assume you've at least read something I've written, so I ask that you give me your thoughts on it.

Update on writing: I'm pretty much done with fanfiction. All projects are... terminated.

D'ohoho. But seriously, if this disappoints anyone who was still somehow holding out after two or so years, throw me a PM and I'll try to explain where I was going so you can get closure. So long, boys and girls.

Upcoming Projects:

-T:SCC, series of one-shots and drabbles dealing with a variety of themes. Will likely be dark and John-oriented most of the time, although every character will be touched upon.

-A novelization of the 1997 video game Fallout. Probably won't happen.

-A bizarre crossover involving Terminator and the World of Darkness mythos, specifically Vampire: The Masquerade video game. Like Fallout, probably won't happen, but if it did I'd have immense fun with it, probably. Mind you, the vampires in Masquerade aren't exactly your typical Twilight pretty-boys. They're usually evil, self-serving badasses, and even the best of them have ulterior motives.

-An original horror story project, diary based.

-An original, epic story of the future of the post-human race and how a small enclave of unmodified humans struggles to live their lives in willing obsolescence.

Story Anthology:

Video games

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy: My one big, often clumsy epic. It's more of a chronicle of how my writing style has improved over the course of four years than anything else. The basic premise is a novelization of the brilliant computer game Deus Ex, complete with a Mary Sue character (although she gets vastly nerfed later on) and more technological and political philosophizing than you can shake a stick at. At its core, a rather amusing and entertaining action-adventure romp. Complete.

Half-Life 2: Opposing Force: Opposing Force's protagonist Adrian Shephard is awakened by the G-Man to help set into motion the events of Half-Life 2. In purgatory. Probably dead.

Half-Life: Survivors: Dead. Various accounts from those redshirts you saw in the original Half-Life.

Assassin: Dead, for Deus Ex. An assassin gets a job to hunt JC Denton.

Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles

Flight is Right: First full-length story for T:SCC. Focuses primarily on John Connor and how his will to fight is broken between The Demon Hand and Vick's Chip. Complete.

Away: Second full-length story for T:SCC. Is a direct follow-up to Flight is Right. John attempts to flee his life as mankind's savior in exchange for what he hopes to be something more mundane and less emotionally taxing. Takes place within the same specified timeframe as Flight is Right. Rated T for sexual situations, coarse language, and graphic violence. Complete.

No Trespassing: Third full-length story for T:SCC. A follow-up to the FiR duology, now taking place in the second season. John, Cameron, and Michael attempt to stop old ghosts from successfully resurfacing in an already volatile environment, while Derek pursues the enigmatic kidnappers of a young Kyle Reese. Both plots are rife with unforeseen attacks and mystery. Rated T for sexual tension (between John and Cameron and John AND Mike, possibly,) probable violence, and coarse language. On hiatus.

Double A's Face: Derek goes off the deep end and is out for blood. Synthetic blood, to be exact. I wrote it as a response to a prompt from Television Without Pity. Rated T for violence and language.

It's a Lot Less Epic than You'd Think: John and Cameron share an evening together with stories in Spanish, but the night is interrupted by an interloper. Star appearance by everyone's favorite Star Wars robot assassin. Rated T for violence and language.

Fourth: Derek Reese vents his frustration on America's love for pyrotechnics in an amusing way. Or at least I hope it's amusing. Rated T for language, violence.

Explain and Justify: Mr. Bennett, John Connor's history teacher, is quite bitter over today's youth. They're apathetic, they don't seem to care about anything but their own gain, and their attention spans are deplorable. He's about to get quite a shock from one of those students. Rated T for language.

Daddy: Probably the most angst-riddled thing I'll ever write. John reflects on Kyle Reese during the events of Dungeons and Dragons. Interspersed between this are the final moments of Kyle's life before he steps into the time portal, setting The Terminator into motion. Rated T for language and sci-fi violence.

Reprisal: First story set in the second season that isn't alternate universe. Something of an answer to Sarah and Derek not taking higher offense when John resurrects Cameron in the first episode. And what is that answer? Violence! This is rated T due to exactly that and some language.

There is a Time and a Place: No bitterness. Only a time and a place, and a bullet to complete the circle. A reaction story to Derek's untimely demise, interspersed with the thoughts and worries of the younger Derek post Judgment Day. Rated T for language and character death.

Random story

Animorphs: My brother wrote this when we were 13. Not the best story, but it does have a lot of fun with the wider war between the Andalites and the Yeerks. The Top Gun parallels are also pretty amusing. Now gone.

Short Guide to Reviewing

It's no secret that most of the readers on this site tend not to be connoisseurs of the written word. Let's face it, this site is essentially reserved for the dregs of literary society. A training ground, if you would. It's to be expected that not everyone here is exactly good at this sort of thing, much less literary criticism. However, it gets truly laughable and downright sad when someone has to go and spell "write" as "right," "who" as "hoo," and so on and so forth in their reviews. It's even worse when they keep their thoughts down to one simple word; "Good," or "bad."

So if you're planning to review something (and you always should if you've taken the time to read someone's work,) keep these tips in mind:

Give the writer your thoughts: I know a lot of people don't exactly have the creative ability to put their actual thoughts down to words, but you can at least try. When your review essentially boils down to "cool story bro," it's a review not worth having. Take some time, reflect a little, and articulate yourself as best you can. This makes the author feel vindicated in his/her work and will want to keep going so they can impress you more (or fix their mistakes.)

Spellcheck: No, don't boot up Microsoft Office just to spellcheck a damn review, just give it a quick once over. If you know you've spelt something wrong, do your best to fix it. The author will roll his/her eyes when they see that you've spelt an easy word wrong. Story is not stroy, write is not right, and "u" is not a word. They take the time to make their stories as readable as possible (or they should, at least,) so you can at least do them the common courtesy of responding in kind.

Be critical: Praise is always good. So is criticism. If you can't find something to criticize about what you've just read, it's rarely a review worth having. If the story is so good that it doesn't have any problems, it shouldn't be on fanfiction dot net.

Be concise: Don't go off on a tangent about something that's completely irrelevant to the story you've read. Stay on subject and your review will actually be read instead of skimmed.

Short vs Lengthy: Although I've seen that authors generally appreciate long reviews, you wanna keep your thoughts brief and concise. But thorough!

this r gud!: If you love a chapter, or a story in general, say why! Don't just leave it at that. The author will bang his/her head against a wall wondering what you actually liked about it.

Annnd that should do it. Hope this helps anyone who comes around my page every so often.

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