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Hey, the name's RavenKhaotic, but you can call me Raven. I'm just your average gamer/otaku/writer. My current favorite game is the MMO Elsword. Feel free to add me and/or join my guild, the BlackRoseKnights. Here are my main characters:

-DeltaZero [BlackRoseKnights] Lvl. 59 (Blade Master Raven, Primary, and leader of the guild)

-AlphaQueen [BlackRoseKnights] Lvl. 38 (Code Empress Eve)

-WhiteWolf13 [BlackRoseKnights] Lvl 43 (Iron Paladin Chung)

-EpsilonSlash [Illusionaries] Lvl 42 (Infinity Sword Elsword)

-OmegaVeteran Lvl 39 (Veteran Raven)

-ThetaMagic Lvl 40 (Elemental Master Aisha)

-LambdaBurst Lvl 33 (Shooting Guardian Chung)

-MuCrash Lvl 27(Psychic Tracer Add)

-OmegaShocker Lvl 6 (Add, Soon-to-be-Mastermind Add, planned Secondary)

-ZetaSniper Lvl 23 (Sniping Ranger Rena)

-ZetaRage Lvl 25 (Over Taker Raven)

And here's my OCs for my stories:

Elsword OCs:

Name: Nyte Obsidia

Race: Human with Demon sealed within

Color: White

Age: 18(Base) -> 20(1st job) --> 21(2nd job)

Weapon: Winter Solstice(Double Sided Scythe, can split into two smaller scythes chained together as well)

Class: Hunter

Personality: Usually a serious yet kind person who will try to avoid violence, but once he lets Eclipse out(Insanity mode) he becomes a violent, sadistic maniac. As he advances through his job changes, his personality changes as well. If he decides to master his Ice Magic and rise through the ranks of the Blizzards, he will become a strategic leader type, always finding the way to victory regardless of the odds. If he masters his weapon and travels alone instead, he develops a more carefree and aloof nature, but is still always ready to fight. If he gives in to Eclipse and loses his soul, he will take on his demon's personality, an insane murderer who won't hesitate to tear apart and devour the souls any in his way, be they friend or foe.

Base Job Appearance: Nyte has icy blue eyes and long blue hair in a braid. (In insanity mode, his hair falls in a messy fashion down to his lower back and his eyes darken.) He stands at a little less than Raven's height. His outfit consists of blue pants, white boots, and a white and blue one-sleeved jacket over a black shirt. He also wears a blue Wristband and a snowflake earring. ( )

Specialty: Insanity Mode- If Nyte goes Awakening while under 20% Hp, he goes into Insanity mode, shown by his change in appearance and stance, as well as his black aura. While in this mode, he strikes recklessly with no concern for safety, greatly increasing both physical and magical attack along with attack, movement, and jump speed but cutting both defenses, accuracy, and evasion by a large amount. At 3 Bead Insanity Awakening, he will gain a black, demonic shadow above him that will slash after he uses certain combos and skills, as well as roar upon mana breaking instead of falling, damaging nearby enemies and stunning them.

Paths: Hunter-->Frost Hunter( FrH)-->Blizzard Reaper( BR)

Hunter-->Edge Hunter( BH)-->Storm Slasher( SS)

Hunter-->Fear Hunter( FeH)-->Despair Eater( DE)

First Job Change:

Fear Hunter: During his travels, Nyte realizes he's not strong enough to handle some enemies. Remembering the demon within him and its strength, Nyte requests its help. Eclipse gives him a very tempting offer, "Why not give me more control? We could feed off of your enemies' fear to make us stronger." Nyte, desperate for power, agreed and gave up more of his soul in exchange for more strength. Thus he became the killer who loves nothing more than to make his foes tremble and scream as he leaves a trail of corpses behind him, the Fear Hunter!

Frost Hunter: Nyte feels he needs to be more powerful so he can be more help to Elsword and the others. Unknowing on what to do, he decides to ask his Leader. She tells him to work hard at improving his abilities he learned in his training, his Ice Control. She also advises him to hunt for the Frost Ring, an ancient artifact that can upgrade his Ice Control. Nyte searched hard, eventually finding the artifact and using it to strengthen himself, earning the title of Frost Hunter.

Edge Hunter: When time comes for Nyte to grow stronger, he decides that true strength comes from within, rather than any outside forces or powers. This decision leads him to leave the Blizzards to pick his own path, training intensely with the Winter Solstice rather than relying on Eclipse or his Ice Control. After much training, the Hunter strengthened his heart along with his blade, becoming the honorable Edge Hunter.

Second Job Change:

Despair Eater: Even with his new dark abilities, Nyte wanted even more power. He demanded Eclipse to make him stronger, no matter what the cost. Eclipse simply grinned and had Nyte collect a special gemstone from the demons in Feita. Using the gem to gather demonic energy, Eclipse soon grew strong enough to absorb what was left of Nyte's soul, gaining full control of the boy. 'Nyte' had now reached unimaginable levels of power, but lost his humanity. This Despair Eater is no longer human, and has lost every trace of his former self...

Blizzard Reaper: Nyte, who has managed to rise up the ranks and become the Leader of the Blizzards of Fate, has begun to doubt if he is actually worthy of the title. He decides to test himself by continuing his journey with Elsword, facing countless powerful demon. Along the way, he found that while his Ice Powers were increasing, he stopped feeling the demon within's influence. Asking Eclipse about this, he learned the Ring was purifying the demon and making it an Ice Elemental by the name of Lunar Frost, which would also change Nyte's demonic abilities into more powerful Ice ones. Through this process, the young man grew and became the Ruler of Cold, the Blizzard Reaper!

Storm Slasher: After traveling alone for so long, Nyte has reached the peak of his Scythe-wielding ability. He used his speed and skill to protect those in need from any who try to oppose justice. One day, he learns from a wandering bard of a legendary Nasod weapon only to be used by the 'King Who Will Lead a New Age', the Tornado Edge. It is said that it can take on any form the user desires. When he hears of this, Nyte sets out in search of the weapon and claims it from King Nasod. Though the Solstice is destroyed in the battle, Nyte gains the Tornado Edge and swears to lead the way to a perfect world as a Utopian King. Go forth into battle as the mighty wielder of Tornado Edge, Storm Slasher!

Base Job Skills:
Frostbitten(30mp)- Imbue your scythe with the power of ice and slash forward, inflicting Frostbite on enemies.
Ice Clone(40mp)- Guard against one attack by covering yourself in ice. If the block is successful, the ice spreads onto the enemy, Freezing them for a short amount of time.

Special Actives:
Chill Ride(100mp)- Slides the scythe's blade on the ground ahead, sending a trail of ice forward.
Northern Wind(200mp)- Spin the scythe overhead before throwing it ahead, damaging all enemies it touches before coming back. (Damage and distance increase with skill level)


1st Job Skills:
-Fear Hunter:
Special Actives:
Black Death(300mp)- Spinning his scythe above him, Nyte creates a black vortex around himself before unleashing the power of darkness to fire dark crescent blasts to both sides.

-Frost Hunter:
Freezing Blow(30mp)- Coat your hand in ice and punch forward, inflicting Frostbite on anyone hit.
Special Actives:
Cryofall(200mp) Nyte raises both hands, firing a blast of ice into the sky. Soon after, Ice Spikes rain down from the sky, striking the enemy.
Freezing Rain(200mp) Nyte raises his hands, firing an ice shot that causing a cloud to form above, pouring ice-cold rain that inflicts damage and Frostbite on foes until it fades.

Edge Hunter:
Special Actives:

2nd Job Skills:
Despair Eater:
Special Actives:
Twisted Joker(200mp)- Eclipse appears above Nyte and slashes at both sides, making giant voids that release a swarm of bats forward.

Blizzard Reaper:
Delayed Freeze(50mp)- Nyte fires an ice spike that embeds itself into the opponent, freezing them after a certain time or when the skill button is pressed again.
Special Actives:
Absolute Zero - Blizzard(300mp)- Lunar Frost appears behind Nyte, making a blizzard appear and freezing the enemies solid before Nyte rushes in, slashing the immobilized foes.
Absolute Zero - Snowglobe(300mp)- Nyte freezes the area around him, creating a globe that enemies cannot pass through to keep them in or out until the duration ends or the globe is destroyed.(Nyte and his allies can pass freely)
Thousand Crystal Needles(200mp)- Nyte creates ice needles behind him and launches them forward rapidly. (Pierces twice)
Cold Spike(300mp)- Nyte focuses and targets and area, causing a large spear of ice to rise from below in the targeted area.
Lunar Frost- Changes Nyte's Insanity Mode to Zero Mode, granting him increased evasion, accuracy, and both physical and magic attack at the cost of speed and defense. It also changes all of Nyte's shadow attacks into Ice attacks
Diamond Dust: Upon Death, Nyte creates a cloud of Diamond Dust where he died. This cloud gives allies health regeneration while damaging enemies and inflicting Frostbite.
Fate's Commander: Grants a buff depending on Nyte's current health. Leader's Guidance:Increases Nyte and his allies' attack strength while his HP is high(75%) Urgent Tactics:Increases evasion while his HP is low(-30%).

Storm Slasher:
Special Actives:

Name: Mari Onette

Race: Living Doll

Color: Dark Red

Age: 14(Base) -> 16(1st job) --> 17(2nd job) (Chronologically. Doesn't physically age)

Weapon: Magic Chain Case, Puppets

Class: Manipulator

Personality: A generally kind and friendly girl. She's a bit naive and innocent for her age, which causes her to be easily manipulated if she gets close to the wrong people. She also talks in a third person illeist style(using names, he, she, they, etc. rather then I, you, or we). Throughout her job changes, she changes depending on her choices in life. As a master of puppetry, she retains her innocently loyal personality, willing to give anything to help her friends. In this path, she tends to try to avoid violence when possible and gains a love for children, occasionally performing puppets shows for them and talking about how she wants to have a child someday. As a master of chains, she abandons her old ways and becomes a cold-hearted lone-wolf type, becoming an assassin-for-hire. Her mannerisms and behavior change drastically in this path, and she speaks normally in this path. Finally, as a cunning master of deceit, she becomes a playful and easygoing type, prone to pulling pranks and other sorts of foolishness.

Base Job Appearance: Mari is a small girl, shorter than any member of the elgang, with has short silver hair with two long segments in the front. Her eyes are normally gray, but when she uses her puppets, they turn red. Her outfit consists of a red Gothic dress with black trim and small black wings. She also wears black heels and red-and-white striped stockings with black ankle ribbons. ( )

Specialty: Puppet Change- While battling, Mari's combos change slightly depending on which of her puppets she has equipped. By default, she has Elizabeth, a doll with a rapier. She can swap to other dolls via an active(Character Change), certain Special Actives, or, as a Marionette Manipulator/Puppet Master, certain combos. Her others dolls include Petit Lapin(a rabbit with speakers in its ears), Monsieur Ours(a bear with chainsaw arms), and Câlin(a porcupine that can be used as a flail. As you advance in the Marionette Manipulator Trick Wielder paths, more dolls will become available as well.
List of Puppets:
Elizabeth: Porcelain doll w/ rapier(the one she has in her case as her base appearance)
Petite Lapin: Patchwork Rabbit plushie that attacks with sound waves from the ears.(She's holding it on the Puppet Master appearance)
Monsieur Ours: Black Bear plushie w/ chainsaws for arms
Chaud: Small red phoenix doll that breaths fire
Froid: Blue Penguin with a wind-up key in its back that can use ice magic similar to Nyte
Câlin: Black porcupine doll, can grab onto Mari's chains and be used as a flail or thrown as a projectile
Chaton: Cat that can fire its poison-tipped claws at enemies or simply claw at them(Marionette Manipulator has it on her appearance)

Manipulator: --> Marionette Manipulator: --> Puppet Master:

Manipulator: --> Chain Manipulator: --> Steel Catcher:

Manipulator: --> Trick Manipulator: --> Illusion Joker:

First Job Change: WIP
Marionette Manipulator: Mari loves puppets. It's always been that way, even before she became one herself. So when it became apparent that she needed to get stronger, the way to do so was obvious, new toys! After a little co-operation with Echo, Mari managed to create a new marionette that uses alchemy and magic to create special flames. With her newfound cast-member, the Marionette Manipulator's 'performances' are about to get even more exciting!

Second Job Change: WIP
Puppet Master: As she continued to travel, Mari came across many foes, some of which were too strong for even her and her new puppets. Determined to get past them, Mari dedicated herself to training her puppetry skills. Remembering the ice-imbued necklace Nyte had given to her, she decided to turn it into a new puppet. After much effort and time, she had successfully combined the necklace with some demon and Nasod material to create new puppets with all new magic and physical abilities. Give your audience the greatest, and final, show of their lives as the Puppet Master!

Skills: WIP
Character Change(50MP)(5 second cooldown): Open your case and switch puppets.

Special Actives:
Debut(100MP): Mari releases Elizabeth, who does two jabs with the rapier before slashing and knocking down the opponent.
Musical(200MP, MM): Sets down Petite Lapin and ducks down, covering her ears. Lapin releases giant music notes from its ears all around. The notes explode upon contact with an enemy, or on Mari's command by pressing the skill button again.
Grand Finale(250MP): Mari bows and opens her case, causing chains to burst out at the enemy and push them back while stunning them. Soon after, Elizabeth and Ours appear and slash the enemy, followed by a sound pulse from Lapin that knocks the enemy away.
Lighting Adjustment: Chaud flies over the battlefield, spraying flames over the battlefield and burning foes.
Ice Show: Froid slides forward, creating a path of ice ahead. Mari then has Elizabeth and Ours slide forward and strike the enemy.
Curtain Call: Summons all of her puppets, who all line up and bow before making a giant curtain appear and block the enemy's sight of the area for a certain amount of time.

Character Change Mastery: Causes an icon appear above Mari during Character Change showing which puppet will come out. Press the skill button again to switch to another puppet before she pulls it out. Also increases the speed at which Mari switches at.

Elsword OCs Generation 2:

Name: Neige Obsidia
Race: 1/2 Living Doll, 1/2 Human
Color: White
Age: 15(Base) -> 17(1st job) --> 18(2nd job)
Personality: Kind, Loyal, and Sweet, Neige will always try to help her friends no matter what. She can be a bit protective, though, especially when it comes to her younger brother, Lune. If anyone insults him or makes fun of his condition, Neige won't hesitate to scold and possibly attack them.
Weapon: Rapier, Elizabeth and Petit Lapin(Two of Mari's puppets. More info in Mari's skelly)
Class: Dancer
Base Job Appearance: Neige is a young girl with short white hair tied in a side-tail style with a snowflake pin, light blue eyes, and a white and pink dress with blue trim. ( )
Specialty: Like her mother, Mari, she has manipulative powers. Due to her father's demonic side, she controls shadows instead of puppets. She also inherited her father's Ice Control, which she uses to glide around quickly and empower her attacks.
Dancer -> Ice Dancer ( ) --> Snowfall Princess ( )
Dancer -> Show Dancer ( ) --> Prima Donna ( )
Dancer -> Dual Dancer( ) --> Gemini Manipulator ( )
First Job Change: WIP
Ice Dancer: In order to honor her father, Neige decides to return his shattered organization, Blizzards of Fate, to its former glory. Combining her Ice Control and her swordsmanship, Neige develops a new fighting style. She glides around as if skating on ice while assaulting the opponent with lightning fast stabs with her blade.
Show Dancer: Deciding to follow her own path rather than take her father's place, Neige meets a master swordsman by the name of Raven, who teaches her advanced fencing techniques. Mixing it in with her own style, she soon learns to easily move close to the opponent and strike them out before they even realize her presence, all the while avoiding damage herself.
Second Job Change: WIP
Snowfall Princess: Neige soon gathers the scattered former members of her father's organization, but they don't believe a young girl like her has what it takes to lead the Blizzards. Determined to prove them wrong, Neige sets out to find her father's Frost Ring. After finding and reclaiming it, she gains more control of her Ice and saves her father's allies from a demon ambush, winning their respect and earning her place as head of the new Blizzards.
Skills: WIP
Special Actives:

Name: Lune Obsidia
Race: 1/2 Living Doll, 1/2 Human
Color: Black
Age: 13(Base) -> 15(1st job) --> 16(2nd job)
Personality: While stable, he's a quiet, reserved boy, never speaking up and only replying when spoken to with short, to-the-point answers. Once he snaps(most often when angered or in battle), he becomes insane, violent, cocky and loudmouthed, constantly taunting enemies and prone to shrug off nearly any blow with mad laughter.
Weapon: Kusari-Gama(Switches to Winter Solstice as FaR), Chains
Class: Ripper
Base Job Appearance:
Specialty: Like his mother, Lune can manipulate chains and use them to bind enemies. He also inherited some of Eclipse's darkness from his father, Nyte, giving him demonic abilities and an unstable mind.
Special Ability: Unchained/Focused- Rather than having an awakening system, Lune has a 'Sanity Meter'. His Sanity meter starts off at 0, with a Max of 300 and a minimum of -300. As he loses health or deals damage, his Sanity is decreased. When he heals HP or goes too long without hitting any enemies, his Sanity increases. Certain skills cost Sanity as well, while some increase it. When his Sanity reaches -300, Lune goes into Unchained mode, granting him a huge speed and damage boost at the cost of draining HP, and majorly decreased defenses and evasion. Some skills also change while in Unchained mode, while others become unavailable. When the Sanity reaches 300, Lune goes into Focused mode, giving him boosted defenses, evasion, and regenerating HP, but has lowered speed, and damage. While in either mode, the meter will only move towards 0, and will go closer with each hit. Both modes end when the Sanity reaches 0.

Paths: Ripper -> Link Ripper( ) --> Noble Chain ( )
Ripper -> Feral Ripper( ) --> Night Terror ( )
Ripper -> Fate Ripper ( ) --> Zero Hunter ( )

First Job Change: WIP
Fate Ripper: During his travels, Lune discovers his father's weapon, the Winter Solstice, was stolen from Nyte's tomb. He quickly sets out and gets the weapon back. When he does, he remembers what his father once told him. "My blade is destined for one fate only, to assist those in need." He decides that it would be best to let the scythe do just that by wielding the Solstice as his own weapon, rather than leave it in the tomb.

Second Job Change: WIP
Zero Hunter: Following his father's path along with his sister, they reform the Blizzards of Fate and lead it back to being the powerful organization it once was. As they do, Lune continues to grow ever stronger, eventually reaching the peak of his skills, which he dubs Zero Hunter, in honor of his father's old title, the Hunter.

Skills: WIP
Special Actives:

Megaman OC:

Name: Yoru
Age: 15
Description of Appearance: Yoru is of average height and has slightly pale skin. He has long black hair that he mostly keeps in a ponytail and grey eyes. He usually wears his guardian uniform, except that he prefers not to wear the helmet. When mega-merged, he wears pink ninja armor similar to Marino's, along with a visor attached to the helmet.
Personality: Generally hostile to others, but is very loyal to those few he holds close. He's a serious person who prefers not to talk unless it has something to do with his missions. Yoru is very heroic, willing to do anything to protect the innocent.
Biometal(If a Mega Man): M (Marino)
Weapons/Powers: Twin Beam Knives when Megamerged, A standard rifle when not
Bio: He doesn't talk much about his past and keeps it a secret. What is known is that when he was younger, his town was destroyed by Fotia, leaving Yoru to grow up alone.

1: What's your OCs favorite color?

Nyte: Icy Blue

Mari: Blood Red v

2: Where does your OC work?

Nyte: Uh... Classified.

Mari: Nyte and Mari work at the Blizzards of Fate!

Nyte: ...

3: What's your OCs favorite food?

Nyte: I enjoy anything chilled, really. If I had to pick a favorite... Goi cuon, perhaps?

Mari: Mari loves anything sweet! Especially crepes and charlotte and tiramisu and café liégeois!

4: Does your OC prefer paper or plastic?

Nyte: Plastic.

Mari: Uh... Mari thinks paper's fun to draw on?

5: How old is your OC?

Nyte: I start out at 18 and make my way towards 21 as I advance.

Mari: Mari's 14 at first and gets older when she advances. She becomes strongest when he reaches 17 but her body doesn't grow.

6: Does your OC have any supernatural powers?

Nyte: Ice Magic and a demon sealed within.

Mari: Uh... Mari can make her little friends move how she wants them to, and she can control the chains in her case! Ooh, and a little bit of illusion magic, too!

7: Is your OC in a relationship?

Nyte: Yep.

Mari: Nyte and Mari are together!

8: What are some of your OCs strengths?

Nyte: Well... I'd say my best strength is my leadership and ability to remain cool, for the most part.

Mari: Mari's good at making others smile! She also can take good care of others!

9: What are some of your OCs weaknesses?

Nyte: I can sometimes be a little reckless under certain conditions, which causes me to lose control of Eclipse. I can also be a little power hungry at certain times.

Mari: Uh... Mari's not too smart, so she needs to depend on help for things like plans and thinking.

10: What is your OCs favorite outfit?

Nyte: Depends on my path, but I generally prefer something white or blue that has a royal sort of look.

Mari: Mari likes gothic loli fashion and creepycute things!

11: What is your OCs spirit animal?

Nyte: Possibly an arctic fox or something similar.

Mari: Hm... Mari might be a cute baby bat.

12: Is your OC sexually active?

Nyte: *Blushing* N-no comment...

Mari: *Staring at her feet with steam coming from her ears* ...

13: What is your OCs earliest memory?

Nyte: Training to become a Blizzard member.

Mari: Papa waking Mari up for her first test.

14: Does your OC have a cell phone? If so, what kind?

Nyte: Nope. Don't need one.

Mari: Cell... phone?

15: What makes your OC angry?

Nyte: Anyone who hurts my allies.

Mari: Liars.

16: When is your OCs favorite time of year?

Nyte: The calm, quiet winter.

Mari: Mari loves spring! It's so pretty, with the cute little plants waking up and poking out of the ground.

17: How long can your OC hold their breath?

Nyte: Just a little over average.

Mari: Mari can hold her breath for a reaaaaaally long time, since she's a doll.

18: What kind of underwear does your OC wear?

Nyte: ...Why?

Mari: *Lifting her skirt* Look! Stripes! Also, Nyte wears broing white boxers.

19: Does your OC prefer plaid or polka dots?

Nyte: Plaid.

Mari: Dots!

20: What's your OCs favorite kind of pizza?

Nyte: I like any about equally. If I had to choose, maybe a sausage deep dish pizza?

Mari: Plain for Mari, please!

21: Who is your OCs best friend?

Nyte: Hm... difficult question... All my allies are irreplacable to me.

Mari: Nyte! v

22: Has your OC ever killed someone?

Nyte: Yup. My job requires that sort of thing.

Mari: ...Yeah, Mari's done bad things before...

23: Whats your OCs biggest secret?

Nyte: I don't think I really have any.

Mari: Nyte's secret is that he's afraid of fire. Mari's is that she can't swim.

24: What does your OC smell like?

Nyte: I guess I smell like cold air, if that makes sense.

Mari: Mari smells like strawberries!

25: What time of year does your OC prefer?

Nyte: Wasn't this already asked? Winter.

Mari: Spring!

26: Is your OC a human or an animal? (or something else idk)

Nyte: Human.

Mari: Mari's a Living Doll.

27: What languages does your OC speak?

Nyte: Both of us speak English.(Or whatever the native tongue in Elrios is)

Mari: Yup!

28: Does your OC like anime?

Nyte: I don't really have time for that kind of stuff, but I can't say I dislike it.

Mari: Mari loves anime, and cartoons too!

29: Can your OC swim?

Nyte: Yup.

Mari: Nope!

30: What does your OC choose to do about the, er, hair down there?

Nyte: ...

Mari: Mari--

Nyte: Stop right there.

31: Does your OC believe in fairies?

Nyte: If magic and elves exist, why not?

Mari: Fairies!

32: Did your OC go to college? What did they major in?

Nyte: I've been in the Blizzards my whole life. No need for college when they already taught me everything I need to know.

Mari: Mari's never been to school!

33: Are your OCs parents dead?

Nyte: Yes, unfortunately they were lost during a mission.

Mari: Mari doesn't know what happened to Papa, and she doesn't care.

34: Is your OC religious?

Nyte: I worship the Lady of El, if that counts.

Mari: Mari doesn't pay attention to that stuff. It's booooooring.

35: How flexible is your OC?

Nyte: Have to be to use my weapon of choice.

Mari: Kinda?

36: What turns your OC on?

Nyte: ...

Mari: Nyte.

37: What was your OCs first word?

Nyte: I don't know.

Mari: "Understood."

38: Does your OC have any pets?

Nyte: Does Eclipse count?

Eclipse: No.

Nyte: Then no.

Mari: Nyte won't let me!

39: Who is your OCs biggest enemy?

Nyte: Hm... My strongest enemy would be Eclipse, I'd say. It was quite hard to fight him off for years.

Mari: Nyte. He almost killed poor Mari... ;-;

40: What is the craziest thing your OC has done?

Nyte: Anything that involved Eclipse being in control.

Mari: Mari does too many things to pick one.

41: What is your OCs motto about life?

Nyte: "Fate binds us all."

Mari: Uh... "Always have fun?"

42: Does your OC drink coffee or tea?

Nyte: Iced Lattes.

Mari: Peppermint Tea.

43: Who is your OCs biggest hero?

Nyte: I don't believe in things like heroes.

Mari: Nyte's Mari's hero! v

44: What color eyes does your OC have?

Nyte: Light Blue.

Mari: Mari's eyes are gray, but they turn red when she's using her puppets!

45: Does your OC like reading?

Nyte: If I have the time, I suppose it's not a bad way to spend time.

Mari: Mari only reads picture books and fairy tales!

46: Is your OC loyal?

Nyte: Well, I command an entire organization, so loyalty is a must.

Mari: Mari's loyal to anyone who trusts.

47: Does your OC tolerate violence?

Nyte: Only when necessary.

Mari: Violence is bad unless it's to protect something.

48: What social class is your OC from?

Nyte: I guess you can consider me high class.

Mari: Class? Mari didn't study! Uh... C?

49: What country was your OC born in?

Nyte: Hamel.

Mari: Mari was made in Hamel.

50: Does your OC cry easily?

Nyte: I can't afford show weakness in front of others, so no.

Mari: Mari cries all the time!

51: What is your OCs favorite genre of music?

Nyte: Classical.

Mari: Jpop, Kpop, and Bubblegum Pop are Mari's favorites!

52: How does your OC feel about insects?

Nyte: They exist. So what?

Mari: Mari loves bugs! She thinks they're so cute!

53: What is your OCs sexual orientation?

Nyte: Straight.

Mari: Uh... Mari's pansexual. She doesn't think gender matters in love.

54: Does your OC smoke?

Nyte: No.

Mari: Nope.

55: What gender is your OC?

Nyte: Male.

Mari: Mari's a girl!

56: What kind of clothes does your OC wear?

Nyte: Elegant, royal clothes. Usually white and tones of blue.

Mari: Gothic loli! Black and red, mostly.

57: Would you call your OC adventurous?

Nyte: I suppose.

Mari: Yup!

58: Is your OC introverted or extroverted?

Nyte: I'd be considered introverted, while Mari's an extrovert.

Mari: Uh... Mari doesn't know those words...

59: What is the first thing that someone would notice about your OC?

Nyte: Probably my cold aura(as in both temp. and personality)

Mari: Mari hears people mention her cuteness a lot.

60: Does your OC enjoy nature?

Nyte: I guess so.

Mari: Mari loves nature!

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69 - Personal Idol - 'because playing dress up never gets old.' Blue and Green go well together. So do stitches and graffiti, in their own strange yet wonderful way. xx Drabble/Vignette collection. Neku/Shiki.
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