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Yo! :) I'm The Alizarin Possum, formerly RowanQuill. I'm a girl in her teens who lives in Australia (used to live in Russia) and has a desk full of plot bunnies which come and go like the wind.

My writing isn't perfect. Neither is my grammar, spelling or knowledge. I don't have a Beta, so kindly point out my mistakes and I'll fix them when I feel an update is in order. Once in a while I go back and have a look over my writing, cringe, and rewrite it all. Oftentimes I just don't bother writing anything, others I can't. I don't have excuses for lateness so just bear with it. Also, I'd like to say that you're perfectly within your right to flame or insult me and my works and rest assured you wouldn't have caused me stress; but it makes it all the better to be kind and nice and helpful in a review.

I tend not to read romances.
I only read/write fanfics which stick to canon with the exception of an alternate plot.
I am not interested in yaoi, incest, pedophilia or yuri (sorry guys :) It's not a phobia!).
I prefer every possible relationship (siblings, best friends, uncle-to-nephew, parental, etc.) other than romance.
I will read antsy, sorrowful, explicit, and gory scenes.
I haven't got a problem with lemons, torture, blood, mental trauma, cussing, and anything else you can think of which might go under M(plus).
I prefer to write humour, angst, adventure, and fantasy.
I do read drabbles.
I tend not to read genderswaps.
I do not read crossovers in which character A is revealed to really be character B.
I do read crossovers as well as single-fandom fiction.
I do not read fiction centered around OCs unless they are tolerable and are not or will not be in a romantic (even sibling) relationship with a main character.
I do read highschool/other AUs.
I frown up chatspeak in stories (strongly) and reviews (not as much).
I do not flame in reviews.
I try not to be rude, degrading or off-putting in reviews.
I am the walrus! Goo Goo G'Goob! :D

My definitions for fanspeech (these are not necessarily correct and they may differ from yours):
- Yaoi: an all-male homosexual relationship, further progressed than shouen-ai, and more serious. I do not use this term for real-life or non-anime/manga relationships, where I use the term 'gay.' I find a difference between yaoi and gay, one being a seme/uke slash relationship with several peaks of explicit sex between two attractive, often girly and OOC guys (yaoi), while gay is just a word describing the realistic (?) relationship between two ordinary/non-anime guys who happen to be attracted to men and not women.
- Slash: any homosexual relationship, when left as simply slash I automatically assume it m/m, unless it's femslash. This can be any homosexual relationship without restrictions on origin or genre.
[enter slash///sign here]- : Automatically translated as a pairing unless it is further detailed, such as 'a/b friendship' or 'a/b nakamship.'
- AU: alternate Universe, where the characters are placed in a different world and situation such as the following examples: highschool AU, WWI AU, cat AU, modern AU, crossover AU (Hunger Games AU, Harry Potter AU, etc.), mental hospital AU, etc. AU can otherwise be a slight plot difference or an alternate plot.
- OC: an original character created by the author, unless credit is specifically given to another person. I frown upon a lacking in this detail unless the OC is of course yours. I also tend to skip fics with OCs in them unless they further say 'non-mary sue OC' or something or other.
- Lemon: a mild or explicit sex scene ranging from a kiss to full-on explicit sex. Lime, to me, is much to same thing only milder.
- Crack: examples: crack pairing, crackfic. Are not serious and are meant to be received with humour and amusement. Fun to read, they also get away with many important points in a real story. Anything can happen, such as character A falling genuinely in love with a lamp and taking a trip around the world until their love is broken in a tragic turn of events where the lamp dies giving birth to stillborn lamp/human babies. Crackfics tend not to be progressive and are mainly one to three-shots. They are not to be taken seriously and are no grounds for depressing things (unless it's mock sadness... you know what I mean!).

Fandom: Hetalia: Axis Powers
Comments: Sometimes I lay in bed at night and wonder how in the world someone came up with all that stuff. So many sleepless nights. A very unique anime just vomiting buckets of rainbow-patterned plot bunnies. Also, you can claim a hetalia pairing canon by shoving some history under someone's nose, highlighting the sentences "_ invaded _'s vital regions" or "_ merged in the year _ with _" or "_'s alliance with _ progressed to a uniting" and so forth. So the entire history of known Planet Earth makes it canon for you to morph or interpret as you please! Plot bunny breeding grounds!
Recommended?: To mature audiences only. And, though it's too late for you, alert any friends you have which don't like slash to keep the hell away from the fandom. Cheers.
Fav. Pairing(s): PruHun (pairing/friendship), GerIta (strict friendship), FrUK (strict brotherhood/friendship), USUK (strict father/son), Spamano (strict father/son), PruGer (strict brotherhood, father/son), all other family/friendship/enemy relationships. I don't support Hetalia slash.
Fav. Character(s): Germany, Russia, Australia, Japan, China, Prussia.
Notes on fandom on FF:
I think the Hetalia section is just too filled up with yaoi. I miss out on good reads because they ship a pairing I don't agree with, but that's just my loss. There are also quite a few good historically and politically correct ones which are fun to read. I don't like fics where the author introduces a character (more often than not a girl) and pairs them up with a Hetalia character, or when the author creates a new nation solely to ship them off with canon characters.
- Economy is strength/muscle mass.
- Nekotalia "characats" are the nations as cats. Border disputes, food shortages, banding, etc. included.
- Hetalia characters are humans stuffed with a nation. Normal people would consider them monsters, but they're really only humans with various differences.
- Nations cannot reproduce.
- Nations have a poor perception of right and wrong.
- Nations, rather than having a 2p self, have a mental crisis and go a little crazy, i.e. Nazi Germany, etc.
- A nation cannot get rid of their native accent in other languages.
- Nations can only fluently speak their official languages(s).
- The relationship between a country and the country's people is father/mother to child, i.e. "The children of France."
- Nations can forget their old tongues over time, like Latin or old Germanic, because the general population has forgotten it as well. They can still do phrases, but they just aren't fluent anymore.
- (HP crossover): a nation's patronus is that of a major leader figure in his or her history, most commonly one which lead the nation to its greatest peak. One most loved by the people(?).

Fandom: Fullmetal Alchemist
Comments: I've never seen anything like it before... but I do like it.
Note I've only read the manga and seen snippets of both the original anime and the brotherhood remake. Recommended for people who aren't squeamish at the sight of short, mild scenes of guts and gore.
Fav. Pairing(s): Edwin (pairing/friendship/family), Royai (pairing), EdAl (strict brotherhood), Maes family (fluffy family goodness), MaesRoy (strict friendship), other cannon couples.
Fav. Character(s): Edward Elric, Alphonse Elric, Alfonze, Scar, Roy Mustang, Olivier Armstrong, Sparkly Armstrong, Riza Hawkeye, Slave #23, Izumi Curtis, just about all other "good" or revealed to be good characters.
Notes on fandom on FF:
Sometimes I dive into the FMA section and all I find is RoyEd and Edvy... I don't think those couples work very well xD Also, there are a lot of fics about the sister of the elrics, old family mary-sue friend of the elrics, genderswapped alex and eve elric, etc. Unless they're especially good and don't manage to stuff the fact the elrics know a girl other than Winry in your face, sure.

Fandom: One Piece
When I first saw it at a younger age I thought it was a really weird cartoon. Then I tried it out. I cried over: 1) flashbacks, 2) Merry, 3) Garp, Ace and Sabo. There was one movie, the one with the flower if you recall, which scared me more than it should have xD Anyway, you become accustomed to the weird and just learn to accept swords which can eat fruit or living skeletons. One Piece is my favourite so far ;)
I recommend the Japanese anime with the eng sub to anyone over 12. Even better if you read the manga first! I haven't seen the 4kids dub but people have expressed everywhere that it's not good.
Fav. Pairing(s):
Lu(Sa)Ace (strict brotherhood/family/friendship), all pairings amongst the strawhat crew (strict strict STRICT nakamaship), Marthace (strict brotherhood), ShaMi (friendship of sorts), GolSil (strict nakamaship), KuiZo (strict sister/brother, friendship), FranIce (brotherhood), all other CANNON relationships.
Fav. Character(s):
All strawhats, outstanding Strawhats are: Zoro, Sanji, Rob- I LOVE THEM ALL! Ace, Vivi & Carue, Kaku, Mihawk, Shanks, Jinbei, Trafalgar Law, Hawkins (?), some others I've forgotten about but still like.
Notes on fandom on FF:
Lots of fics ship slash. Now don't get me wrong, I, like everyone else, sneak a little look at some yaoi once in a while, but I still favour nakamaship thousands of times over. I prefer cannon in One Piece, but the community seems to have taken it upon itself to fill in the romance "gap." I currently go through strict nakamaship fic communities to find my reads. I was disappointed to find in the HP crossover section that it's mostly OC or an "OP/HP character dies and is transported into alternate world." I would have expected the crew to come to Hogwarts, maybe even a few intelligent versions, but not this. To count, there are only about 7 which include at least one strawhat crashing into Hogwarts.

- The All Blue could be: 1) The intersection point between the Grand Line and the Blues, 2) The Blues as a whole, 3) Bits of sea rocketed from the Blues into smaller patches which group together.
- ... There's definitely more, I just can't remember it all...

Fandom: Doctor Who
I never realised what I was missing out on xD Point me a random object and I can find in it a link to Doctor Who. Bananas are good! And somehow I've got to get my hands on the Classics... I don't care about the quality, they sound good. Modern DW seems too filled with romance/drama/weird stuff.
Personally, I think you either think nothing of it, hate it or love it. The first isn't as likely as the last two because, if you don't love it or like it, the whovians stationed everywhere on the web WILL find you and WILL talk about/like the Doctor. So best love it. And yes, I recommend it.
Fav. Pairing(s):
11/River (pairing) , Amy/Rory (pairing, cute crush), 10/Jack (of all things... crack or one-sided Jack love), Jack/anything-imaginable-besides-Donna (crack, genuine), Doctor/Donna (super awesome friendship, sibling), more.
Fav. Character(s):
I like the Doctor in all three of the forms I've seen him in (9,10,11), Master, the Doctor's granddaughter (from what I've seen), Jack, Tosh, Owen (Torchwood), Donna (GO EARTHGIRL!!), various other companions I like best whilst actually watching their "era."
Notes on fandom on FF:
I don't go in the DW section very much but it's got lots'a romances...
No head-canon. Just too unpredictable to make any assumptions.

Fandom: Soul Eater
I watched SE a while back, several years ago, because a forum I was a large part of had a huge SE craze, so I checked it out. Nevertheless, it didn't turn out to be so bad, but some people on the forum were taking it a little too far and people were getting annoyed, myself included. So I left it for a short while, then went to the manga, skipping to about half-way. I caught up to the fresh scent but the translated updates were taking a little too long in updating (bless them for translating for us all in the first place) so my interest just kind of fell out and I began to see how ridiculous SE was. Years passed, now I'm here. I plan to start from Chapter 1 of the manga some time in the future when I not so pressed for studying for exams and completing assignments. I will keep a special look-out for Stein and Spirit, their relationship is intriguing for me, worth a character study. This shall also improve my knowledge for my badly-written Wolf's Rain x Soul Eater Crossover story. I find it hard to write something if I am not entirely comfortable in the world first; I'm not for SE. Yet. Little side comment: the art style can be annoying. Had to say it.
... There are gory bits. And sexy-ish bits. And disturbing themes. And... look, just give it a go and decide for yourself. And I only watched the eng sub and read a lot of the manga.
Fav. Pairing(s):
Spirit/Kami (canon romance), Stein/Marie (me-being-extremely-lenient-romance, friendship, weapon/meister, strange caring for each other), Spirit/Stein (friendship, weapon/meister, caretaker/patient, family, mutual understanding), Soul/Maka (side romance, friendship, siblings, weapon/meister), canon pairings minus Medusa/Stein.
Fav. Character(s):
Stein, Spirit, Soul (half of the time, at least), Sid, Chrona (shifting), Mifune, Lord Death (??), the granny/old lady/receptionist (TTTT she was awesome) most other good teachers working under Shibusen.
Notes on fandom on FF:
You all seem very convinced that everyone is gay and Stein is a pedo. And poor Chrona's romances are everywhere as well. Good for you. I don't go to the SE section/crossover so much, maybe this is because I don't really feel anything after SE, it's not a favourite of mine.

- You just wait, I'll think of something...

I Saw a Jolly Hunter
I saw a jolly hunter,
With a jolly gun,
Walking in the country,
In the jolly sun.

In the jolly meadow,
Sat a jolly hare.
Saw the jolly hunter.
Took jolly care.

Hunter jolly eager--
Sight of jolly prey.
Forgot gun pointing
Wrong jolly way.

Jolly hunter head
Over heels gone.
Jolly safety catch
Not jolly on.

Bang went the jolly gun,
Hunter jolly dead.
Jolly hare got away
Jolly good, I say.
- Charles Causley

The Ocean
Caressing the stones
With hardened hands
Murmuring gently
Comforting tales
Laying a blanket
Over the stones
And washing away
The troubles and thoughts
- Me, first year of Junior High, something I've never stopped being proud of. Huh.

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