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Hey there! Here's a bit about myself:

I'm 24 and live in Illinois. It's a decently large state with more than just Chicago to boast about (I think 90% of the towns in Illinois can boast some weird, obscure, tiny historical reference to Abe Lincoln- no joke). I have 2 kids, which is weird to type out here since I started out on this website almost 10 years ago when I was 15.

Obviously, I like books. And writing. It's been a very long time since I've written anything, though.

My favorite story of all time is Beauty & the Beast- and any variation on it. I love Disney more than the average six year old. It's true. I own most copies of Disney movies on VHS still.

So far, here's my single story on here:

Mother Said to Climb a Tree: Victoria Elizabeth has lived a very sheltered life since the death of her mother. She lives comfortably but restlessly with her father on their large estate. On her eighteenth birthday, Victoria's father gives her the gift she's been wanting: adventure. Except this adventure proves to be quite a bit more exciting than she expected! After several dangerous encounters, acquiring a very chivalrous future husband, and continuing their journey with no more mishaps, they make their way back home, but even this proves to be easier said than done. They stop for the night at a scary looking old manor in the middle of a deserted forest during a storm where nothing is as it seems. That's when Victoria realizes that she will have to stand up for herself and for her father- and be the woman her mother would have been proud of.

I'm currently working on another, though I should start back up on MSCT. It's been sitting for a long time...

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