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tmswvtaa: Hey peeps! Whazup?!
huh? oh: not u again.
tmswvtaa: *grins wickedly* shall i give u pushups at taekwondo?
sarah: nonononononono! *kneels on the ground and begs*
Ashes of Life: *lol* *points at sarah's pants which r revealing her pink underwear*
tmswvtaa*lol* omg, sarah. u r such an embaressment to us.
Huh? Oh: hey! *sniffs* that's not nice. *Sticks thumb into mouth.*
tmswvtaa: that's the point, doughbag.
Ashes of Life: yeah! i got the point for kicking the doughboy!
tmswvtaa&Huh? Oh: what?! *shakes their heads and sighs*
Ashes of Life: what? what?!
tmswvtaa: nothing. peeps, i gotta tell ya, mi storys have NOTHING to do with yaoi or girl&girl. (sorry, don't no what that's called in japanese.)
Huh? Oh: then that's boring!
Ashes of Life: yuck. ur gross. wait, what are we talking about?
tmswvtaa&huh? oh: omg! *runs away into a dark alley*
Ashes of Life: hey! come back! *runs by a cake shop. slows down and walks back wards until in front of cake shop.* CHEESE CAKE!~
Huh? Oh: NO!!~ that's mine! *jumps out of hiding and shoves ashes of life down*
tmswvtaa: *sighs* what dorks. Anyways, huh? oh stole some info off of mi fanfics. like...i don't continue fanfics unless i get reviews. *glares at huh? oh, who is stuffing her face into a cheese cake.*
Ashes of Life: hey! that one was mine! *runs over to ashes of Life and kicks her*
*Huh? Oh stands up and growls. cheese cake is all over her face, making her look like a snowman. Ashes of life and tmswvtaa laughing. Huh? Oh charges at ashes of life. Ashes of life goes flying behind the cake shop. tmswvtaa shoves huh? oh. Huh? oh starts crying. ashes of life runs around the corner. she sees huh? oh and kicks the dust.*
Ashes of Life: aw man. i can't hit u 'cuase ur a girl. no, wiat. i'm a girl too! *charges at Huh? oh.*
tmswvtaa: *rolls her eyes. Grabs ashes of life and HUh? oh by the collar and shakes them.* People r watching this, u idiots!
huh? oh&ashes of life: *blushes madly.*
huh? oh: o crap.
Ashes of life: i don't get it.What r we doing rite now?
tmswvtaa&huh? oh*rolls their eyes.*
tmswvtaa: well, g2g. these 2 imbeciles r gonna whine about how they didn't get enough cake, and u don't wanna hear it. well, c ya till next time!~ *Knocks out Huh? oh and Ashes of life and drags them into an inn. puts them in seperate beds, and then goes to sleep in the last bed that is for tmswvtaa.*
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