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Welcome to the profile of...

~!~The Amazing Steve~!~

Ok, so I've cleaned up my profile a lot recently. I've gotten to that point in high school where I look back on my middle school self and cringe at how stupid I once was. Well, yea I'm still stupid, but I used to be even more stupid.

UPDATE I am now in college and still cringing at my past, but I'm also still on Fanfiction so I'm also cringing at my present self as well. No regrets tho :)

So yea, feel free to read through this stuff if you want, and if not feel free to check out my stories.

Enjoy~ :)

Background on me:

I'm 18 (don't really act like an adult tho woops)

I have 2 brothers (I'm the middle child)

I am a girl. Let's make that real clear. My penname comes from Steve from Blue's Clues. But I am female.

I LOVE art. Feel free to share art with me & I will love you.

Running is love, running is life. More miles=more smiles :)

I listen to a lot of music that none of my friends have even heard of. Feel free to hit me up if you're looking for some new music to listen to.

When I write a story, and don't update for weeks (or even months *cringes at The Fire Returns*), that doesn't mean I abandoned it. Hell no. I just haven't had much writing time. That's gonna change real soon tho.

That's about it. I'm not that interesting, but oh well idgaf

Story Notes:

Ok so some people were asking about stuff & I just wanted to add these notes so here:


Bob's AMAZING Games: Steve is me. Since I am a girl, Steve is also a girl. Also this was just another thing I wrote while bored. Woo.

Serpentine Kids: Took a while to write, but thank you all for staying patient & for the wonderful reviews. Like I literally shed tears at how much you guys liked it. Y'all are my inspiration to keep writing, thank you

Why Have Katniss When You Can Have Peeta?: No this was not serious. In 8th grade I was really bored in health class, and since I was really into the Hunger Games at the time, I decided to write. Sorry if anyone got offended by it but seriously, this is fanfiction, what did you expect? Besides, all writers start SOMEWHERE...

Y'all can message me about whatever, whenever, so don't be shy. So yea. I'm always down for talking, whether it's a story idea, fangirling over a book/TV show/movie/etc., or just conversing for the hell of it.

Have a super swaggy day kids *

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