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Hi, guys. It's me. After 1 million years, I've decided I wanted to write again and possibly revamp my older stories. I'm currently working on a revamp to my
Pirates stories.I want to upload it. I made this new account. My old penname was CaptainLilaTurner. I was going to upload it to my account but I just have way too
many stories going on here unfinished and otherwise. Some I'm not proud of (obviously, because some of them were written six years ago...I feel old.)
I started writing them my freshman year of high school and now I'm halfway done with college, so I think it's safe to say my writing has improved.
But yeah. This is going to be my summer project:)

I just wanted to let my previous readers know and anyone who has me on alerts, to just check out my new account. My first revamping edit is going to be my Pirates series. I'm redoing the entire series of stories (starting with I Love These Moment through It'll Always Belong to You).

So yeah, if you have me on alerts, be sure to check it out because that's where I'll be posting all of my new stories.
I'll probably be deleting my stories off of my old account soon and just letting it be ineffective. :D