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I know it's been a long time, but my laptop stopped working and I found out I have to get a new battery. The cheapest one I found was 100 dollars and I don't thin it een goes to my model. So it'll be a while until I can update. Until then... See ya later.

Future Fics (Fics that are coming soon or that i'm thinking about writing.)

The Black Phoenix: What could Have Been...: Okay, this the sequal the original two Black Phoenix stories. I had a good ime writing this one and although I wrote most of it in the last month, it's not rushed like the prequal to this. It's going to be up on November 30th. It was supposed to be up November 16th, but I didn't want to have to not update the next week because of the holiday so I post- poned it to the current date. The summary is as follows:

It's been more than ten years since she became what she is, but when given the chance to not live such a complicated lonely life she jumps at the chance though she still can't help but wonder what could have been. Then, she meets her past self and she sees what she is in this universe, where fate wasn't so cruel and took pity on them.

Genre: Drama/Romance

Like I said the Thursday after the holidays. Hope you look forward to reading it as much as I liked writing.

Trial, Transition, Growth: Book 2: I was so pleased with the sucess of the first one I decided to go ahead and give you gys a sequal. I'm making hte series a trilogy and I already know how it's going to go. This one is a bit more Dramatic than the last one, but not too dramatic. I hate have to deal with dramatic stories. I think all of us have enough of it in our lives. Anyway, here's our summary:

Plot III: Four years after Lilith is born, a serial rapist is on the loose on the prowl for little girls from ages four to twelve. When the rapist comes to Sam’s home one night, to protect Lilith from suffering what she did, she offers herself instead. Once again emotionally broken Sam finds herself thrown into a live of party and sex in effort to find some type of comfort. When Danny comes back from college for a break and finds her in this wrecked state will he be able to save not only Sam, but Lilith also from herself?

I was listening to Alicia Keys a lot while I was writing this, so... Yeah it might make a good songfic in some chapters.

Trial, Transition, Growth: The Wedding: It's more of an interlude between Book 2 and Book 3. As the title shows it's about the preprations leading up to their wedding and the actual wedding, but with a little twist. It might be a long one- shot, or a story around five to ten chapters long. More than likely the former or the latter of the latter knowing me. Here's the summary.

Lilith is estatic when she finds out her mother is marrying Danny. She can't wait for the wedding, but wait a minute. The grownups aren't planning it right. So she takes it into her own six year old hands to help plan the wedding. If she doesn't do it right, then who will. Honestly, what would the grownups do without her?

Genre: Romance/Action/Adventure (According to the mind of a child.)

I thought this might be cute to write since it's from Lilith's point of view as she watched the adults around her do things that in her eyes, don't make sense at all.

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