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Hello, I am Lazyboredom, and I thank you for at least having the interest to look at my profile.

Back to work on Magic Wars then. Might be a place for some OC's somewhere, but for now; I am no longer accepting OCs.


Name: Ophion Nyoka

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Meister or Weapon: Weapon, Chain with one end being spiked and the other a clamp in the shape of a snake's head with fangs on the top and bottom end. The metal is primarily black with neon green streaks running along it.

Personality: Ophion is unsettlingly calm around people, but he does not tend to speak that much unless he feels the need to taunt or work on manipulating someone. His demeanor is that of a harmless member of the class, but it's just a ploy to seem underwhelming and innocent. His true nature is that of a cunning, manipulative, selfish young man. He loves to take other people's beliefs and twisting them to acquire advantages; he does not care if he destroys another person's life, in fact, he relishes in seeing the anguish. There are no problems for him to kill or mentally breaking those who get in his way. He shows no remorse for his actions. During battle or when someone discovers his true nature, he becomes sadistic, enjoying using his chains to torment his enemies. His façade is used to discover sore spots, so that he can mock or provoke them later if they find out who he really is. Fears and sensitive issues are his favorite to bring up. If someone is to ever anger him, he will destroy them in the most ruthless manner possible, possibly literally, sometimes figuratively.


His hair is muddy brown that extends over his forehead in an M pattern. Cut out around his ears, and the back is layered to bend outwardly, leaving some tufts of hair spiked out. The back reaches to the middle of his neck. His eyes are narrow with bright green irises. Ophion is slender and has a similar build to Jared. Although, he is about an inch shorter than Jared.

Class: His outfit starts with a Forest green-collared undershirt that buttons up in the middle. Over that he wears a forest green vest that cuts down in between his chest and stomach; it has gold buttons that go up the middle. Over that he wears a golden trench coat with folds at the neck, which fold back at the base of the neck and at an angle, end just below the outside of his chest. The folds end with a silver buckle. The back reaches to the back of his knees and has a small V cut out of the middle. He wears a black tie which ends at the base of his chest and ends in a straight line. Then, he wears a bright yellow fedora, with a deep green stripe running along the base. On his hands, he has a brown piece of material that covers the base of the wrist to the knuckles. He wears forest green trousers, with a brown belt that has a square, silver buckle. His shoes are dress shoes, which are: cyan from the toe to the middle of the foot, and on the tongue and laces, a brown splotch covering where the cyan isn't, and orange on the heels.

Battle: He wears a hooded orange cloak that overreaches his face by a few inches and extends all of the way to his ankles. The cloak wraps around his upper body slightly, and underneath he wears a white undershirt that exposes his upper body in a V pattern, angling to cover his nipples. With this, he wears dull purple trousers, with a brown belt with a silver buckle. His shoes are still the dress ones; the toe cap and tongue are silver; the vamp and quarter are brown.

History: Both his father and mother were afraid their child was a mute until the age of 4, when he began speaking from what seemed like nowhere. His manner of speaking seemed very eloquent, enough to draw in the attention of those around him, despite his age. This is where he began learning how to manipulate people by playing on their insecurities. Oh, he has made mistakes and got caught in the past, but as of now his façade is nearly unshakable. The only time his real personality comes through is during battles or duels away from prying eyes. Only Jared has truly discovered the depth of his skills. He has perfected his craft, knowing how to probe for information without the individual knowing what he is even doing. That is what he does best, which creates an excellent combo with Jared, as Jared learns their physical weaknesses, and Ophion discovers their mental weaknesses. His school life is just a practice ground for him, crushing other students underfoot with a host of psychological issues and interclass grudges. When Ophion and Jared first met, he tried his usual spiel on him, but Jared quickly picked up on his attempt to learn valuable information. That was four years ago when he was still getting the hang of his skills, but Jared has always kept tabs on his exploits. Every meister he has been assigned to, being two, quit because of his sinister wavelength, but Jared has been his new assignee. Ophion's wavelength doesn't bother Jared. One thing they have in common is they take naps.

Likes: Boiled eggs, silver, naps, tormenting people,

Dislikes: Cats, Loud noises,

Special Ability: He is able to infiltrate through physical forms when in weapon form, and is capable of moving on his own with direction from his meister. An example would be Jared could direct the chain into the ground, allowing it to penetrate into ground and pop out of the ground in the direction Jared directed.

How many souls has he/she collected if Weapon?: His first two meisters could barely stand his wavelength and each only collected one soul before quitting. So he has collected two in total.

Insecurities: Ophion's facade and arrogant true personality prevent him from having any.

Anything that they particularly hate that would put a strain their relationship with their partner?: If Jared insists and telling the truth about him, then he would have to ruthlessly destroy him.

Soul Resonance: Ophion disappears into Jared's body, and Jared directs him into the ground from a flick of his wrists. Ophion splits into 6 huge chains with blunt ends that burst from below the enemies knocking them into the air, after they have been knocked into the air; the chains merge and form a huge version of his original form, which then bites down onto the enemies. The clamp now has several bladed teeth to inflict the most damage.

Name: Jared Frederick

Age: 16

Gender: Male

Sexual Orientation: Straight

Meister or Weapon: Meister

Personality: Quiet and thoughtful. He is intelligent through reading books, and keeps a collection of books in his room. He is very nice and will listen to other people's problems extremely easily, but doesn't disclose much about himself unless provoked to do so. He keeps to himself and doesn't engage in conversation, but instead likes to listen to other people talk if in a group. He will talk to other people if he is engaged to do so, but tries to deflect conversation about himself and instead talk about the person who he is talking to. Extremely calm and laid back, even when losing or in a bad situation he will remain calm and tries to keep others calm. He really cares about his friends and tries to do anything that may help them, but doesn't push them. He is however, lazy and although he has the drive to train and be better, he usually puts it off to relax with his friends or have fun with them. Jared is also very shy with women. Jared gets along with most people due to his Apathetic nature, in that he rarely argues with people even when they are wrong. This way he keeps his feelings only in his head so he never gets on anybody's bad side. On the outside he may appear to be confident, but he doesn't have that much self-confidence and so he passes up on opportunities, usually social ones, to be by himself. Jared has a tendency to judge a person's personality based off appearance, and meeting with a neutral attitude to see if his assumptions are correct, but he quickly loses the assumptions if the person proves them wrong. He doesn't like to listen to people fight and argue, and even though he wants the people who are to stop, he will bite his tongue and keep to himself. He is an elitist, but only about his intellect, and although he may find someone annoyingly stupid he will bite his tongue and not say anything.


He keeps his dark brown hair short in front, when down only covers his forehead a couple inches, and over his ears. He likes to keep the back of his hair fairly short, about lined up with the lower part of his ear. His hair feels relatively course to the touch. He combs his hair on the top of his head over to the right, and combs the front of his hair up and to the right. Jared's ears stick pretty close to his head and are average sized, while his nose is small on his face but has a pronounced bridge. He has almond shaped blue eyes, and has a slight tan. Jared has a slender build with toned legs but a scrawny upper body. Jared also weighs 120 pounds and stands at 6 foot even.

He wears a dark blue T-shirt that hugs his slender body and is relatively tight in the neck. The sleeves go just below his triceps. Over that he wears a white athletic jacket with green lines going down the back of the sleeves and the torso, the jacket zips up the middle, but he leaves it unzipped. He wears white khaki shorts with a white belt that loops in front with silver D shaped loops, they go to his knees and are loose on his waist and legs, and so he has to tie his belt tight, leaving a belt tail off the side. Jared wears flamboyantly dark blue tennis shoes with orange stripes on the sides.

History: Jared was born into a hard working family, with his Father being a factory worker and his mom being a veterinarian tech. They spent long hours at work, leaving Jared with babysitters or by himself as he got older. His parents always told him that the babysitters said that he was the quietest child they have ever watched. His quiet nature carried on as he got older, and he spent much of his time alone watching clouds or reading. His many hours watching clouds lead him to finding enjoyment when storms arrived as well, as he found that the coolest clouds occurred during storms. This got him into trouble as one day he was laying out in a field as a storm rolled in, lighting struck and thunder cracked, but since there was no rain he decided to sit out in the storm. He became mesmerized with a cloud that was low hanging and swirling. The cloud touched down nearby, and Jared realized that it was a tornado that touched down. He was laying on a hillside, but there was a ditch nearby, so he ran and dove into the ditch. He waited in the ditch for what seemed like an eternity, but the tornado never came, he peeked out his head and noticed that the tornado had gone the other way. He returned to an empty home, and never told his parents what happened. He has never forgotten that day, but he still enjoys watching storms. When he entered Death Weapon Meister Academy, it was to escape the city in which he lived in. He wanted to live a more exciting life. During his first few years at the academy, he spent it learning the technical things concerning weapon/meisters. He has had minimal amounts of combat training and has assisted in gathering souls for other partnerships, but he never really has had a weapon partner. Lately he has been burned out on school work, and rarely turns things in, but still gets high scores on his tests. This has made his teachers force him to get a real partner and spend more time collecting souls.

Likes: Seafood, eating, sleeping, relaxing, watching clouds, Cats, going to exotic places,

Dislikes: Loud, overbearing people, loud noises, being disturbed while sleeping, reading, or watching clouds.

Special Ability: Analysis, he always tests the waters when fighting to see an opponent's strengths and weaknesses only putting in enough strength to force enemies to see their reaction. After getting a full analysis on strengths/weaknesses he finally will fight at full strength.

How experienced is your character if Meister?: Assistance, but no direct collecting

Insecurities: He is not confident when speaking to people, specifically women, and fears rejection.

Anything that they particularly hate that would put a strain their relationship with their partner?:Jared is pretty apathetic about Ophion's actions, and so there isn't much he can do that will anger Jared.

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