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Rhianikki's Spiffy New Bio
( Updated 8/ 20 / 04 )

Well, there’s many many things about me that no one wants to know, but I feel like telling you anyway! I’m a girl, i’m always procrastinating, my mind is a FREAKY, DEMENTED place, that you never want to go. I love reading fanfiction, and I love writing it! I have nightmares about 2 times a week from watching hundreds of rated R horror movies since I was 7, and all my stories come from parts of dreams/nightmares I have had. I’m all that creepy though, i’m actually quite normal! I’m obsessed with *sighs:

Vampires, pirates, elves, Orlando Bloom, Legolas, Stuart Townsend, Lestat, the list goes on, and on, but i'm sure no one want's to hear the rest.

Great Books Are:

Anything by Amanda Ashley, anything by Charlain Harris, Eragon, Lord of the Rings Trilogy, all of Harry Potter, Blood Sucking Fiends ( the funniest book in the world!), Freddy Vs. Jason ( yes, the book, which was better than the movie), Daughters of the Moon series, Obsidian Fate ( a wonderful buffy book ), anything by Christine Feehan, Demon In My View, and Wings In The Night. ( I have more, but i’m sure you’re starting to fall asleep)

Movies that rock:
(here comes a long list)

Tank Girl, Labyrinth, Queen Of The Damned, Pirates Of The Caribbean, Spirited Away, The Mummy, The Matrix 1+2+3, Finding Nemo, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Rock Star, Moulin Rouge, A Knights Tale, Cry Baby, Sleepy Hollow, Valentine, Lord Of The Rings 1+2+3, Chicago, American Psycho 2, Dracula 2000, X Men, Harry Potter, Charlie's Angels, Speed 1+2, West Side Story, Pajama Game, Little Shop Of Horrors, Jeepers Creepers, Thirteen Ghosts, Resident Evil, Phone booth, American Outlaws, Dirty Dancing, The Pirate, Blazing Saddles, Interview With A Vampire, Daredevil, Final Destination 1+2, Jeepers Creepers 1+2, Underworld, and of course Volcano High. *I'm sure I forgot many*

Good Music:

ANYTHING BY JUPITER SUNRISE!!! Linkin Park, Maroon 5, Natalie Imbruglia, Built To Spill, David Bowie, Evanessance, Garbage, Hoobastank, Jet, some Korn, Lillix, some Marilyn Manson, Matchbox Twenty, P.O.D, Saliva, and many other obscure artists!

I love romances and the following pairings:

Buffy/ Angelus
Buffy/ Angel
Jesse/ Lestat
Rogue/ Wolverine
Phoebe/ Cole
Chihiro/ Haku
Hermione/ Draco ( now jennifer calm down i'll explain this new one later, I swear, just breathe!)

Shows that Rock:

MONK, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Free For All, Dead Like Me, Peacemakers, and the Big Urban Myth Show. *once again I'm sure I forgot a few*

Great Authors:

Fyne, Elesyne, Lynn Inverse
Mizura Volphen
Inyaka Nari
Krystle Nicole
Anne Parkington
Sharon Armstrong

Great Stories:

Into the Past
Draco Malfoy, the Amazing Bouncing... Rat? ( the funniest story i’ve ever read in my life)
Changing Tides
The Life of A Vampire
Orpheus Descending
The Worse Year Of My Life
Songs From The Fellowship
The Enemy

Story Status:

Warming Up Two Hearts: JUST UPDATED, AFTER LIKE, 6 MONTHS!!! WOOHOO!! Promise to update fater tho!

A Pirates Life For Me: On hold until I finish Warming Up Two Hearts

Brooding: On hold indefinitely. Afraid I just don’t like how it was going, so i’m not continuing.

Further Info:

I have an account on FictionPress.net, and I write better there I think, but I can’t give out my pen name because I refuse to let my friend Jennifer read my work on that site, but e-mail me if u want to know it, ‘cause then I can give it out! ( a few of my reviewers on this site also review my work there, so I really appreciate it!)

I’ll probably update every 1-4 weeks

I luv all reviews, and talking to reviewers on AIM, my s/n is flamedgrl

I have seen Lord of the Rings: Return of the King 5 times! I love that movie! ( quite random, but relevant none the less!)

Oh yea, and my real name is Marissa

Well that's all about me, I hope you enjoy my stories on this site, PLEASE R/R! Ok, i’m going to go now, I have spent far too much time on this new bio ( I just don’t want to do my Algebra homework), bye!

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