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Alrighty, so just a few things about me?

Gender: Female!

Age: In school still, to give a general idea

Height: 5'4''!

Country: United States (of Alfred!)

Oh, and I live in Eastern Standard time, just to give you a gist of how far apart we might (or might not!) be in time! (Which is my way of saying: if I don't respond immediately or something of the sort, it's probably because of that, not because I don't want your input!!)

Ethnicity: Italian, and first generation of my family to be born in America! (In other words, it takes me a bit longer to understand jokes XD)

Personality: Pretty much stereotype...I'm a very happy person, but I also can change moods with the snap of a finger... Half of my family (Dad's) was from south Italy, and the other half (Mum's) was north Italian, so if Hetalia has any kind of realism behind it, it's gotta be with that!! (Which it might...I have a friend born in Spain, and she is probably the most carefree girl I've ever met! (even if she complains about hunger a lot...)

Likes: I likes yaoi. x3. I really like reading and writing, though only if there's a prompt...otherwise everything looks like mush... Ahem, I also THROUGLY enjoy horror movies, and horror games, which I can never play, and have to have someone else play or I'll be screaming dramatically on the floor. I love to cook too! One of my favorite pass times is to make recipes...! I also like giving speeches, and arguing in debates. Oh, and politics...(I'm quite an odd teenager, heh...) Oh, but my all time favorite is when I can make a group of people laugh... It makes me smile, and feel really good and that 'on top of the world' type of feeling!

Couples: Germany/Italy, Prussia/Austria, America/England (Admitidly, some France/England, too...sigh...) France/Canada, Greece/Japan or Turkey/Greece, Spain/Romano (and sometimes even Prussia/Romano xD). Now, threesomes? France/England/America, and Germany/Italy/Prussia. Talk about mouth watering. @.@

Dislikes: ... Not too much, actually. I really hate when people try one version of a food, and then brand it as terrible and never even try the actual GOOD version of it... (Many a friend has turned down gelato because they didn't like the first flavor they tried, which I think is ridiculous...) Other than that, I don't like when fantastic movies have sequels. I never understood why that would happen...I mean, yeah, the company gets more money, sure, but it's just never as good... Oh well...

Couples: Prussia/Canada. No. Just no. I can be pretty accepting of couples, but not these two, ever. (And that's literaly my entire list!)

FanFic information:

Okay, I'm probably only going to write Hetalia for a while...and mostly slash couples at if neither of those are your things, it would be wise to turn back now...!

Anything non-slash/yaoi I would write, would probably be ones with Hungary. I love her to death! I can see her with either Prussia or Austria. ...Or both. *Insert winky face*.

So...yeeeeah! Thank you for reading, or skimming, or skipping this all together xD

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