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I'm Kkepicness. I was on a year-long hiatus, and now I'm back! I have lots of new stuff in muh brain! Many of the stories you love are being continued! There will also be more!

Hiya! It's Kkep! Of course it is, you know my pen name! So here's my updating schedule:

Shedding Tears: Been deleted for 2 years, what was it again? Canceled.

Maylin: Canceled for unpopularity.

House Games: After next Saturday, every other day!

Teenage Marvel: Every other day

Horrible Twist: Due to technology issues, on hiatus. May sadly be canceled.

Seneca's children: I don't know... will be deleted before next year :)

Panem High School: Updated whenever I feel like it...

MLPDIA will probably be every Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday. Irkens on the Loose will probably be every Tuesday and Saturday. House Games All Stars will be every other day. If Pinky Pie: Masked Ninja is pitched, it will be every Wednesday. If Titans Southwest Slightly to the Right is pitched, it will be every two days. (Monday, Thursday, Sunday, Wednesday, Saturday, etc.) If Realizations of the Blue Girl is pitched, it will be every Wednesday and Thursday. If Demons, Twisted Minds and Cream Puffs is pitched, it will be every Sunday.

INVADER ZIM ROCKS!!! Gir is da best

Upcoming Stories:

House Games: All Stars (hunger games)

My Little Pony: Doom is Awesome (Invader Zim/My Little Pony)

Irkens on the Loose (Invader Zim) Chance of Production:

Demons, Twisted Minds, and Cream Puffs (Maximum Ride)

Titans Southwest Slighty to the Right (Teen Titans)

Pinkie Pie: Masked Ninja (MLP) (May not be produced)

Realizations of the Blue Girl (Making Fiends)

Shedding Tears has been canceled.


Maylin McBride is canceled.

The Horrible Twist is on a very long hold.

Teenage Marvel is back!

Panem High is back!

Attack of The Glatos is in progress. They are a very happy family lol.

UGH! STOP WITH THE BAD REVIEWS!!! The House Games is NOT a rip off! If you think so, TOO BAD! CUZ UR WRONG! *sighs* I'm so harsh...

Tribute List for my story! All spots filled!

Tribute/Mentor list!

1 female:Britton Dalamazky, age 19

1 female:Jewlia "Jewl" Amnethyst Maxwell, age 19

1 female:Spiral Blue, age 5

1 male:Joel Blue, age 18

1 male:Dusk Heave, age 22

1 male:George Chapperfeildman, age 74

1 mentor:Xenna Road, age 34

2 female:Jadyn Delarosa, age 14

2 female:Rella Clies, age 18

2 female:Morgan Senrea, age 17

2 male:Maximus Buyt, age 12

2 male:Horris Net, age 40

2 male:Lazarus Manaro, age 35

2 mentor:Candle Lauy, age 19

3 female:Flashy Allison, age 19

3 female:Anna Elizabeth Campell, age 10

3 female:Jillian Dills, age 20

3 male:Barron Selkirk, age 21

3 male:Cashmere Collins, age 15

3 male:Canvas Collins, age 15

3 mentor:Kitten Marie Sampson, age 14

4 female:Finley Crystal, age 19

4 female:Micedda Charnel, age 1

4 female:Ariana Valarie Price, age 16

4 male: Charcleff Ferdeth, age 12

4 male:Logan Andrew Geddes, age 14

4 male:Oysal Hilla, age 32

4 mentor:Rosalinde Markelleds, age 14

5 female:Hazel London, age 17

5 female:Shadow Daniels, age 15

5 female:Star Melodry, age 15

5 male: Kendell Stone, age 19

5 male:Caleb Blax, age 13

5 male:Hamerr Van Jorre, age 35

5 mentor:Jordan Fompler, age 15

6 female:Golda Jeil, age 12

6 female:Jula Jeil, age 15

6 female:Onyx Atillia, age 17

6 male:Kero Jeil, age 20

6 male:Jason Kinner, age 33

6 male:Devon Sears, age 70

6 mentor:Caty Grey, age 23

7 female:Tinder Attwood, age 7

7 female:Aven Rugrove, age 13

7 female:Kelli Jenson, age 10

7 male:Eric Cromwell, age 10

7 male:Cassius Caesar, age 22

7 male:Henri Hade, age 14

7 mentor:Dorine Summers, age 21

8 female:Sapphire Skyfort, age 15

8 female:Nitya Long, age 7

8 female:Marcell Owens, age 9

8 male:Meer Jarcovski, age 13

8 male:Turquoise Skyfort, age 15

8 male:Marrto Pail, age 10

8 mentor:Phyliss Langdy, age 84

9 female: Audrena "Audrey" Mars, 15

9 female:Emilia North, age 16

9 female:Asa Star, age 15

9 male:Harvey Jaq Bethel, age 36

9 male:Wrake Hanson, age 80

9 male:Tommy Cartwal, age 10

9 mentor:Kara Dickenson, age 19

10 female:Violet Bloom, age 6

10 female:Sharlotte Moon, age 7

10 female:Freuna Cleff, age 13

10 male:Zack Dieter, age 17

10 male:Brutus Caesar, age 71

10 male:Octavian Cleff, age 13

10 mentor:Serena Duzdale, age 13

11 female:Lila Sifer, age 28

11 female:Katyl McCarthur, age 17

11 female:Ribbon "Bee" Lakey, age 11

11 male:Flame Creen, age 5

11 male:Dennis McKarthy, age 7

11 male:Alden Krashan, age 16

11 mentor:Kaylah New, age 25

12 female: Firenna Jamori, age 12

12 female:Kira Davis, age 12

12 female:Biskit Mellark, age 10

12 male:Dust Hawire, age 15

12 male:Kern Rollo, age 45

12 male:Coaltyn Dennes, age 10

12 mentor:Genisyse Bailey, age 17

13 female:Poppy Katall, age 7

13 female:Anise Harrington, age 8

13 female:Atlantique Markellod, age 4

13 male:Milton Siff, age 9

13 male:Prutus Indigo, age 13

13 male:Jack Calabra, age 21

13 mentor:Calypso Fardan, age 27

Hi, I'm Katniss Everdeen. I'm in a rebellion against the Capitol. And I'm very angry about it. Why? Because all of my records on this website have been deleted. All of the work that the citizens of Panem took to write those Submit Your Own Tribute Stories...they're gone. Fortunetly, the Capitol has a good side. Also, me, Peeta Mellark, Admin Trinket and, Admin Abernathy are going to help you get your stories back.

Here's what you must do: Go to Kkepicness's profile. Click on the "Private Message" button. Put as the subject: "The KEPM Army". If you have written an SYOT that those admins have deleted, join the club. Ask me, Katniss Everdeen, if you can join the KEPMs. *Just so you know, KEPM stands for Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark* Your name will be posted on Kkepicness's profile. Then, send Kkepicness your story on how your SYOT got deleted how you want revenge on those admins...just so you know, Admin Snow has been the one deleting your SYOTs. Please join the clubs...then we might win. I don't care if the admins just delete these things...we'll just rebel.

Sincerely, Katniss Everdeen, Peeta Mellark, Effie Trinket, Haymitch Abernathy, kkepicness, Jaide00, Fluteorwrite, Katnissfire87654, Colorful Darkness, SallyRide19, The Koala of Doom, annie. c. Odair8520

P.S: Yes, if you join, your [pen] name will be added to the list. If you wish, your real name will be added. And Kkepicness will make a story...a meeting about how to stop Admin Snow. If you join, you are in every story...

P.S.S: Unfortunetly, some people who joined the KEMP are dead (spoiler alert!) and some have revealed their last names (OMG Beetee is Beete JoHanson 0_0).

P.S.S.S: Peeta says "hi".

VERY URGENT: To all of the people who submitted in my SYOT, the story got randomly deleted. Maybe it was because I had tribute lists...anyways, I can't do another story until June 1st, 2012. The tribute list will be on my prifile soon I'm sad OTL

Gender: I may or may not be a Teletubby Sandwich

Age: Between 1 and 100.

Favorite Hunger Games Characters(in order)!


2. Seneca Crane :)

3. Thresh

4. Finnick!!!

5. Greasy Sae :)

6. Clove

7. Marvel :)

8. Glimmer

9. Cato

10. Beetee ;)

My LEAST favorite Hunger Games Characters(in order)

1. PEETA THE BOX-HEADED GONER!!! (He's a boxheaded goner with no life. His mother whacks him constantly. Plus, I ship Ganiss! Peeniss is...ick!)

2. Haymitch (drunk)

3. Johanna (meanie!)

4. Chaff (drunk)

5. Seeder (the actress playing her is a teen!)

6. Brutus (meanie!)

7. Ms. Everdeen (idk why)

8. Romulus (meanie!)

9. Portia (Not memorable)

10. Katniss (She's in the middle ._.) (Mary Sue)

What I am: American, Irish, German, Swedish, Ghanian, Danish.

Favorite hunger games character: Greasy Sai (no, what do you think? Obviously Effie! Effie is epic!)

Why Effie is epic: I have an effie wig, effie make up, can do an effie accent, is crazy like effie, strange like effie.

Why Peeta is a loser: My sister had an idea for this hunger games spoof video that Peeta should be a person with a box for a head. The box would have a smiley face on it. Plus, Peeta is all like, "Oh, hardy har har, I'm a stupid little bread boy who only got an 8 in training! Cato should've choked me to death! Mutts should've eaten my flesh! Hardy har har sniggle!" and Katniss in all like, "OMG! Can't you shut up for once about being a bread boy?! Bad thing the job for District 12 Ballerina was taken. It should've been you instead of Greasy Sae! Her ballet is like my cat having a spasm."

Hunger Games Preview: I quietly hid in the bushes. Nobody could fing me here. But I was wrong. I heard rustling and footsteps nearby. I took out my knife and prepared for action. Then, I saw feet...boy feet. I slowly got out, but the boy spotted me. I looked him in the eye and groaned. "Peeta! You're not supposed to be here! It's the first Hunger Games and you don't come to earth until... until... the future!" I yelled. Peeta shifted into Cato. Cato was in a tutu. "Cato! You're not alive yet! How co-wait a minute! How can I predict the future?" Cato shrugged. I rolled my eyes. "Hey, big guy," I said with a smirk. Cato turned to me. "No where I can fetch some coffee?" Cato rolled his eyes. "Loser," he said as he walked right into where the mutts were waiting for him.

Story I'm doing:The 100th Hunger Games (New chapter will be up soon, I promise!)

Am I a writer?: Yes, I write books.

Am I a reader?: Major reader!

Am I a nerd?: Heck no!

Am I popular?: I'm the nice kind of popular, not the mean and snobbish kind(that's what the definition of "popular" is at my school.)

Do I have friends?: Yes! Lots!

Do I have enemies?: Yes! Lots!

Am I currently avoiding someone?: No body in particular...mongoosian friends.

What grade am I in?: In between 1st and 6th, but not 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th. That's right, I've moved on! MIDDLE SCHOOL!

Am I a leader or a follower?: *shrugs*

Are my friends leaders or followers?: Mostly leaders, but that stalker one is a FOLLOWER. (Bu-dum, ching!) Get it? Follower? Because she stalks me and my- oh whatever, you can't take a joke. Eh eh eh.

What school do I go to?: Unknown...

Am I epic?: Heck yeah!

Peter Pan returns: "Did you miss me?" "Crackers yeah!" Funny version: "Did you miss me?" "Heck no! Who are you?! Shut up and get out of my house, you creepy stalker lady!" (Fourth Grade)

Do I have feelings?: YEAH!

Is Dora a bad influence to children?: YEAH!

What is converse?: ...if you don't know what converse are, you are a nerd/dork.

Dora says: "I am Dora, *Dramatically flips cape over* the Man/Woman!"

Boots says: "Yeah, sometimes I wonder why she isn't in a mental hospital..."

Swiper says: "Is it against the law to swipe Dora?...Aw man!"

Please read my stories and review 'em and stuff! My first story will be started on May 9th, 2012. It's called: Confessions of a Teenage Marvel. Upcoming story: Attack of the Glatos.

If a hippopotamus and a unicorn had a baby would it be a hippocorn or a unipotamus?: Unipotamus, DUH!!!

Murasame no...murasame no. Murasame no...murasame no. Murasame no...murasame no. Tsu yu mo mada hinu.

Top priority: The House Games

Second priority: Teenage Marvel

Third Priority: Upcoming stories

Winning means you get to sue the creators of Dora the Explorer.

Losing means spending the rest of your life with Dora the Explorer.

The Nick Jr. Games have begun...

My sister has an account (Jaide00). Please favorite us for the love of Effie Trinket.

Thank you to SallyRide19 for favoriting me and favoriting my story!

Some people don't know the meaning of the word agitated. Agitated is when a pokemon is sick of battling and hates the gym leader for using Palkia. Agitated is what Count Olaf felt every time he failed to capture the Baudelaires. Agitated is when Katniss hears Peeta say that he likes her in front of the whole country of Panem. Agitated is when Spongebob heard that he might not be employee of the month. Agitated is when Phineas desperatley looked for stuff to use to get off of the deserted island.

Some people don't know the meaning of the word sick. It has multiple meanings. Sick was what Foxface felt after she ate nightlock. Katniss was sick of Peeta when she found out that he liked her. Spongebob was sick when he had the suds. Sunny Baudelaire was sick when she was poisoned by deadly fungus. Sick is when Phineas had a cold and created a video game. Pikachu was sick of Ash baby-talking to him all the time. The Hunger Games is sick. Series of Unfortunate Events is sick. I'm sick of people who love Justin Bieber. I'm sick of Justin Bieber. People in my school are sick...sick with Bieber fever!

Here are some stuff I like:

INVADER ZIM (Fanfic may come soon)

Teen Titans (Definite fanfic soon)

My Little Pony (the time has come...)

Pokepasta (yes)

Powerpuff Girls

The Voice

The Sing-Off

America's Next Top Model

The Hunger Games

Maximum Ride


Video Games


Effie Trinket

The Biggest Loser

Pokemon Video Games

Rainbow Dash Presents





German Launguage (German: Hallo. Ich Bin Kkepicness. English: Hello. I am Kkepicness.)




Glato (They're ment for eachother!)

Annick (or Finannie, your pick)

Seneca Crane

K Pop (SNSD!!!)

Anime (Hetalia, Sailor Moon, LUCKY STAR, Chobits, Pokémon, etc.)

Stuff I HATE:

Justin Bieber

iCarly (The new ones, thank Godnof it ended!)

Prim and Cato (the pairing :p)

Knots in my hair

People with no artistic talent

People who can't sing

Snobby people

The idea of Katniss and Peeta being married :p

Video games that have no purpose(example: Littlest Pet Shop the video game, Zuzu Pets the video game)

Elmo's world

Peacekeepers (they killed so many people who didn't deserve to die!)

Glimmer's chariot outfit

Thresh's chariot outfit (really?! a laurel and overalls?!)

Male barbies

Boring Books

Writing Prompts with no purpose

People who start wars

Having to kill my best friend when we play the Hunger Games (it's always us in the final 2 and I always win!)

How to annoy people in public places:

The movie theater: In the snack line, when you're in the front, keep humming and deciding what you want. Then, ask the person who runs it, "Do you know where I could find a public restroom?

At Walmart: Take a piece of fresh celery, buy it. Then, take it and stand near a speaker. Use the celery as a microphone and sing along to the pointless song.

At an amusment park: Stand in line for a ride. When there is atleast 1 person behing you, start dancing like a maniac. Sing "Party Rock" as loud as you can. Then tell everybody you're a cowboy from outer space.

At a place where people read books: If someone is near the end of a book you know, blurt out the ending.

At a school award ceremony: If you're an adult, boo everybody except for your child. WHen your child comes out, stand up and clap and cheer and whistle. If you're a kid, for everybody who doesn't get an A Honer Roll, boo them and say, "You need a tutor, dude!"

At a beauty salon: Take shampoo and spray and spray it in everybody's face.

"Oh, hardy har har, Peeta; you're such a card! You can't diss a woman who can hunt ten times better than a ballerina like yourself!"

"Oh, really?! You said I got 2nd place in a school wrestling competition with my older brother! And I can carry 100 pound sacks of flower, durr!"

"You know something, Mr. I-Can-Carry-100-Pound-Sacks-Of-Flower-Durr! You remind a lot of Haymitch, the drunk guy who you bathed after he puked on this train!

Knock knock! Who's there? Yah! Yahwho? Yahoo! Yahoo? Yes, yahoo! You're confusing me.

The two kids walked through Publix, searching for snacks for their party. They suddenly saw a rather large bunny, prying his way through the shopping line. "Excuse me, sir," the bunny said to the clerk. "How much does this cost?" The man shrugged. "Ninety-nine cents, atleast a dollar," he said, annoyed by this talking bunny. The bunny got down on his hands and knees. "NOOOO!!! I only have ninety-eight cents! I blew this opprotunity!" the bunny yelled. "What oppro-" But before he could ask, the two kids went up to the clerk. "We'd like to buy these snacks," one of them said, handing 15 dollars to the clerk. The bunny begged the kids for him to just have one. But the kids said, "Silly rabbit! Trix are for kids!" The bunny grabbed onto one of the kid's legs. He begged and begged, but he had to face the truth. The bunny was fifety-five...but he was a kid at heart.

Quotes to live by

"Buttercup! I told you not to talk to demigods!"

"This meat is raw."

"I don't know! This granola is a bit trippy!"


"This space meat will blow up the Earth and all of its ink printers!"

"YOU MUST PAY! ...Preferably 19.95, but YOU MUST STILL PAY!"

If you like hamsters, copy and paaste this onto your profile.

I just bought the whole Hunger Games series! I started the book today and I'm already on page 96 in 2 hours!

I finished the book in 3 days! BOO TO THE YAH!!!

http://fanfiction.com is EPIC!

http://youtube.com is EPIC!

http://picklebobbyhonda.com is NOT REAL!

http://mobymath.com is a math website...

99% of the people on earth would pay one million dollars to kiss Justin Bieber. But 1% would steal the money and slap him in the face. 99% of the people would hug Justin Bieber if they gave him one hundren million dollars. 1% would kick him in the shin. Copy and paste if on your profile if you're one of the 1% of the people on earth.

Ipod Shuffle Quiz! I put my ipod on shuffle and whichever song it played was the answer to my question!

What do I think of myself?: Beautiful (Christina Aguilara*dont know how to spell that*)

Do I have lots of friends?: I Gotta Feeling (Black Eyed Peas)

What's my biggest fear?: Bohemian Rapsody (Queen)

What do I want to happen in my future?: Teenage Dream (Katy Perry)

What song will be playing at my wedding?: All Star (Smashmouth)

What song will be playing at my funeral?: Man or Muppet (Cast of The Muppets) *Don't judge me...*

What do others think of me?: Just a Girl (Gwen Stafani)

Does anybody ahve a crush on me?: Rumor Has It (Adele)

What will be my job when I'm older?: Heya (Some Band That I Forgot The Name Of -_-)

It's fall... nuff said.

It's Friday! Friday! Gotta have cereal... ?

Hi I have OCs. Here are all of them:

Shoutout to Fluteorwrite: *evil laugh* Karma will come!
Shoutout to Katnissfire87654: Hi.
Shoutout to fans of Panem High School: Maybe...update in early November or during the break in my time zone.
Shoutout to THT fans: Laptop broke, may not be able to post training. I know who wins :)

15.President Snow
26. Greasy Sae
27. Mags

3 cheated on 12 and is now with 10. Any thoughts?

If I was Thresh, I'd leave Foxface for Madge, too! lol

If 7 and 8 got in a fight over 25, what would you think?

Gale and Peeta fighting over Johanna? Sorry, that'd never happen.

9 and 24 went surfing together on 17's beach. 11, the life guard, saw 24 being drowned by 5. 11 also saw that 5 also was drowning. 11 went to save them, but 17 didn't let 11. So 5 and 24 both died. 9 cried as she watched 24 drown. 1 planned 24's funeral.

Prim and Beete went surfing together on Marvel's beach. Clove, the life guard, saw Beetee being drowned by Buttercup. Clove also saw that Buttercup was drowning. Clove went to save them, but Marvel didn't let Clove. So Buttercup and Beetee both died. Prim cried as she watched Beetee drown. Effie planned Beetee's funeral. I have no words to describe that...

Would 16 be able to get onto American Idol?

Haymitch? NO.

Do you ship 2 and 16 or 2 and 7?

Haymitch and Seneca vs Gale and Seneca...the first one. lol.

13 and 14 are in a mall, buying clothes together.

R-Rue...and C-Cato? Uh...

15 and 4 are at a nightclub, hanging out. Then the owner, 3, kicks them out. 4 challenges 3 to a rap battle. They rap until the announcer, 21, declares the winner. The winner is 4 and 3 is kicked out forever by 25.

President Snow and Finnick are at a nightclub, hanging out. Then the owner, Thresh, kicks them out. Finnick challenges Thresh to a rap battle. They rap until the announcer, Gloss, declares the winner. The winner is Finnick and Thresh is kicked out forever by Johanna. What the heck?!

16 and 20 are making out.

Haymitch and Cashmere? PASS!

21 and 7 are dating. 7 leaves 21 for 9. 21 then meets 15 and they fall in love. 7 and 9 break up and 7 wants 21 back. So 21 dumps 15. But 15 finds a happy future with 18.

Gloss and Gale are dating. Gale leaves Gloss for Prim. Gloss meets President Snow and they fall in love. Gale and Prim break up and Gale wants Gloss back. So Gloss dumps President Snow. But President Snow finds a happy future with Glimmer. So Glimmer is the only girl in this...QUESTION MARK?

25, 10 and 6 are at the shopping mall, buying clothes together, when 6 reveals they have a crush 16. 25 and 10 are in shock, because they know 23 and 16 are dating. So, 8 tricks 23 into breaking up with 16, and 6 and 16 go out. 6 then comes to hate 16 and they break up. 6 finds true love with 8 after taking 17's advice and 16 gets back with 23 after taking 4's advice. They all live happily ever after, except 3.

Johanna, Madge, and Katniss are at the shopping mall, buying clothes together, when Katniss reveals that she has a crush on Haymitch. Johanna and Madge are in shock, because they know Wiress and Haymitch are dating. So, Peeta tricks Wiress into breaking up with Haymitch, and Katniss and Haymitch go out. Katniss then comes to hate Haymitch and they break up. Katniss finds true love with Peeta after taking Marvel's advice and Haymitch gets back together with Wiress after taking Finnick's advice. They all live happily ever after, except Thresh.

18 and 7 pick flowers together in 24's garden. 14 then comes along and picks flowers for 11. 14 and 11 get married. 24 then comes and kills 18 and 7 for going in his/her's garden.

Glimmer and Gale pick flowers together in Beetee's garden. Cato then comes along and picks flowers for Clove. Cato and Clove get married. Beetee then comes and kills Glimmer and Gale for going into his garden.

15 and 12 are in a happy relationship until 12 runs off with 1. Heartbroken, 15 takes 27's advice and finds true love with 26.

President Snow and Foxface are in a happy relationship until Foxface runs off with Effie. Heart broken, President Snow takes Mags's advice and finds true love with Greasy Sae.

26 and 27 are are on a date.

1, 23, and 14 band together in the middle of the night and sing the most annoying song.

Effie, Wiress, and Cato band together in the middle of the night and sing Baby by Justin Bieber. Dot dot dot..

12/15 or 12/13?

12/15 cuz I can

11 is looking for prom dresses when she spots her arch enemy, 17. 17 took 3 away from 11. 11 also sees 3 shopping for tuxes with 17. So 11 goes up to the store manager, 21, and 21 kicks 17 and 3 out. 17 is miserable that he/she doesn't have a prom dress, so he/she leaved. 3 and 11 get back together.

Clove is looking for prom dresses when she spots her arch enemy, Marvel. Marvel took Thresh awat from Clove. Clove also sees Thresh shopping for tuxes with Marvel. So Clove goes up to the store manager, Gloss, and Gloss kicks Marvel and Thresh out. Marvel is miserable that he doesn't have a prom dress, so he leaves. Thresh and Clove get back together.

14/15 or 14/26?

Cato and Snow or Cato and Greasy Sae...come on! Cato and GS for another gender-related reason!

8 walked in on 6 and 7 making out.

Peeta walked in on Katniss and Gale making out. I'm TOTALLY team Gale, so I like that one!

32, 28, 7, 6, 1, and 16 are having dinner.

Portia, Cinna, Peeta, Katniss, Effie, and Haymitch are having dinner. That's probably the second thing that makes sense!

9/5 or 9/6?

Prim/Buttercup or Prim/Katniss? Hmm...Prim/Buttercup! lol xD

11/1 or 11/2

Clove/Effie or Clove/Seneca...you know what I'm gonna say!

Is 1/16 a good couple?

Efffie/Haymitch? NO!

WHAT AM I CURRENTLY WRITING: Confessions of a Teenage Marvel is updating! Out by 10/19/13

Team's I'm on:

Team Gale

Team Finnick

Team Thresh

Ships I sail:

Katniss/Gale (Hunger Games)

Glimmer/Cato (Hunger Games)

Prim/Rory (Hunger Games)

Wiress/Beetee (Hunger Games)

Brutus/Enobaria (Hunger Games)

Clove shall die alone...

Zim/Tak (Invader Zim)

Max/Fang (Maximum Ride)

My three favorite animals: Narwhals, Llamas, and Okapi.

My motto: GODNOF

Popularity on a scale from 1 to 10: Like...negative 123,456,789,010?

If you had to be any animal, what would you be?: Human?

My tribute form:

Name: Kkepicness

Age: Not telling!

Gender: Female

District: 4!

Appearance: Brown curly hair that reaches waist. Blue-green eyes with specks of gold in the middle. A little darker than white skin. Average weight. Height: 5 foot 4 nch.

Personality: Very crazy and random, says things that never make sense sometimes. Loud. But in school, very quiet and not very social. Sensative, flinches a lot. Hard to make cry.

Family/friends: I have 2 sisters, a dog, and a mom and dad. I have lots of friends!

Weapon of choice:...a ponytail to whip people with? I don't know...

Bloodbath?: HECK TO THE NO!

Does he/she win the games?: YES!!!

If you are crazy and you are proud of it, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you've read over 100 fanfics, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If your dreams are wacky, copy and paste this onto your profile. I once had a dream where I was on a safari with random people, and there were Sesame Street characters in the form of dinosaurs. And then we passed by a ditch, where Strawberry Shortcake was making sandcastles.

If you automatically know if something on tv is computer generated, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you laugh for no apparent reason, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you forget things easily, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you hate popular snobs, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you are a horrible dancer, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you have a rather strange sense of humor that nobody gets, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you talk back to the tv sometimes, copy and paste this onto your profile.

If you like to watch things just to make fun of them, copy and paste this onto your profile.

My favorite quotes!

"Never underestimate the power of bread!" -Peeta Mellark

"Justin bieber sings like a girl!" -Some Of My Friends

"They're so worthless! Like Liam on laundry day!" -Lazarus Namaro

"Wanna...make some fire?" -Coaltyn Dennes

"Did you win a Ninja Turtle Contest?" -Cymphonique Miller

"TWINS?" -Glimmer and Cato

"Time square! Ooooooohhhh!" -Kooan

"Invaders blood runs through my veins like GIANT RADIOACTIVE RUBBER PANTS! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!" -Zim


Team Gale (HG)

Team Finnick (HG)

Team Thresh (HG)

Team Seneca (HG)

Team Kooan (PR)

Team Roy (BL)

Team Lazarus (THT)

The Finale of the Story of Maylin McBride

Maylin's POV

"So...you gonna kill me or what?" she says, clutching her blood stained axe.

"Um, duh. Let's just get this over with."

The girl from District 7, Carleigh, raises her axe. "Exactly. Any last words, Maylin?"

I hesitate for a moment, and then slowly pick up the trident from my weapon belt.

"Yep. I do."

Carleigh smirks. "Then say them, I don't want to watch you whine all day."

I raise my eyebrows. "Okay...I don't want to die."

She laughs. "Well, you thought wrong!" and the last thing I remember is an axe piercing through my neck.



Behold! This gang is more powerful than anything! It's the epic club! The epicest tributes from a few stories are in this club!

Here are the members of the epic club:

Otes Ramour (he's so epic! Gary stue's are like, EPIC!)

George Chapperfeildman (yeah, EPIC old people rock!!)

Jenk Ags (EPIC not just because of his age!)

Donnie Mcginty (ha, such a loser that he's EPIC!)

Randell Hipsip (nobody can have an EPIC last name like Hipsip!)

Eric Klossner (young wimps are EPIC!)

Charcleff Ferdeth (weirdos are EPIC!)

Preston Pilchard (like I said, old dudes are EPIC!)

Luxor Shot (people who are addicted to ketchup are EPIC!)

Invader Zim/My Little Pony FIM crossover coming soon! One oc for the Invader Six: Hayl- Twilight (Twilight Sparkhayl)

Gir-Rainbow dash (Raingir Dash) (Not pinkie pie. Srry...)

Zim-Pinkie Pie (Zinkie Pie) (Yeah...it wil EXIST!)

Tak-Rarity (Raritak) (Personal favorite mix up)

Dib-Apple Jack (Apple Dib) (I can make it work, right? Or not? dundundun.)

Gaz-Fluttershy (Fluttergaz) (Yes)


Pony's from Best to worst in order:

Rainbow dash and Fluttershy
Pinkie Pie
Queen Chrysalis
Ditsy Doo
Zecora (has potential, but just filler)
Discord (sowwy)
Shining Armour
Nightmare Moon
Diamond Tiara and that other spoon one

I'll update more often I promise!!!

One of my new fanfics, the one about the Irkens, has romance. And tragedy. Frying pans. Granola bars. Attractive twins. There's only one moment of ZADR, but it's when Dib and another girl are together and Zim doesn't want that girl's antics to ruin the mission, so Zim lies about loving Dib. This will make fangirls scream.

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