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Bonjour I'm The Awesome Hetalia Writer! So anyway, I'd like to be claimed as France's sister, though, the only difference between me and him is his flirting. I'm no flirt in anyway. When addressing me you may call me Lianne, if you are referring to me as France's sister, but if not, just call moi, Leeanne! Anyway, I'm obsession is most Hetalia, but Pokemon is second! But on here, I only write Hetalia stuff and other animes on occasions if I feel like it. You can check out my friend The Majestic Golden Rose or our account The Potterhead-Spy and The Neko-Otaku! But only if you are a Pokemon fan! And we also share an account with our friend, Pokemist123, and we all have a trio account called TheTrioOfAwesomeWriters. Yeah, my friend remembered Hetalia, and she doesn't even know it! I just talk about it too much! XD Anyway, I shall start my Pairings list! B


FrUk (FrancexEngland)

FrUs (FrancexAmerica)

PruAus (PrussiaxAustria)

AmeCan/CanAme (AmericaxCanada/CanadaxAmerica)

SuFin (SwedenxFinland)

The Awesome Trio (AmericaxPrussiaxDenmark (Any order is fine ;3)

PruDen/DenPru (PrussiaxDenmark/DenmarkxPrussia)

WorldxChina (AnyonexChina)

Spamano (SpainxRomano/S.Italy)

DenNor (DenmarkxNorway)

HREIta/GerIta (Holy Roman Empire/GermanyxItaly)

Okay basically, the only pairing I hate is UsUk/UkUs (AmericaxEngland/EnglandxAmerica) Sorry, I just don't like it, please respect my choices. Anyway, I have four upcoming FrUk, AmeCan and SuFin stories!

New Member, New Love

Alfred Jones is the famous lead singer for his band, 'The Heroic Allies'. Everyone in the band are in a relationship, all but except Alfred. What happens when the newest member of 'The Heroic Allies' attracts Alfred's heart? Find out in New Member, New Love

Pairings: AmeCan (AlfredxMatthew), FrUk (FrancisxArthur), RoChu (IvanxYao) [Note: I'll probably suck at the RoChu part. XD]

The Prince and Maid Of Evil

Leanora and Arthur Kirkland were close with each other, since birth. When Arthur takes the throne after their 'father' died, Leanora choose to serve Arthur, in return for him protecting her their whole lives. But what happens when something that ran in the family, began running through Arthur? [Based on the Series Of Evil]

Pairings: FrUk (FrancisxArthur), DenmarkxOC, one-sided AmericaxOC, onesided UKCan, AmeCan, hints of Franada

I'm His What?!?

Tino Vainamoinen is in need to get money for his hospitalized older sibling, so when he helps an old man, and offers him a housekeeping job, will this job end up something else? [Based off The Royal Fiance]

Pairings: SuFin, mentions of other pairings

Mon Ange

"Hi, I'm Britannia Angel! I'll grant you any one wish that your heart desires!" Francis stood there in shock. It can't be... "Mon lapin?" "I haven't been called that since-Oh bloody hell..."

Pairing: FrUk, mentions of other pairings

The Story Of The Frog and Prince? reviews
Prince Francis Bonnefoy and Prince Arthur Krikland have hated each other since childhood, then one day Francis disappears, and years later, Arthur visits the kingdom swamp and fins what? His prince frog.
Hetalia - Axis Powers - Rated: M - English - Romance/Fantasy - Chapters: 1 - Words: 903 - Reviews: 3 - Favs: 5 - Follows: 6 - Published: 5/10/2012 - France, England/Britain